20:03 <AlanBell> #startmeeting IRC Team
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20:03 <AlanBell> hi all
20:03 <Pici> howdy
20:03 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda is the agenda
20:04 <Pici> Do we have anything from last meeting to discuss?
20:07 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/IRCC/20131027 was the last meeting
20:07 <AlanBell> still not done many cloak removals :(
20:08 <AlanBell> #topic Review last meetings action items
20:08 <Pici> I think we have a few more anyway, I saw at least one get emailed to us recently.
20:08 <AlanBell> yup, the script needs re-running and just processing
20:09 <AlanBell> lets rattle through the rest of the agenda and then do that
20:09 <AlanBell> #topic Open items in the IRCC tracker
20:09 <AlanBell> no items in the tracker, I just checked
20:09 <AlanBell> #topic Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council
20:09 <AlanBell> no new bugs reported
20:09 <Pici> I just checked as well.
20:09 <AlanBell> #topic Operator Applicants
20:10 <AlanBell> we do have some operator applicants that we mentioned in the prior meeting
20:10 <Pici> I spoke to someone the other day that expressed interest, I'm not sure if they applied or not though
20:12 <Unit193> https://launchpad.net/~irc-lubuntu-ops seems to have one pending, I'd +1.
20:12 <Pici> agreed
20:12 <AlanBell> yup, lets just make that one happen :)
20:13 <topyli> yes let's
20:13 <AlanBell> gah, my irssi script has messed up, pici/topyli can you sort out the flags for that
20:14 <Pici> sure
20:14 <Unit193> (Already did.)
20:14 <AlanBell> also xubuntu
20:15 <Pici> done
20:16 <Unit193> Pici: Don't like templates? ;)
20:16 <Pici> Unit193: nope
20:17 <AlanBell> ok, no membership applications on the agenda
20:17 <AlanBell> #topic Any Other Business
20:18 <AlanBell> I think the main thing to discuss is the nomination(s) for the next IRCC term
20:18 <Pici> I suppose we have until the end of the month to get our nominations in.
20:18 <AlanBell> yup, end of the month is the deadline
20:19 <IdleOne> afaik only Tm_T has nominated himself, right?
20:19 <AlanBell> the announcment has been on the mailing list and on the fridge/planet ubuntu
20:19 <AlanBell> IdleOne: I believe that is the case at the moment
20:20 <Pici> Personally, I'm waiting to see who else steps forward.
20:21 <AlanBell> me too :)
20:22 <topyli> i'm not
20:22 <IdleOne> :/
20:22 * phunyguy giggles
20:23 <AlanBell> so, is there something else we could be doing to encourage more nominations?
20:24 <IdleOne> AlanBell: I doubt it
20:24 <Pici> free parking?
20:25 <IdleOne> haha
20:25 <Unit193> The dark side has cookies, yes.
20:28 <AlanBell> I was wondering if the recent open letter and discussions would prompt some people to nominate themselves/each other
20:28 <AlanBell> or if it would put people off :/
20:28 <IdleOne> it is unfortunate but I think many people are put off by it
20:28 <AlanBell> yeah, I was rather disappointed by the timing of it when I saw it
20:29 <IdleOne> I think the effect did not match the intent
20:31 <IdleOne> hypothetical question, what would happen if there was no IRCC for a cycle ?
20:31 <IdleOne> How would it effect the IRC team?
20:31 <Unit193> Tm_T does it all.
20:32 <AlanBell> interesting question
20:32 <IdleOne> Unit193: I thought he already did :)
20:32 <AlanBell> I am thinking we should schedule an IRC team meeting for next saturday, which is basically the deadline
20:32 <IdleOne> but seriously, say there is no IRCC. Does it all explode?
20:32 <AlanBell> at that meeting we can count up the nominations and figure out what happens next
20:32 <phunyguy> What are the requirements for an IRCC seat?
20:33 <IdleOne> need to be an ubuntu member
20:33 <topyli> phunyguy: you must be an ubuntu member, that's it iirc
20:33 <AlanBell> phunyguy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil
20:33 <phunyguy> ah.  Ok then.
20:33 <IdleOne> and it should be cushioned
20:33 <IdleOne> I refuse to sit on a hard seat
20:33 <phunyguy> (That page said everyone is welcome to apply)
20:33 <AlanBell> and nominate yourself, and not be pruned by the CC
20:34 <topyli> and get people to vote for you
20:34 <topyli> childsplay!
20:34 <IdleOne> a lot like US presidential elections if you think about it
20:34 <AlanBell> phunyguy: yeah, it does, but it also lists the requirements Ubuntu membership (Essential)
20:35 <phunyguy> yep i see it now.
20:35 <IdleOne> AlanBell: +1 on scheduling a meeting for next Saturday
20:35 <AlanBell> ok, anything else to discuss right now?
20:36 <AlanBell> #endmeeting