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17:01 <dholbach> #chair belkinsa czajkowski hggdh sgclark mhall119 marcoceppi
17:01 <meetingology> Current chairs: belkinsa czajkowski dholbach hggdh marcoceppi mhall119 sgclark
17:01 <czajkowski> Aloha
17:01 <dholbach> almost the entire CC :)
17:01 <hggdh> o/
17:01 <sgclark> hello
17:01 <mhall119> o/
17:01 <belkinsa> o/
17:01 <dholbach> how are we all doing? :)
17:01 <belkinsa> Doing well.  Thanks for asking.
17:01 <mhall119> trying to blame being tired on jetlag, but the timeline isn't in my favor there
17:01 <hggdh> life is good :-)
17:01 <sgclark> allergies :(
17:02 <dholbach> mhall119: I'm with you on that one :)
17:02 * dholbach hugs sgclark
17:02 <czajkowski> pesky timezones :)
17:02 <dholbach> so we're meeting the Xubuntu team... do we have anyone from the team here?
17:02 <mhall119> pleia2: ?
17:03 <mhall119> although, I think she's at linux.conf.au this week
17:03 * micahg is here, but hasn't been doing much with Xubuntu lately
17:03 <dholbach> ochosi?
17:03 <dholbach> Noskcaj_?
17:04 <dholbach> just pinging folks in #xubuntu-devel right now
17:05 * genii makes more coffee
17:06 <dholbach> I would suggest we wait a few mins - and then move on to the Ubuntu Studio team if we can't find anyone
17:06 * belkinsa nods
17:06 * hggdh finishes current coffee brew, and prepares another
17:06 <dholbach> can anyone ping a few ubuntu studio people already? :)
17:07 <mhall119> or we can start with studio first if there's someone here for it
17:07 <mhall119> and then try XUbuntu again after
17:07 <dholbach> sure, that'd work for me as well
17:08 <czajkowski> nods
17:08 <belkinsa> dholbach, Ubuntu Studio pinged in their channel.
17:08 <mhall119> zequence: are you around for the Ubuntu Studio catchup meeting?
17:08 <dholbach> thanks belkinsa
17:09 <belkinsa> Not a problem.
17:10 <mhall119> perhaps we need to go back to sending reminder emails 24 hours in advance
17:10 <dholbach> yeah :-/
17:10 <belkinsa> Agreed.
17:10 <mhall119> or setting up a shared calendar with invites
17:10 <mhall119> so folks get a notification
17:11 <belkinsa> That could work.
17:11 * sgclark nods
17:12 <dholbach> is there anyone who woud like to take a look at setting this up?
17:12 <mhall119> I will
17:12 <sgclark> Sure I will
17:12 <sgclark> mhall119: you do enough  :)
17:12 <Rosco2> Hi - I am from Ubuntu Studio
17:12 <mhall119> doesn't feel like it :/
17:12 <belkinsa> Rosco2, prefect, thank you!
17:12 <mhall119> sgclark: let's work together on it then
17:12 <sgclark> I know the feeling
17:13 <belkinsa> Same here.
17:13 <sgclark> mhall119: sounds good :)
17:13 <dholbach> thanks a lot mhall119, sgclark!
17:13 <dholbach> thanks Rosco2!
17:13 <dholbach> #topic Catching up with the Ubuntu Studio team
17:13 <dholbach> Rosco2: how are you doing? :)
17:13 <Rosco2> There is still time for zequence to join at half past
17:13 <Rosco2> Fine
17:14 <Rosco2> First time I have joined one of these
17:14 <mhall119> Rosco2: yeah, we didn't have anyone from Xubuntu here so we're starting Studio earlier than planned
17:14 <dholbach> Rosco2: great to have you :-)
17:14 <dholbach> how are things in the Ubuntu Studio world?
17:15 <Rosco2> We are in a transition with zequence soon to be replaced with Set
17:15 <Rosco2> as new Lead
17:16 <Rosco2> hopefullt Set joins too
17:16 <dholbach> ah cool... have you been working together for a while already?
17:17 <Rosco2> I have only been around for a couple of cycles
17:17 <dholbach> Which part of Ubuntu Studio are you most interested in?
17:18 <Rosco2> I currently maintain some packages in Debian
17:18 <mhall119> a couple of cycles is a decent amount of time invested :) We're happy you've been around this long
17:18 <Rosco2> So helping with syncs/merges SRUs - bug triage etc
17:18 <belkinsa> Yes, and maybe enough to apply for your Membership/
17:19 <Rosco2> I have volunteered to be Test Lead
17:19 <dholbach> Rosco2: nice... has somebody been sponsoring your upload for you up until now?
17:19 <Rosco2> So the first big thing is to help with the release
17:20 <Rosco2> I have not had that many uploads in Ubuntu
17:20 <dholbach> How are things looking so far for 16.04?
