16:03 <ddstreet> #startmeeting Ubuntu Backporters meeting
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16:03 <teward> mapreri: we could ask anyone who might know, i.e. vorlon who I know does AA tasks for accept/reject stuff
16:03 <teward> but that's a separate discussion of what we'd need after implement.
16:03 <teward> oops meeting started :)
16:03 <mapreri> oh good, it felt like I was alone in having this technical doubt :D
16:03 <ddstreet> just quickly for the record, we do have the action item of figuring out membership process/etc but i think we should punt that
16:03 <teward> lets push that until we have full details of how backports will work
16:04 <ddstreet> and jump right into general discussion
16:04 <mapreri> k
16:04 <teward> i'll wait before i rapidfire my clarification requests/concerns for you to give me the floor :P
16:04 <ddstreet> yeah re: accept/reject i think they use tools from the ubuntu-archive-tools repo https://pad.lv/p/ubuntu-archive-tools
16:05 <ddstreet> i *think* we may have the ACLs now to do that? but i'm not sure, i of course haven't actually tried it yet
16:05 <ddstreet> let's put an action to ask someone about it
16:06 <ddstreet> #action clarify how to accept/reject uploads to -backports queues
16:06 * meetingology clarify how to accept/reject uploads to -backports queues
16:06 <ddstreet> ok i'm done witht he floor, you guys jump in
16:06 <teward> ok so
16:06 <teward> first
16:06 <teward> back when I was championing this process BEFORE I was on all the boards with all the hats...
16:07 <teward> I had suggested that requests can ONLY come from developers willing to watch the package and handle sec updates, etc. to it.  NOT the backporters team, so that Backporters simply have the request/reject.
16:07 <teward> I see references to torching the 'anyone can request' part of the existing process and to torch the entire current process which I agree with
16:07 <teward> but are we going to limit requesting backports for approval, etc. to people who have upload rights (which would then need accept/reject for backports pocket from us)>
16:07 <teward> but are we going to limit requesting backports for approval, etc. to people who have upload rights (which would then need accept/reject for backports pocket from us)?
16:08 <teward> and therein require a request still to be filed for *approval* with justification therein as to why, and that that developer has still done testing to validate the program/package will still function?
16:08 <teward> (I didn't see any explicit definitions to this point, either that or i missed it in the thread of discussions)
16:10 <mapreri> mh
16:10 <mapreri> we don't have such thing in debian, and I believe that, depending on the amount of requests, would still risk to be too much for us to handle
16:11 <mapreri> otoh, we might want to also prevent people from filling up the bpo pocket
16:11 <mapreri> I don't think we should require people to give us explanation unless we see something fishy going on
16:11 <mapreri> but of course, uploading implies that the uploader did test properly before
16:11 <teward> ack.
16:12 <teward> so we would be limiting it, then, to those who can upload the given package, just that it'd require us to approve/reject the upload?
16:12 <teward> and certain things would be rejected based on where it sits?
16:12 <mapreri> i'm happy to write down in the rules that in case somebody regularly uploads stuff that then comes out it's not actually working will then be prevented (by us, manually) to contribute again or so.
16:12 <teward> yeah I would suggest that, regardless, we dictate the rules and write it down
16:12 <ddstreet> i think it's ok if someone wants to upload and finds a sponsor to upload for them, right?
16:12 <teward> that's where it gets tricky
16:13 <mapreri> as usual the sponsor is also responsible for not uploading shit
16:13 <ddstreet> yeah
16:13 <teward> ddstreet: if a Sponsor uploads it that's fine, but then SPonsored is required to make sure relevant patches, etc. are submitted for critical security bugs
16:13 <teward> and as for scope of what people can upload, obvious things (core bits, etc.) are not permitted except in SPECIAL CASES
16:13 <teward> (there are special cases for certain openstack things I think?)
16:13 <mapreri> teward: that's the same of the rest of the archive, isn't it?
16:13 <teward> s/think/think already/
16:14 <teward> mapreri: well technically
16:14 <teward> I'm a Core Dev
16:14 <teward> if I try and upload a kernel package, i'm pretty sure it might let me, despite not being on the Kernel team, i'd get hell for it thoug
16:14 * mapreri is planning on writing the application for thatt one of these days, btw.
