14:31 <cpaelzer> #startmeeting Weekly Main Inclusion Requests status
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14:31 <cpaelzer> Ping for MIR meeting - didrocks joalif slyon sarnold cpaelzer jamespage
14:31 <cpaelzer> slyon: sarnold and didrocks are here
14:31 <cpaelzer> joalif: is out on happy time
14:31 <cpaelzer> let us get going ...
14:32 <cpaelzer> #topic current component mismatches
14:32 <cpaelzer> Mission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams
14:32 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg
14:32 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg
14:32 <cpaelzer> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgraphics-colornames-perl/+bug/1982461
14:32 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1982461 in libchart-perl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libgraphics-colornames-perl" [Undecided, New]
14:32 <cpaelzer> waits for the cleanup and dmeotion
14:32 <cpaelzer> but is ok
14:33 <cpaelzer> pytohn-jsonschema is new
14:33 <cpaelzer> needing python-uritemplate (which has an old MIR that cna not be used, it was abandoned)
14:33 <sarnold> hooray, one new one shows up means an old one gets dropped
14:33 <cpaelzer> and python-rfc3987 + webcolors
14:34 <cpaelzer> this is now pulled in by openstack
14:34 <cpaelzer> jamespage: coreycb: ^^
14:34 <jamespage> o/ - doing training as well but I'll try follow along
14:35 <slyon> I will take care of the libchart-perl cleanup
14:35 <cpaelzer> jamespage: coreycb: this is what we look to you for python-jsonschema -> python-uritemplate/python-rfc3987/webcolors
14:35 <slyon> should demotion be an automatic process after it is dropped from the seed, or do I need to ping an AA?
14:35 <cpaelzer> slyon: there are dmeotions listed, just a sec
14:36 <cpaelzer> slyon: see https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.html
14:36 <cpaelzer> search for "... to universe"
14:36 <cpaelzer> slyon: is yours listed there
14:36 <cpaelzer> AA's clean up from there every now and then, but it needs to be there to check if all changes you did were done right and are in effect
14:36 <sarnold> oh cool, I never knew how to read this page
14:37 <slyon> nice, thanks
14:37 <jamespage> cpaelzer: ack on those three - coreycb and I will review
14:37 <cpaelzer> thanks
14:37 <cpaelzer> slyon: once it shows there as "movement to universe" ping ubuntu-archive in #ubuntu-release (or wait)
14:37 <slyon> ack
14:38 <cpaelzer> ok
14:38 <cpaelzer> going on with the agenda
14:38 <cpaelzer> #topic New MIRs
14:38 <cpaelzer> Mission: ensure to assign all incoming reviews for fast processing
14:38 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&assignee_option=none&field.assignee=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
14:38 <cpaelzer> we just had colornames discussed
14:38 <cpaelzer> slyon: I assume that libchart-perl also becomes not-needed by your change?
14:39 <cpaelzer> if so, should we mark it Won't Fix as well?
14:39 <slyon> cpaelzer: yes, I will drop libchart-perl from the seed
14:39 <cpaelzer> ok noted on the bug now
14:39 <cpaelzer> thanks
14:39 <slyon> I wanted to mark it Fix Released from the seed package changelog.
