19:05 <cyphermox> #startmeeting Ubuntu Technical Board
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19:05 <cyphermox> #chair cyphermox rbasak
19:05 <meetingology> Current chairs: cyphermox, rbasak
19:05 <cyphermox> #topic Apologies
19:05 <cyphermox> (but that means I was not prepared in advance, I will need to go look up things
19:06 <cyphermox> ok, no apologies, apparently
19:06 <cyphermox> vorlon: you around too?
19:07 <cyphermox> #topic Action review
19:07 <vorlon> hi, sorry I'm late
19:08 <cyphermox> okay, I got what I need to continue
19:08 <cyphermox> #subtopic rbasak to ask for a status update on ML re: MATE Boutique design review
19:08 <cyphermox> sup :)
19:08 <rbasak> I did contact Martin, but have had no response.
19:08 <rbasak> I sent another email just now.
19:09 <rbasak> So carry over please, and I'll keep trying to reach him.
19:09 <cyphermox> okay, so let's carry on this
19:09 <cyphermox> #subtopic formal ratification of third party seeded snap security policy, depends on:
19:09 <cyphermox> #subtopic vorlon to circle around with store, snapcraft, et all, and revise the snap source revision policy to be more clear with regards to rebuildability and GPL compliance.
19:09 <vorlon> carry over
19:09 <cyphermox> #subtopic vorlon to reply to seeded snap upload permissions question on list
19:09 <vorlon> carry over :/
19:10 <cyphermox> #subtopic sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which xnox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step
19:10 <cyphermox> FWIW I took a task last meeting to bug vorlon, I did so; but late today...
19:10 <sil2100> Sadly another carry over! It's on my TODO list all the time
19:10 <cyphermox> ok
19:10 <sil2100> I will finally do it!
19:10 <cyphermox> #subtopic vorlon to update the list for Thunderbird update (https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2021/01/26/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t20:22)
19:10 <cyphermox> sil2100: asking the same thing I asked vorlon, is it helpful if I try to remind you?
19:11 <vorlon> yeah that's a carry-over also
19:11 <cyphermox> vorlon: ack
19:11 <cyphermox> #topic Other agenda items
19:11 <cyphermox> Nothing else was on the wiki.
19:12 <cyphermox> #topic Pending mailing list items
19:12 <cyphermox> ^there is xnox's request there
19:12 <vorlon> which isn't really a TB matter, and I'm mid-draft on a reply :)
19:12 <rbasak> Also, seb128's request, which I think is a little distinct.
19:12 <sil2100> I wanted to ask abot that actually
19:12 <vorlon> right
19:12 <cyphermox> rbasak: oh, I missed that one
19:12 <rbasak> I would want to ask the existing team members' opinions.
19:12 <vorlon> I think seb128's post is TB-relevant, and xnox's I'm going to take off list
19:12 <rbasak> (in the first instance)
19:13 <sil2100> Since what I wrote in the private conversation was my understanding of the situation, but I wanted to know if maybe the TB has some powers over granting AA status?
19:13 <rbasak> Since I think it makes sense for the teams to have say in how they should be run.
19:13 <xnox> vorlon:  well TB owns the ~ubuntu-archive team & i did CC the three ~ubuntu-archive admins =)
19:13 <vorlon> sil2100: TB has extraordinary power to act on this but normally does not
19:13 <xnox> i'm guessing sil2100 meant to say that TB has it delegated to the ~ubuntu-archive team admins.
19:13 <cyphermox> there's something to be said on making requirements explicit and clear; as well as expectations of the position
19:14 <xnox> vorlon:  sil2100: i want to apply to ~ubuntu-sru too. Since ~ubuntu-kernel has too much stuff that needs help on ~ubuntu-sru & ~ubuntu-archive side of things.
19:15 <xnox> and we on the kernel team want to improve that.
19:15 <cyphermox> would having a list of volunteers to pick from/consider when these teams are short-staffed help at all, and make it clear that some people expressed interest and may need coaching?
19:16 <rbasak> xnox: so one idea is that a member of one of these special teams doesn't necessarily join to work on their own team's stuff.
19:16 <vorlon> cyphermox: who is that question directed to? :)
19:16 <rbasak> To get some proper cross-team review on decisions
19:16 <vorlon> as an Archive Team admin, this isn't something I'm looking for the tech board to do
19:16 <cyphermox> vorlon: any relevant person here who is currently on these teams
19:17 <rbasak> vorlon: something I think the TB should do is grease the wheels to get the concern answered though.
19:17 <cyphermox> vorlon: I don't think it's a TB matter aside from; /maybe/, saying "pls make things clearer for people",
19:17 <rbasak> vorlon: so in the first instance I'd like to hear a response from each of the three teams on that thread.
