16:01 <zul> #startmeeting
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16:01 <zul> so lets get on with it
16:01 <zul> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting
16:01 <zul> any action points from the previous meeting?
16:02 <rbasak> None were minuted.
16:02 <zul> if not moving on
16:02 <zul> #topic Development Release
16:03 <zul> so yakkety is on going, does someone want to take this topic?
16:03 <rbasak> Sync and merge time. I think that's all, unless anyone else has anything to discuss on this topic?
16:03 <jgrimm> i'd like to get an update on the importer at some point in the meeting
16:04 <zul> well now would be a good time then;)
16:04 <rbasak> It probably fits this topic the best I think.
16:04 <jgrimm> perfect. nacc, rbasak^^
16:04 <nacc> sure
16:04 * rbasak defers to nacc
16:04 <nacc> not too many updates to the importer itself in the past week
16:04 <nacc> I found one bug with the resuming of interrupted imports
16:04 <smoser> o/
16:05 <nacc> (which happens with launchpad timeouts periodically in my experience)
16:05 <nacc> otherwise, it seems to be mostly working for the import case
16:05 <nacc> rbasak and I have been discussing how best to get the tooling to do what we want for the git workflow at this point
16:05 <nacc> barry from foundations did find one issue with gitpython that exists upstream due to a non-UTF8 in a historical changelog
16:05 <rbasak> I think from an importer perspective we're doing very well.
16:05 <nacc> he's planning on sending a patch to catch that and a few other things he's found
16:06 <nacc> otherwise, the importer is stable as of right now
16:06 <rbasak> A final piece is to make sure the importer works well against a branch an uploader pushes, to close the loop.
16:06 <jgrimm> ok, its safe to use?
16:06 <rbasak> LP MPs seem to work well too.
16:06 <nacc> i'm still working on the wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging/GitWorkflow)
16:06 <jgrimm> that is for real work, or still consider it testing phase?
16:07 <rbasak> From what I've seen it's good for real work, though I have a pretty small sample size so far.
16:07 <nacc> same here
16:07 <rbasak> Closing the loop isn't necessary - if the importer doesn't pick up the tree from an upload, no big deal IMHO.
16:07 <nacc> if we never push the upload/ tags to usdi for now, then the importer will just import the new publish later
16:07 <rbasak> That shouldn't block progress.
16:07 <nacc> right
16:07 <jgrimm> ok, yes.. we know we'll still hit corner cases.
16:07 <jgrimm> thanks!
16:07 <zul> ok anything else?
16:07 <rbasak> So, I guess that means that we'd like everyone to continue asking us for imports as needed.
16:08 <jgrimm> cpaelzer, dpdk update?
16:08 <jgrimm> rbasak, i'll send a few import requests later today
16:08 <nacc> ask on the ubuntu-server list, please :)
16:08 <jgrimm> nacc, ack
16:09 <zul> ok moving on
16:09 <jgrimm> k
16:09 <zul> #topic  Server & Cloud Bugs (caribou)
16:09 <rbasak> I would like to bring up bug 1560939.
16:09 <ubottu> bug 1560939 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirt-bin fails to install on a fresh xenial server" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1560939
16:09 <cpaelzer> sorry busy with rharper and smoser at the same time
16:10 <jgrimm> cpaelzer, no worries.
16:10 <cpaelzer> dpdk TL;DR update - we have sane libraries now
16:10 <rbasak> I marked it Critical because if it is a regression as was suggested in the bug, then it's important.
16:10 <cpaelzer> we have a dpdk 16.04 ppa at https://launchpad.net/~paelzer/+archive/ubuntu/dpdk-merge-16.04/+packages now
16:10 * jgrimm looks at rbasak bug
16:10 <rbasak> But it isn't clear to me if it is valid or not, especially given the most recent comments.
16:10 <cpaelzer> next dpdk related steps are around getting OpenvSwitch work with it
16:10 <rbasak> smb (not here) did ask me by email about the "-d" switch.
16:11 <nacc> rbasak: seems like a nova-compute bug (implicitly)
16:12 <rbasak> jamespage: any opinion please?
16:12 <nacc> rbasak: in that nova-compute modified the libvirt-bin defaults, and then ... the user never noticed/knew to revert it, unsure
16:12 <rbasak> I'd like to get this triaged at least, to eliminate it looking so dire if it isn't.
16:12 <jamespage> that was related to an older charm version - that has been fixed
16:13 <jamespage> the original bug was charm related - not sure about the most recent comments
16:13 <zul> so anything ele?
16:14 <rbasak> jamespage: so what should the status of the bug be?
16:14 <nacc> rbasak: it feels like two independent bugs on my re-read; the first was the locales issue
16:14 <jamespage> invalid imho
16:14 <nacc> then other users got bit by this libvirt-bin default issue, that was unrelated to the locales one, but had the same effect
16:15 <zul> ...
16:15 <rbasak> nacc: are any of your two independent bugs valid, in your opinion? Or would they both be Invalid?
16:15 <nacc> i think the first is fix-release (via locales update)
16:16 <nacc> based also upon rharper's comments
16:16 <nacc> the second is invalid based upon jamespage's comments (aiui)
16:16 <rbasak> OK, thanks. If everyone's happy with that, I'll update the bug.
16:17 <zul> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (tbd)
16:17 <zul> hi tbd
16:17 <zul> oh wait..
16:17 <powersj> o/
16:17 <jgrimm> nice! hi powersj
16:17 <powersj> howdy
16:17 <cpaelzer> hi++ powersj
16:18 <jgrimm> powersj, will be starting the first week of july.
16:18 <jgrimm> zul, nothing else for now on QA
16:18 <rbasak> powersj: welcome!
16:18 <powersj> thx
16:18 <zul> ok cool
16:18 <zul> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb, sforshee, arges)
16:18 <jgrimm> sprinting i believe
16:19 <cpaelzer> they should have entered social time already or soon
16:19 <zul> bunch of drunks
16:19 <zul> #topic Upcoming Call For Papers
16:19 <nacc> heh
16:20 <zul> #topic Ubuntu Server Team Events
16:20 <jgrimm> not seeing anything interesting on lwn CFP page
16:20 <jgrimm> ditto
16:20 <zul> any upcoming events?
16:20 <zul> #topic Open Discussion
16:20 <zul> chat amongst yourselves
16:20 <cpaelzer> CFP related - https://www.opnfv.org/news-faq/events/2016-06-20/2016-opnfv-summit anybody ?
16:20 <cpaelzer> deadlines passed, but I'd be interested if anybody will be there
16:21 <zul> i guess not
16:21 <zul> #endmeeting