16:14 <teward> so technically i can upload to any pocket
16:14 <teward> not that I WOULD but in case of certain things it'd raise Hell
16:14 <teward> so we need to be clear what 'not allowed to touch' is
16:15 <mapreri> sure, then what? :)
16:15 <teward> as long as Sponsor or Uploader isn't stupid anddoesn't abuse it it's not aprolbme, but it was discussed setting limits
16:15 <mapreri> for some reason neither debian nor ubuntu had the principle of least privilege applied to upload permissions :3
16:15 <teward> i'd like those limits to be more clearly defined is all
16:15 <teward> mapreri: so i'm going to stop you there briefly.
16:15 <teward> on the basis of "We need to tread careful here"
16:15 <teward> whether upload rights are a thing or not
16:16 <teward> we need to set the standard for the scope of what Backports covers
16:16 <teward> or we're going to end up in Sqaure One of backports that we had that led to the death of Backports in general again
16:16 <teward> so my question is: do we have a clearly defined scope of what we will/won't permit to be put into backports?
16:16 <mapreri> that was part of what was in ddstreet's mail as well.
16:17 <ddstreet> and there certainly wasn't one before, and it may be hard to come up with one
16:17 <mapreri> my take, is that we'll blacklist thing as we go.  starting with stuff that is already covered by HWE, and the cloud archive.
16:17 <ddstreet> i do agree the kernel should be excluded
16:17 <mapreri> but I wouldn't go with a whitelist, except for the non-LTS releases where we don't want to hassle.
16:18 <teward> HWE, Cloud Archive, snapd and things that underwent deb-to-snap transitions
16:18 <teward> HWE, Cloud Archive, snapd and things that underwent deb-to-snap transitions, packages that are so mission critical we can't update those without a full migration type task, etc.
16:18 <teward> (Python comes to mind here...)
16:18 <ddstreet> yep
16:18 <mapreri> ack
16:18 <ddstreet> it would probably be easier to add to the list as people request pkgs as mapreri is suggesting
16:18 <teward> (certain python3 *packages* which are just modules packaged up could be different, but I mean core python version etc.)
16:19 <teward> agreed.
16:19 <mapreri> I'd also blacklist compilers at large perhaps?
16:19 <teward> mapreri: agreed
16:19 <teward> PHP and Web scripting language versions as well
16:19 <mapreri> "interpreters"
16:19 <teward> (Server Team would balk at that if we tried ti push updated PHP to an older release, without them handling it)
16:19 <teward> mapreri: yep.
16:20 <ddstreet> so we're all agreed to in principle having a list of excluded packages, that we update on an ad-hoc basis as a team?
16:20 <teward> BASICALLY< when we first get started, I want a known "This stuff will not be accepted", which we'll update a specific list going forward as a team
16:20 <teward> interpreters, core packages, stuff in Cloud archive, snapd, kernel, deb-to-snap packages, etc. would be automatically excluded to begin with.
16:20 <teward> (includes compilers)
16:20 <teward> so that we don't get innundated with requests for things that we wouldn't accept anyways
16:20 <teward> (sponsored or otherwise)
16:21 <ddstreet> i suggest we move the specific discussion of what's on the list to ML discussion, as i suspect it'll take time
16:21 <mapreri> yes, we all seem in agreement on this.
16:21 <teward> yup
16:21 <teward> agreed we move specific discussion to the ML just wanted to make sure we had a basic thing of "this base category is a no-go" to start.
16:22 <teward> rather than point at specifics specifically
16:22 <mapreri> that's easily just a list in the wiki, let us subscribe to the wiki to make sure nobody mess with it, done.
16:22 <ddstreet> #agreed maintain a list of excluded packages, to be updated on ad-hoc basis and/or updated from mailing list discussion
16:22 <meetingology> AGREED: maintain a list of excluded packages, to be updated on ad-hoc basis and/or updated from mailing list discussion
16:22 <ddstreet> yep definitely, should just go into the wiki page
16:22 <mapreri> ddstreet: I think it would be best if you lead the discussion based on your agenda :)
16:22 <ddstreet> ok
16:22 <teward> one more thing in my dossier then i'll be silent
16:22 <ddstreet> lemme pull up the email
16:23 <ddstreet> sure go for it
16:24 <teward> the security component is one thing I want to make sure we agree on: Neither the Backporters team nor the Security Team will be responsible for security updates and patches to Backported programs.  Like security updates in Universe packages, it is up to the uploader (or sponsored individual) to make sure teh backported package receives relevant security patches and drive them to land in the backports queue for the package.