17:20 <Rosco2> And quite a few different sponsors
17:20 <dholbach> Excellent! :-)
17:21 <Rosco2> From my part - looking good
17:21 <mhall119> Rosco2: have you considered applying for Ubuntu Membership?
17:21 <sakrecoer> greetings!
17:21 <Rosco2> We have been working with flocculant to get some manua� test cases on the QA tracker
17:21 <mhall119> as belkinsa mentioned, you've been around long enough for it, and I'm sure you can get testimonials from other members in Ubuntu Studio
17:22 <mhall119> hello sakrecoer
17:22 <czajkowski> Rosco2: excellent
17:22 <belkinsa> Rosco2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
17:22 <belkinsa> For info on the Membership.
17:22 <Rosco2> Thanks - I will look into it
17:22 <belkinsa> Not a problem.
17:22 * mhall119 sees you've also been active in gramps, I love that program
17:23 <flocculant> czajkowski: they did good with the testcases :)
17:23 <Rosco2> Gramps is what got me started
17:23 <belkinsa> Rosco2, have you and the team ran into any problems in this cycle?
17:23 <dholbach> do you have still many things you need to get done for 16.04?
17:25 <belkinsa> This cycle = 16.04.
17:25 <Rosco2> We have not been very ambitious with new features this cycle
17:26 <dholbach> So I guess a lot of package updates and stabilisation?
17:26 <Rosco2> But Set has been working to sort out artwork etc
17:26 <mhall119> Rosco2: is that from lack of time/resources, or lack of confidence?
17:26 <Rosco2> Resources I would say
17:27 <mhall119> what's the plan for increasing that? Do you need help with recruitment or promotion?
17:27 <Rosco2> There are many of us that are in the Studio team but also have other interests
17:27 <mhall119> ^^ that's a question for anyone involved in Studio, not just Rosco2
17:27 <dholbach> is the rt kernel still being used for ubuntu studio?
17:28 <Rosco2> I think low latency kernel
17:28 <dholbach> ah sorry, yes
17:28 <dholbach> and the work with the kernel team is going smoothly on that one?
17:28 <Rosco2> But zequence & ovenworks know the moost about that
17:29 <dholbach> ok -I know that it was a source of problems in the past, but it's probably no issue anymore :)
17:29 <Rosco2> Zequence wrote me that things were pretty smooth
17:29 <dholbach> excellent - let us know if we can ever help with anything
17:29 <dholbach> where do you currently get the most feedback from ubuntu studio users?
17:30 <Rosco2> Things are pretty quiet on -user
17:30 <sakrecoer> promotion would be very handy. we are putting emphasis on PR. cfhowlett has helped me with that.
17:31 <sakrecoer> the feedback is coming in from various channels. i' affraid facebook takes a big chunk of that space
17:31 <czajkowski> flocculant: excellent
17:32 <dholbach> are you happy with the feedback you've been getting in the last time?
17:32 <mhall119> sakrecoer: Facebook has the most eyeballs, so that's not surprising
17:33 <sakrecoer> i'm not ancient enough to say if it is more or less feedback. but i hear from zequence that he noted a raise in the average activity/interaction
17:34 <dholbach> ok, cool
17:34 <mhall119> our of curiousity, what do you guys use most for your regular team communication, is it IRC, emails, something else?
17:34 <hggdh> good
17:34 <sakrecoer> i would say mailing list, then irc.
17:34 <Rosco2> +1
17:35 <mhall119> cool
17:35 <dholbach> do you have anything you'd like the CC to help you with? or any questions you have for us?
17:35 <dholbach> because I have run out of questions now :-)
17:35 <Rosco2> I have nothing
17:35 <mhall119> How does your team feel about the overall direction that Ubuntu is taking and how Studio fits into that?
17:35 <sakrecoer> :) we could need a hand with promotion, especially on recruiting team-members
17:36 <dholbach> does ubuntu studio have a page on community.ubuntu.com? maybe we could add something there
17:36 <sakrecoer> it is difficult to speak for the hole team, but i think everyone involved and active is pretty happy about the project
17:36 <czajkowski> that's really good to hear
17:37 <czajkowski> but also if you do have any items we can help just let us know
17:37 <dholbach> yes, the door's always open :)
17:37 <Rosco2> Thanks
17:37 <sakrecoer> the documentation needs update in many areas.
17:37 <mhall119> sakrecoer: as for helping with promotion, we can re-share things on FB, Twittere and G+ if you let us know about them
17:37 <mhall119> "we" being dholbach and myself
17:38 <flocculant> welcome to ubuntu land :p
17:38 <flocculant> doesn't it always :)
17:38 <dholbach> and keep up the good work! :)
17:38 <mhall119> that's the one consistent trait when it comes to documentation, it always needs to be updated :)
17:38 <sakrecoer> for example, it is difficult to find a comprehensive howto, on how to pull in the ubuntustudio packages into another ubuntu flavour.
