23:03 <linaporras> #startmeeting Community Council Meeting
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23:03 <linaporras> chair jose wxl Eickmeyer toddy teward
23:04 <linaporras> #chair  jose wxl Eickmeyer toddy teward
23:04 <meetingology> Current chairs: Eickmeyer, jose, linaporras, teward, toddy, wxl
23:04 <teward> also working a bit but still a tad busy of course :P
23:04 <linaporras> Our meeting agenda was published yesterday at: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/call-for-topics-community-council-meeting-20210303/21203
23:05 <linaporras> #topic ESM and “Standard Support” vs. End of LIfe
23:05 <linaporras> This is our first topic, jose mentioned at mailing list that would be a medium effort project...
23:06 <linaporras> jose teward any comments on that?
23:06 <jose> news I got today is, canonical is working on finalizing the product by April, and then they would be able to work on the wording/comms after that
23:06 <toddy> cool
23:06 <wxl> meaning we will have clarify on this in april or later, right?
23:07 <wxl> s/ify/ity/
23:07 <jose> we expect to start the content and documentation process in april, yes
23:07 <linaporras> ok, so we will be back with this topic in april... (1 month)
23:07 <jose> I'll check in with Thomas after the fact async since we're both half here
23:08 <linaporras> ok. So if there is no more comments on that,  I will go to the next topic
23:08 <linaporras> #topic IRC council update
23:09 <Eickmeyer> nhaines was handling this, but he said he'd be a bit late.
23:09 <linaporras> nhaines contacted the IRC Council through email and it seems that everything is working..
23:10 <toddy> ok, than it is all fine there.
23:10 <linaporras> I think that  this topic is ok, and we can move on...
23:10 <wxl> yep
23:10 <linaporras> #topic  LCRC next steps
23:12 <toddy> Since the last meeting I have published the results of the election. I also created the Launchpad group and project.
23:12 <wxl> thanks much on that, toddy!
23:12 <linaporras> Regarding this topic toddy sent the e-mail with the results, I contacted them yesterday in order to organize the first meeting, so far naudy has answer and I will wait until this saturday to launch a doodle and agree on that.
23:14 <linaporras> toddy: is there a link in launchpad for the project that you can share please?
23:14 <toddy> #link https://launchpad.net/~lcrc
23:14 <linaporras> thank u toddy
23:15 <linaporras> anything on this topic?
23:15 <linaporras> *anything else
23:15 <wxl> nope
23:15 <toddy> no
23:15 <linaporras> cool!
23:16 <linaporras> #topic ESM benefit
23:16 <linaporras> I do not have the answer yet for this topic, so I think we will back on this in the next meeting
23:17 <Eickmeyer> Was this something teward was handling?
23:17 <teward> i don't remember that being a topic about "esm benefit"?
23:17 <Eickmeyer> Yeah, I don't know where this topic came from either.
23:17 <Eickmeyer> jose: ? ^
23:17 <linaporras> last meeting we talked about that... and I take the task to look for the information...
23:17 <jose> that's related to the first topic, so hold please
23:18 <Eickmeyer> Ok
23:18 <jose> I don't think it's a separate topic
23:18 <linaporras> and see if this is a current benefit for the ubuntu members...
23:18 <wxl> yes that
23:18 <toddy> yes, I remember
23:19 * Eickmeyer was mindlessly absent that meeting
23:19 <linaporras> jajaja
23:19 <teward> linaporras: ummmmmmm
23:19 <teward> that's already answered
23:19 <teward> it's on the UA-I site
23:19 <teward> "Anyone can use UA Infrastructure Essential for free on up to 3 machines (limitations apply). All you need is an Ubuntu One account. And if you’re a recognised Ubuntu community member, it’s free on up to 50 machines."
23:19 <teward> see https://ubuntu.com/advantage
23:20 <teward> UA-I Essential "Free" is the ESM support
23:20 <wxl> so we need to clarify that on the membership wiki i think
23:20 <teward> ESM, LIvepatch, FIPS crypto modules, Common Criteria EAL2, Certified Windows rivers for KVM guests.
23:20 <teward> the only difference is that you don't get Landscape for free with a members-level UA-I
23:20 <linaporras> the task was confirm and update the wiki, so I guess the next step is update the wiki with the benefit...  jose suggest the previous meeting talk with the ubuntu membership board to update that...