16:24 <teward> or similar wording, however we word it we make sure it's not our obligation nor Security obligation for items in -backports
16:24 <teward> (there will be exceptions I think in certain cases but generally speaking)
16:24 <teward> that's it on my radar for concerns/thoughts
16:25 <mapreri> I think both me and ddstreet are on the same page, according to the mail :)
16:25 <teward> just making sure ;)
16:25 <ddstreet> +1 and i think we should also clarify to potential users of the package that neither our team nor the security team will monitor or enforce that the package requestor actually keeps it up to date
16:25 <mapreri> but
16:26 <teward> ddstreet: there may be exceptions if a specific team drives the backport
16:26 <teward> but at that point that Team would be monitoring it
16:26 <teward> (but yes in general principle I agree ddstreet)
16:26 <mapreri> we write clearly to users to not expect anything.  otoh we write clearly to developers that we team expect them to do good and provide them.
16:26 <ddstreet> #agreed ubuntu backporters team is not responsible for future security updates to packages, nor is the security team, the package requestor (and/or their sponsor) should expect to maintain it
16:26 <meetingology> AGREED: ubuntu backporters team is not responsible for future security updates to packages, nor is the security team, the package requestor (and/or their sponsor) should expect to maintain it
16:26 <teward> mapreri: agreed.
16:27 <ddstreet> ok let me get to the agenda items from the email thread
16:27 <ddstreet> #topic how the community requests backports
16:27 <teward> we can expect that a given team or developer driving a package in would know this, but we do need to write it clearly for users to see "There is no guarantees of stuff here"
16:28 <teward> ddstreet: -1 on 'community' requests in general, they have to do the work to get it sponsored for a backport upload, or a developer has to take that task, we should not just allow general 'requests' for backports.
16:28 <teward> my 2 cents (this was mentioned before in the email)
16:28 <teward> (but not by me)
16:28 <ddstreet> +1 on updating the docs, and tooling, to reflect this
16:29 <teward> agreed, +1 on updating docs and tooling
16:29 <mapreri> ack.  Though I'm fine if community write to the ML saying "I'd like this bpo, could somebody pretty please provide it", without expecting the service :)
16:29 <teward> mapreri: that's a given.
16:29 <mapreri> but probably best to just not talk about "requests"
16:29 <teward> but i think that should go to -devel-discuss
16:29 <ddstreet> yeah i agree ML requests for help are fine
16:29 <teward> because at that point if they're *requesting* someone to backport it, then it needs to go to a point where a dev has to actually be interested
16:29 <teward> agreed on ML requests as well
16:29 <ddstreet> just as long as they don't expect our team to do it
16:29 <teward> just my 2 cents it shouldn't be sent with the expectation of being done/responded to
16:30 <mapreri> there was such request in July fyi
16:30 <teward> to backporters?
16:30 <mapreri> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-backports/2021-July/021758.html
16:30 <ddstreet> i think we should update our wiki page to clearly state the 'requestbackport' tool is deprecated, and also we should remove the tool from ubuntu-dev-tools package, to avoid confusion
16:30 <teward> ddstreet: agreed
16:31 <mapreri> I'd be for replacing it with a stub that print() a message and url to the wiki though
16:31 <mapreri> rather than removing it right away
16:31 <teward> i'm actually OK with that as well
16:31 <teward> do a transitional removal - replace the code with a warning
16:31 <teward> like we did for bitcoin when it was blacklisted/removed
16:31 <teward> s/bitcoin/bitcoin and bitcoind/
16:31 <ddstreet> ack, deprecation/stub is likely better
16:32 <teward> i also think we should reply to the July request and indicate that we are redesigning Backports and to check back once we've published updated processes and documentation
16:32 <teward> or at least wait until we have that stuff decided/published and then reply
16:32 <mapreri> they also filed a bug, so that can happen together with when we'll handle (somehow) all the open bugs
16:33 <ddstreet> #action update wiki/docs to reflect users can't just request a backport, and deprecate 'requestbackport' tool to print message and url indicating same
16:33 * meetingology update wiki/docs to reflect users can't just request a backport, and deprecate 'requestbackport' tool to print message and url indicating same
16:33 <ddstreet> either of you want to take an action to reply to the previous ML requests and/or bugs?
