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15:09 <pitti> $ echo $(shuf -e barry doko bdmurray slangasek caribou infinity sil2100 robru cyphermox pitti tdaitx xnox chiluk)
15:09 <pitti> tdaitx pitti bdmurray chiluk slangasek infinity barry doko cyphermox caribou xnox robru sil2100
15:10 <tdaitx> = OpenJDK security update
15:10 <tdaitx> - Further fixes on OpenJDK 6 since now g++ also segfaults when building it on Trusty/arm64
15:10 <tdaitx> - Added patches to fix headers with pch disabled
15:10 <tdaitx> - Added watch file + repack script
15:10 <tdaitx> - Moved package source format to 3.0 (quilt)
15:10 <tdaitx> = Helping on -proposed
15:10 <tdaitx> - mozart requires autoconf2.13 which generates code that is unusable by gcc 6 (due to a different output from "g++ -E conftest.C"); not sure how to proceed: patch configure, update to newer autoconf (how?), or what?
15:10 <tdaitx> - fixing repsnapper FTBFS on powerpc/ppc64el;
15:10 <tdaitx> * replace abs(double) with std::abs(double) - but why does abs(double) works fine on the other archs? (LP: #1619289)
15:10 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1619289 in repsnapper (Ubuntu) "repsnapper FTBFS with gcc6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1619289
15:10 <tdaitx> * powerpc/ppc64el missing TCGETS2 - what is the right fix? why is this even needed? (LP: #1619100)
15:10 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1619100 in repsnapper (Ubuntu) "FTBFS on ppc64el: termios problems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1619100
15:10 <tdaitx> = Other
15:10 <tdaitx> - Is it my impression or the builders are taking longer to get stuff from the ppas? Even with free build machines and a free queue it takes quite a while to start.
15:10 <tdaitx> (done)
15:10 <pitti> autopkgtest:
15:10 <pitti> - Move result web UI from gazillions of plain files to sqlite and dynamic page generation, as debci kept running out of inodes and suffered from multi-hour delays. New sqlite+flask app now takes 0.1%(!) of the disk space, 10% of the code, and 30 seconds for each update run.
15:10 <pitti> - Fix "apt-get source" version detection for single-line "Package-List:"
15:10 <pitti> - britney: Implement Testsuite-Triggers:; should hopefully pinpoint regressions better
15:10 <pitti> netplan:
15:10 <pitti> - Add support for bonds, VLAN, and wifi with wpasupplicant+networkd (#1616928)
15:10 <pitti> - -Correctly handle DHCP defaults in NM (#1617051)
15:10 <pitti> - Read config from /lib/netplan/ for policies shipped in packages
15:10 <pitti> distro:
15:10 <pitti> - initramfs: Fix rootdelay interpretation (#1615751)
15:10 <pitti> - merges: iptables
15:10 <pitti> misc:
15:10 <pitti> - meeting: Integrate ubuntu system touch tests with the CI train
15:11 <pitti> - meeting: package install in cloud init
15:11 <pitti> - patch pilot shift on Friday
15:11 <pitti> - Learn basics about snapd, file some bugs (#1618198, #1618206, #1618207)
15:11 <pitti> END
15:11 <pitti> tdaitx: thanks for helping wit -proposed!
