20:06 <sil2100> #startmeeting Technical Board Meeting
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20:07 <sil2100> #topic Apologies
20:07 <sil2100> I think there were none this time o/
20:08 <sil2100> #topic Action review
20:10 <sil2100> Okay, I think all actions might still be in progress. I must say that I'm a bit embarrassed of myself, as I indeed have some action items that I did not yet move forward - especially discussion regarding third party repositories...
20:11 <rbasak> The pad is making good progress. It's mainly just pending sil2100 taking a look, if you could please. I'd like to understand if you agree with the general principle of the proposed requirements (some or all as you think) and then I can start trying to draft something more solid.
20:12 <rbasak> This will probably take you some time and isn't worth doing in the middle of the meeting.
20:12 <sil2100> I will do that now in that case, straight after the meeting. I think I always was meant to read into it but get distracted
20:12 <rbasak> Thanks!
20:12 <sil2100> Apologies, eh
20:12 <sil2100> Hopefully I'll unblock everyone today
20:12 <sil2100> Okay, moving on for now:
20:12 <sil2100> #topic Mailing list items
20:13 <sil2100> I'm looking, but I can't find anything - is it just me and bad e-mail filtering? Hope not
20:13 <rbasak> mdeslaur: if it's OK with you, in response to your commment on line 6, I'm going to go ahead with my suggestion on line 8 - we'll find rough understanding first, then I'll try and refine it to which of your scenarios those proposed requirements would map to. I suspect we won't struggle to reach agreement there.
20:14 <rbasak> Sorry I got ahead of myself there.
20:14 <rbasak> :
20:14 <rbasak> I don't see any ML traffic awaiting a response.
20:14 <mdeslaur> one sec, let me pull it up
20:14 <sil2100> I'll move on with the meeting in the meantime and we can discuss further in the AOB section o/
20:15 <sil2100> #topic Community bugs
20:15 <sil2100> ...none!
20:15 <mdeslaur> rbasak: yeah, that makes sense
20:15 <sil2100> #topic Chair for next meeting:
20:16 <sil2100> That would be cyphermox, but I'm not sure about the backup as I don't think this is going alphabetically anymore?
20:17 <mdeslaur> I pull up the launchpad list and use that
20:17 <mdeslaur> ie: https://launchpad.net/~techboard/+members
20:18 <mdeslaur> backup would be rbasak
20:18 <sil2100> Let's use that indeed, but hm, cyphermox wasn't after me in this case, so I got confused!
20:18 <sil2100> But let's make it rbasak as backup then
20:18 <mdeslaur> I think I filled in which is why
20:18 * mdeslaur shrugs
20:19 <sil2100> Ah, makes sense, possibly
20:19 <sil2100> #topic AOB
20:19 <rbasak> o/
20:19 <rbasak> Just more questions on the pad please
20:19 <sil2100> Anything else to discuss before I go dive into the etherpad?
20:19 <rbasak> mdeslaur: line 30 - can I check I have the sense of your statement correct please?
20:20 <mdeslaur> sure
20:20 <rbasak> Are you saying that you're now thinking that we _shouldn't_ permit snaps to make feature breaking changes by default, or that we should?
20:21 <mdeslaur> I think packaging is irrelevant to the discussion...either Ubuntu allows feature breaking changes, or it doesn't
20:21 <mdeslaur> and I'm uneasy making that change as a tech board member without involving the Ubuntu community as a whole as it will change the very definition of what Ubuntu is
20:21 <mdeslaur> I'm not sure I get to make that decision
20:22 <rbasak> OK, so by "making that change" you mean changing from generally not allowing feature breaking changes to generally allowing feature breaking changes, right?
20:22 <mdeslaur> yeah
20:22 <rbasak> Got it. Thanks!
20:22 <rbasak> FWIW, I agree with you.
20:23 <rbasak> OK so once sil2100 is done, I think I'm good with the pad - thanks! I can try and write up a firmer draft from there.
20:24 <mdeslaur> awesome
20:25 <sil2100> huh, I can't type ' in etherpad, it just moves my cursor down when I do that
20:26 <sil2100> #endmeeting