19:17 <vorlon> rbasak: sure
19:18 <xnox> rbasak:  i fully understand that. And i know enough about the make up of the distro, seeds, components, components missmatches / arch missmatches, etc. to handle most AA requests correctly.
19:18 <cyphermox> someone to take an action to make sure the responses make it?
19:19 <xnox> and punt things i don't to those who are more experienced and/or seek coaching. (ie. source NEW / binary NEW reviews, which i have never done)
19:20 <rbasak> xnox: so just to be clear, this is something that for at least ~ubuntu-sru I had heard Adam say multiple times - that to take this example, if you joined ~ubuntu-sru to relieve kernel backlog, you'd do that by reviewing other SRUs, and that'd make others more available to work on kernel SRUs.
19:20 <rbasak> Unfortunately, recently I've been pushed to review more server SRUs than others, and I've been pushing back on that.
19:21 <rbasak> (however I don't have involvement with kernel SRUs because I have no idea how they work and haven't been mentored on that side of things at all)
19:21 <sil2100> I think vorlon mentioned he's in the middle of writing a response, so let's wait on that
19:21 <sil2100> Since as he mentioned, this is more of a ubuntu-archive admin thing than TB
19:21 <rbasak> Can vorlon speak for all three teams?
19:22 <vorlon> to be clear, the response I'm *currently* writing is to xnox, not to seb128
19:22 <vorlon> rbasak: unfortunately yes? :)
19:22 <sil2100> ...;)
19:22 <vorlon> but I will respond to seb128 as well
19:22 <rbasak> Looks like he can :)
19:22 <xnox> rbasak:  indeed. I have versatile experience in many languages to review most SRUs too. I have done changes to server packages / openstack stuff / most of universe / toolchains / bootloaders / and things in between. Having submitted many SRUs, I have experience to understand when SRUs are under documented. And have giving review feedback / refused to sponsor SRUs until things were in a tip
19:22 <xnox> top conditions. I have never used sru-accept / sru-release tooling, so that side of processing will need coaching.
19:22 <rbasak> xnox: yeah yeah sure. This isn't an interview-xnox meeting :-)
19:22 <vorlon> "versatile experience in many languages" but do you speak Bocce
19:23 <xnox> rbasak:  i did contributed to the design of many kernel packaging changes =) and like how the signing is submitted. And has changed/evolved since. *sorry*
19:23 <xnox> vorlon:  Keezx
19:23 <rbasak> xnox: hope that didn't come across badly. I just mean that we should agree how to approach this first, without considering any individual candidate.
19:24 <mdeslaur> vorlon: lol
19:24 <vorlon> :)
19:25 <xnox> rbasak: it's a process =) i fully understand that none of that happens overnight. And know the histories of people becoming / growing into these roles.
19:25 <rbasak> Anyway, so where are we? Defer on vorlon's response representing the three teams? Any other action needed?
19:25 <cyphermox> vorlon's response with the $team_hat would work for me
19:26 <mdeslaur> +1 from me
19:26 <cyphermox> do we need an action or is it already done?
19:27 <vorlon> best to add an action I think
19:27 <cyphermox> fair
19:27 <cyphermox> #action vorlon to respond on list to seb128 on ~ubuntu-archive, ~ubuntu-sru team rules
19:27 * meetingology vorlon to respond on list to seb128 on ~ubuntu-archive, ~ubuntu-sru team rules
19:27 <rbasak> And ~ubuntu-release?
19:28 <vorlon> ^^
19:28 <cyphermox> sure
19:28 <cyphermox> #action vorlon to respond on list to seb128 on ~ubuntu-archive, ~ubuntu-sru, ~ubuntu-release team rules
19:28 * meetingology vorlon to respond on list to seb128 on ~ubuntu-archive, ~ubuntu-sru, ~ubuntu-release team rules
19:29 <cyphermox> #topic Community bugs
19:29 <cyphermox> none.
19:29 <cyphermox> #topic Chair for next meeting
19:29 <cyphermox> #agreed Next chair rbasak, backup would be vorlon.
19:29 <meetingology> AGREED: Next chair rbasak, backup would be vorlon.
19:29 * vorlon nods
19:29 <cyphermox> and I'll go update the agenda ;)
19:29 <cyphermox> #subtopic AOB
19:30 <cyphermox> Anything else?
19:30 <rbasak> Nothing from me thanks
19:30 <rbasak> And thank you for being a good sport and chairing :)
19:30 <cyphermox> hehe
19:31 <cyphermox> #endmeeting