17:39 <dholbach> you could ask a question like that on ubuntu-devel@lists.u.c - I'm sure there are folks who could help you with that
17:39 <sakrecoer> details like that, that we can sort out on our own, but being few makes it complicated: hence PR on team recruiting would do miracles, i believe
17:39 <dholbach> right :)
17:39 <sakrecoer> dholbach, i will try that :)
17:39 <mhall119> sakrecoer: in the past we've had success by dedicating a specific hour or two on a specific day to being on IRC and helping new contributors get started. If people know when and where you will be, they tend to come :)
17:39 <dholbach> just give us a ping
17:39 <dholbach> thanks a lot sakrecoer and Rosco2!
17:40 <dholbach> sgclark, marcoceppi, czajkowski, mhall119, belkinsa, hggdh: any more questions from you?
17:40 <Rosco2> cheers all
17:40 <hggdh> none from me
17:40 <sgclark> none from me
17:40 <mhall119> not from me
17:40 <hggdh> Rosco2, sakrecoer: tahnk you for your work
17:41 <mhall119> thank you all and keep up the fantastic work on Ubuntu Studio
17:41 <sgclark> thanks for your work
17:41 <dholbach> :-)
17:41 <dholbach> #topic Catching up with the Xubuntu team
17:41 <dholbach> hello flocculant - how are you doing?
17:41 <dholbach> anyone else from the Xubuntu team?
17:42 <flocculant> ok thanks
17:42 <dholbach> how are things in the Xubuntu team?
17:43 <flocculant> ok thanks - not much change anyway :)
17:43 <dholbach> so you're stabilising things for the LTS?
17:43 <flocculant> oh - krytarik is about but hiding ...
17:43 <flocculant> dholbach: we're trying :D
17:43 <dholbach> krytarik: welcome :)
17:43 <krytarik> Hi. :P
17:44 <flocculant> the software centre change or not change isn't helping tbh
17:44 <mhall119> flocculant: having any problems with getting things stabilized?
17:44 <dholbach> flocculant: are you in touch with the desktop team about this?
17:44 <flocculant> it would be nice to know if *you* are changing so we have something to base our decision on
17:44 <flocculant> dholbach: ochosi is - and I'm in channel following too
17:44 <mhall119> afaik the Unity desktop will be changing
17:45 <sgclark> they are changing as I  understand
17:45 <flocculant> though recent discussions didn't appear too positive - so ...
17:45 <flocculant> sgclark: well yes - but if you see discussions - not quite so clear cut
17:45 <mhall119> flocculant: willcooke should be able to give you a definitive answer
17:45 <flocculant> tbh - if usc is still there - we might just still use it anyway
17:45 <mhall119> flocculant: did Xubuntu use USC previously?
17:45 <sgclark> ok, guess I missed them sorry
17:45 <dholbach> right, that makes sense
17:46 <flocculant> :)
17:46 <flocculant> sgclark: I tend to watch the channel for chat on it :)
17:46 <dholbach> if you want we can put you in touch and maybe help with organising a catchup with the desktop folks and make sure you're aware of new developments
17:46 <mhall119> the downside is that USC doesn't support the new Snappy store
17:46 <flocculant> dholbach: I think that we're talking to them anyway about it
17:46 <sgclark> sounds like a good move forward dholbach
17:46 <flocculant> s/think/know
17:47 <dholbach> flocculant: ok... if you're in touch already, that's great
17:47 <mhall119> flocculant: are they aware that the uncertainty is causing the Xubuntu team problems?
17:47 <dholbach> I just wanted to make sure that communication is at least going fine
17:47 <flocculant> the fonts-droid thing is the latest - oh god really :| thing :)
17:47 <flocculant> dholbach: yep - we're cool
17:47 <flocculant> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-February/039159.html
17:48 <flocculant> our current position is "<ochosi> bluesabre, knome: cant we raise our concern with the LTS->LTS upgrade path? i mean if they at least keep the pkg around for another cycle that'd be great, and maintenance for a font package is zerrrro"
17:48 <dholbach> hum... isn't there a drop-in replacement for the package?
17:48 <dholbach> that's at least how I understood the discussion
17:49 <flocculant> yea and it looks rather meh to us
17:49 <flocculant> so we're in the middle of trying to decide what to do about that as well
17:49 <dholbach> ok
17:50 <mhall119> was droid-fonts used in the default Xubuntu setup?