16:33 <ddstreet> i can take it as administrative work otherwise
16:34 <ddstreet> #action ddstreet reply to previous ML requests and open backport request bugs indicating change in process
16:34 * meetingology ddstreet reply to previous ML requests and open backport request bugs indicating change in process
16:34 <mapreri> i can take it, but not do it these few days
16:35 <mapreri> as you prefer
16:35 <ddstreet> sure feel free to do it, i probably would not get to it for a couple weeks :)
16:35 <mapreri> well then, whoever starts first
16:35 <ddstreet> i'll leave the action on me but not actually do anything for it
16:35 <ddstreet> yep
16:36 <ddstreet> ok i think we're cleared up on item #1, of how people initiate backports, right?
16:36 <mapreri> ye
16:37 <ddstreet> i think we should have an action to clean up the wiki page with the new process steps, either of you want to take that?
16:37 <teward> ddstreet: if we have no objection to me updating the tooling i can handle tooling rejiggering for leaving requestbackport to just print the message
16:37 <ddstreet> perfect go for it
16:38 <mapreri> atm I'd prefer to leave at least the first round of wiki cleanup to others
16:38 <ddstreet> ok i'll take the first round of wiki updates
16:38 <ddstreet> #action teward update tooling, requestbackport
16:38 * meetingology teward update tooling, requestbackport
16:38 <ddstreet> #action ddstreet update wiki docs with new process
16:38 * meetingology ddstreet update wiki docs with new process
16:38 <teward> ddstreet: you can take it for the previous requests, but we could mass close all the old requests as "The Backports process has undergone radical changes and as such existing requests are being cancelled for resubmission under the new process"
16:38 <teward> just as a suggestion ;)
16:39 <teward> remind me which repo has the tooling?
16:39 <ddstreet> ubuntu-dev-tools
16:39 <teward> been a while since i double checked (three upgrades in place XD)
16:39 <teward> thanks
16:39 <ddstreet> #topic review of tooling, requestbackport and backportpackage
16:39 <ddstreet> i think we covered requestbackport already
16:40 <mapreri> teward: in case you are going to open a MR for u-d-t, I promise to be quick to review it :P
16:40 <ddstreet> i guess one of us should just review the code for backportpackage, teward you want to do that review to see if anything needs changing there?
16:40 <teward> mapreri: yep.  we may need to push some updates to retroactive releases if it's released as a package in the repos though
16:40 <teward> ddstreet: yeah i'll handle that
16:40 <ddstreet> #action teward review backportpackage tool
16:40 * meetingology teward review backportpackage tool
16:41 <teward> to my knowledge it's fine as it is, i still use it to backport packages even for PPAs when I do it, it's a fast way to snag from devel or SOURCERELEASE and prep for TARGETRELEASE regardless of if it's the main repos or not xD
16:41 <teward> (I just change it to not use -backports before upload to PPAs)
16:41 <ddstreet> #topic what releases are allowed/required to backport into
16:42 <teward> *forks ubuntu-dev-tools to his account on LP to begin with*
16:42 <teward> ddstreet: i suggest LTS only, because interim releases only have 9 months of coverage.
16:42 <teward> as was stated in the email chain
16:42 <mapreri> teward: yeah, I can handle the SRUs later on myself
16:42 <teward> there may be exceptions where we have to accept for an interim release, again in edge cases
16:43 <teward> but in general I'd say to the LTSes only, not to interim releases
16:43 <teward> and not to LTSes that have entered ESM
16:43 <ddstreet> so sounds like we agree on backports to interim releases are *allowed* on a case-by-case basis, but not required, right?
16:43 <teward> ddstreet: i would say 'yes'
16:43 <ddstreet> #agreed backports to interim releases are allowed on case-by-case basis, but not required
16:43 <meetingology> AGREED: backports to interim releases are allowed on case-by-case basis, but not required
16:44 <teward> generally speaking the backport target should be an LTS release that has not entered ESM or EOL yet, in my opinion, with case by case bases for interim releases
16:44 <mapreri> I'd say that many dev tools are fine to have in interim releases
16:44 <mapreri> like, debhelper, pbuilder, u-d-t, devscripts, sbuild, …?
