15:29 <cpaelzer> #startmeeting Weekly Main Inclusion Requests status
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15:29 <cpaelzer> hello everyone
15:30 <slyon> o/
15:30 <cpaelzer> another ping for the log => didrocks: jamespage: ddstreet: sarnold: slyon: doko: ping for MIR meeting
15:30 <cpaelzer> #topic Review of previous action items
15:30 <cpaelzer> We have plenty of things, but more for the "other business" section than actions
15:30 <didrocks> hey
15:30 <cpaelzer> so I'd go on ...
15:30 <cpaelzer> #topic current component mismatches
15:30 <cpaelzer> archive open, so expect more ...
15:30 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg
15:30 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg
15:31 <cpaelzer> going through them left to right
15:31 <cpaelzer> 1. lintian into libio-prompt-tiny-perl
15:32 <cpaelzer> that seems to be another small perl lib, slyon usually Doko has handled those, would you mind having a lool
15:32 <cpaelzer> look
15:32 <slyon> will do
15:32 <cpaelzer> then piprewire (we promoted recently) into "wireplumber"
15:32 <cpaelzer> that sounds like didrocks playground, will you have a look what we want to do there didrocks ?
15:32 <didrocks> yeah, was about to say that
15:33 <cpaelzer> then postgresql-14 is mine, it is sad that it is here we we likely won't be able to fully switch to 14
15:33 <cpaelzer> dependent projetcs usually take too long
15:33 <cpaelzer> but in any case, my business
15:33 <cpaelzer> then policykit is a known false-positive
15:33 <cpaelzer> python-croniter -> python-tzlocal - does that mean anything to anyone?
15:34 <didrocks> not to me
15:34 <slyon> no
15:34 <sarnold> iirc it's fallout from the upstream tzdata mess
15:34 <cpaelzer> that would be foundations, but maybe we wait a week on that one and see if we get a request
15:35 <cpaelzer> next would be cherrypy3
15:35 <cpaelzer> jamespage: that would be you
15:35 <cpaelzer> but it is still all approved except python-cheroot
15:35 <jamespage> I need to loop back to that
15:35 <sarnold> on my todo-list
15:35 <cpaelzer> which waits on security
15:35 <cpaelzer> php8.1 is with us and being worked on
15:35 <jamespage> there we go then
15:35 <cpaelzer> wow, so many ...
15:36 <cpaelzer> cmake->dh-elpa sounds foundationish
15:36 <cpaelzer> slyon: ?
15:36 <sarnold> our colleagues have been busy
15:36 <cpaelzer> to be clear you do not have to do all the MIRs, but find someone in the team to think about it
15:36 <slyon> ACK. I'll put it on my list
15:36 <cpaelzer> pillow -> raqm means nothing to me
15:36 <cpaelzer> known to anyone?
15:37 <slyon> pillow is foundations..
15:37 <sarnold> the README kinds looks like desktopish thing, but pillow .. dunno
15:38 <cpaelzer> ok, another on on you then @slyon
15:38 <slyon> ok
15:38 <cpaelzer> as I said, do not feel as if you have to do everything on these
15:38 <cpaelzer> just ensure they become handled
15:38 <cpaelzer> instead of cluttering this view and blocking proposed migration
15:38 <cpaelzer> ruby3.0 is on us and worked on
15:38 <cpaelzer> then a few known false positives
15:39 <cpaelzer> licensecheck -> libio-interactive-perl is the last
15:39 <cpaelzer> another python lib for slyon
15:39 <slyon> yes
15:39 <cpaelzer> puh, that was as much as I was afraid it would be
15:39 <cpaelzer> let us ensure with our teams to at least file bugs for those cases so that we can find the status from this view
15:40 <cpaelzer> #topic New MIRs
15:40 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&assignee_option=none&field.assignee=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
15:40 <cpaelzer> The first one is "new" again, I will talk about that one later in the "other business" section
15:40 <cpaelzer> egl-wayland I need to have a loolk
15:40 <cpaelzer> look
15:41 <cpaelzer> oh this was the one waiting for proper non-automated test steps right?
15:41 <sarnold> yeah
15:41 <didrocks> indeed
15:41 <cpaelzer> let us all have a look if we like the new answer now ...
15:42 <cpaelzer> Not yet perfectly what I wanted, but kind of "good enough" and I'd not want this to be a victim of being "the first"
15:42 <sarnold> same here
15:43 <cpaelzer> I'd be tempted to say yes to this one, as I can now at least imagine what is to be tested
15:43 <sarnold> at least, I hope it makes sense for desktopish folks to know what to do based o this
15:43 <sarnold> I know I'd still need more hand-holding if it were me..