17:50 <dholbach> it might be a good idea to follow up on the thread and point out that the replacement doesn't work so well for Xubuntu
17:50 <dholbach> just so others start looking at it too
17:50 <flocculant> yep - that's all being discussed currently - we're not likely to post anywhere pre-emptively
17:50 <flocculant> other than me telling you all :D
17:51 <dholbach> ok
17:51 <flocculant> which leaves our main problem this cycle to last ;)
17:51 <flocculant> https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu-core/+merge/268167
17:52 <flocculant> which we've been trying to get sorted for quite some time now
17:52 <dholbach> so slangasek is not authoritative enough? or what's the problem?
17:53 <dholbach> or are there different opinions in the CD team about it?
17:53 <mhall119> flocculant: is there some mis-communication going on here? Maybe having a video chat with slangasek and xnox would help clear things up
17:53 <dholbach> or bring it up with the TB
17:53 <flocculant> dholbach: you need to check the IRC log in the last comment
17:53 <flocculant> http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/01/06/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t17:23
17:53 <dholbach> flocculant: right... I didn't click on it as I wasn't sure if I was expected to read 6892048697426 lines of irc log :-)
17:53 <flocculant> ha ha ha
17:54 <flocculant> *my* problem of course being if it lands - but lands really late - then I'll not be signing it off from QA pov
17:54 <flocculant> I think mhall119 has had some input on it at some point
17:55 <mhall119> I brought it back up with slangasek and team, but I don't have any input on it myself
17:55 <xnox> ochosi, flocculant - removing a font, and using a different makes a zilch of a difference for LTS->LTS upgrade.
17:55 <flocculant> I don't actually expect anything to get done by you all now ofc - you just want to know what's going on
17:55 <xnox> thus i don't see what the problem is.
17:55 <dholbach> I would send a mail to the TB asking them to take a look at it and to help landing it soon.
17:55 <mhall119> but I think this might just be miscommunication that could be cleared up with a real-time chat like a hangout
17:56 <flocculant> dholbach: anyway - I'm pushed for time - those are our issues currently - everything else is ticking over nicely
17:56 <mhall119> slangasek: xnox: Would you be up for a hangout with knome or others in Xubuntu dev to clear this up?
17:56 <dholbach> thanks a lot for going into detail
17:56 <slangasek> mhall119: no, that doesn't help anything
17:56 <slangasek> there are MPs that need reviewing
17:56 <flocculant> xnox: afaik - the issue is the drop-in replacement doesn't look nice :) but I'm not 'arty' by any means
17:57 <xnox> ochosi, flocculant, dholbach - two people, slangasek and myself indicated to use "desktop" for small, and "dvd" for big images. in a clear manner, with no code to follow.
17:57 <mhall119> slangasek: reviewed by whom?
17:57 <slangasek> mhall119: the ubuntu-cdimage team (which includes myself and infinity)
17:57 <xnox> slangasek, your comment https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu-core/+merge/268167/comments/691226 is not fixed.
17:57 <mhall119> slangasek: ok, can those get a priority bump so that the Xubuntu team has time to get their QA stuff done for the LTS release?
17:58 <flocculant> xnox: I just brought it up for the CC - I've not the technical knowhow nor time to get into that now
17:58 <slangasek> xnox: there were subsequent IRC discussions that you were not a part of
17:58 <slangasek> xnox: and other MPs have been raised
17:58 <flocculant> slangasek: that being the MATE thing?
17:58 <flocculant> guessing ...
17:58 <xnox> flocculant, i think said font will drop to universe and (will rot there) =) you are free to take any artistic direction you want, and we have a tonne of packages in ubuntu, that have been removed in debian.
17:58 * ogra_ thought he saw one that renamed it to xubuntu-base ... or is that unrelated ?
17:58 <slangasek> flocculant: yes
17:59 <xnox> flocculant, so if you want to keep using it.... keep using it. it's just a font.
17:59 <flocculant> slangasek: ta :)
17:59 <mhall119> flocculant: slangasek: ok, if you guys can keep this progressing that would be great, otherwise please bring the CC back into the discussion if things become blocked or stall
17:59 <xnox> slangasek, ah, ok.
17:59 <flocculant> anyway - really got to go now - kids landing and apparently starving :)
17:59 <flocculant> thanks dholbach et al
17:59 <dholbach> thanks flocculant for the quick update
17:59 <mhall119> thank you flocculant
17:59 <flocculant> welcome :)
18:00 <dholbach> please let us know if we can help
18:00 <flocculant> yep - we know where you are :)
18:00 <dholbach> thanks! :)
18:00 <dholbach> #topic Any other business
18:00 <dholbach> Does anyone have any other business?
18:00 <mhall119> not I
18:00 <hggdh> nope
18:00 <sgclark> I have nothing at this time
18:01 <dholbach> ok cool - I have nothing to add either
18:01 <dholbach> thanks a lot everyone and have great rest of your day! :-)
18:01 <dholbach> #endmeeting