16:44 <ddstreet> yep dev tools will likely be the most common thing in interim releases
16:44 <mapreri> me being involved in 3 out of the 5 above means I'm quite biased :)
16:45 <teward> yep
16:45 <ddstreet> should we start a ML thread on dev tools that we may want to proactively put into -backports?
16:45 <teward> i think so, yes.
16:45 <teward> or rather, proactively approve you mean, because it's still not on *us* to make sure they're all backported
16:45 <mapreri> I'm happy to take the task of doing the first 4 of the above btw.
16:45 <mapreri> because, at the very least, I'd like to have them for my own use (!)
16:46 <ddstreet> sure, though for the tooling it's quite possible one of us would actually be doing the work of uploading the tools
16:46 <teward> agreed
16:46 <teward> mapreri: if you also take sbuild I'll send you some beer
16:46 <teward> I regularly use sbuild in my test build envs and I like that being up to date xD
16:46 <ddstreet> #action mapreri start ML discussion for list of dev tools to proactively put into -backports
16:46 * meetingology mapreri start ML discussion for list of dev tools to proactively put into -backports
16:46 <teward> all five of those stated are good candidates
16:46 <teward> but we'll move to ML for that
16:46 <mapreri> I don't use sbuild, so I can't really test it decently.  but I'm sure plenty of people will throw me darts if I break it so I'll know very quickly heh
16:47 <teward> mapreri: if you can prep it and PPA it I can test
16:47 <ddstreet> i gave you the action to start the ML discussion mapreri :)
16:47 <mapreri> sure (to both)
16:47 <ddstreet> and of course, I don't think any tool has to be pre-discussed, it should also be fine just to upload something as long as another team member is the reviewer
16:48 <mapreri> this was more like pre-allowing things into interim releases
16:48 <ddstreet> yeah
16:48 <ddstreet> ok for this topic, we also should clarify the LTS->LTS and LTS->interim upgrades as briefly discussed in the ML
16:49 <ddstreet> i think mapreri and i are in agreement on this
16:49 <ddstreet> teward you as well?
16:49 <teward> agreed
16:49 <ddstreet> ok let me try to capture it as agreed statement
16:49 <teward> no concerns there.
16:49 <mapreri> one thing we aren't sure on is
16:50 <mapreri> what to support: LTS+bpo → LTS², or LTS+bpo → LTS²+bpo ?
16:50 * ddstreet has thunderstorm outside fyi, hopefully i won't lose power
16:50 <teward> mapreri: as in source + destination?
16:51 <teward> and LTS^2 as in, "Previous LTS"?
16:51 <mapreri> as in supported upgrade path
16:51 <teward> oh
16:51 <mapreri> which also means which source to take from I suppose, yes
16:51 <teward> i think we can handle those slightly differently
16:51 <teward> but here's my thoughts
16:51 <teward> any later release can be a source even an interim to a given LTS's backports repo.
16:52 <teward> i.e. Impish -> CurrentlySupportedLTSes
16:52 <teward> but if you skip over an LTS it has to be supported in that other LTS as well
16:52 <teward> as for upgrade path, we should disable backports entirely, and whatever's in TargetRelease should be force-installed to supersede backports
16:52 <mapreri> right.  but I want to be sure that whatever you backport is going to be upgradable to 22.04 then even if taken from impish (which should be the case)
16:52 <teward> because backports are NOT guaranteed to upgrade properly
16:52 <teward> that's what i just indicated here.
16:53 <teward> as my second point/suggestion
16:53 <mapreri> I don't want that
16:53 <mapreri> force-installing to supersede backports sounds like something wasn't done properly
16:54 <mapreri> why can't we guarantee proper upgrade paths?
16:54 <teward> mapreri: define the scope of "We"
16:54 <mapreri> I believe part of the check we need to do before approval is to make sure that the versioning is right.  and we are going to consider a bug if an upgrade fail, bug that's going to be assigned to the last uploader.
16:55 <teward> that i agree, provided that the 'last uploader' (not the sponsor) is the one who handles fixing it
16:55 <teward> and yes, verifying versioning is right is critical for any approvals
16:55 <mapreri> so, why do you say "because backports are NOT guaranteed to upgrade properly" ?
