15:01 <jawn-smith> #startmeeting Weekly Ubuntu Foundations team
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15:01 <schopin> o/
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15:02 <jawn-smith> The weekly status is here:
15:02 <jawn-smith> #link https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/foundations-team-updates-thursday-1st-september-2022/30351/
15:02 <jawn-smith> Let's take our usual time to read and ask questions
15:04 <jawn-smith> sil2100: how is 20.04.5 coming along?
15:04 <sil2100> jawn-smith: released! Waiting for mirrors to pick up, but we're basically out
15:04 <ginggs> \o/
15:04 <jawn-smith> cool I should seed it
15:05 <vorlon> slyon: I'm running networkmanager from the ppa now and forcibly updated the config of my default connection, nothing has exploded yet
15:06 <slyon> vorlon: nice! :)
15:06 <jawn-smith> Meant to thank waveform for testing my new pi images
15:06 <vorlon> I am wondering about some repetition in the netplan yaml
15:06 <jawn-smith> So thanks waveform
15:06 <slyon> vorlon: yes, some settings use "passthrough" and might contain repetition
15:07 <vorlon> slyon: the thing that surprises me is repetition of the uuid and name at both the device level and the access-point level
15:08 <slyon> vorlon: ahh yes. I can't remember what exactly, but there was _some_ reason this was required in the current NM implementation
15:09 <vorlon> I will have to roam with the laptop and see if autoconnection works correctly across different networks
15:10 <jawn-smith> Any other questions?
15:10 <bdmurray> That sounds like a good way to get out of the office
15:11 <jawn-smith> #topic Release incoming bugs
15:11 <jawn-smith> #link https://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-kk-incoming-bug-tasks.html#foundations-bugs
15:11 <jawn-smith> bug 1987679
15:11 <ubottu> Bug 1987679 in os-prober (Ubuntu) "os-prober leaves filesystems (lvm-thin, lvm snap) mounted" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1987679
15:12 <jawn-smith> juliank: you tagged this
15:12 <jawn-smith> also dbungert I think you've worked on os-prober a bit
15:12 <jawn-smith> What do you both think of carding this?
15:12 <juliank> more stuff happened since then, hmm
15:13 <juliank> anyhow this needs fixing
15:13 <dbungert> I think it's worth investigation.  We saw stuff like this but with different symptoms and it might cause an installer to underreport the OSes present.
15:13 <jawn-smith> Okay let's go ahead and card it then
15:13 <jawn-smith> Any volunteers to card this one?
15:14 <slyon> o/
15:14 <jawn-smith> Thanks!
15:14 <slyon> I can do the carding
15:14 <jawn-smith> bug 1097467
15:14 <ubottu> Bug 1097467 in bash (Ubuntu) "bash does not fulfill --rcfile option properly" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1097467
15:14 <jawn-smith> That's an old one
15:15 <jawn-smith> Seems like a doko question
15:16 <jawn-smith> doko is out for the next couple of weeks. Should we card this for you to look at when you're back? Or defer the carding discussion until then?
15:16 <jawn-smith> Seeing as how this bug is 9 years old it's probably not terribly urgent
15:16 <bdmurray> I would defer carding
15:16 <jawn-smith> Okay, carding deferred
15:17 <dbungert> Frank has been tagging things like LP: #1988407, but they don't show in the report.  I'm content to triage and ensure they get worked on, should we enhance the report?
15:17 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1988407 in Ubuntu on IBM z Systems "Using kinetic daily subiquity crashes if trying to edit LVM volume to change size (on s390x)" [High, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1988407
15:18 <dbungert> I will card that
15:18 <jawn-smith> #link https://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-jj-incoming-bug-tasks.html#foundations-bugs
15:18 <jawn-smith> bug 1986648
15:18 <ubottu> Bug 1986648 in rustc (Ubuntu) "rustc 1.61 and cargo 0.62 required by firefox 105" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1986648
15:18 <jawn-smith> Seems like a no brainer to card
15:19 <jawn-smith> oh it looks like there already is a card
15:19 <jawn-smith> 2629
15:19 <bdmurray> And somebody already did that
15:19 <bdmurray> so I'll just remove the tag
15:19 <jawn-smith> Thanks!
15:19 <jawn-smith> That's the only jj, and ff is empty
15:20 <jawn-smith> #topic Team proposed-migration report
15:20 <jawn-smith> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses_by_team.html#foundations-bugs
15:20 <jawn-smith> vorlon:
15:20 <vorlon> pretty short list
15:20 <vorlon> python-secretstorage: juliank were you still looking at this?
15:20 <vorlon> I didn't see any mention of it in weekly report
15:20 <juliank> I did not get around to looking at excuses
15:21 <vorlon> juliank: will you this week?
15:21 <juliank> I'll try
15:21 <vorlon> if you can't commit, we can give it to someone else
15:21 <vorlon> there are only 6 of these to assign out :)
15:22 <slyon> a netplan vs OVS fix is pending in the latest netplan upload. but Blocked by the pandoc/armhf build (which failed, timeout)
15:22 <vorlon> let's give python-secretstorage to jawn-smith
15:22 <jawn-smith> ack o/
15:22 <vorlon> slyon: ok; will probably rollback pandoc to get netplan.io built, then re-publish it and continue fighting with ghc/armhf
15:22 <slyon> vorlon: ok. thanks
15:24 <vorlon> gobject-introspection depends on glib2.0, this is desktop team I believe
15:24 <vorlon> u-boot missing builds: waveform are you working on this?
15:24 <waveform> yup
15:24 <vorlon> u-boot: waveform
15:25 <vorlon> waveform: (are you going to try the easy way or the hard way? :)
15:25 <vorlon> bash: doko do you have time to follow through on this?
15:25 <waveform> vorlon, next step is to try the (presumably?) easy way of just forcing it to use gcc-10
15:26 <vorlon> waveform: there's no installable gcc-10 mipsel cross either
15:26 <doko> vorlon: no, don't want to commit
15:26 <vorlon> can someone else take care of the bash autopkgtest regressions?
15:27 <enr0n> vorlon: I can take a look
15:27 <vorlon> enr0n: thanks
15:27 <vorlon> bash: enr0n
15:28 <vorlon> and boost1.74; one autopkgtest regression, someone want to look at this?
15:28 <vorlon> (it was LocutusOfBorg's upload, so we could also leave it to him)
15:29 * waveform will nuke the mipsen bits in our u-boot
15:29 <dbungert> I can take a look at boost
15:30 <slyon> wrt. lintian MIR: If any AA feels like, libfreezethaw-perl & libhtml-tokeparser-simple-perl would be ready for promotion (LP: #1980662)
15:30 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1980662 in lintian (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lib*-perl for lintian 2.115" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1980662
15:30 <vorlon> boost1.74: dbungert
15:30 <dbungert> ack
15:30 <vorlon> and that's all
15:30 <vorlon> jawn-smith:
15:30 <jawn-smith> #topic AOB
15:30 <slyon> I'll be out for a lengthy vacation. see email
15:31 <vorlon> slyon: I was going to wait on promoting those until all the lintian MIRs were done
15:31 <vorlon> otherwise they just show up for demotion on a different report
15:31 <slyon> vorlon: ack
15:31 <bdmurray> Monday is a US holiday
15:31 <doko> I'll be away for two weels as well
15:31 <doko> weeks even
15:31 <jawn-smith> Oh right, forgot about the 3 day weekend
15:32 <sil2100> slyon: have fun!
15:32 <slyon> thanks! :)
15:32 <sil2100> doko: same o/
15:34 <jawn-smith> Anything else?
15:34 <jawn-smith> #endmeeting