16:59 <belkinsa> #startmeeting Community Council Check-In
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17:00 <belkinsa> Who is all for the meeting today?
17:00 <belkinsa> #chair czajkowski
17:00 <meetingology> Current chairs: belkinsa czajkowski
17:00 <czajkowski> aloha
17:01 <belkinsa> Let's wait five minutes for the rest to come.
17:01 <czajkowski> nods
17:01 <belkinsa> We need members from the Desktop and the Developer Membership Board teams.
17:02 <sil2100> I'm here o/ (from the DMB)
17:02 <belkinsa> sil2100: thank you for coming.
17:02 <czajkowski> sil2100: thanks
17:02 <sil2100> But I think we were supposed to be here officially in 30 minutes
17:03 <belkinsa> sil2100: that is true, but if none from the Desktop team come, we may have to start with you.
17:03 <belkinsa> Agenda:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
17:03 <sil2100> Should I try pinging the rest of the DMB?
17:04 <belkinsa> Yes, please.
17:04 <tsimonq2> Community Council, could we please get a date for the next Lubuntu check-in?
17:04 <czajkowski> tsimonq2: it's not on the list will get it amended after the meeting
17:05 <tsimonq2> thank you czajkowski :)
17:05 <belkinsa> czajkowski: I pinged the desktop team in their channel.
17:05 <czajkowski> nods
17:05 <czajkowski> sil2100: any more DMB folks?
17:06 <sil2100> Poked them on #ubuntu-devel, but it seems everyone was waiting for 17:30 UTC
17:06 * micahg is here
17:06 <rbasak> o/
17:06 <czajkowski> #topic DMB check in
17:06 <czajkowski> great :)
17:06 <belkinsa> Are you both of Desktop team?
17:06 <rbasak> DMB.
17:06 <sil2100> micahg, rbasak: thanks for popping up!
17:07 <belkinsa> Okay, perfect.
17:07 <czajkowski> thanks for coming folks
17:07 <belkinsa> And thank you, czajkowski.
17:07 <czajkowski> so micahg rbasak sil2100 how are things in the land of DMB ?
17:07 <czajkowski> care to catch us up
17:07 <rbasak> So I'm new on the DMB, still learning the ropes.
17:07 <micahg> we've actually had a nice stream of applicants recently
17:08 <micahg> not a full agenda, but usually we have at least 1
17:08 <rbasak> I feel that we're a little slow in getting stuff done for people after approvals, partly because most of us are learning the ropes, and partly because some approvals need a TB member to make them actually happen, and we have only one (very busy) overlapping person.
17:08 <rbasak> I'd like to do that better, but I think we will as we get the hang of things.
17:08 * belkinsa nods
17:09 <sil2100> I guess it happens for those more complicated applications
17:09 <czajkowski> rbasak: do you guys discuss before hand or wait till the meeting, is thre a channel for you to discuss items ?
17:09 <sil2100> Since we did have a few core-dev applications that just went through smoothly, with all permissions given on the same day
17:09 <rbasak> Yes, the straightforward ones are pretty quick.
17:10 <rbasak> On another note, I feel that we barely made quorum on almost every meeting.
17:10 <czajkowski> rbasak: is there a way to move things to email as I know it's hard to get everyone online at one time
17:10 <belkinsa> Is it because we all have lives or is there another problem?
17:10 <sil2100> I apologize for this week, I actually joined the DMB meeting place a few minutes before it starting but then got preempted by life
17:10 <rbasak> czajkowski: we have a private channel, but don't use it much.
17:10 <czajkowski> I know online meetings like this are useful but you can see even now it's hard to get all the CC online
17:11 <czajkowski> sil2100: life is very complicated at times ;)
17:11 <belkinsa> Indeed, we only have two of us here at the meeting.
17:11 <sil2100> I guess ;)
17:11 <rbasak> czajkowski: we can defer to the ML, yes. I don't think we've had to do that yet. We would have had to at the last meeting had the applicant also not forgotten to show :)
17:11 <czajkowski> rbasak: so we in the CC have a channel we idle in and that has really helped over the last few years to get togeter catch up and leave feedback
17:11 <czajkowski> mayeb to encouraage folks to become more idle on there?
17:12 <belkinsa> +1 on the idle idea
17:12 * rbasak idles in there already
17:12 <micahg> well, I still need to process the doodle poll results for meeting times, that should help with quorum
17:12 <czajkowski> rbasak: yes that can be hard, we do try and reach out adn send reminders, but again life kicks in, do you email out before hand to remind people
17:12 <rbasak> It's much easier for me though, since I'm full time paid by Canonical to be on IRC basically.
