20:06 <iulian> #startmeeting
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20:06 <meetingology> 
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20:06 <iulian> #voters popey elacheche_anis Kilos iulian
20:06 <meetingology> Current voters: Kilos elacheche_anis iulian popey
20:06 <iulian> #voter ahoneybun
20:06 <iulian> #voters ahoneybun
20:06 <meetingology> Current voters: Kilos ahoneybun elacheche_anis iulian popey
20:06 <ahoneybun> heyo all
20:06 <ahoneybun> sorry about that
20:06 <Kilos> hi ahoneybun
20:07 <ahoneybun> hey Kilos
20:07 <pavlushka> hello ahoneybun :)
20:07 <ahoneybun> hey pavlushka
20:07 <pavlushka> Hello iulian :)
20:07 <dipraw> hey ahoneybun
20:07 <ahoneybun> lots of people today
20:07 <dipraw> hi*
20:07 <ahoneybun> heyo dipraw
20:07 <Kilos> ty for chairing iulian
20:07 <iulian> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board meeting!
20:08 <walrider> ty very much
20:08 <walrider> happy to be here
20:08 <iulian> Apparently we just have one applicant so this should be quick.
20:08 <iulian> Hello pavlushka.
20:08 <dipraw> it's a pleasure!
20:08 <dipraw> okay
20:08 <pavlushka> Hello iulian :)
20:09 <iulian> pavlushka: Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?
20:09 <Kilos> wait
20:09 <Kilos> oh sorry im slow
20:09 <Kilos> go ahead pavlushka
20:09 <pavlushka> iulian: sure, I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat from Bangladesh.
20:10 <pavlushka> my LP is https://launchpad.net/~pavelsayekat
20:10 <pavlushka> and my wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/pavelsayekat
20:10 <iulian> Is there anyone here who wants to show their support for Pavel?
20:11 <NaSb> Yes count me in :)
20:11 <iulian> Hi there NaSb.
20:11 * elacheche_anis supports pavlushka
20:11 <nawaf> me too
20:11 <walrider> #voteforpavl
20:11 * pavlushka nods
20:11 <zaki> hey iulian here i'm supporting pavlushka
20:12 * Kilos supports pavlushka
20:12 <walrider> im supporting pavlushka
20:12 <dipraw> #voteforpavlushka
20:12 <elacheche_anis> walrider: that'll not work :)
20:12 <iulian> Yay!
20:12 <iulian> Cool, thanks everyone.
20:12 <walrider> whats the command iulian ?
20:12 <dipraw> i also vote for pavlushla
20:12 <elacheche_anis> walrider: only iulian can use the command
20:12 <nawaf> he is always willing to help others, i am supporting pavlushka
20:13 <walrider> oh ok
20:13 <walrider> i am supporting pavlushka
20:13 <dipraw> pavlushka is always eager to help
20:14 <dipraw> and he haven't let me down till now
20:14 <popey> pavlushka: http://imgur.com/a/ElsL9 was nice to see!
20:14 <popey> flexiondotorg: ^ Ubuntu MATE in a small business in Bangladesh
20:14 <walrider> pavlushka 100% dedicated and always eager to help other
20:15 * ahoneybun thinks popey is bias in his love of MATE
20:15 <pavlushka> like to mention my irc contributions http://paste.ubuntu.com/23121519/
20:15 <Kilos> lol
20:15 <popey> ahoneybun: I love all ubuntu flavours :)
20:15 <dipraw> ha ha ha
20:15 <pavlushka> and http://paste.ubuntu.com/23121528/
20:16 <popey> pavlushka: what's the next big thing for you?
20:16 <pavlushka> thanks popey I am overwhelmed :)
20:16 <popey> What big project would you like to take on?
20:16 <pavlushka> popey: The LoCo and its site
20:16 <pavlushka> to revive
20:16 <ahoneybun> loco.ubuntu.com?
20:17 <pavlushka> BD LoCo
20:17 <popey> Awesome. I watched a TV programme about Bangladesh last night, looks like a beautiful place.
20:17 <pavlushka> Bangladesh
20:17 <ahoneybun> oh your LoCo
20:17 <pavlushka> yes ahoneybun :)
20:18 <pavlushka> sorry for incomplete drafting of irc logs :(
20:18 <iulian> Okey dokey. Thank you very much for your answers pavlushka.
20:18 <iulian> I think we are now ready to vote.
20:18 <popey> pavlushka: it's fine, most people don't provide all those irc logs, it's fun to read :)
20:19 <iulian> #vote pavlushka for Ubuntu membership
20:19 <meetingology> Please vote on: pavlushka for Ubuntu membership
20:19 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
20:19 <elacheche_anis> +1 Keep the good work pavlushka :)
20:19 <meetingology> +1 Keep the good work pavlushka :) received from elacheche_anis
20:19 <iulian> +1
20:19 <meetingology> +1 received from iulian
20:19 <ahoneybun> +1 always for LoCo work
20:19 <meetingology> +1 always for LoCo work received from ahoneybun
20:19 <AudaciousTUX> -1
20:19 <walrider> +1
20:19 <Kilos> +1 Keep it up lad, you are doing great work
20:19 <meetingology> +1 Keep it up lad, you are doing great work received from Kilos
20:19 <elacheche_anis> Just for the records, wxl and belkinsa voted +1 as well.. :)
20:19 <NaSb> +1 from NaSb
20:20 <elacheche_anis> NaSb: only board members can vote :)
20:20 <dipraw> vote for pavlushla
20:20 <popey> +1
20:20 <meetingology> +1 received from popey
20:20 <iulian> #endvote
20:20 <meetingology> Voting ended on: pavlushka for Ubuntu membership
20:20 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:20 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:20 <Kilos> only membership board can vote guys
20:20 <popey> excellent contributions pavlushla! Thank you!
20:20 <walrider> +1
20:20 <pavlushka> and we have AudaciousTUX from Bangladesh too :)
20:20 <elacheche_anis> Congrats pavlushka :)
20:20 <iulian> Congratulations pavlushka and welcome aboard!
20:20 <popey> \o/
20:20 <Kilos> congrats pavlushka welcome on board
20:20 <ahoneybun> sweet stuff pavlushka
20:20 <popey> Thanks to those who came to support pavlushka too :)
20:20 * pavlushka nods to all
20:20 <walrider> congrats from dhaka
20:21 * pavlushka thanking all for their support :)
20:21 <dipraw> congratulations!!!!!!! bro!!!
20:21 <iulian> That's all folks. Thanks very much for attending, especially the guys who showed their support for pavlushka!
20:21 <iulian> #endmeeting