16:56 <mapreri> we are not going to be responsible in the same way AA is not responsible for regular upgrade failures, are they
16:56 <teward> mapreri: well if you tried to upgrade my computer to Impish even if you could, Wireshark backported is 'newer' than the version in Impish right now on my system, and that means Wireshark could break
16:56 <teward> that's what i want to make sure
16:56 <teward> that it's not on the Backporters team to *fix* a broken package
16:56 <teward> that brings one other question:
16:56 <mapreri> ah yes, the only upgrade path starting from an LTS+bpo system is the next LTS
16:56 <teward> how do we guarantee the upgrade path if OriginalUploader has gone missing or has no more interest.
16:57 <teward> (short of removing the package from -backports which doesn't solve the problem)
16:57 <mapreri> I guess it "falls on the community" like for all the other packages in the archive?
16:57 <teward> i'm actually OK with that.
16:58 <ddstreet> we're specifically talking about version numbers here, right?
16:58 <teward> more or less
16:58 <teward> more or less yess
16:58 <teward> more or less yes
16:58 <teward> blah i can't type to save my butt >.>
16:59 <ddstreet> i think at the point of reviewing the backport, we can see if the LTS-backports version is < next-LTS version (both next-LTS-updates and next-LTS-backports)
16:59 <ddstreet> i think that should be a hard rule
16:59 <mapreri> yes, we agreed on it
16:59 <teward> agreed
16:59 <teward> as long as that is a hard rule that should rule out edge cases.
17:00 <mapreri> and we are not going to support upgrades from LTS to interim
17:00 <mapreri> (which the current bpo rule support, btw)
17:00 <teward> agreed, not for backports.
17:00 <teward> works for me
17:00 <ddstreet> right, if someone upgrades into an interim, it's undefined if their -backports version would remain or be replaced
17:00 <mapreri> but we should agree in only one of
17:00 <mapreri> "(both next-LTS-updates and next-LTS-backports)"
17:01 <mapreri> I mean
17:01 <ddstreet> well next-LTS-backports should *always* be > next-LTS-updates
17:01 <ddstreet> right?
17:01 <ddstreet> so LTS-backports should, by rule, be < next-LTS-updates
17:03 <mapreri> so it means that backports can't span 2 LTSs?  for example, backporting something from 22.04 all the way to 18.04.  is it possible, or no?  and if it is, we force people to *also* upload to 20.04-bpo?
17:03 <ddstreet> for comparison, what the UCA archive does is just take the newer release package version and append '~cloud0' to force the version to be 'under' the version it's taken from
17:04 <teward> technically speaking I think for our purposes if we do a backport we need to include the target release codename/number
17:04 <teward> similar to how we have SRUs or updates that bump version numbers currently in all releases, we add on the version number in the version string
17:04 <ddstreet> no i think backporting to multiple LTS should be ok, it should just follow similar versioning for srus, like if version 1.2.3 is backported to 18 and 20, then use versions '1.2.3~18.04.1' and '1.2.3~20.04.1' or something
17:04 <ddstreet> yep
17:04 <ddstreet> as teward said
17:04 <teward> yeah that way we can have the same thing in multiple releases, following SRU Versioning Behavior
17:05 <teward> that way if a later version shows up it'd still be superseded
17:05 <ddstreet> we could probably require specific version formatting for backports
17:05 <teward> agreed.
17:05 <ddstreet> mapreri sound ok?
17:05 <mapreri> right, so then the supported upgrade path is LTS+bpo → LTS²+bpo, not LTS² (ex. bpo).  fine, let's write it down properly in the doc
17:05 <mapreri> so users are expected to *not* disable the bpo pocket from their sources.
17:06 <ddstreet> i think it's ok either way for them to, isn't it?
17:06 <mapreri> if we allow backports from 2 LTSs away, it might not be ok for them.
17:07 <mapreri> even if it's not from LTSs away, just from the interim after the next lts
17:07 <mapreri> like bpo from impish to bionic, we mandate also a bpo to focal to preserve the upgrade path, and users of bionic+bpo needs to have focal+bpo to be able to upgrade.
17:08 <ddstreet> first part i agree with, bpo to focal before or along with bpo to bionic
17:09 <ddstreet> but if they upgrade b->f, and they had version 1.2.3~18.04.1 in b, and f has version 1.2.2, they'll keep version 1.2.3~18.04.1 even if they disable -backports right?