14:39 <cpaelzer> jigit goes on as well
14:39 <cpaelzer> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jigit/+bug/1978066
14:39 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1978066 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "[MIR] jigit" [Undecided, Confirmed]
14:40 <slyon> I'm on top of jigit and we will drop the dependency as soon as patches are available
14:40 <cpaelzer> slyon: is it pulled in from the seed or via a meta package - the former has no package/changelog you could use
14:40 <slyon> I already talked to Alex about it
14:40 <cpaelzer> ok on jigit, that is just what I've read from the bug updates
14:40 <cpaelzer> \o/
14:40 <cpaelzer> queue LGTM then
14:40 <slyon> cpaelzer: a indeed, it's the platform seed, so probably no package changelog
14:40 <cpaelzer> yes no changelog there
14:41 <cpaelzer> only if you change "Tasks" it would render into a meta package and even then it would ont fix the named package bug task
14:41 <slyon> true. thanks for marking it wontfix
14:41 <cpaelzer> assigning jigit to you then, to be out of the MIR teams radar
14:41 <slyon> ack
14:41 <cpaelzer> #topic Incomplete bugs / questions
14:41 <cpaelzer> Mission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams
14:41 <cpaelzer> #l
14:42 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
14:42 <cpaelzer> on wildcards we agreed to ask debian and then continue the MIR on whatever theay are ok with
14:42 <cpaelzer> if it stays wildcard it will need to add an autopkgtets
14:42 <cpaelzer> if it swicthes to shellify then the MIR template has to be updated
14:42 <cpaelzer> either way this makes progress
14:43 <cpaelzer> regexp-ipv6 ...
14:43 <cpaelzer> slyon: you seem to be on this
14:43 <slyon> regexp-ipv6 is currently waiting for Debian
14:43 <cpaelzer> ok
14:43 <slyon> we'll give them some more time. If it doesn't move, I'll intoduce a delta to change the deps back to status quo
14:43 <cpaelzer> and vulcan got a security reviewer
14:43 <sarnold> \o/
14:43 <cpaelzer> \o/
14:43 <cpaelzer> which gets us to
14:44 <cpaelzer> #topic MIR related Security Review Queue
14:44 <cpaelzer> Mission: Check on progress, do deadlines seem doable?
14:44 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/+bugs?field.searchtext=%5BMIR%5D&assignee_option=choose&field.assignee=ubuntu-security&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
14:44 <cpaelzer> Internal link
14:44 <cpaelzer> - ensure your teams items are prioritized among each other as you'd expect
14:44 <cpaelzer> - ensure community requests do not get stomped by teams calling for favors too much
14:44 <cpaelzer> #link https://warthogs.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/SEC/boards/594
14:44 <sarnold> jigit was recently finished; the libwpe and wpebackend-fdo packages are well in progress (but I believe the testing story needs help); iwd is well in progress
14:44 <cpaelzer> that is progress, thanks sarnold
14:45 <slyon> thanks sarnold \o/
14:45 <sarnold> good news recently about vulkan being picked up :) but I haven't started gsasl yet, and afaik chris hasn't started in on nullboot yet :(
14:45 <cpaelzer> I marked ipmitool as important two weeks ago, found any resources to look at that?
14:45 <sarnold> no, sorry
14:45 <cpaelzer> that was when we discussed how to mark things urgent :-)
14:46 <sarnold> I believe mark esler has shown an interest in starting it, but I'm not sure if he's been resourced for it or not
14:46 <cpaelzer> I'm glad that things get resolved and won't complain too much about a particular one yet
14:46 <sarnold> (our managers are off for the moment to recover from the sprint)
14:46 <cpaelzer> I was off as well, but didn't get more than one extra day
14:46 <sarnold> :(
14:46 <cpaelzer> I think we are good here
14:46 <cpaelzer> thank sarnold for the updates
14:46 <cpaelzer> #topic Any other business?
14:47 <sarnold> nothing from me
14:47 <slyon> nothing
14:47 <didrocks> nothing for me either
14:47 <cpaelzer> slyon: did you have any first look at mdevctl yet, any chaos on our new rules?
14:47 <cpaelzer> no other topic from me
14:47 <slyon> cpaelzer: I didn't find the time to work on that yet (only skimmed through briefly)
14:47 <cpaelzer> fine
14:48 <cpaelzer> then I'll call this meeting over
14:48 <cpaelzer> thank you all
14:48 <slyon> but it will hopefully be done by next meeting
14:48 <sarnold> thanks cpaelzer, all :)
14:48 <slyon> thanks cpaelzer, all!
14:48 <cpaelzer> #endmeeting