15:11 <pitti> networking, PPAs, Launchpad publisher etc. all have taken ages for two or three days now
15:11 <pitti> indeed it seems the Canonical DC has some trouble
15:11 <bdmurray> invetigation into errors when updating HWE stack on Trusty
15:11 <bdmurray> reviewed all Xorg HWE stack bug reports
15:11 <bdmurray> subscribed teams to Xorg HWE stack packages
15:11 <bdmurray> updated 14.04 HWE EoL wiki page w/ references to fglrx deprecation
15:11 <tdaitx> pitti, long overdue, trying to catch up now =)
15:11 <bdmurray> added fglrx warning to hwe-support-status / update-manager
15:11 <bdmurray> updated xorg-server-lts-xenial to conflict w/ fglrx
15:11 <bdmurray> SRU verification of LP: #1617080, LP: #1617448
15:11 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1617080 in update-manager (Ubuntu Xenial) "update-manager apport package hook should gather HWE information" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617080
15:11 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1617448 in xorg-server-lts-xenial (Ubuntu Trusty) "HWE upgrade to lts-xenial stack fails if fglrx is installed" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1617448
15:11 <bdmurray> uploaded livecd-rootfs SRU for X for LP: #1561250, LP: #1565985
15:11 <bdmurray> reviewed / approved ubuntu-archive-tools mp regarding team changes
15:11 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1561250 in cloud-images "Xenial vagrant image is missing its hostname in /etc/hosts" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1561250
15:11 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1565985 in cloud-images "vagrant vb ubuntu/xenial64 cannot mount synced folders" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1565985
15:11 <bdmurray> ✔ done
15:12 <cyphermox> chiluk_: ?
15:13 <xnox> pass -> see email no?
15:13 <cyphermox> ah
15:13 <xnox> slangasek, out
15:13 <xnox> infinity not on irc
15:13 <xnox> barry is also out, no?
15:13 <cyphermox> barry isn't around either AFAIK
15:13 <doko> barry is away too
15:13 <xnox> doko =)
15:14 <doko> - gcc-6 and binutils updates
15:14 <doko> - gcc Linaro snapshot merge and build, trying to get some transitions done
15:14 <doko> - MIR's, FTBFS, cleaning update-excuses
15:14 <doko> - openjdk-9 build, forwarding bug reports
15:14 <doko> - gdb 7.12
15:14 <doko> - llvm toolchain updates
15:14 <doko> - some python module updates
15:14 <doko> - fight with autopkg testers ...
15:14 <doko> - gave back failed builds in yakkety and yakkety-proposed
15:14 <doko> - launchpad is slooowwwww
15:14 <doko> (done)
15:14 <cyphermox> grub:
15:14 <cyphermox> - still working on unbreaking grub2 built with binutils 2.27
15:14 <cyphermox> - more testing of IPv6 PXE boot in UEFI and sync with lamont
15:14 <cyphermox> - testing grub builds with binutils 2.26.1
15:14 <cyphermox> console-conf:
15:14 <cyphermox> - tweaks for serial/VT console gettys to behave correctly
15:14 <cyphermox> - various bug fixes for inclusion on the snap images
15:14 <cyphermox> ubiquity:
15:14 <cyphermox> - testing SRUs including HiDPI scaling fixes and SecureBoot UI
15:14 <cyphermox> network-manager:
15:14 <cyphermox> - needs more work for VPN DNS nameservers in split-tunnel mode
15:14 <cyphermox> ubuntu-image:
15:14 <cyphermox> - figuring out how this works and fixing up cloud-init preseeding
15:14 <cyphermox> (done)
15:15 <pitti> I get about 50 kB/s from archive.ubuntu.com (normally about 2.5 MB/s)..
15:15 <xnox> actually email was from caribou, not from chiluk....
15:15 <cyphermox> pitti: it's not just you
15:15 <xnox> short week - monday was a bank holiday
15:15 <xnox> finished all the zua feature work for now, all up to date in the ppa
15:15 <xnox> helping fixing adt tests in openstack things, to fix s390x regressions (in progress, some will land with b3 uploads)
15:15 <xnox> gpg2 -> gpg transition
15:15 <xnox> ..
15:15 <cyphermox> wha?
15:15 <cyphermox> oh, nvm
15:15 <pitti> he meant "<-" :)
15:15 <cyphermox> he may have meant just dropping the 2.
15:15 <pitti> oh, you meant renaming
15:16 * xnox meant just dropping the 2 =)
15:16 <cyphermox> wee
15:16 <cyphermox> that means I can remove some scripts here.
