15:00 <jawn-smith> #startmeeting Weekly Ubuntu Foundations team
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15:01 <jawn-smith> #topic Lightning Round
15:01 <jawn-smith> The status is here: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/foundation-team-updates-thursday-09-june-2022/28788
15:01 <jawn-smith> Let's all take some time to review and ask questions
15:02 * bdmurray reads
15:02 <jawn-smith> ginggs: were those FTBFS reports for jammy or kinetic?
15:02 <jawn-smith> or both?
15:03 <bdmurray> woo usb-creator
15:03 <ginggs> jawn-smith: these are for amd64-v2 and amd64-v3
15:03 <ginggs> in jammy
15:04 <jawn-smith> ah cool. I uploaded a fix for icu's FTBFS yesterday
15:04 <bdmurray> Wehn will systemd be uploaded?
15:04 <jawn-smith> to the unapproved queue
15:04 <doko> I'll start the kinetic ones next week.
15:05 <enr0n> Targeting the end of the month for systemd 251
15:05 <jawn-smith> Any other questions?
15:06 <bdmurray> Not from me
15:06 <jawn-smith> #topic Release incoming bugs
15:06 <jawn-smith> #link http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-kk-incoming-bug-tasks.html#foundations-bugs
15:06 <jawn-smith> bug 1977564
15:06 <ubottu> Bug 1977564 in wireplumber (Ubuntu) "wireplumber conflicts with pipewire-media-session & needs fixing" [High, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1977564
15:06 <bdmurray> ubuntu-meta is a shared custody package and that looks handled
15:07 <jawn-smith> okay, so nothing to do here? Should we remove the tag?
15:07 <vorlon> no, it's not our tag to remove
15:07 <bdmurray> no, because its useful for other teams too
15:07 <vorlon> the desktop team needs to triage it
15:07 <jawn-smith> Right, I didn't know if they had already triaged it
15:08 <jawn-smith> moving on then
15:08 <jawn-smith> bug 1977644
15:08 <ubottu> Bug 1977644 in casper (Ubuntu) "Please preserve MBR partition entries 2 to 4 when creating persistent partition" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1977644
15:08 <bdmurray> This bug report is the result of some deep investigation into bug 1922342
15:08 <ubottu> Bug 1922342 in casper (Ubuntu Kinetic) "Impish live session takes ages to boot on BIOS systems" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1922342
15:09 <bdmurray> Oh, I'm supposed to do something here
15:10 <jawn-smith> Okay, let's card and assign to bdmurray then
15:10 <jawn-smith> We'll assign to bdmurray for the test, then someone else can do the fix
15:10 <jawn-smith> Perhaps mwhudson
15:11 <jawn-smith> mclemenceau: do you mind carding this one?
15:11 <mclemenceau> sure thing
15:11 <jawn-smith> thanks!
15:11 <jawn-smith> #link https://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-jj-incoming-bug-tasks.html#foundations-bugs
15:11 <jawn-smith> bug 1977493
15:12 * jawn-smith reads the long discussion
15:13 <jawn-smith> vorlon: looks like you marked this as triaged for u-r-u
15:13 <jawn-smith> and based on comment 9 it seems there is work to be done on this
15:13 <jawn-smith> so let's card it and move on
15:13 <vorlon> thanks
15:14 <jawn-smith> The other jj bug is the casper bug we discussed earlier
15:15 <jawn-smith> rls-ii and rls-ff are empty
15:15 <jawn-smith> #topic Team proposed-migration report
15:16 <jawn-smith> oof, extra whitespace
15:16 <jawn-smith> #topic Team proposed-migration report
15:16 <jawn-smith> vorlon:
15:16 <jawn-smith> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses_by_team.html#foundations-bugs
15:16 <vorlon> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses_by_team.html#foundations-bugs
15:16 <vorlon> not looking terrible!
15:16 <vorlon> doko: any progress on dash?
15:18 <doko> ahh, crap
15:18 <vorlon> :)
15:18 <vorlon> doko: will you get it in the next week?
