17:00 <dholbach> #startmeeting
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17:00 <dholbach> #chair belkinsa czajkowski hggdh marcoceppi mhall119 sgclark
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17:00 <hggdh> o/
17:00 <belkinsa> o/
17:00 <marcoceppi> \o
17:00 <sgclark> *wave*
17:00 <dholbach> how are you all doing? :-)
17:01 * belkinsa is fine
17:01 <czajkowski> aloha
17:01 <dholbach> looks like we're meeting up with the TB and the LoCo Council today :)
17:01 * hggdh is alive and kicking
17:01 <belkinsa> Thank yo for asking.
17:01 <dholbach> do we have any folks of either of the two here? :)
17:03 <dholbach> ok... can anyone do a mass-ping? :-)
17:03 <belkinsa> dholbach, do they have channels?
17:04 <dholbach> they should be in here...
17:04 <belkinsa> dholbach, the TB, not the LoCo.
17:04 <dholbach> might not be the best time with feature freeze around the corner though
17:05 <hggdh> kees, mdeslaur: available?
17:05 <hggdh> there is that
17:05 <dholbach> slangasek, stgraber too
17:05 <hggdh> and pitti
17:05 <belkinsa> The LC has been notified.
17:05 <dholbach> we wouldn't keep you too long, we're just interested in catching up and what the current state of things in TB land is :)
17:06 <stgraber> in another meeting right now, not available
17:07 <czajkowski> we may need to work this format out a bit better with reminders going out
17:08 <czajkowski> or maybe revamping the check in proecess
17:08 <hggdh> indeed
17:08 <dholbach> the TB folks might have an excuse today with feature freeze coming up later on, but there was at least no communication about this
17:08 * belkinsa nods
17:08 <czajkowski> perhaps like the loco team review, we ask for  a wiki page to be created as I know it;s hard for all to attend
17:08 <sgclark> #agree
17:08 <mdeslaur> hi, what's up
17:09 * belkinsa adds it to the Trello board.
17:09 <hggdh> mdeslaur: we are trying to catch up with the TB
17:09 <mdeslaur> what TB? ;)
17:09 <dholbach> and check in and see how things are going
17:09 <hggdh> heh
17:09 <dholbach> the TB-with-extended-lifetime :-)
17:09 <hggdh> ignorance is no ecuse
17:09 <hggdh> :-)
17:10 <mdeslaur> we're awaiting the list of candidates to hold an election
17:10 <dholbach> mdeslaur, do you know if anyone pinged clan about this?
17:10 <mdeslaur> I'm not aware, sorry
17:10 * genii makes a fresh pot of coffee
17:10 <dholbach> that might be the way to go
17:11 <belkinsa> dholbach, has Mark looked over the list?
17:11 <dholbach> belkinsa, I'm not on the TB, so I don't know - I haven't been involved in the discussions
17:11 <dholbach> how have things been going for the TB in the last cycle?
17:12 <belkinsa> Oh, i see.
17:12 <mhall119> hey guys, sorry I'm late
17:12 <mdeslaur> things have been going good, pretty quiet
17:12 <mdeslaur> nothing big has come up
17:13 <dholbach> no will-snappy-replace-standard-ubuntu discussions? :-)
17:13 <mdeslaur> haha, no
17:14 <mdeslaur> we've relaxed the SRU policy, that's about it
17:14 <dholbach> I'm not on the TB mailing list and haven't attended any meetings lately... were there any controversial topics or was it mostly just boring things like approving standing sru microrelease exceptions?
17:15 <mdeslaur> dholbach: nothing controversial, nothing worthy of debate
17:15 <mdeslaur> things are pretty quiet
17:15 <czajkowski> mdeslaur: did you get many nominations for the TB?
17:16 <dholbach> it very much sounds like smooth sailing... and maybe how things should be for an upcoming LTS release :-)
17:16 <mdeslaur> czajkowski: I don't know, they go directly to Mark, and we haven't heard back yet
17:17 <czajkowski> ok we can chase up there
17:17 <dholbach> I'd recommend to mail clan
17:17 <dholbach> if it proves to be too hard we can still extend the team membership by a week or two
17:17 <mdeslaur> ok
17:18 <dholbach> maybe we should at some stage look into a service which sends reminders well in advance :)
17:18 <mdeslaur> hehe, yeah
17:18 <dholbach> it's not the first time elections take a bit longer to get organised :)
17:18 <mdeslaur> the date is quite unfortunate for the TB, as it's immediately after the holidays
17:18 <hggdh> see IRCC for another recent one
17:19 <dholbach> mdeslaur, by delaying the election you're fixing that for the new TB right now ;-)
17:19 <mdeslaur> good :)
17:19 <dholbach> maybe we should take a look at https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-council-teams/msg00045.html later on to figure out which other teams need to be pinged
17:19 <mdeslaur> then there will be no excuse next time :)
17:20 <dholbach> it sounds like everything is going all right right now... is there anything you feel the TB and CC should discuss together at some stage?
