17:28 <mhall119> #startmeeting Community Council Checkins
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17:29 <mhall119> czajkowski marcoceppi hggdh sgclark meeting
17:29 <sgclark> present
17:29 <mhall119> hi valorie, anyone else from Kubuntu here?
17:29 <marcoceppi> o/
17:29 <sgclark> well technically I am on vacation , so I forgive myself for forgetting lol
17:30 <mhall119> ahoneybun yofel are either of you around?
17:31 <mhall119> sgclark: you're on IRC too much for vacation :)
17:31 <sgclark> yeah I know. I get the dirty looks from family
17:32 <mhall119> so we don't have a specific topic for this meeting, it's mostly so that we can checkin and see (A) how things are running in Kubuntu and (B) if there is anything the CC can do to help or improve things
17:32 <mhall119> #topic Kubuntu Council checkin
17:33 <mhall119> valorie: yofel ahoneybun have you had any new Kubuntu Members apply during the last development cycle?
17:34 <ovidiu-florin> hello world
17:34 <mhall119> hey ovidiu-florin
17:34 <mhall119> #chair marcoceppi sgclark
17:34 <meetingology> Current chairs: marcoceppi mhall119 sgclark
17:34 * sgclark puts on kubuntu hat . clivejo is our super awesome new member
17:35 * sgclark puts on ucc hat
17:35 <mhall119> I've seen him doing a lot, very cool
17:36 <mhall119> how is the general interest and motivational levels within Kubuntu, are they starting to come back?
17:36 * ogra_ wonders if these kubuntu hats are made out of plasma
17:36 * sgclark giggles
17:36 <ogra_> :)
17:37 <ovidiu-florin> interest fluctuates as far as I can see
17:37 * sgclark puts on kubuntu hat
17:37 <sgclark> I think we can go somewhere with the packaging parties, but alas we are few and only volunteers with limited time.
17:38 <sgclark> so it is difficult to keep up the momentum
17:38 * sgclark puts on ucc hat
17:38 <mhall119> between the Kubuntu podcast and Kubuntu parties, it seems there is more social and community activity happening
17:38 <ovidiu-florin> and the support channel is very active
17:39 <mhall119> is there anything the CC can do to help promote Kubuntu, either through governance or outreach?
17:39 <ovidiu-florin> are there representatives here from other flavors?
17:40 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: not today, only Kubuntu was on the schedule
17:40 <ovidiu-florin> ok, thanks
17:40 <mhall119> well, there might be, but not specifically for this
17:40 <sgclark> Yeah think the packaging parties needs to be an *buntu overall activity
17:40 <ovidiu-florin> maybe some unification for the packages
17:40 <sgclark> would be beneficial to everyone
17:40 <ovidiu-florin> documentation and work
17:41 <mhall119> sgclark: how did the packaging party work? was it all online?
17:41 <ovidiu-florin> there was discussion at some point about moving the ubuntu wiki from moin moin to mediawiki. Did that happen?
17:41 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: specifically which packages?
17:41 <sgclark> well it is still a WIP, we are experimenting
17:42 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: no, we implemented some stop-gap measures to keep moin running for the short term
17:42 <mhall119> long-term plans for the wiki are still being discussed, and I think waiting for information from IS
17:43 <sgclark> mhall119: but yes it is all online. we tried hangouts but they were too limited. So now we are playing with Big blue button
17:44 <mhall119> sgclark: we can coordinate a wider community participation, is there another one scheduled already?
17:44 <sgclark> and as far as package ovidiu-florin the only way we will survive without a massive jump in contributors is syncing most to debian.
17:44 <sgclark> mhall119: yeah I will have to get that date for you.
17:45 <ovidiu-florin> perhaps sgclark can correct me if I'm wrong, but our pagaging documentation right now, and also the workflow/pipeline are kind of scattered, and it's particularly dificult for newcommers to get involved
17:45 <mhall119> thanks sgclark
17:45 <sgclark> ovidiu-florin: that will change when we move back to launchpad.
17:45 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: you mean http://packaging.ubuntu.com/ ?
17:45 <mhall119> or does Kubuntu have separate packaging docs
17:46 <sgclark> mhall119: we are on debian git atm, there is nothing the wider community can do right now..
17:46 <mhall119> ok
17:46 <ovidiu-florin> they can send patches via email....
17:46 <sgclark> that will change though. and when that happens we can come back to this.
17:46 <ovidiu-florin> and wait
17:47 <mhall119> ok, can you also get the community team at canonical involved?
17:47 <mhall119> we can all three take on different parts of this
17:47 <ovidiu-florin> sgclark: I'm interested in how is the migration back to launchpad going. Can you tell me more about it? pelase :D
17:48 <mhall119> is there anyone from the Membership Board here? If so, we can move the kubuntu discussions to another channel or email
17:48 <sgclark> ovidiu-florin: I thought yofel was going to do it. Clearly a team meeting is in order, but he has been super busy with life and stuff. Again we are back to a handful of volunteers trying to do a full time team job.
17:49 <sgclark> yeah we are getting off track, sorry
17:49 <mhall119> sgclark: no, just short on time because we started so late
17:49 * ovidiu-florin is unsure now what the track is
17:50 <mhall119> if there's nobody from the membership board here for their meeting, we can use the rest of the time for kubuntu
17:50 <ovidiu-florin> mhall119: are you the only one here from the UCC? or the others are very very silent?
