16:02 <rharper> #startmeeting ubuntu-server-team
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16:02 <rharper> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting
16:02 <coreycb> o/
16:02 <rharper> looking at the logs, I see no previous ACTION points to review, so we'll move on
16:03 <rharper> #topic Yakkety Development
16:03 <rharper> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseSchedule
16:03 <rharper> we've got an Alpha at the end of the month
16:03 <jgrimm> steady progress being made against merges
16:03 <jgrimm> reasonably happy there
16:03 <cpaelzer> o/
16:03 <rharper> jgrimm: do we have a number or anything compact ?
16:04 <jgrimm> just mom
16:04 <rharper> right
16:04 <jgrimm> https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html
16:04 <rharper> #link https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html
16:04 <rharper> #subtopic Release Bugs
16:04 <rharper> #link http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-y-tracking-bug-tasks.html#ubuntu-server
16:05 <rharper> not much there
16:05 <jgrimm> indeed, also note.. openstack split into their own section now
16:06 <rharper> #topic Server & Cloud Bugs (caribou)
16:07 <rharper> just missed caribou it seems
16:07 <rharper> I know smoser is cleaning up a number of cloud-init issues so we can get another upload into yakkety
16:08 <smoser> i hope to getan sru upload into trusty today of yakkety level of cloud-init
16:08 <rharper> shortly after that, we'll have a curtin update with fixes for known maas issues
16:08 <jgrimm> SRU for newer docker in the works too
16:08 <rharper> jgrimm: 1.12 ?
16:08 <smoser> we need maas team to verification-done on https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.net-improve-lo-dns/+merge/298035
16:08 <jgrimm> 1.11.2
16:08 <smoser> bah
16:08 <smoser> on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/curtin/+bug/1577872
16:08 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1577872 in curtin (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] curtin in yakkety to supported releases" [Medium,Fix committed]
16:08 <rharper> jgrimm: ack
16:08 <smoser> we should push on that.
16:08 <rharper> smoser: I have meeting tomorrow scheduled with maas team
16:09 <rharper> so ping me with any other bugs we need them to verify and I'll add it to my list for them to poke at
16:09 <rharper> caribou: welcome back, we're currently discussing Server & Cloud bugs if you have any
16:10 <Karibou> rharper: well the Kubuntu version of me will have to anwser
16:10 <rharper> hehe
16:10 <jgrimm> heh
16:10 <rharper> that'll work
16:10 <smoser> caribou, do you go by Karibou when you run Kubuntu ?
16:10 <caribou> ah ok, I'm back here too
16:10 <caribou> Quassel is playing games with me
16:10 <caribou> smoser: no just alternate nick
16:10 <smoser> nice.
16:11 <caribou> ok, been sprinting last week and used the opportunity to work on a few multipath-tools bugs
16:11 <caribou> rharper: I'm planning to SRU the Xenial fix that you sent to debian
16:11 <caribou> rharper: I'm also about to SRU a double-free segfault to Trusty
16:12 <caribou> rharper: other than that, I'm about to push release 1.6.0 of makedumpfile/kdump-tools
16:12 <caribou> that's about it
16:12 <rharper> caribou: multipath-tools, yes ... and did you look at any additional items that xnox had identified  ?
16:13 <caribou> rharper: spoke to him about it last week, yes
16:13 <rharper> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/multipath-tools/+bug/1583563
16:13 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1583563 in multipath-tools (Ubuntu Xenial) "System will not start with multipathd enabled" [High,Confirmed]
16:13 <caribou> rharper: I'll check with him before SRUeing to Xenial
16:13 <rharper> caribou: ok, great
16:13 <caribou> rharper: well, looks like xnox updated it friday
16:13 <rharper> yeah
16:14 <caribou> rharper: maybe that should also be SRUed to Xenial
16:14 <rharper> I'd think so
16:14 <caribou> rharper: ok will get that one too
16:14 <rharper> nice
16:14 <rharper> thanks
16:15 <rharper> anything else
16:15 <caribou> nope, I'm good
16:15 <rharper> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee, arges)
16:15 <cpaelzer> note - IBM tested the fix of friday even if bugproxy still takes its time
16:16 <cpaelzer> that was for multipath
16:16 <rharper> cpaelzer: ack
16:16 <cpaelzer> and FYI smb extends the sprint, so he is out this week
16:16 <rharper> ok, so might not get and kernel team input
16:17 <rharper> #topic Upcoming Call For Papers
16:17 <rharper> anything to keep an eye on here?
16:18 <rharper> moving on
16:18 <rharper> #topic Ubuntu Server Team Events
16:20 <rharper> #topic Open Discussion
16:20 <rharper> any thing to discuss ?
16:20 <jgrimm> rharper, i was going to add a AIO backend enablement item to the blueprint so we don't lose
16:21 <jgrimm> but we should try to enable that soon, i think?