17:21 <svij> hello! I'm late to the meeting…
17:21 <mdeslaur> I can't think of anything off-hand, but we won't hesitate if something comes up
17:21 <dholbach> ok, cool
17:22 <dholbach> I don't have any more questions... anyone else?
17:22 <belkinsa> I'm good.
17:22 <mhall119> not from me
17:22 <hggdh> I am good
17:22 <mdeslaur> great, thanks everyone!
17:22 <dholbach> thanks a lot mdeslaur for giving us an update! :-)
17:22 <mdeslaur> I wish I had more to update on :P
17:22 <belkinsa> Not a problem, mdeslaur, and thank you for coming.
17:23 <sgclark> Thank you
17:23 <dholbach> I spotted svij already... do we have anyone else from the LoCo Council?
17:23 <svij> I don't know, just came home and directly to the pc
17:24 <svij> (I didn't even know that there's a meeting today)
17:24 <hggdh> wxl: there?
17:25 <belkinsa> svij, we are sorry for forgetting for sending out the reminder e-mail.
17:25 <dholbach> I though mhall119 had sent out an invitation...?
17:26 <mhall119> I did, but we were also going to send reminders
17:26 <mhall119> before each team's meeting
17:27 <dholbach> we should have a service for sending out these emails ;-)
17:27 * belkinsa nods and thanks mhall119 for adding that
17:28 <dholbach> ok... do we have other LoCo Council members here?
17:28 <belkinsa> Yes, and I will bring that up on our mailing-list
17:28 <mhall119> dholbach: I was also going to look into creating a shared Google calendar so people can subscribe to invites
17:28 <mhall119> but...I haven't yet
17:28 <belkinsa> #action belkinsa Talk about using a reminder service (e-mail) for check-up reminders
17:28 * meetingology belkinsa Talk about using a reminder service (e-mail) for check-up reminders
17:29 <mhall119> dholbach: I pinged wxl and nhaines in #ubuntu-loco-teams but haven't heard from them
17:29 <dholbach> thanks mhall119
17:30 <dholbach> svij, how are things in the LoCo Council? I think you just joined the team... right?
17:30 <mhall119> just to check, is the LC fully staffed now?
17:31 <dholbach> LP shows 6 members
17:31 <mhall119> which is the new size, IIRC, down from 7 we had for a while
17:31 <svij> I just joind the team and I didn't have time to get read everything which I should know
17:31 <svij> so I can't say much sadly
17:32 <dholbach> no worries, that' fair enough
17:32 <dholbach> mhall119, I feel we probably shouldn't do another restaffing cycle unless there are big problems right now
17:33 <mhall119> dholbach: I agree, I just couldn't remember if there was currently an open seat or not
17:33 * dholbach nods
17:33 <mhall119> IIRC, we all agreed to shrink the size of the LC down to 6, so that makes it fully staffed
17:34 <dholbach> ok... I feel we should maybe wait another 2-3 minutes and if nobody turns up, wrap it
17:35 <hggdh> meanwhile, just so it is public (already in Trello): the IRCC is setting up to run a Condorcet election for 3 seats
17:35 <dholbach> cool - thanks a lot
17:36 <hggdh> candidates are Unit193, tm-T, rww, na3il, and myself. Flannel will run the Condorcet voting.
17:36 <dholbach> excellent
17:36 <mhall119> thanks hggdh
17:37 <dholbach> all right... does anyone have any other business? anything else you'd like us to talk about?
17:37 <hggdh> I am OK
17:37 <mhall119> I'm happy
17:37 <belkinsa> I'm cool.
17:37 <Na3iL> o/ all
17:38 <hggdh> Na3iL: cheers
17:38 <sgclark> Good here
17:38 <Na3iL> Hey hggdh
17:39 <hggdh> Na3iL: just so you know, ircc election should happen soon(-ish)
17:39 <Na3iL> Ah, that's cool :D
17:39 <dholbach> all right... let's wrap it up
17:39 <dholbach> thanks a lot everyone!
17:39 <hggdh> dholbach: thank you for hosting
17:39 <dholbach> can somebody update the team report wiki with the links to the log?
17:40 <sgclark> sure
17:40 <dholbach> awesome thanks!
17:40 <dholbach> #endmeeting