17:50 * sgclark is on the ucc
17:50 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: sgclark is here and on vacation at the same time
17:50 <mhall119> in some kind of quantum super-position
17:51 * sgclark giggles
17:51 <mhall119> marcoceppi is here too, but I suspect also busy with work stuff
17:51 * ovidiu-florin doesn't like that sgclark doesn't rest properly
17:51 <marcoceppi> hello!
17:51 <marcoceppi> I can invite a few more members
17:51 <sgclark> ovidiu-florin: in short, the dev side of things for Kubuntu still needs a ton of work.
17:51 <mhall119> marcoceppi: are you here for the membership board?
17:51 <marcoceppi> I am now
17:52 <mhall119> marcoceppi: ok, let's wrap up the kubuntu topic first and then we'll pick up the membership board
17:52 <marcoceppi> mhall119: sounds good
17:52 * sgclark puts back on ucc hat
17:52 <mhall119> sgclark: ovidiu-florin: let's keep in touch about hosting a community-wide packaging party
17:52 * marcoceppi shuffles through hats
17:53 <sgclark> mhall119: sounds good, I will start an email thread.
17:53 <mhall119> and then if there's anything we can do to help with the Launchpad transition, let us know, but I suspect that's going to be more technical than the CC usually gets involved in
17:53 <ovidiu-florin> mhall119: anyone interested can join our next kubuntu party
17:53 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: when is it?
17:54 <mhall119> Apr 15, right?
17:54 <ovidiu-florin> mhall119: https://plus.google.com/events/cd5cm4806f1sp8mc7gkasvv971o?authkey=CJ3YqNSWhK6rCg
17:54 <ovidiu-florin> timezone rezolved, that way :P
17:55 <mhall119> ovidiu-florin: I can attend some of it
17:55 <mhall119> ok, thanks Kubuntu team!
17:56 <mhall119> #topic Ubuntu Membership Board checkin
17:56 <mhall119> alright marcoceppi, got your membership board hat?
17:56 <Kilos> o/
17:57 <mhall119> so we only have a few minutes, apologies again for us forgetting about this meeting and starting late
17:57 <mhall119> how have the membership applications been over the last cycle? Are they increasing,decreasing, holding steady?
17:57 <Kilos> holding steady imo
17:58 <Kilos> 2 applicants for tonights meeting in 2 hours time
17:58 <mhall119> are they getting good support and testimonials from exiting members?
17:59 <Kilos> i still need to check the second applicants info but first one is fine
18:00 <Kilos> and belkinsa have voted via email already as she cant make it tonight
18:00 <Kilos> s/have/has
18:00 <mhall119> are there any obstacles people are facing? Or reasons that might be keeping qualified people from applying?
18:01 <Kilos> i think everything is working well mhall119 except for peeps applying from areas where the locos are kinda dead or moved to facebook
18:02 <Kilos> belkinsa and i are working out way through them slowly
18:02 <mhall119> locos moved to facebook, or the people have?
18:02 <Kilos> places like bangladesh get free FB so everyone flocked there
18:03 <Kilos> the people
18:03 <Kilos> sorry
18:03 <mhall119> and is that making it difficult to verify somebody's activity?
18:04 <Kilos> we just struggled to get the leader to return to irc and now he is there daily and will apply for reverification as soon as he has sorted all info on what they have been doing on facebook
18:04 <Kilos> virtually same support irc gives just on facebook
18:05 <Kilos> peeps seem to be addicted to fb
18:05 <sgclark> yes and that seems a reasonable end user outreach platform
18:06 <mhall119> yeah, and I think we should accomodate FB activity as much as possible
18:06 <sgclark> yes
18:06 <sgclark> not everyone likes irc
18:06 <Kilos> they are 30 strong on fb
18:06 <Kilos> 340 sorry
18:06 <sgclark> impressive
18:06 <Kilos> so very strong
18:06 <mhall119> yeah, definitely can't ignore that
18:06 <mhall119> Kilos: so what is the difficult the membership board is facing because of this?
18:07 <Kilos> no difficulty from the boards side
18:07 <mhall119> oh, ok, I misunderstood you earlier then
18:08 <mhall119> is there anything the CC can do for the board? Either with Facebook activity or otherwise?
18:08 <Kilos> just the last applicant tried to apply the traditional way without and support or guidance
18:08 <mhall119> Kilos: oh, I see
18:08 <Kilos> there were many applicants that had been waiting for up to 2 years to be approved but no one checked LP
18:08 <Kilos> now thats sorted
18:09 <sgclark> lp does not notify?
18:09 <mhall119> that's good
18:10 <Kilos> i dont think the membership board is having any problems
18:11 <Kilos> marcoceppi ??
18:11 <Kilos> we have just added helping the loco council to revive locos
18:11 <marcoceppi> Kilos: I don't think so either, some language barriers at time
18:12 <marcoceppi> but nothing major
18:12 <mhall119> Kilos: I'm happy to hear that you're working with the LC, locos can use all the help we can give them
18:12 <Kilos> my pleasure
18:12 <sgclark> yes, thank you
18:12 <mhall119> thank you Kilos and marcoceppi
18:13 <mhall119> and thanks again to the Kubuntu council
18:13 <Kilos> ty guys
18:13 <mhall119> if you need us for anything else, you know where to find us :)
18:13 <sgclark> thanks everyone!
18:13 <Kilos> yes thanks
18:13 <mhall119> #endmeeting