23:22 <linaporras> #startmeeting Community Council meeting, 20210317.
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23:22 <toddy> thanks linaporras :)
23:23 <linaporras> #chair toddy wxl  nhaines jose
23:23 <meetingology> Current chairs: jose, linaporras, nhaines, toddy, wxl
23:23 <Eickmeyer> Oh, I'm here!
23:23 <toddy> Hi Eickmeyer :)
23:23 <linaporras> chair Eickmeyer
23:23 <Eickmeyer> It's off by an hour because the US is now in DST.
23:23 <Eickmeyer> Meaning I went from UTC -8 to UTC -7 on Monday.
23:23 <Eickmeyer> er, Sunday.
23:23 <linaporras> ahh ok, is that ok for u?
23:24 <Eickmeyer> It's fine, I'm just off-guard. hehe
23:24 <toddy> we have the time difference on next Sunday
23:24 <linaporras> so we do not have an specific agenda for today, but we can recap on our previous meeting, and see if anyone of u have new topics
23:25 <nhaines> Eickmeyer: I stressed out about the time change and this meeting a lot on Monday.  :)
23:25 <madhens> I do have updates on some of the matters Jose brought to us, whenever you're finished with new business or another appropriate time
23:26 <linaporras> #topic ESM and Standard Support vs. End of LIfe
23:26 <linaporras> we will be back on this on April, however the ubuntu member's wiki update is in progress...
23:26 <teward> *punts jose into the void*
23:27 <toddy> Hi teward :)
23:27 <teward> blame my FT job for not being here earlier
23:27 <teward> sorry.
23:27 <linaporras> I correct myself, the wiki is updated... but when we go back to the topic, maybe we need to support clarifications on that
23:27 <linaporras> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
23:27 <teward> linaporras: I remember Canonical saying it's a "Medium Effort" issue - and we don't have an eta on the ESM / Standard Support vs. EOL
23:27 <linaporras> #chair Eickmeyer  teward
23:27 <meetingology> Current chairs: Eickmeyer, jose, linaporras, nhaines, teward, toddy, wxl
23:27 <Eickmeyer> teward: It's Ok, we essentially just got started.
23:28 <teward> linaporras: when you say 'the wiki is updated' to what extent?
23:28 <teward> oh i see
23:28 <linaporras> I quote the item from the wiki:
23:28 <linaporras> "Ubuntu Advantage for up to 50 systems for access to ESM and Kernel Livepatching (Announcement post)"
23:29 <teward> linaporras: I would suggest that we **strongly** tell the DMB to say "Limited Ubuntu Advantage coverage"
23:29 <teward> or word it to 'ESM Repositories and Kernel Livepatching only' to be more precise
23:29 <Eickmeyer> ^ Agreed
23:29 <Eickmeyer> ^ Yep
23:29 <linaporras> OH I guess I did not put u on CC, I will put u on CC and advice on that (i'll do that after this meeting)
23:29 <teward> leave **no room for interpretation** in that.
23:29 <madhens> teward: Rhys' last update is that he's still waiting on guidance, which I think is due early April, for the official guidance.
23:29 <linaporras> (cc in the email)
23:30 <teward> madhens: not oging to bash you guys up at Canonical or otherwise
23:30 <teward> but I've had numerous (and I mean NUMEROUS) discussions with the tech and infrastructure marketing teams at Canonical
23:30 <madhens> Oh, no worries! We need to know when squeaky wheels need grease.
23:30 <teward> and the details of "limited UA-I" vs. "UA-I Essential full coverage"
23:30 <linaporras> ok, we have to go back to this topic on the next month for sure
23:30 <teward> madhens: so RE: Ubuntu Advantage, I know the limits of what is "covered" by the limited Ubuntu Advantage ;)
23:31 <teward> (i have additional benefits thanks to Mark like Landscape as a Service access, but that's beyond the UA-I et of stuff)
23:31 <teward> *sips caffeine*
23:31 <linaporras> oks
23:31 <linaporras> #topic IRC council update
23:31 <teward> but yeah as for the definitions for ESM, End of SUpport, Etc. **Those** are needed to issue governance in other sections not just Membership and UA-I stuff
23:31 <teward> linaporras: i have info on that
23:31 <linaporras> +1
23:31 <teward> IRC Council is all up for reelection.  Three are not going to be rerunning.
23:31 <teward> no details on the other two
23:32 <teward> i'm keeping a pulse on it
23:32 <teward> the tentative schedule is on the original post lemme grab that link
23:32 <Eickmeyer> teward: The other two are stepping-down early with the others.
23:32 <Eickmeyer> Essentially, all 5 positions are up.
23:32 <teward> Eickmeyer: ah, okay, that was not what dax told me :P
23:32 <Eickmeyer> teward: That's what the email said.