15:16 <xnox> gpg is now gpg2, gpg2 is now symlink to gpg
15:16 <pitti> let's all discuss for 15 minutes which direction the arrow should be
15:16 * pitti can kill his ~/bin/gpg symlink \o/
15:16 <cyphermox> yeah
15:16 <cyphermox> now the yubikey GPG magic is a first-class citizen
15:17 <robru> lp:bileto
15:17 <robru> - git support (in production but busted pending firewall fixes)
15:17 <robru> - ignore no-change rebuilds in dest archive
15:17 <robru> - ephemeral PPAs (in production but not usable yet)
15:17 <robru> (done)
15:18 <pitti> robru: oh, you are trying git clones from a ProdStack instance?
15:18 <robru> pitti: git fetching and pushing, but yes
15:18 <pitti> robru: (I banged my head on teh wall about that for too long and gave up)
15:18 <robru> pitti: is there some secret?
15:18 <pitti> robru: I do it in scalingstack instances now
15:18 <robru> pitti: there is simply no giving up, we need this
15:18 <pitti> PS is too annoyingly paranoid
15:18 <cyphermox> robru: "- ignore no-change rebuilds in dest archive"  how do you do that?
15:18 <pitti> Laney has discussed something like this with IS for ages
15:19 <pitti> no sil2100 either
15:20 <robru> cyphermox: we download the DSC of the latest version in trunk's changelog, and then we download the DSC of the latest version in distro, debdiff them, and filterdiff out debian/changelog. if the result is an empty file, we ignore that. if the result has nonzero size, we report the error (preventing publication), and insist the user sync this change back to
15:20 <robru> trunk and rebuild.
15:20 <cyphermox> ah, right
15:20 <pitti> ♪ where have all the developers gone? long time passing ♪ ♫
15:21 <Laney> pitti: robru: If you just need a whitelist of domains, you can get IS to add that for you in squid
15:22 <Laney> assuming HTTP
15:22 <Laney> for git://, dunno
15:22 <robru> Laney: no we specifically need fetching and pushing for git+ssh
15:22 <tdaitx> so, any easy way to deal with a package that requires autoconf-2.13 when that autoconf generates stuff don't work on gcc6?
15:22 <pitti> tdaitx: ugh, 2.*13*?
15:22 <pitti> I didn't know that dinosaurs were still alive :)
15:23 <tdaitx> yeah, the package/project has not seem an update in quite a few years
15:23 <pitti> (autoconf 2.13 released in 1998 :) )
15:23 <pitti> tdaitx: remove-package ?
15:24 <tdaitx> you tell me =)
15:25 <pitti> oh dear, firefox and thunderbird use it
15:25 <pitti> they didn't even exist yet when 2.13 was already obsolete..
15:25 <pitti> tdaitx: so, I'm afraid everything will be "not easy" at this point :(
15:26 <Laney> does it really require 2.13?
15:26 <pitti> tdaitx: best might be to not run autoconf2.13 at boot, but have a good old debian/patches/99_autotools.pathc with the pregenerated stuff
15:26 <Laney> convert to something more modern :)
15:26 <pitti> tdaitx: and then maybe some extra 99.1_autoconf2.13_quirks.patch to fiddle with Makefile.in to work with gcc-6
15:26 <pitti> but obviously, converting to 2.50 is best ;)
15:27 <tdaitx> well, I can't regenerate anything there with a newer autoconf, I would have to update it
15:27 <pitti> regenerate with 2.13, I mean
15:27 <pitti> tdaitx: which package are we talknig about, btw?
15:27 <tdaitx> pitti, mozart
15:27 <pitti> we should at least yell at  upstream about that
15:27 <pitti> this is like "don't build me"
15:32 <tdaitx> pitti, meh, I was stupid to trust the launchpad page, it says "Mozart — Content Management Framework based on JAVA.", but control file has "Mozart Programming System"
15:32 <tdaitx> the programming system is now at mozart 2.0, 1.4 is not being used any longer
15:33 <tdaitx> the mozart content management framework is dead, doesn't even have a project page any longer
15:34 <pitti> any other business?
15:34 <pitti> let's formally close this
15:34 <pitti> #endmeeting