17:00 <gnuoy> #startmeeting openstack-charms-meeting
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17:00 <gnuoy> Welcome all, \o
17:00 <thedac> o/
17:00 <icey> o/
17:00 <beisner> o/ gnuoy  ...
17:00 <gnuoy> Lets kick off with...
17:00 <coreycb> o/
17:00 <beisner> ha!
17:01 <gnuoy> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting
17:01 <gnuoy> #subtopic gnuoy review 16.07 deliverables
17:01 <gnuoy> I'd like to defer this until next week and see where we are at the end of the current sprint.
17:01 <gnuoy> #subtopic gnuoy fix release dates
17:01 <gnuoy> Aiming for 2016-07-14 for code freeze and release on 2016-07-28 assuming thats ok with beisner?
17:02 <beisner> +1 here
17:02 <gnuoy> icey, cholcombe, same for you ^ ?
17:02 <cholcombe> gnuoy, yeah i think that's fine
17:02 <icey> +1
17:02 <gnuoy> kk
17:02 <gnuoy> #subtopic gnuoy Review bug queue
17:02 <gnuoy> I've done some triage in the past week. Any help with whittling down the queue would be gratefully recieved.
17:02 <cholcombe> is it climbing again?
17:02 <gnuoy> Actually we have a topic for that later...
17:02 <gnuoy> cholcombe, nope
17:03 <cholcombe> ok
17:03 <gnuoy> Thats all the actions from last week
17:03 <gnuoy> #topic State of Development for next Charm Release
17:03 <gnuoy> Layers work continues, enabling the HA is mostly done and reviews should be up soon. I'm planning to make the Openstack base layer dependant in stubs leadership layer unless anyone has any objections?
17:04 <gnuoy> s/in stubs/on stubs/
17:04 <gnuoy> tbh stubs layer looks like it should be part of the core reactive helpers
17:05 <gnuoy> thedac, any updates on DNS HA?
17:05 <thedac> Still a work in progress. Should have something to show next week.
17:05 <gnuoy> tip top
17:05 <gnuoy> tinwood, how's your Barbican?
17:06 <beisner> gnuoy, re: leadership layer -> core reactive helper, should we try to encourage that to happen?
17:06 <gnuoy> beisner, yes, let me chat to stub
17:06 <beisner> gnuoy, ack cool thx
17:06 <tinwood> gnuoy, still a work in progress.  The assess status is proving tricky to combine with the 'old style' charm helpers.
17:06 <gnuoy> #action gnuoy talk to stub about moving his leadership layer into core
17:06 * meetingology gnuoy talk to stub about moving his leadership layer into core
17:07 <gnuoy> tinwood, would it be easier to walk away from existing code and implement afresh?
17:08 <tinwood> gnuoy, hmm, wondering about that.  Trying to find a way to cleanly declare the dependencies a la contexts/configs for auto-checking of relationship statuses.
17:08 <tinwood> s/statuses/states/
17:08 <gnuoy> kk
17:08 <gnuoy> #topic news
17:08 <gnuoy> #subtopic Getting project status within Openstack
17:09 <gnuoy> So, we're moving in the right direction!
17:09 <gnuoy> If anyone missed it we are blocked on licensing atm
17:09 <gnuoy> and I think thats the only thing
17:09 <tinwood> excellent.
17:09 <beisner> Yep, sounds like generally clear to proceed after relicensing
17:09 <gnuoy> \o/
17:10 <coreycb> \o/  hopefully licensing isn't too hard
17:10 <gnuoy> #action jamespage update on relicensing of charms
17:10 * meetingology jamespage update on relicensing of charms
17:10 <beisner> On this note, I plan to add charm-tempest to git/gerrit this week so that we can use it for the layer-ci build-out
17:10 <beisner> One more to re-license ;-)
17:11 <gnuoy> beisner, oh, I have a project-config change up atm for enabling haproxy but am stuck. Igot a Jenkins -1 for no good reason
17:11 <beisner> gnuoy, happy to have a look if you like
17:11 <gnuoy> thanks!
17:11 <gnuoy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/323716/
17:12 <gnuoy> #subtopic Epics
17:12 <gnuoy> Epics are moving out into the Open and can be found...
17:12 <gnuoy> https://github.com/openstack-charmers/charm-specs
17:12 <gnuoy> #link https://github.com/openstack-charmers/charm-specs
17:13 <gnuoy> #topic Release Bugs
17:13 <gnuoy> #link https://goo.gl/HJjORI
17:13 <gnuoy> so in answer to cholcombes question the number is lower than before
17:13 <cholcombe> nice
17:14 <gnuoy> but again, any help in working through them would be great
17:14 <gnuoy> #topic Open Discussion
17:14 <gnuoy> I have nothing to discuss openly, so the floor is yours...
17:15 <coreycb> gnuoy, some deploy from source code landed in charm-helpers and cinder for systemd init support
17:15 <gnuoy> excellent
17:15 <coreycb> gnuoy, just need to hit the other charms with similar updates
17:16 <gnuoy> coreycb, I take it they'll need more love than just a rsync ?
17:16 <coreycb> gnuoy, yeah, quite a bit but it's not hard
17:16 <gnuoy> kk
17:16 <gnuoy> ok, last chance for any more news...
17:17 <gnuoy> #topic Announce next meeting date, time and chair
17:17 <gnuoy> Same time, same place! (2016-06-8 17:00 UTC)
17:17 <gnuoy> #endmeeting