19:10 <mdeslaur> #startmeeting
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19:10 <mdeslaur> [topic] Apologies
19:10 <mdeslaur> nobody apologized?
19:10 <mdeslaur> [topic] Action review
19:10 * mdeslaur formal ratification of third party seeded snap security policy, depends on
19:11 * mdeslaur vorlon to circle around with store, snapcraft, et all, and revise the snap source revision policy to be more clear with regards to rebuildability and GPL compliance.
19:11 <vorlon> punt
19:11 * mdeslaur vorlon to reply to seeded snap upload permissions question on list
19:11 <vorlon> punt :/
19:11 <mdeslaur> CTION: sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which xnox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step
19:11 <mdeslaur> sil2100 is absent
19:11 * mdeslaur all members to continue discussion at https://pad.ubuntu.com/third-party-repository-requirements
19:11 <mdeslaur> I added another comment today
19:12 <mdeslaur> doesn't look like sil2100 looked at it yet?
19:13 <mdeslaur> ok, I guess we'll want to wait to discuss it
19:14 <mdeslaur> [topic] Mailing list archive
19:14 <mdeslaur> there's the OpenSSL license exception thread
19:15 <mdeslaur> I don't think we have anything else to do after vorlon's excellent response?
19:16 <mdeslaur> [topic] Community bugs
19:16 <mdeslaur> no community bugs
19:16 <mdeslaur> [topic] AOB
19:16 <mdeslaur> does anyone have anything else they would like to discuss?
19:16 <vorlon> nothing from me
19:16 <mdeslaur> rbasak?
19:17 <rbasak> Nothing from me thanks
19:17 <mdeslaur> [topic] Next chair
19:18 <mdeslaur> sil2100 with cyphermox as backup
19:18 <mdeslaur> that's all folks
19:18 <mdeslaur> #endmeeting