20:02 <AlanBell> #startmeeting IRC Council Nominations
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20:03 <IdleOne> o/
20:03 <Pici> \o
20:03 <IdleOne> M
20:03 <IdleOne> C
20:03 <IdleOne> A
20:04 <topyli> :/
20:04 <Tm_T> IdleOne: cruel you
20:04 <IdleOne> song stuck in your head now :)
20:04 <AlanBell> :)
20:06 <AlanBell> so, having given people a few minutes to wake up/pour coffee/beer/whatever who is here?
20:06 <Myrtti> meh
20:06 <IdleOne> o/
20:06 <topyli> o/
20:06 <Pici> \o
20:07 <Tm_T> present
20:07 <Flannel> ~~~o/~~~
20:07 <IdleOne> Throw your hands in the air and wave'em like you just don't care
20:07 <Myrtti> YOU ARE CARING I KNOW
20:07 <IdleOne> I am :/
20:07 <Fuchs> was dis?
20:08 <AlanBell> so, the subject of this meeting is the IRC Council nominations, we are following the process outlined here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil
20:08 <AlanBell> nominations we know about so far are . . .
20:09 <AlanBell> Tm_T and Pici
20:09 <Tm_T> Pici: rock on
20:09 <AlanBell> and if anyone else would like to nominate themselves now is the time to do it
20:09 <Fuchs> do you actually need more or do you have enough?
20:09 <Fuchs> (pondering, hence asking)
20:10 <AlanBell> well we should have 5
20:10 * AlanBell nominates himself
20:10 <AlanBell> now we have 3
20:10 <Tm_T> Fuchs: there's no "enough"
20:10 <topyli> good going! :)
20:10 <IdleOne> so, topyli and funkyhat are not running for another term?
20:11 <topyli> not me at least
20:11 <Pici> Real life things :/
20:11 <AlanBell> the idea is we collect lots of nominations and put them forward to the CC who will set up the process for selecting 5 of them
20:11 <IdleOne> real life things are good, hopefully.
20:11 <AlanBell> so if we don't make it to 5 that is a bit inconvenient, but not unheard of, last time there were 4 initially
20:12 * Fuchs waits for now, then
20:12 <Pici> hm
20:12 * IdleOne nominates self
20:12 <AlanBell> yay \o/
20:12 <Pici> woo
20:13 <IdleOne> what the hell, might as well give you folks a run for your money
20:13 <topyli> yes!
20:13 <Tm_T> IdleOne: good boy
20:13 <IdleOne> Fuchs: you should also
20:14 <Fuchs> IdleOne: it would be a bit many hats to wear then  (loco op, ubuntuusers GC, IRCC) so I'd only do it if you desperately need more
20:14 <Pici> undstandable
20:14 * AlanBell nudges Myrtti a bit
20:14 <Myrtti> no
20:14 <IdleOne> cmon Myrtti :)
20:15 <Fuchs> aw :(  Myrtti is awesome
20:15 * IdleOne nudges Flannel
20:15 <IdleOne> Fuchs: very understandable
20:16 <Flannel> Sounds like we should've had this goad-people meeting earlier to the deadline, if our selection process is "whoever is here and breathing"
20:16 <Flannel> IdleOne: If I accept your nomination, does that make six or five?
20:16 <AlanBell> Flannel: yeah, we did, last week
20:16 <IdleOne> not trying to goad you sir, just think you would be good for the position.
20:16 <AlanBell> this is a followup goad
20:17 <IdleOne> Flannel: I believe it would be 5
20:17 <Flannel> AlanBell: Ah, well, I missed it.  Was there an email?  "Come show up! Be volunteered!"
20:17 <Pici> Lets stop goading people, its their own decision to nominate themselves.
20:17 <Flannel> IdleOne: I will accept your nomination, but only if that makes six people.  So if that was only five, you'll need to find one more :)
20:17 <IdleOne> I'm assuming AlanBell is keeping track
20:17 <Pici> After all, this is a 2 year commitment.
20:18 <Flannel> IdleOne: Think of it as a matching contribution :)
20:18 <IdleOne> well, it seems we can't shame anyone else now :(
20:19 <AlanBell> so far I see Pici Tm_T AlanBell IdleOne Flannel
20:19 <IdleOne> Flannel: Please confirm yourself so I don't feel like I forced you into accepting
20:20 <IdleOne> *the nomination
20:23 <Flannel> I still feel that we should seek out one or two more.  It's not much of a confirmation/vote if barely have the minimum number.
20:24 <Flannel> AlanBell: What are the requirements for a person serving?
20:24 <Tm_T> be ubuntu member
20:24 <Fuchs> Flannel: ubuntu IRC membership, being dedicated to IRC, having a bit or IRC knowledge, listet all at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil
20:25 <Fuchs> (under IRC Council Charter, 4th point)
20:27 <AlanBell> Flannel: yeah, basically Ubuntu Membership and wanting to do it really
20:27 <AlanBell> nominations are open to the end of November, so still a few hours left :)
20:27 <Flannel> right, operator status not required.
20:27 <AlanBell> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-irc/2013-November/001623.html set out the dates
20:28 <AlanBell> Flannel: nope, not required to be an Op
20:29 <Flannel> So, with this window, let me officially state this then: I will only accept nomination if we find at least one more (hopefully more!) additional people who accept nomination.
20:30 <Tm_T> would be good to have non-ops in council too infact
20:30 <Flannel> Not that I wish to be difficult, just that I wish for a vote that's more meaningful than "vote for five of these five people!" when it comes time for that.
20:30 <AlanBell> Flannel: yeah, I am keen on there being a vote too
20:31 <Fuchs> so basically you just need to find one who nobody will vote for anyway, then take Flannel ;)
20:31 <Flannel> Lets have everyone take a homework assignment then, over the next N hours (how many? what timezone?), talk to folks about the IRCC, what it does, why it's important, and see if they're interested.
20:34 <AlanBell> so I didn't specify a timezone, we normally use UTC, but it isn't a particularly hard deadline, we said "November" and I would be fine with that meaning that we send the list to the CC at an unspecified time on Monday with all nominations to that point
20:35 <Pici> Sounds fine to me
20:36 <AlanBell> the IRCC will prepare an email with the names, links to wiki pages and launchpad pages and any comments we may have about the nominations
20:36 <IdleOne> Do I need to make a special page for this?
20:36 <IdleOne> wiki page that is
20:36 <Flannel> IdleOne: At least a section.
20:37 <IdleOne> let me see if I remember my wiki all-in-one password
20:37 <Flannel> IdleOne: I think the wiki uses launchpad now.
20:37 <AlanBell> no need for a special page or section, just maybe take a look over the existing stuff and update if required
20:38 <AlanBell> maybe add a note saying you are nominating yourself for the IRCC
20:38 <Pici> And testimonials, if you like.
20:40 <IdleOne> will do
20:42 <AlanBell> so, thanks very much all for attending this meeting, and thanks to those who have nominated themselves, lets close this for now, further nominations will continue to be accepted, just let a member of the current IRCC know you want to put yourself forward by email or IRC or carrier pigeon
20:43 <IdleOne> Thank you.
20:43 <AlanBell> at some point on Monday the nominations we know about at that time will be passed on to the CC - we won't announce the time of that in advance, so no last second nominations will work :)
20:43 <AlanBell> #endmeeting