20:31 <ahoneybun> #startmeeting 20 UTC Membership Board Meeting
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20:32 <ahoneybun> Hello and welcome to the Membership Board meeting!
20:32 <ahoneybun> The wiki page for the Review Board is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards. We will attempt to get through all of the applicants that have added themselves to that list before today's meeting.
20:32 <ahoneybun> If we are unable to make it through the entire list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off. The format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).
20:32 <ahoneybun> Each applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page. After the introduction the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.
20:32 <ahoneybun> During this time it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are most likely reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.
20:32 <popey> hello all
20:32 <popey> hi fossfreedom
20:32 <fossfreedom> hi popey
20:32 <ahoneybun> #topic David Mohammed
20:33 <popey> apologies for the delay in getting started fossfreedom
20:33 <fossfreedom> no problem
20:33 <ahoneybun> fossfreedom: could you please throw up links for your lp and wiki page
20:33 <ahoneybun> :)
20:33 <ahoneybun> yea sorry about that
20:34 <fossfreedom> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/fossfreedom
20:34 * ahoneybun kicks Google Calenday
20:34 <ahoneybun> *r
20:34 <fossfreedom> https://launchpad.net/~fossfreedom
20:34 <ahoneybun> thanks!
20:34 <ahoneybun> do we have anyone speaking for fossfreedom today?
20:35 <sethj> me!
20:35 <ahoneybun> you have the floor sethj
20:36 <sethj> I've known fossfreedom for about 4 years now, since I joined Ask Ubuntu. He has always been very friendly, helpful and super knowledgeable.
20:36 <ahoneybun> nice
20:36 <sethj> He does an amazing job as a moderator there in addition to his many many answers.
20:37 <toddy> yes, I see. He is very activ.
20:37 <popey> woah thats some rep on AU
20:37 <popey> puts mine to shame!
20:37 <fossfreedom> :)
20:37 <ahoneybun> over 1000 answers
20:37 <sethj> oh yes. He's also the highest reputation user :D
20:38 <wxl> O_O
20:38 <ahoneybun> any questions from the board?
20:38 <popey> I like that you have posts from 5 years ago as "top answers" - that to me alone says "sustained and significant", given you're still contributing 5 years later
20:38 <popey> I have a question.
20:39 <popey> fossfreedom: since your recent mail to the tech board about the budgie remix, how have your plans changed for that remix?
20:40 <fossfreedom> haven't really changed.  Taking things on board.  Working with Debian to get the key packages into Debian (then sync with 16.10) - so far got 3 out of 4 in.  Working with Jeremy Bicha for the remaining.
20:40 <popey> Oh that's excellent news. Exactly what I wanted to hear
20:40 <popey> Jeremy is great, and getting the packages in Debian is totally the right way to go, good work!
20:40 <popey> No more questions from me.
20:41 <wxl> having a bit of trouble finding info. is budgie c++?
20:41 <fossfreedom> its Vala based.  Upstream have announced this week that will intend to recode in C (clang)
20:41 <wxl> neat
20:42 <ahoneybun> cool stuff
20:42 <wxl> as a flavor contributor, i'm excited :)
20:42 * toddy notes that he want to test budgie remix.
20:42 <ahoneybun> is the board ready for a vote?
20:42 <toddy> yes
20:42 <wxl> yup
20:43 <ahoneybun> #voters toddy ahoneybun wxl popey
20:43 <meetingology> Current voters: ahoneybun popey toddy wxl
20:43 <ahoneybun> #votesrequired 3
20:43 <meetingology> votes now need 3 to be passed
20:43 <ahoneybun> I think that's above 65% but
20:43 <ahoneybun> pretty sure how this going to go
20:43 <ahoneybun> #vote for David membership!
20:43 <meetingology> Please vote on: for David membership!
20:43 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
20:44 <toddy> +1 - very good work. :)
20:44 <meetingology> +1 - very good work. :) received from toddy
20:44 <ahoneybun> +1 always great to see new flavors coming
20:44 <meetingology> +1 always great to see new flavors coming received from ahoneybun
20:44 <wxl> +1 and a resounding one at that!
20:44 <meetingology> +1 and a resounding one at that! received from wxl
20:44 <popey> +1
20:44 <meetingology> +1 received from popey
20:44 <ahoneybun> #endvote
20:44 <meetingology> Voting ended on: for David membership!
20:44 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:44 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:44 <popey> sorry, internet issues at home
20:45 <ahoneybun> welcome to the fold fossfreedom!
20:45 <wxl> added to ~ubuntumembers
20:45 <toddy> congrats, fossfreedom
20:45 <fossfreedom> many thanks all!
20:45 <wxl> congrats!
20:45 <popey> \o/ beat me to it wxl  😃
20:45 <ahoneybun> nice wxl lol
20:45 <wxl> neener neener popey :)
20:45 <fossfreedom> thank you for your time - pleasure meeting you all.  Look forward to helping out as much as I can.
20:45 <wxl> appreciate all you do, fossfreedom. hope to talk again soon!
20:45 * popey rewards wxl with the penguin of satisfaction  🐧
20:45 <sethj> yay
20:46 <ahoneybun> your very welcome fossfreedom, great work
20:46 <popey> fossfreedom: looking forward to testing an official budgie remix one day soon  ;)
20:46 <fossfreedom> :)
20:46 <wxl> won't we have to call it bubuntu, though? XD
20:46 <fossfreedom> nooooo
20:46 <wxl> hahahahah
20:47 <popey> those names aren't used anymore
20:47 <popey> although
20:47 <popey> I like the sound of Budge-buntu
20:47 <wxl> hahahahah
20:47 <ahoneybun> oh right
20:47 <fossfreedom> lol.
20:48 <popey> "You running Budge?"
20:48 <ahoneybun> #endmeeting