15:00 <barry> #startmeeting
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15:00 <barry> !dmb-ping
15:00 <ubottu> bdrung, ScottK, Laney, micahg, barry, tumbleweed, stgraber: DMB ping
15:00 <barry> welcome to this week's ubuntu developer membership board meeting
15:00 * Laney waves
15:01 <barry> stgraber: will be along in a while
15:02 <barry> micahg-work: hi
15:02 <barry> we can wait another couple of minutes for bdrung, ScottK, and tumbleweed
15:03 <tumbleweed> o/
15:04 <barry> i guess we'll start
15:05 <barry> #topic Review of previous action items
15:05 <barry> 
15:05 * stgraber waves
15:05 <barry> is there anything we need to review?
15:06 <barry> #topic Package Sets
15:06 <barry> 
15:06 <barry> no package sets today
15:06 <barry> #topic PerPackageUploader Applications
15:07 <barry> utlemming does not appear to be online :(
15:07 <barry> let's skip ahead and see if he shows up
15:07 <Laney> doh
15:07 <barry> #topic MOTU Applications
15:07 <barry> none
15:08 <barry> #topic Ubuntu Core Developer Applications
15:08 <barry> none today
15:08 <barry> #topic Should we change UTC meeting time when the DST-ending madness begins?
15:09 <barry> any objections to taking this one to the mailing list?
15:09 <tumbleweed> barry loves noop meetings
15:09 <barry> tumbleweed: almost better than meetings i miss :)
15:09 <tumbleweed> no objection, but generally, if we want to actually make a decision, this is the place to do it
15:09 <micahg-work> sounds good to me
15:10 <Laney> Well
15:10 <barry> tumbleweed: in that case.  i personally have no problem with keeping it at 1500 utc.  i suspect stgraber and ScottK won't mind either
15:10 <Laney> Aren't the DST changes happening before the next meeting?
15:10 <barry> Laney: in the NA, yes
15:11 * ScottK wave.
15:11 <barry> micahg-work: i think you are the westish among us, so maybe it affects you most?
15:12 * ScottK is good with whatever.
15:12 <barry> tumbleweed, Laney, bdrung any preferences?
15:12 <Laney> What is the proposal?
15:12 * tumbleweed doesn't mind either way
15:12 <Laney> 1500 is fine
15:12 <barry> Laney: keep dmb at 1500utc or switch it to Something Else
15:12 <barry> (and 1900utc)
15:13 <barry> micahg-work: any objections then to keeping 1500utc and 1900utc?
15:14 <micahg-work> I have an issue with 15:00, I'll miss the meeting most likely
15:15 <micahg-work> well, maybe I can attend from my phone
15:15 <barry> micahg-work: why don't we try it and if it's a real hardship, we can move it?
15:15 <micahg-work> ok
15:15 <barry> thanks
15:15 <Laney> tether it :-)
15:16 <barry> well, that about does it, and no utlemming, so i will send an email and push him back to the next meeting
15:16 <barry> #topic aob
15:16 <barry> any other business before we adjourn?
15:16 * stgraber doesn't have anything
15:16 <Laney> nope
15:17 <barry> okay then..
15:17 <barry> #endmeeting