17:09 <ddstreet> i supposed if there are changing dependencies/libs that might break if they don't upgrade to 1.2.3~20.04.1
17:09 <mapreri> then they'll find themself with, if they are lucky, an out-of-repo local package. if they unlucky some Breaks will prevent them from fully upgrading.
17:10 <mapreri> neither of which is a proper system to have in my books
17:10 <ddstreet> ok so we should require continuing to use -backports then, across release upgrades
17:10 <ddstreet> i'm fine with that
17:11 <mapreri> cool
17:11 <mapreri> teward: are you fine too?
17:11 <teward> sorry my boss called.
17:11 <teward> i'm fine with that
17:12 <ddstreet> #agreed LTS->LTS upgrades must be supported, and -backports should remain enabled/used
17:12 <meetingology> AGREED: LTS->LTS upgrades must be supported, and -backports should remain enabled/used
17:12 <mapreri> regarding the version string.  are we going to keep using the same namespace as SRUs and sec updates like I believe in the past?
17:12 <teward> mapreri: i think we would have to, to avoid archive collisions, unless we intentionally want to update default policy to supersede backports, which sounds bads.
17:12 <teward> s/bads/like it'd cause more harm than good/
17:13 <mapreri> I'm mostly used to debian, where backports use ~bpoX+Y, whilst SRUs ~debX+Y
17:13 <teward> we COULD use ~bpo-X.Y.Z if we wanted to be distinct
17:13 <teward> but we have to be careful we don't collide
17:13 <mapreri> which sorts nicely for them.  if would for us as well, but honestly besides being nice to distinguish the source of the package with only one glance, there is no much benefit ime
17:13 <ddstreet> i'm fine with requiring ~bpo version suffix
17:14 <teward> ddstreet: while also still providing the target version in the string in case the backport goes to two releases
17:14 <teward> (i.e. both current LTSes)
17:14 <teward> so we'd still have the bpo suffix but would stil be able to obey the versioning policy we already have used
17:14 <ddstreet> so for example, if bionic had version 1.0.0 and focal had 1.2.3, a backport from f-> would be 1.2.3~bpo1 right?
17:15 <ddstreet> or something like that?
17:15 <teward> i think that works fine
17:15 <mapreri> I'd hardcode the target release tbh
17:15 <teward> mmm, now that i think about it
17:15 <teward> we should hardcode the target release in the string too
17:15 <ddstreet> right so 1.2.3~bpo18.04.1
17:15 <mapreri> in some form, like ~bpo18.04.1 ?
17:15 <ddstreet> ok yep
17:15 <teward> so ~bpo18.04.1 would be suitable
17:16 <teward> and must be present even if we're not sending to other releases.
17:16 <mapreri> also, backporting version 1.2.3-2ubuntu20.04.1 to bionic, how would that go?
17:16 <mapreri> (i.e., backporting from focal-updates)
17:16 <teward> wouldn't that just be ~bpo18.04.1 at the end of that then?
17:16 <teward> that could be confusing but it's a relevant question
17:16 <mapreri> that's also in my mind, I'm double checking with you :)
17:17 <teward> we might have to sit on that and think a bit, thoughts ddstreet ?
17:17 <mapreri> (launchpad doesn't have length restrictions in the version string right?)
17:17 <teward> (I'm running on the end of the 1 hour meeting and work needs me for a call)
17:17 <ddstreet> #agreed backported package versions must use suffix ~bpo along with target release version and .1, or as refined in ML discussion and stated in wiki docs
17:17 <meetingology> AGREED: backported package versions must use suffix ~bpo along with target release version and .1, or as refined in ML discussion and stated in wiki docs
17:17 <ddstreet> yeah let's defer the specifics of it
17:17 <teward> agreed, defer specifics for now
17:18 <mapreri> we should write a table with all cases like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging
17:18 <teward> agreed, once we get there.  it won't all be decided in a single meeting
17:18 <ddstreet> yes definitely
17:18 <ddstreet> ok let's see if we can get thru the last 2 topics quickly, we're going long
17:18 <ddstreet> #topic security updates
17:19 <mapreri> I think we already covered it above?
