20:10 <mdeslaur> #startmeeting
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20:10 <mdeslaur> [topic] Apologies
20:10 <mdeslaur> didn't see any
20:10 <mdeslaur> [topic] Action review
20:10 * mdeslaur Wimpress To follow-up on-list with design review to address MATE Boutique security/consent concerns.
20:10 <mdeslaur> paging Wimpress...
20:11 <mdeslaur> <crickets>
20:11 * mdeslaur vorlon to circle around with store, snapcraft, et all, and revise the snap source revision policy to be more clear with regards to rebuildability and GPL compliance.
20:11 <vorlon> all of my actions are carry-over :/
20:12 <mdeslaur> ok, skipping the next ones, and sil2100 isn't here, so skipping those too
20:12 <mdeslaur> ok, so...all carry-over
20:12 <mdeslaur> [topic] Mailing list archive
20:13 <mdeslaur> doesn't look like there's anything there since the last meeting
20:13 <mdeslaur> [topic] Community bugs
20:13 <mdeslaur> no open bugs
20:13 <mdeslaur> [topic] AOB
20:14 <mdeslaur> Does anyone have anything they would like to bring up?
20:14 <vorlon> not here
20:14 <vorlon> not me, I should say :)
20:14 <mdeslaur> rbasak ?
20:14 <rbasak> Nothing from me thanks
20:15 <mdeslaur> [topic] Next chair
20:15 <sil2100> o/
20:15 <mdeslaur> sil2100, with cyphermox as backup
20:15 <mdeslaur> hi sil2100!
20:15 <sil2100> I was already chair though
20:15 <mdeslaur> well, sure, but I did it :)
20:15 <sil2100> Last meeting was chaired by me, any reason why it's me again? ;)
20:15 <mdeslaur> oh, you didn't update the agenda on the wiki
20:15 <sil2100> Anyway, sorry for being late
20:15 <vorlon> right, that ;)
20:16 <sil2100> Whoops!
20:16 <sil2100> I knew I uh, forgot something :(
20:16 <mdeslaur> sil2100: do you have any progress on your action items, or are they carry-over
20:16 <sil2100> Sadly, carry-over - but the last one can be considered done I suppose
20:16 <sil2100> Since I updated the processes
20:17 <mdeslaur> this one? ACTION: sil2100 to discuss with release team where to document decisions about LTS status of flavors (prior to release notes creation late in cycle)
20:17 <sil2100> Yes o/
20:17 <mdeslaur> oh, good
20:17 <mdeslaur> thanks, I'll remove it
20:17 <sil2100> Thanks! ;)
20:17 <mdeslaur> just for the record, where is the process documented? do you have a link?
20:18 <mdeslaur> so next chair is cyphermox with rbasak as backup
20:19 <rbasak> ack
20:19 <sil2100> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewReleaseCycleProcess it's all part of this if anything
20:19 <sil2100> Point 52 is basically it :)
20:20 <mdeslaur> great, thanks
20:20 <mdeslaur> sil2100: do you have anything else you'd like to discuss today?
20:20 <mdeslaur> or anyone else?
20:21 <sil2100> Nothing really! Again, sorry about being late, I got distracted!
20:21 <mdeslaur> that's usually what happens to me :)
20:21 <mdeslaur> ok, that's all folks
20:21 <mdeslaur> #endmeeting