16:21 <jgrimm> for tgt
16:21 <rharper> jgrimm: yeah, I can rebuild, put it in PPA and see about getting a sponser to upload it to yakkety
16:21 <jgrimm> cool
16:22 <rharper> #action rharper to enable AIO backend in tgt in yakkety
16:22 * meetingology rharper to enable AIO backend in tgt in yakkety
16:22 <rharper> now I'll get bothered weekly =)
16:22 <rharper> #topic Announce next meeting date, time and chair
16:22 <jgrimm> rharper, ha!  thanks sir!
16:22 <caribou> rharper: don't hesitate to ping me if you need a sponsor
16:22 <rharper> next week's meeting same time and place, chair will be beisner
16:22 <jgrimm> rharper,  don't forget about rbasak
16:23 <rharper> caribou: thanks!
16:23 <rharper> jgrimm: yep, rbasak updated the template
16:23 <rharper> #topic Assigned merges/bugwork (rbasak)
16:23 <rbasak> Thanks :)
16:23 <rbasak> Progress reports first please.
16:23 <rbasak> cpaelzer: bug 1507681, bug 1495988, bug 1581839, bug 1524526, bug 1590688
16:23 <cpaelzer> 1581839 Sponsored by Brian Murrayi (thanks), waiting for 3rd party verify in proposed
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1507681 in psmisc (Ubuntu Precise) "killall with 65 arguments kills more than expected" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1507681
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1495988 in apache2 (Ubuntu Trusty) "ProxyErrorOverride leads to slow 404 responses" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1495988
16:23 <cpaelzer> 1507681 Waiting in proposed for the reporter to verify
16:23 <cpaelzer> 1495988 Waiting for Review/Sponsoring, but there is 2.4.7-1ubuntu4.10 SRU in flight (who clears that?)
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1581839 in clamav (Ubuntu Xenial) "package clamdscan 0.98.7+dfsg-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/clamdscan.1.gz', which is also in package clamav-daemon 0.98.7+dfsg-0ubuntu0.14.04.1" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1581839
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1524526 in dovecot (Ubuntu Xenial) "Crashes with undefined symbol" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1524526
16:23 <cpaelzer> 1524526 Merge ready as of a few mnutes ago (importer process found various issues) + includes the dropping of the failing plugin
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1590688 in clamav (Ubuntu) "clamav-daemon doesn't start after installation" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1590688
16:23 <cpaelzer> That goes along with a no change rebuild of dovecot-antispam as discussed (also attached to the bug, and mentioned int the MP)
16:23 <cpaelzer> 1590688 No chance to work on yet
16:23 <rbasak> jgrimm: bug 1397250
16:23 <ubottu> bug 1397250 in libnss-ldap (Ubuntu) "SIGPIPE not caught in do_atfork_child()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1397250
16:24 <rbasak> rharper: bug 1491406, bug 1472639
16:24 <ubottu> bug 1491406 in augeas (Ubuntu Trusty) "augeas-lenses-1.2.0 - NagiosCfg lens broken for /etc/nagios.cfg due to spaces" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1491406
16:24 <ubottu> bug 1472639 in openldap (Ubuntu) "apparmor profile denied for kerberos: /run/.heim_org.h5l.kcm-socket" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1472639
16:24 <rbasak> I had bug 1571174 and that is now done.
16:24 <ubottu> bug 1571174 in squid3 (Ubuntu Xenial) "package squid3 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving triggers unprocessed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1571174
16:24 <rbasak> magicalChicken isn't here so I'll ask him in #ubuntu-server.
16:24 <rharper> rbasak: 1491406 (marked verification-done)
16:24 <rharper> rbasak: 1472639: did not touch yet
16:25 <jgrimm> rbasak,: response from upstream is that they disabled their bugzilla, so testcase therein is lost.   so puts me back a bit to trying to recreate bug on my own.
16:26 <jgrimm> s/disabled/decomissioned
16:27 <rbasak> cpaelzer: 988 I just commented in the other bug.
16:27 <cpaelzer> thanks
16:28 <rbasak> cpaelzer: in the general case I would like you to chase as needed please, in order to drive your own bug. With no response, we can fail the SRU and go to the next one if a reasonable amount of time has passed and nobody seems interested.
16:28 <cpaelzer> that is why I asked - ok, will keep an eye
16:28 <cpaelzer> do you have the others bug # at hand ?
16:29 <rbasak> bug 1286882 - sorry I didn't link to it from the other bug.
16:29 <ubottu> bug 1286882 in mpm-itk (Ubuntu Trusty) "libapache2-mpm-itk postinst failed" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1286882
16:30 * rbasak is still catching up
16:30 <rbasak> cpaelzer: I think I'm done with yours - thanks.
16:30 <cpaelzer> great
16:31 <rbasak> rharper: 406 looks landed? Thank you for driving that.
16:31 <caribou> rbasak: regarding bug 1286882, I'll check that out first thing tomorrow morning
16:31 <rharper> rbasak: cool!  Sure.
