17:02 <gnuoy> #startmeeting openstack-charms-meeting
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17:02 <gnuoy> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting
17:03 <gnuoy> #subtopic gnuoy move meeting to openstack-meeting channel
17:03 <cargonza> o/
17:03 <gnuoy> YEs, well we're here, so I haven't
17:03 <cholcombe> o/
17:03 <cargonza> gnuoy, it seems that this timeslot is filled by another meeting in the openstack-meeting channel.. just an fyi...
17:03 <gnuoy> #subtopic gnuoy to update testing for multi-release upgrade testing
17:04 <gnuoy> cargonza, ah. ok, thanks for the info
17:04 <gnuoy> I'll probably do the testing update as part of the 16.07 prep tbh
17:04 <gnuoy> #topic State of Development for next Charm Release
17:04 <gnuoy> SSL layer stuff mostly landed.
17:04 <thedac> DNS HA landed \o/
17:04 <gnuoy> \o/
17:05 <gnuoy> tip top
17:05 <tinwood> \o/
17:05 <cargonza> nice!
17:05 <icey> woot
17:05 <gnuoy> Keystone v3 support for the dashboard up for review. Interestingly to get it to work I had to add a relation from the dash to the db
17:06 <gnuoy> Ah, on that subject does anyone know of an Openstack charm which has some logic like:
17:06 <gnuoy> If config option A is enabled then Relation X is needed
17:06 <gnuoy> I need to reflect that in the workload sttaus code ^
17:06 <tinwood> Strangely, I've done that with Barbican and the hsm for testing.
17:06 <thedac> Can that be expressed in a context?
17:07 <gnuoy> thedac, yes it could
17:07 <gnuoy> I guess thats my answer
17:07 <gnuoy> thanks
17:08 <gnuoy> Oh, and we need Openstack upgrade support to get into the layers before 16.07
17:08 <thedac> also, Apparmor profiles are a WIP
17:08 <gnuoy> ah, yes
17:08 <gnuoy> #topic Release Bugs
17:08 <gnuoy> #link https://goo.gl/HJjORI
17:09 <gnuoy> not much shift there, lets try and get that number down for next week
17:09 <gnuoy> #topic Open Discussion
17:10 <gnuoy> Anyone got anythong they'd like to openly discuss?
17:10 <thedac> I think the topic submission for Openstack Summit is coming up quick
17:10 <gnuoy> Right, we need ideas
17:11 <coreycb> o/
17:11 <gnuoy> I wonder if we could do some 101 sessions for Juju?
17:11 <thedac> good idea. Make it official
17:12 <thedac> And an openstack specific charming session
17:12 <gnuoy> yeah
17:12 <coreycb> those are good ideas
17:12 <coreycb> do we know when the deadline is?
17:12 <gnuoy> We need an sriov session but I don't have the background for that tbh
17:13 <thedac> July 13th according to beisner
17:13 <cargonza> nfv/sdn specifics also??
17:13 <coreycb> thedac, ok
17:14 <gnuoy> I guess nfv and sriov would probably go together
17:14 <thedac> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit-login/login
17:14 <thedac> strangely that is the correct link ^^
17:16 <gnuoy> ok, well any ideas lets collate them even if you don't end up doing the talk
17:16 <gnuoy> anymore items?
17:17 <gnuoy> #topic Announce next meeting date, time and chair
17:17 <gnuoy> same time, same place (maybe) and tinwood is down to chair
17:17 <tinwood> okay, sounds good.
17:17 <gnuoy> #endmeeting