14:29 <cpaelzer> #startmeeting Weekly Main Inclusion Requests status
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14:30 <cpaelzer> ping sarnold jamespage ddstreet doko didrocks999 - MIR team meeting
14:30 <ddstreet> o/
14:30 <didrocks999> hey
14:31 <sarnold> good morning
14:31 <cpaelzer> hello everyone, no previous action items so let us start with
14:31 <cpaelzer> #topic current component mismatches
14:31 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg
14:31 <cpaelzer> #link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg
14:31 <cpaelzer> a lot of usual suspects (false positives and dormant seeds)
14:31 <cpaelzer> what seems new to me is gnome-shell -> gtk4 -> fonts-cantarell
14:32 <cpaelzer> didrocks:  that sounds liek you might know something about it
14:32 <cpaelzer> hi doko
14:32 <cpaelzer> just started component mismatches, gnome-shell ->... fonts-cantarell is the only new one
14:33 <doko> o/
14:33 <cpaelzer> didrocks: ? ^^
14:33 <didrocks> cpaelzer: I’ve already dealt with gtk4, doing the review, fonts-cantarell is only if we promote the -examples, which we won’t
14:33 <sarnold> woot
14:33 <cpaelzer> so you'll adda an extra exclude or something and this ill vanish?
14:33 <cpaelzer> will
14:34 <didrocks> cpaelzer: I think it’s because the source is not promoted yet, but I’ll do it and look back
14:34 <cpaelzer> well, ok
14:34 <cpaelzer> thanks didrocks
14:34 <cpaelzer> the important bit here is that it is under control and needs no action :-)
14:34 <cpaelzer> #topic New MIRs
14:34 <didrocks> yep:)
14:34 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&assignee_option=none&field.assignee=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
14:34 <cpaelzer> empty \o/
14:35 <cpaelzer> #topic Incomplete bugs / questions
14:35 <didrocks> hourra!
14:35 <cpaelzer> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir
14:35 <cpaelzer> fuse we mentioned last week - that now is a MIR project of foundations btw
14:35 <cpaelzer> bugs against many packages that still have fuse2 are filed
14:35 <cpaelzer> once all are ready we will transition, but that might take a while
14:36 <cpaelzer> afaik ginggs seems to lead that effort
14:36 <cpaelzer> nothing totally new in incomplete that we would not be aware of
14:36 <cpaelzer> jamespage: I still consider the cherryp3 incomplete case on you btw
14:36 <cpaelzer> #topic Any other business?
14:36 <sarnold> yeah..
14:37 <cpaelzer> I wanted to ask everyone for their respective teams - are there more things coming for 21.10 MIRs?
14:37 <cpaelzer> we know we ahve a few blocked on the evey too busy security team
14:37 <cpaelzer> but further ones that will come into the MIR queue - are there more expected/planned ?
14:37 <sarnold> there's a v4l2loopback package that a commercial support group in canonical is looking to support in focal, hirsute, impish, and forward
14:37 <didrocks> there is adsys coming (hopefully next week)
14:38 <cpaelzer> ours (server) are already open MIRs (on security atm)
14:38 <bittin> the security team is having a sprint next week i did hear in the latest https://ubuntusecuritypodcast.org/
14:38 <didrocks> which will probably need a security review (and it’s a go package, with vendored deps)
14:38 <sarnold> bittin: probably a company-wide roadmap review sprint
14:38 <bittin> sarnold: might be
14:38 <doko> well, yes, my impression was that ginggs wanted some input from the package owners ...
14:39 <sarnold> the nice folks working on v4l2loopback haven't done the 'usual mir' process; they've so far been doing everything via email
14:39 <cpaelzer> doko: on the few that I saw I was dealing with the cases
14:39 <doko> ok, is desktop doing the same?
14:39 <cpaelzer> doko: but surely there are more that I've not seen
14:39 <cpaelzer> sarnold: what does that mean - did they send a mail directly to -security ?
14:39 <sarnold> has anyone else been doing similar work on the v4l2loopback package 'out of usual channels'?
14:39 <sarnold> cpaelzer: yes
14:40 <doko> e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-desktop-portal/+bug/1935668
14:40 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1935668 in xdg-desktop-portal (Ubuntu) "Please switch to fuse3" [Undecided, New]
14:40 <cpaelzer> no I didn't see/get and v4l2loopback info
14:40 <cpaelzer> thanks for the info on adsys didrocks
14:40 <cpaelzer> didrocks: that xdg / fuse question is for you I guess
14:41 <sarnold> cpaelzer: I know we've got a flood of packages with names I can't remember all doing some supported things without much input / involvement from us, and I was curious where / how those sorts of exceptions from usual process are documented, and if I need to be asking this team to move to a public MIR bug
14:41 <didrocks> yeah, but I don’t know as I’m not doing GNOME work for some years now, I can be the man in the middle ofc and ask
14:41 <cpaelzer> sarnold: I'd answer to those mails pushing them to the official process - or do they have a good reason to go "secretly"
14:41 <cpaelzer> thanks didrocks
14:41 <sarnold> cpaelzer: good question
14:42 <cpaelzer> sarnold: if the intended use case is NOT promotion in the acrhive they might "only ask you"
14:42 <didrocks> but right now, just reading the message looks like we should hold it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-desktop-portal/+bug/1935668/comments/2
14:42 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1935668 in xdg-desktop-portal (Ubuntu) "Please switch to fuse3" [Undecided, New]
14:42 <cpaelzer> and skip the normal MIR process
14:42 <didrocks> unsure if this is what doko is referring to as giving the bug # here
14:42 <cpaelzer> didrocks: yeah it is about assessing the situation to be "ready to move"
14:42 <cpaelzer> didrocks: not about uploading a change now
14:43 <didrocks> ack
14:43 <doko> right, we don't want to have two versions of fuse in main, therefore coordinating the switch ...
14:43 <sarnold> cpaelzer: okay, cool, I can work with this; I'll re-read the emails and see if it's actual promotion in the archive or if it's something else that they're after, and ask them to use the public process if it's archive promotion. thanks :)
14:43 <cpaelzer> great sarnold
14:44 <cpaelzer> I guess "that is it" for today then
14:44 <cpaelzer> thanks for the sync @everony
14:45 <cpaelzer> see you all next week
14:45 <bittin> cyas
14:45 <cpaelzer> #endmeeting