17:12 <sil2100> rbasak: what's the channel name? I'm a newbie and probably missed the channel name somewhere
17:12 <rbasak> sil2100: #ubuntu-dmb
17:12 <czajkowski> what has helped the CC this last few months is having our meetings in a google calendar we can subscribe to and get notifications
17:13 <sil2100> rbasak: could you invite me? It seems invite-only ;)
17:13 <sil2100> rbasak: thanks!
17:13 <belkinsa> micahg: Are you, as a team, working on getting a better time/date to reach the quotem?
17:13 <micahg> yes
17:13 <rbasak> sil2100: I need to figure out how to do that :)
17:13 <belkinsa> micahg: I see.
17:13 <micahg> rbasak: I'll take care of it
17:13 <rbasak> Thanks!
17:14 <czajkowski> Is there anything the CC can do to help or improve with ?
17:14 <sil2100> czajkowski: we also have a calendar with all the meetings scheduled, and it does seem to help to some extent
17:14 <rbasak> sil2100: we do? :)
17:14 * rbasak has his own calendar entries
17:14 <belkinsa> You can have one that can send out reminders to the Mailing-list when there is a meeting.  Like I did for this one.
17:14 <sil2100> rbasak: yes! I thought I added you there, hmm
17:14 <sil2100> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/fridge/
17:15 <sil2100> rbasak: yeah, looks like you're added there, at least your @ubuntu.com account
17:15 <sil2100> I proceeded as per the fridge instructions, might have messed up something but so far it worked fine for me ;p
17:16 <rbasak> sil2100: maybe it needs to be my @canonical.com account, as that's what Google thinks I am. But don't worry about it - I have my own entries that seem to work. We can figure out something if/when we change our times.
17:16 <czajkowski> so in general things are going well with the DMB ?
17:16 <rbasak> Is there anything the CC can do to help or improve with> I can't think of anything, thanks. Unless someone else can?
17:17 <czajkowski> my only thinking would be if you could or maybe you do and I am not seeing it annouce new members?
17:17 <rbasak> czajkowski: I'd say so. I'd like to do better in terms of delays for some applicants after approval, but I think we're on an improving trend
17:17 <czajkowski> do you?
17:17 <rbasak> It's in our post-meeting chair checklist. I'm not sure how well it is actually getting performed (we have a rotating chair).
17:18 <rbasak> Perhaps we should add it as a specific meeting action.
17:20 <czajkowski> rbasak: it would be great to see it posting to the fridge or even on planet.u.c so the ubuntu newsletter could get an update - I know pleia2 is always looking for new content
17:20 <czajkowski> I think that would raise the profile of the DMB and applications
17:20 <micahg> yeah, I'm notorious for forgetting to do that :(
17:20 <rbasak> czajkowski: agreed. We should do something to make sure this happens.
17:21 <belkinsa> Maybe use Trello?
17:22 <rbasak> We're quite good at carrying forward meeting actions, and nominating a DMB member to handle an applicant approval, so what if we wrote up a "new approved applicant checklist" and created an actual meeting action to complete that checklist?
17:22 <rbasak> Trello works too if everyone is happy with that.
17:22 <czajkowski> rbasak: fantastic :)
17:22 <czajkowski> thanks
17:22 <czajkowski> I think that would be great for all to see new applications and community activity.
17:22 <belkinsa> rbasak: that also works.
17:23 <sil2100> Yeah, I was wondering recently what happened to that
17:23 <rbasak> I'll add an item to the agenda of the next meeting to decide what we want to do to solve this.
17:23 <sil2100> Since I remember new members being announced in the past
17:24 <rbasak> (done)
17:24 <sil2100> rbasak: thanks!
17:25 <czajkowski> Thank you :)
17:25 <czajkowski> is there anything else we can help with ?
17:27 <rbasak> I guess not.
17:27 <rbasak> Thank you for your time! I think it was useful to catch up with you. I appreciate it must take a while to get round every team.
17:28 <belkinsa> And thank you for coming.
17:28 <sil2100> How often do such catch-ups happen for a selected team?
17:28 <belkinsa> I think once or twice a cycle.
17:29 <sil2100> Ok, was just curious, thanks :)
17:29 <sil2100> And thank you for your time!
17:29 <belkinsa> Not a problem.
17:29 <czajkowski> once a cycle
17:31 <czajkowski> #topic Desktop
17:31 <czajkowski> anyone here from the Desktop team ?
17:32 <belkinsa> If not, we can reschedule the meeting.  Can't we?
17:32 <belkinsa> #chair mhall119
17:32 <meetingology> Current chairs: belkinsa czajkowski mhall119
17:34 <czajkowski> sure
17:34 <mhall119> will's not online, I pinged seb128 but no reply yet
17:34 <belkinsa> Alright, I already added it to here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
17:35 <czajkowski> belkinsa: need to add lubuntu also
17:35 <czajkowski> #endmeeting