16:31 <ubottu> bug 1286882 in mpm-itk (Ubuntu Trusty) "libapache2-mpm-itk postinst failed" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1286882
16:31 <rbasak> caribou: thanks!
16:32 <rbasak> magicalChicken: hello! Thank you for joining the meeting if you're here.
16:32 <rbasak> magicalChicken: please can you report status on: bug 869017, bug 1394403, bug 1511222, bug 1519120
16:32 <magicalChicken> rbasak: hi
16:32 <ubottu> bug 869017 in kbd (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu server enables screenblanking, concealing crashdumps (DPMS is not used)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/869017
16:32 <ubottu> bug 1394403 in apache2 (Ubuntu Trusty) "RewriteRule of "^$" is broken" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1394403
16:32 <ubottu> bug 1511222 in apache2 (Ubuntu Trusty) "Incorrect trusted proxy match test in mod_remoteip" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1511222
16:32 <ubottu> bug 1519120 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Xenial: VLAN interfaces don't work until after a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1519120
16:33 <magicalChicken> for 1511222, i have submitted a debdiff and verified it fixes the bug for me
16:33 <rbasak> I think I remember you saying that you weren't sure where to go with 017 next, sorry.
16:33 <magicalChicken> yeah, the kbd bug looks like it may just need to be a policy issue
16:33 <magicalChicken> but 1394403 i still have not been able to reproduce with the first submitted patch in place
16:34 <magicalChicken> i do think that it was fixed with that patch
16:34 <rbasak> magicalChicken: for 222, does that need sponsoring now? Or do you want the reporter to test success first?
16:34 <magicalChicken> i submitted a link to a build in my ppa for 222, so the reporter could verify
16:34 <magicalChicken> it might be good to make sure that the package works for them first
16:35 <rbasak> magicalChicken: OK, that's fine. Please can you make sure that it is clear in the bug that progress is blocked on the reporter?
16:35 <magicalChicken> sure, I'll post a comment real quick
16:35 <rbasak> I'll take the kbd bug.
16:35 <magicalChicken> and for 120 it was a missing dep, so i have a debdiff that adds vlan to recommends
16:35 <magicalChicken> awesome, thanks. yeah, i just couldn't figure out how to move forward there
16:38 <rbasak> magicalChicken: where is the debdiff for 120 please?
16:38 <magicalChicken> http://paste.ubuntu.com/17650089/
16:38 <magicalChicken> I'm adding it to the bug rn
16:38 <rbasak> Great, thanks
16:38 <rbasak> magicalChicken: also subscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors please, if it's ready for sponsoring.
16:39 <magicalChicken> sure, yeah
16:39 <rbasak> That's everyone I think. nacc didn't have any bugs assigned this past week. Did I miss anything?
16:40 <nacc> rbasak: mostly caught up with php (now just syncing the rest of them), will try to look at bacula today
16:40 <rbasak> nacc: that's great, thanks!
16:40 <rbasak> So I had lined up to assign: bug 1585771, bug 1553563, bug 1570923
16:40 <ubottu> bug 1585771 in unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu Xenial) "Automatic security upgrades are always enabled" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1585771
16:40 <ubottu> bug 1553563 in bacula (Ubuntu) "bconsole to Bacula Director fails with authorization problem message" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1553563
16:40 <ubottu> bug 1570923 in bacula (Ubuntu Xenial) "bacula-dir won't start with "undefined symbol: mysql_init"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1570923
16:40 <rbasak> nacc: are you able to take 563 and 923 now please?
16:40 <rbasak> And who wants 771?
16:41 <rbasak> Who has capacity?
16:41 <jgrimm> cpaelzer, were you looking for another bug?
16:41 <cpaelzer> not really
16:41 <cpaelzer> since I wasn't able to touch the one I got last week
16:42 <nacc> rbasak: yeah
16:42 <jgrimm> heh.  fair enough.
16:43 <rbasak> nacc: thank you!
16:43 <rharper> rbasak: I'll take 771
16:44 <rbasak> rharper: thanks!
16:44 <jgrimm> rharper, rbasak: that one just needs looking after right?
16:44 <rbasak> Right.
16:44 <jgrimm> that is, 771 looks like its making progress, i think robie was just wanting someone to watch after it
16:44 <rharper> sure
16:44 <rbasak> Actually, looking now, it looks like it might already be fixed by cyphermox, or at least an SRU in progress.
16:45 <rharper> see cpaelzer you should have taken it
16:45 <rbasak> So if rharper you could just check that it's all good from a server perspective, that would be appreciated.
16:45 <rharper> rbasak: indeed
16:45 <rharper> rbasak: anything else for the meeting ?
16:45 <jgrimm> not from me
16:45 <rbasak> That's all I had. Thanks all. Again, I'm really pleased about the progress everyone is making on this effort - thank you.
16:46 <rharper> rbasak: thanks for keeping us on task =)
16:46 <rharper> ok, thanks folks
16:46 <rharper> #endmeeting