23:21 <wxl> i think that's a reasonable suggestion
23:21 <teward> i can at least say that ESM and LIvepatch are part of the 'free for members' / 'free for 3 systems for perssonal use' part, i use both cases :P
23:21 <teward> but yes that's a reasonable suggestion
23:21 <wxl> i think teward should send an email to them since he appears to have a very clear understanding of this
23:22 <teward> (for the record: I spent like 12 hours with a sales person from Canonical when researching UA-I for my FT job so)
23:22 <wxl> ^ see? :)
23:22 <linaporras> I sent an email yesterday, I can update with this new information and ask them for the wiki update
23:22 <teward> i didn't discuss free membership stuff BUT I did get the info I need :P
23:22 <teward> linaporras: CC me on that if they want me to give them the answer on "bare minimum available for members"
23:23 <linaporras> ok cool!
23:23 <teward> but also you have to be absolutely certain with a footnote that this does NOT get support from Canonical (paid support)
23:23 <teward> so it's still technically 'community support only' but IRC doesn't support the ESM bits, and Ask Ubuntu is holding to the 'not supported' category because 'end of standard support' usually would mean community support too - at least that's how it was 14.04
23:23 <teward> and 12.04
23:24 <Eickmeyer> ^ Which is where the confusion lies and people assuming they get free support from Canonical, which is false AIUI.
23:24 <teward> that's where we have to simply provide that detail
23:24 <teward> it actually says in the terms of use agreement there that it doesn't include paid support :p
23:24 <linaporras> Yes, that detail is really important!
23:24 <teward> that's where "Limitations Apply" :p
23:24 <teward> so as I said, CC me on it, I'll give them a rundown of what I"ve tested/confirmed on my 'free' UA-I
23:25 <linaporras> oki!
23:25 <teward> which includes ESM for old releases.
23:25 <linaporras> so we do not have more topics, so do you have any new business jose teward Eickmeyer wxl toddy ?
23:25 <jose> nothing on my end
23:25 <wxl> not i
23:26 <teward> not here, other than what's already been sent up the pipelines
23:26 <Eickmeyer> typing stand by...
23:26 <toddy> no new business from me
23:26 <linaporras> nhaines?
23:26 <Eickmeyer> So, without IRC and AU support (therefore no community support) AND no Canonical support, it basically means no support AIUI.
23:26 <Eickmeyer> I've got no new business.
23:26 <Eickmeyer> (was stuck on previous topic)
23:26 <teward> Eickmeyer: i should point out that ESM at the UA-I level is essentially "security updates only"
23:26 <teward> there's argument on Ask Ubuntu to 'support' it hence why the whole "What is End of Standard Support?" discussion
23:26 <Eickmeyer> teward: Yeah, but no technical support either.
23:27 <teward> Eickmeyer: unless the argument on Meta is to extend to cover ESM on Ask Ubuntu, but that's a meta.askubuntu.com problem and technically *outside* the governance of the CC because it's independent of the Canonical coverage.
23:27 <Eickmeyer> Anyhow, in the interest of wrapping up the meeting...
23:27 <linaporras> 🥴
23:27 <Eickmeyer> I've got nothing new.
23:27 <teward> *yawns* I've got nothing new, unless you count my headache xD
23:28 <linaporras> last question... who wants to chair the next meeting?
23:28 <wxl> not it :)
23:28 <Eickmeyer> *sigh* I probably should, but it happens in the middle of the workday for me.
23:28 <wxl> do it
23:28 <wxl> do it
23:28 <wxl> do it
23:29 <toddy> :D
23:29 <teward> not it unless Eickmeyer can't chair.
23:29 <teward> in which case i'll do it and go back to the end of the line :)
23:29 <Eickmeyer> I really shouldn't unless I tell the workgroup that I'm chairing the meeting in advance. Like, before I commit.
23:29 <teward> fine then i'll do it >.>
23:29 <teward> Eickmeyer will owe me one.
23:30 <Eickmeyer> I'll do the next one after that.
23:30 <linaporras> ok
23:30 <Eickmeyer> But that's subject to change.
23:30 <linaporras> so we have finished
23:30 <linaporras> #endmeeting