15:43 <cpaelzer> votes please - +1 if you agree to ack this based on this
15:43 <cpaelzer> +1
15:43 <slyon> +1
15:43 <sarnold> +1
15:43 <didrocks> I’m still afraid on this kind of testing to not be completed per history, -1 for me
15:44 <cpaelzer> didrocks: you mean the experience tells us it won't be doen - is that what you say?
15:44 <didrocks> yeah, you won’t see right away the breakage and per history of the uploader, this won’t get fixed quickly
15:45 <didrocks> but I’m in the minority camp, let’s hope I’m wrong :)
15:45 <cpaelzer> This is a Desktoppy topic, you might bring it up on your side as well
15:45 <cpaelzer> this is at least already better to what we had in the past
15:45 <didrocks> well, desktop doesn’t maintaing the graphical part/acceleration of the stack
15:45 <sarnold> oh. hmm.
15:46 <cpaelzer> oh is that why it is kernel team subscribed?
15:46 <didrocks> indeed, the kernel team does
15:46 <didrocks> same with nvidia acceleration, where there are multi years bug like you enable acceleration, which disable it, and no action on it despite bugs reported, hence my concern
15:46 <cpaelzer> hmm, I'm unsure then - let me do a simple question ont he bug, to be sure
15:46 <cpaelzer> if the answer is good we can then ack based on the vote of today
15:47 <didrocks> indeed
15:47 <cpaelzer> I want to ask to commit som some regular frequency of testing this
15:47 <didrocks> sounds like the good approach to me :)
15:49 <cpaelzer> send https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/egl-wayland/+bug/1935082/comments/24
15:49 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1935082 in egl-wayland (Ubuntu) "[MIR] egl-wayland" [Undecided, Confirmed]
15:49 <cpaelzer> #topic Incomplete bugs / questions
15:49 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
15:50 <sarnold> thanks cpaelzer, nice
15:50 <cpaelzer> last update on vulkan was the reivew, and I know it is being worked on e.g. to add the tests
15:50 <cpaelzer> so this list is all fine
15:50 <cpaelzer> let me get to the crowded next section of the meeting
15:50 <cpaelzer> #topic Any other business?
15:50 <cpaelzer> First of all a good and positive news :-)
15:51 <cpaelzer> Lukas has done three great reviews and clearly seems to be able to follow the rules, help us to improve the team and IMHO should be allowed to "work alone" now.
15:51 <cpaelzer> don't be too concerned if unsure I'm sure he will ask
15:51 <cpaelzer> But that is just my opinion, therfore I wanted to call for +1/-1 on letting him handle things alone
15:51 <cpaelzer> +1
15:51 <sarnold> +1
15:51 <didrocks> +1
15:51 <slyon> +0 :)
15:51 <sarnold> a halo? :)
15:51 <cpaelzer> ok slyon doesn't have a vote and ddstreet jamespage are distracted by other things but we already reached qorum
15:51 <cpaelzer> thanks
15:52 <cpaelzer> slyon: and thanks for you helping the team
15:52 <cpaelzer> !
15:52 <sarnold> thanks slyon :)
15:52 <cpaelzer> it won't be more formal than that slyon, sorry
15:52 <slyon> thank you for your reviews and the approval!
15:52 <cpaelzer> next topic, fuse3
15:52 <didrocks> can we give him all MIRs now? kthxbye :)
15:52 <cpaelzer> => https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fuse3/+bug/1934510
15:52 <cpaelzer> Rightfully asked by various Desktop people if we could consider to promote it now to unblock and resolve plenty of work now instead of last minute.
15:52 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1934510 in fuse3 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] fuse3 as a dependency of qemu 6.0 and GNOME apps" [Undecided, New]
15:52 <cpaelzer> Paride has had a look at all the affected subprojects and updated the status
15:52 <cpaelzer> See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fuse3/+bug/1934510/comments/15
15:52 <cpaelzer> I said the following but would like to sync and agree with you about it:
15:52 <cpaelzer> "+1 to land and promote early (unblocking a lot) if the transition to demote fuse(2) can and will be completed inside the 22.04 cycle"
15:52 <cpaelzer> Any opposing thoughts?