17:19 <ddstreet> i think we covered this; the requestor/uploader is responsible for this
17:19 <ddstreet> yep
17:19 <ddstreet> #topic cleaning up wiki docs
17:19 <ddstreet> i think we covered this
17:19 <ddstreet> all the old 'enabling backports' stuff needs to be removed
17:19 <ddstreet> and we'll update the wiki with the new process
17:20 <ddstreet> oh and the last topic sorry
17:20 <ddstreet> #topic restrictions on eligible packages
17:20 <ddstreet> i think we covered this
17:20 <ddstreet> and moved the details of it to the ML
17:20 <ddstreet> right?
17:20 <mapreri> pretty much yes
17:20 <mapreri> i think we need distinct ML threads to follow up :3
17:21 <ddstreet> yep
17:21 <ddstreet> ok i think we made it thru all the topics
17:21 <mapreri> how does one edit help.u.c btw?  trying to log in myself gives a gateway timeout
17:22 <ddstreet> i think only people on the doc team can edit it?
17:23 <ddstreet> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam
17:23 <mapreri> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-community-wiki-editors so these?
17:23 <mapreri> 3 people?
17:24 <mapreri> oh, that's "editorial rights" which is the superpowers
17:24 <teward> For information on contributing see the Ubuntu Documentation Team wiki page.  <-- so yeah refer to the Documentation Team's wiki for things?
17:24 <teward> and for proper contacts
17:24 <teward> (in the footer of help.u.c)
17:24 <ddstreet> yep i think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Organization
17:24 <ddstreet> for the various teams, looks like they have a few
17:24 <teward> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Contact has the contact mechanisms right now to use
17:25 <teward> they have a general mailing list we can use too and let them handle delegation to the proper subteam
17:25 <mapreri> so it's probably https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-doc-contributors looking at the descriptions mh
17:26 <ddstreet> ok anything else before we wrap up?
17:26 <mapreri> I suppose we just either email them or join #-doc with the changes we'll need to do later on
17:26 <teward> ^^
17:26 <mapreri> I think we're good for now!
17:26 <ddstreet> i guess, do we need another irc meeting?
17:26 <teward> i have nothing more, unless more stuff comes up via ML, I think we're good for now
17:26 <mapreri> I think we should at least schedule it yes
17:26 <ddstreet> or are we good to just work in irc/ml now?
17:26 <teward> at least schedule it, agreed
17:26 <ddstreet> ok i'll schedule one for 2 weeks
17:27 <teward> that way we can just cancel it if we have no action discussion items
17:27 <teward> otherwise irc/ml
17:27 <ddstreet> #action ddstreet schedule mtg in 2 weeks
17:27 * meetingology ddstreet schedule mtg in 2 weeks
17:27 <mapreri> everybody will start their own thread in the ML to continue, but we'll probably need to sync
17:27 <ddstreet> great, thanks mapreri teward !
17:27 <mapreri> should I take an action to ask vorlon or other AA on how to actually handle the archive?
17:27 <ddstreet> sure yeah
17:28 <ddstreet> #action mapreri ask AA how to handle archive -backports approval/rejection
17:28 * meetingology mapreri ask AA how to handle archive -backports approval/rejection
17:28 <ddstreet> i'll update the agenda page with the agreeds and actions
17:28 <ddstreet> #action ddstreet update agenda page from today's meeting items
17:28 * meetingology ddstreet update agenda page from today's meeting items
17:28 <mapreri> then well, let's see this thing progress :)
17:28 <teward> mapreri: i have to bug vorlon anyways on a couple things - Sponsors vs. Foundations related - if you don't reach out to AAs I'll reach out to vorlon :P
17:29 <teward> as an aside when the stuff I have to bring up (in the next couple days, unless I figure it out myself) is done
17:29 <mapreri> we have highlighted vorlon so many times here already that we could just wait and see what he does here :D
17:29 <teward> lol
17:29 <teward> true
17:29 <ddstreet> lol
17:29 <teward> unless they've muted here
17:29 <ddstreet> indeed i tried to avoid that in the action item :)
17:29 <teward> yep
17:29 <mapreri> everybody talk about vorlon during meetings yep
17:29 <ddstreet> haha lol
17:29 <teward> v orlon gets all the pings always xD
17:30 <ddstreet> ok we're only 50% over time so perfect mtg length :)
17:30 <ddstreet> #endmeeting