15:19 <doko> yes
15:19 <vorlon> licensecheck has an MIR in progress; per side discussion I've just added a task on licensecheck itself to LP: #1972853 so that it gets linked from the report
15:19 <schopin> for licensecheck, the MIR should be shortly unblocked (polishing a patch right now), but the sphinx part is a bit more complicated
15:19 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1972853 in libxs-parse-sublike-perl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lib*-perl" [Undecided, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1972853
15:21 <vorlon> sphinx is also in progress; schopin, it looks like you're still on this so I'll open a task in your name to get it on the report
15:21 <slyon> I also linked LP: #1972853 to sphinx update-excuse
15:21 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1972853 in libxs-parse-sublike-perl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lib*-perl" [Undecided, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1972853
15:21 <vorlon> ah great thanks
15:21 <vorlon> and mutt also has an MIR in progress
15:21 <jawn-smith> two of them!
15:22 <vorlon> enr0n: I see you've provided a patch for paramiko vs libcloud, what is still needed for this to land and clear?
15:23 <vorlon> I see you've said you're sending the patch upstream - do you need sponsorship?
15:23 <enr0n> vorlon: I believe bdrung is going to take another look, and hopefully sponsore, later today.
15:23 <vorlon> ok
15:23 <bdrung> that's the plan
15:23 <vorlon> should be close to bdrung's EOD, so if he doesn't get to it today feel free to ping me
15:24 <enr0n> vorlon: ack, thanks
15:24 <vorlon> oh weird, I had just refreshed the report and python-httplib2 was showing as a candidate but wasn't on update_output, refreshed again and it's resolved
15:25 <vorlon> usb-creator is an MIR, alexghiti can you open a task on the MIR bug so that it gets linked from the report?
15:25 <alexghiti> Yes, I just did it
15:25 <vorlon> thanks
15:26 <vorlon> now we're into the new stuff, and not much of it
15:26 <vorlon> jawn-smith: can you take libjson-perl?
15:26 <jawn-smith> sure
15:26 <vorlon> aptdaemon vs iso-codes - bdrung ?
15:27 <bdrung> okay
15:27 <slyon> I retriggered systemd against -release. as I suppose the tinyssh failure is from -proposed
15:28 <vorlon> slyon: ok, I'll consider this yours to follow up on
15:28 <slyon> sure!
15:28 <vorlon> and then ubuntu-meta was discussed above, it's basically the desktop team's to resolve
15:28 <vorlon> so that's it for this week
15:28 <jawn-smith> #topic AOB
15:28 <vorlon> everybody else can do +1 maintenance work in lieu ;p
15:29 <jawn-smith> ginggs: do you need to talk about FTBFS reports at all?
15:29 <jawn-smith> any prolonged absences coming up?
15:29 <enr0n> I will be out tomorrow
15:29 <schopin> Ah, à propos de FTBFS!
15:30 <schopin> openssl currently FTBFS < jammy, should I fix it now or wait to bundle it with something else?
15:30 <ginggs> jawn-smith: retries still ongoing
15:32 <jawn-smith> oh, DMB voting is open
15:32 <slyon> schopin: at very least you could fix it and get the SRU into -proposed. using a 'block-proposed-jammy' tag
15:32 <jawn-smith> vote if you're eligible
15:32 <schopin> slyon: ooooh, I like that!
15:32 <slyon> this way it would not hold back any potential security updates that might or might not pop up
15:33 <bdmurray> schopin: also the autopkgtest queues are rather empty so getting it tested sooner would be better
15:34 <schopin> sure, I was mostly worried about forcing users to download libssl3 again for no gain from their PoV
15:35 <bdmurray> Right that's a valid concern.
15:35 <vorlon> indeed, that's why we implemented support for block-proposed-* tags on SRUs :)
15:36 <jawn-smith> Sounds like the openssl issue is settled then.
15:36 <jawn-smith> Anything else?
15:37 <bdmurray> When a card is added for a bug a release task should be added and the rls-XX- tag removed
15:38 <bdmurray> This is something I've done behind the scenes
15:38 <jawn-smith> mclemenceau: is that something lp-to-jira could do?
15:39 <mclemenceau> possibly ;) would have to look at this, would be nice indeed
15:40 <jawn-smith> Okay anything else?
15:43 <bdmurray> nope
15:43 <jawn-smith> #endmeeting