15:52 <cpaelzer> Benefit: all teams can work on their dependencies soon instead of last minute
15:53 <cpaelzer> Risk: if we do not manage to get fuse2 demoted in time we would have two fuses
15:53 <cpaelzer> in 22.04 which is an LTS
15:53 <cpaelzer> this mostly needs a +1 from the owning team and security
15:53 <cpaelzer> = slyon + sarnold
15:53 <slyon> +1 from foundations. We have all the patches ready and are working on the transition
15:53 <cpaelzer> I'd be in favor of doing it this way (promoting now'ish), but what do you think?
15:54 <didrocks> even if we don’t vote formally +1 as well, we did it multiple times in the past already and it worked well
15:54 <cpaelzer> sarnold: I can tell you from VMWare that they want to do this for the next release, it doesn't exist yet but that much for intentions
15:54 <sarnold> +1 -- lets get this going
15:54 <cpaelzer> thanks
15:54 <cpaelzer> I'll update the case
15:56 <cpaelzer> bug updated
15:56 <cpaelzer> and last but not least - the rewrite of our rules
15:56 <cpaelzer> to be more readable, clear and useful
15:56 <cpaelzer> https://github.com/cpaelzer/ubuntu-mir/pull/2
15:56 <ubottu> Pull 2 in cpaelzer/ubuntu-mir "Unify rules and templates" [Open]
15:56 <cpaelzer> I have an ack there by slyon didrocks and ddstreet
15:56 <cpaelzer> and I wanted to thank you for cross reading it
15:56 <cpaelzer> each iteration looking at it made me do improvements
15:57 <cpaelzer> and the spriti here is "better than before, can be improved further"
15:57 <slyon> Thanks for doing all this cleanup. Using the new template is much better than the previous approach.
15:57 <cpaelzer> It is a building block and prereq to express what we want to do with rust
15:57 <didrocks> well, thank **you** for doing this huge task :)
15:57 <cpaelzer> thanks
15:57 <cpaelzer> so +1/-1 for me landing those changes as shown here?
15:57 <slyon> +1
15:57 <cpaelzer> +1 from me (in case my vote counts)
15:58 <cpaelzer> and as I said we had +1 from ddstreet and didrocks on the PR already
15:58 <didrocks> yeah
15:58 <cpaelzer> sarnold: jamespage: any opinion from you ?
15:58 <sarnold> I'm sorry to say that I've not seen this in a few weeks and can't remember much about it
15:58 <sarnold> this is vastly longer than I remember, which makes me wonder if I even remember the right thing
15:59 <cpaelzer> ok, since we have reached qorum already how about /me updating it and you feel free to comment if you spot anything later
15:59 <sarnold> ack, thanks
15:59 <cpaelzer> great
15:59 <cpaelzer> and now final topic
15:59 <cpaelzer> swtpm
15:59 * sarnold buries head in sand
15:59 <cpaelzer> it was agreed that we need this and as usual now it is urgent
15:59 <cpaelzer> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/swtpm/+bug/1948748
15:59 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1948748 in swtpm (Ubuntu) "[MIR] swtpm" [Undecided, New]
15:59 <cpaelzer> vorlon: and I have worked on this to get it to this stage asap
16:00 <cpaelzer> but now it is on security
16:00 <cpaelzer> given the constraints on this, anything that can be done to give this some prio in seucrity would propably be great
16:00 <cpaelzer> "security"
16:00 <sarnold> yeah, it's bumped python-cheroot
16:00 <sarnold> I've run it through coverity so far, hooray for the easy building and no problems there :) I haven't started in on it yet
16:01 <cpaelzer> thanks, as I said in the past if we can make anything to get you @sarnold more resources/prio let us know
16:01 <cpaelzer> otherwise please just hear our call and do as much as you can :-)
16:01 <cpaelzer> that would be my list of topics
16:01 <sarnold> we've hired on some new folks and as they get settled, hopefully I'll be able to bring them up on MIRs :)
16:01 <cpaelzer> still it seems there is hope
16:01 <cpaelzer> anything else from you to discuss ?
16:01 <sarnold> nothing from me
16:01 <slyon> nothing here
16:02 <cpaelzer> ok, I guess ddstreet and jamespage will continue to be distracted
16:02 <cpaelzer> didrocks: from you anything?
16:02 <didrocks> anything for me
16:02 <didrocks> nothing*
16:02 <jamespage> sorry - trying todo two meetings at once is multifailing
16:02 <jamespage> but nothing more from me
16:02 <didrocks> sorry, in another HO as well now :)
16:02 <cpaelzer> I know, not problem jamespage
16:02 <cpaelzer> s/not/no/
16:02 <cpaelzer> ok, then thanks to all of you
16:02 <cpaelzer> we made great steps forward
16:02 <cpaelzer> #endmeeting