23:32 <teward> but yes, with all five positions up, they're going to need 5 nominees.
23:32 <teward> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-irc/2021-March/001912.html
23:32 <teward> Essentially, I'm keeping a pulse on it
23:33 <teward> if there's not enough nominations by the 5th IRCC said they'd just keep it open until they get enough nominations.
23:33 <teward> or... unless we stop it and do something more 'drastic'
23:33 <teward> I'm considering adding my name, the IRCC isn't a heavy-workload thing like Lubuntu Council or others are
23:33 <teward> but i'm sitting to see if *any* nominations come in first
23:33 <teward> s/sitting/sitting on my hands/
23:33 <teward> as i'm on ubuntu-irc@l.u.c i'll see any nominations as they're filed
23:34 <teward> (been subbed to that list since Eons)
23:34 <linaporras> so this topic so far is updated and we will back with this in case they do not reach enough nominations
23:34 <teward> yep, i'll bring it up if there's not enough nominations.  OR if they have to keep extending it
23:34 <teward> worst case they get *zero* nominations (or 1 if I put my name in)
23:35 <linaporras> ok
23:35 <linaporras> #topic LCRC next steps
23:35 <teward> but we'll cross that bridge when we get there for IRCC
23:35 <toddy> ok
23:36 <linaporras> Regarding the LCRC there is one person that have no answer my e-mail, however... I will try my best to schedule the meeting for the coming weekend or monday... which seems to suit for most of the members...  If everything is ok, I hope to announce the event no later than friday...  I will be in touch with u with updates on this
23:37 <toddy> I will try to be present at the meeting.
23:37 <nhaines> Me too, if I'm available.
23:37 <linaporras> that's great!
23:38 <linaporras> I do not have any more news on that, and that was the last topic.
23:38 <toddy> I think we don't need all of the cc but it would be nice if three or four could be there
23:39 <linaporras> totally agree!
23:39 <toddy> Than new business. We got the topic of the shop on the Mailing list
23:39 <linaporras> I guess is other topic
23:39 <teward> toddy: I don't think we can do anything on that.
23:39 <linaporras> the ubuntu products and web shop...
23:39 <madhens> I have an update from Popey on the shop
23:39 <teward> #topic Ubuntu Products / Web Shop (ML item)
23:39 <linaporras> jajaja yes toddy
23:39 <teward> madhens: go ahead
23:40 <linaporras> #topic  Ubuntu products and web shop
23:40 <teward> linaporras: i already was 3 steps ahead sorry :)
23:40 <teward> ERR:CAFFEINATED
23:40 <madhens> Basically, the conversations and plans around it are still delayed because of COVID.
23:40 <linaporras> Sorry teward  I sent it befor read it :s
23:40 <toddy> :D
23:40 <madhens> Shipping is a major issue, and there is still a bunch of merchandise in BlueFin, which is still locked down.
23:42 <madhens> So it it's been on hold, and we do plan to do it, but it hasn't moved forward for a bit. I will find out who I need to talk to directly and see if I can get any more detailed of an update for the next meeting.
23:42 <linaporras> oh! and is there  any news regarding when the lock down will end...?
23:42 <teward> madhens: and all: I believe we might want to make a note in the thread that "Because there's COVID, we have no ETA for this at a time."
23:42 <teward> s/there's/of/
23:42 <linaporras> I mean the lock down of BlueFIn
23:42 <teward> that this is still on the radar, but because of COVID and the lockdown on BlueFin and other things going on we don't have an ETA at this time of it returning.
23:42 <madhens> I will definitely add that note, that progress is also contingent on ending/mitigating a pandemic. :(
23:42 <teward> linaporras: i meant in general so they don't think we're blowing them off
23:42 <teward> madhens: indeed.
23:43 <toddy> madhens: thanks for the update
23:43 <madhens> Of course!
23:44 <linaporras> oh ok... hope vaccines help to unlock us all  soon!!!!!!!!
23:44 <teward> second dose of the Pfizer vaccine for me in 2 weeks
23:44 <teward> (April 2)
23:44 <toddy> linaporras: I hope so
23:45 <linaporras> oh teward  I wish I have that luck here... :s
23:45 <linaporras> Glad for u
23:45 <linaporras> So... i think that we have finished that topic.
23:45 <toddy> ok
23:45 <linaporras> is there any other topic that u want to discuss?
23:45 <teward> other than the fact IRC irritates me sometimes, not really :P
23:45 <nhaines> I don't have anything else at this time.
23:45 <madhens> I have updates on Inclusive Naming
23:45 <linaporras> jajajajajaj
23:45 <toddy> nope
23:45 <linaporras> oh that's cool
23:46 <linaporras> #topic  Inclusive Naming
23:46 <toddy> madhens: Oh which kind of updates :)
23:46 <Eickmeyer> I'm still waiting to get my first dose, but Idaho is super slow and even though I'm high risk I can't get mine yet.
