15:01 <pitti> #startmeeting
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15:01 <pitti> #topic lightning round
15:01 <pitti> $ echo $(shuf -e barry doko bdmurray slangasek caribou infinity sil2100 robru cyphermox pitti tdaitx xnox chiluk)
15:01 <pitti> caribou infinity slangasek cyphermox pitti tdaitx bdmurray robru sil2100 doko barry xnox chiluk
15:02 <chiluk> o/
15:04 <pitti> no caribou or infinity, or slangasek  -- cyphermox ?
15:04 <cyphermox> oh really
15:04 <cyphermox> well, I was on vacation for the past two weeks
15:04 <cyphermox> yakkety:
15:04 <cyphermox> - prepare new shim to fix LoadOptions bug on some firmwares
15:04 <cyphermox> - grub2 bug fix for bug LP: #1229458 (UEFI IPv6 PXE booting -- routing broken)
15:04 <cyphermox> - revision of the debconf prompts in shim-signed
15:04 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1229458 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grubnetx64.efi tftp client does not work over ipv6" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1229458
15:05 <cyphermox> - planning development work for key usage logic in shim
15:05 <cyphermox> - ubiquity merges, bugfixing for scaling on HiDPI.
15:05 <cyphermox> other:
15:05 <cyphermox> - email catch up
15:05 <cyphermox> - testing new shim
15:05 <cyphermox> - filed RT for shim signature
15:05 <cyphermox> - catching up with installer work
15:05 <cyphermox> (done)
15:05 <pitti> netplan: further development, create LP project, land in yakkety (package "nplan"); please experiment and give feedback; started to write detailled documentation
15:05 <pitti> systemd-session: convert further services, review landing silo problems; most of the necessary infra is in yakkety now, except systemd 231-1 (which just needs an mdadm merge, xnox is on it); planning to flip the switch next week
15:05 <pitti> merges: apparmor, ebtables, nfs-utils, scsitools
15:05 <pitti> Build new full langpacks for trusty for point release
15:05 <pitti> Debug and propose a fix for networking restart/ssh deadlock (#1584393)
15:05 <pitti> Discuss/investigate using systemd (for snaps) on trusty, have a PoC now (in https://launchpad.net/~pitti/+archive/ubuntu/systemd)
15:05 <pitti> Investigate apt regression in -proposed (#1607283)
15:05 <pitti> NOTE: I will be on holidays for 1.5 weeks from next Wed on
15:05 <pitti> (eof)
15:06 <tdaitx> Short week: Away on Thursday afternoon and Friday the whole day (moving to a new place); worked fewer hours on the remainig days (burned half-day 'vacation' to compensate)
15:06 <tdaitx> = OpenJDK security update
15:06 <tdaitx> - Packaging and testing IcedTea 2.6.7 pre01
15:06 <tdaitx> = Merges
15:06 <tdaitx> - Restarted work on isc-dhcp
15:06 <tdaitx> = AOB
15:06 <tdaitx> - Still no internet; working from a co-working space
15:06 <tdaitx> (done)
15:06 <cyphermox> tdaitx: isc-dhcp?
15:06 <bdmurray> reported bug regarding canonical-is-charm for haproxy
15:06 <bdmurray> ubuntu-release-upgrader bug triage
15:06 <bdmurray> review of trusty HWE unit tests for update-manager
15:06 <bdmurray> uploaded update-manager with HWE support to yakkety
15:06 <bdmurray> uploaded update-manager ppa changelogs merge proposal
15:06 <bdmurray> review of halted phased updates
15:06 <bdmurray> research into component-mismatches bug opened status issue
15:06 <bdmurray> submitted merge proposal fixing component-mismatches bug
15:06 <bdmurray> code review for robru regarding bileto
15:06 <bdmurray> ✔ done
15:06 <tdaitx> cyphermox, yes
15:07 <tdaitx> it is a merge, I started working on that and then the openjdk security update happened
15:07 <cyphermox> ah ok
15:08 <robru> oh sorry
15:08 <robru> one sec
15:08 <robru> lp:bileto
15:08 <robru> * finished, landed, and rolled out new status job
15:08 <robru> * babysat rollout and fixed some issues that popped up in production
15:08 <robru> lp:cupstream2distro
15:08 <robru> * ripped out old status job
15:08 <robru> (done)
15:08 <sil2100> - Landing team work, silo coordination, preparing landing e-mails
15:08 <sil2100> - RTM status meetings
15:08 <sil2100> - Various discussions related to future touch plans
15:08 <sil2100> - Touch xenial:
15:08 <sil2100> * Fixing overall ubuntu-touch build failures due to dropped overlay changes
15:08 <sil2100> * Found missing binary package for gst-plugins-bad1.0 for arm64
15:08 <sil2100> * No hybris expert around, had to dig into hybris issues myself
15:08 <sil2100> * Fixed libhybris to be compatible with a stricter gcc
15:08 <sil2100> * Fixed unresolved symbols in libhybris for the mm linker, did a lot of debugging on a chroot
15:09 <sil2100> * Enabled gst hybris plugin for arm64 with the new hybris, forced hybris android version 23 for arm64
15:09 <sil2100> - OTA-12:
15:09 <sil2100> * Preparing release notes, generating commitlogs
15:09 <sil2100> * Promoting images, phasing updates, sending announcements
15:09 <cyphermox> sil2100: poor you, hybris is ugly.
15:09 <sil2100> - Publishing the unblocked address-book-app to yakkety
15:09 <sil2100> - Adding a new script to landing-team-tools for generating commitlogs from selected manifests
15:09 <sil2100> - Started work on switching commitlogs to new bileto published_versions
15:09 <sil2100> - Discussing the possibility of backporting boost 1.58 to the overlay
15:09 <sil2100> (done)
15:09 <sil2100> Yeah, it is
15:09 <sil2100> But it was nice to see some C code again, I miss that
15:11 <pitti> doko: ?
15:11 <xnox> see email
15:11 <sil2100> He sent his summary through e-mail
15:11 <pitti> urgh, no barry either -- where is everyone/?
15:11 <pitti> xnox:
15:12 <xnox> Fix partman-btrfs in yakkety - failing to install anything
15:12 <xnox> s390-zfcp - sponsor patch from ibm to debian,  sync to ubuntu, SRU to do
15:12 <xnox> python-cassandra-driver - SRU python regression fix
15:12 <xnox> CPC - help with ubuntu on windows images
15:12 <xnox> fixed mdadm regressions, will be synced to ubuntu today
15:12 <xnox> btrfs - uploaded into debian, and synced to ubuntu
15:12 <xnox> ISMS mdadm - not looked into yet, need to shuffle 300GB of data off that raid first to test installer on it =)
15:12 <xnox> done
15:12 <xnox> pitti, must be summer or something =)
15:13 <pitti> chiluk: ?
15:13 <pitti> xnox: yeah, with all my colleagues disappearing I better go off too :)
15:15 <pitti> ok, c'est ça apparently
15:15 <pitti> #topic AOB
15:15 <pitti> ?
15:16 <chiluk> woops sorry pitti.. got distracted
15:16 <chiluk> Intel Power management issues
15:16 <chiluk> LP#1578840
15:16 <chiluk> LP#1579917
15:16 <chiluk> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-certification/+question/293705
15:16 <chiluk> Determined my reproducer to be related to my nvidia card.  However once the card was pulled, and the Intel graphics became primary, I found the processor to not spend as much time in low pc states even though it was now able to reach pc6.
15:16 <chiluk> Worked a bit on zfs services not starting cleanly on first-boot due to missing /etc/mtab.  LP not filed yet.
15:16 <bdmurray> Could somebody have a look at bug 1571679?
15:16 <ubottu> bug 1571679 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "fwupdate-signed doesn't get installed on upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1571679
15:16 <chiluk> -done
15:17 <pitti> thanks everyone
15:18 <pitti> AOB, take II?
15:19 <xnox> bdmurray, i can look into that. i use fwupdate
15:19 <bdmurray> xnox: okay, thanks
15:19 <xnox> we did plan to make -signed to be auto-installed at last release sprint with apw or some such
15:25 <pitti> #endmeeting