23:46 <linaporras> go ahed madhens
23:46 <toddy> Eickmeyer: Germany is also slow :/
23:46 <linaporras> *ahead
23:48 <madhens> So there is a very organized group at Canonical working on this, getting buy in from teams, and not only identifying artifacts to change, but working on guidelines for the future. I am on the group, and we just had our kickoff meeting today. While it seems like initial focus is on canonical-produced documents, i am stressing the next stage should be working with the volunteer community for volunteer-produced
23:48 <madhens> documentation.
23:48 <nhaines> Oh, that's great.  :)
23:48 <toddy> cool
23:48 <Eickmeyer> Just booked my first dose. Next week opened-up so I jumped on that.
23:48 <madhens> I had to do the kickoff meeting in a car with a horrible phone, because coming back from first vaccine (!), but things are very much organized and in motion!
23:49 <linaporras> That's really good news....
23:49 <toddy> madhens: that are very good news
23:49 <toddy> I like the idea with inclusive naming :)
23:49 <madhens> Also, slightly related, but Women's Resource Group did a workshop attended by 70 people, including VPs, and I made sure to mention we should have actions and future events that involve the entire community - employees and volunteers.
23:50 <teward> nice!
23:51 <nhaines> These are good developments.
23:51 <linaporras> I think that some kind of awareness for the community regarding Inclusive naming could be useful... I do not know... maybe a wiki page, videos... or both...  the reason why I think that is useful is that with some colleagues here in my country they are not too much aware and still they are not sensitive with this topic...
23:51 <linaporras> awesome madhens
23:51 <madhens> And those are our major updates! Lubuntu legal and community funding are still progressing. Community funding quite well, Lubuntu more slowly.
23:52 <madhens> Thanks all!
23:52 <linaporras> Do u think that for next meeting the funding could be a topic... or ...?
23:52 <teward> madhens: regarding "Community Funding" we need to have an internal discussion on what people can request from the community funding pools.
23:52 <linaporras> wait more jeje
23:53 <linaporras> I agree, and what, how much, how frequently...
23:53 <teward> because there's **extreme** discrepancy between what's been published on what you can request, and what the 'practice' is so things need up to date
23:53 <teward> among the other things, also, yes.
23:53 <linaporras> I totally agree...
23:53 <toddy> teward: yes that is true
23:53 <teward> except the amount of concerns I have is a little beyond what can be discussed on iRC
23:54 <madhens> Let me chat with Rhys and Claire Nerman on my end, you all have a talk, and we can start resolving discrepancies
23:54 <teward> so if we can arrange a call between me and someone (you guys?) at Canonical to discuss in depth that'd be wonderful.
23:54 <teward> madhens: ok.
23:54 <teward> i'll bring my list of discrepancies to our ML internally.
23:54 <linaporras> So... we can discuss or elaborate some ideas in a gdoc before... and after bring it here for vote...
23:54 <teward> then we can send you the full list.
23:54 <madhens> tedward: send me an e-mail at monica.ayhens.madon@canonical.com and we'll get that talk in as soon as we can.
23:54 <linaporras> cool! teward
23:54 <nhaines> madhens: That is a nice, fancy email address.  :)
23:55 <madhens> Me and my fancy schmancy hyphenated name :)
23:55 <teward> madhens: wil do
23:56 <nhaines> teward: I'll look forward to participating, because I've benefitted nicely from the community funding pool (current outstanding request not... withstanding), and I've tried to urge others to request resources when they have great ideas.
23:56 <linaporras> ok, so teward you will be in charge to sent the e-mail... and we all participated on the discussion, is that ok?
23:56 <teward> yep.
23:56 <teward> i still need to get some clarification on my Two Rejected REquests In The Past, but that's a different issue
23:56 <linaporras> Cool, any other new business?
23:57 <teward> (the remaining things that WOULD get community funding requests are being handled via Lubuntu because it's for Their Benefit.)
23:57 <teward> (but that's not a CC concern)
23:58 <nhaines> That's all for me.
23:58 <jose> nothingh ere
23:58 <teward> nothing here.
23:58 <madhens> That's all I had.
23:58 <toddy> nope no new business here
23:58 <linaporras> ok
23:58 <linaporras> so anyone wants to chair next meeting?
23:59 <teward> *sips coffee* i'm probably due to, sl me.
23:59 <teward> so*
23:59 <linaporras> jajaja ok teward  so you will be the next chair
23:59 <linaporras>23:59 <toddy> ☕☕☕☕☕
00:00 <linaporras> so now we can end
00:00 <linaporras> #endmeeting