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20:00 <costales> Let's go! :)
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20:01 <jose> so, let's check the agenda
20:01 <phillw> lubuntu meeting will be held on #lubuntu-offtopic, I'll kill the person who double booked the room later!
20:01 <jose> #topic California LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:01 <pleia2> o/
20:01 <jose> pleia2: you're the team contact, right?
20:01 <pleia2> I am
20:02 <costales> Hi pleia2 :) Good luck!
20:02 <pleia2> unfortunately due to timezones it's the middle of a weekday california time so everyone else is work/schooling right now
20:02 <pleia2> (I'm on my lunch break :))
20:02 <jedijf> yay pleia2
20:02 * jedijf has your back
20:02 <costales> bon appetit!
20:02 <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/VerificationApplication2013
20:03 <jose> checking that now
20:03 <costales> pleia2: Amazing amount of Ubuntu Hours! It's lovely to see how active you are!
20:04 <jose> the same I wanted to say, it's great to see that amount of activity
20:04 <pleia2> we really like ubuntu hours :)
20:04 <jose> may I ask, how many people show up around those?
20:04 <pleia2> a lot of us are pretty busy, so it works out well
20:04 <pleia2> I run the SF one, we tend to have 4-10 each time
20:04 <costales> How does your team get people involved in running events?
20:05 <SergioMeneses> hi guys
20:05 <pleia2> we start folks off by getting them to do ubuntu hours, then recruit them to help out with bigger events like the southern california linux expo where we have ubucon and a booth each year
20:05 * SergioMeneses hugs pleia2
20:06 <costales> pleia2: great :)
20:06 * pleia2 hugs SergioMeneses
20:06 <SergioMeneses> that is great!
20:06 <skellat> pleia2: As a minor point, would it be possible to fix California's naming on LP to be in line with the faceted team naming standard for US teams?  See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto#For_the_United_States
20:06 <pleia2> skellat: we were told we could keep it since it's legacy
20:06 <costales> I see a really friendly team in the pictures :)
20:06 <SergioMeneses> pleia2, I want to know if you have problems in your team or something that you will share with us :)
20:06 <pleia2> we put it on a lot of our printed materials and things so switching now would be really painful for the team
20:06 <skellat> pleia2: I can live with that then.
20:07 <jose> we can make an exception
20:07 <skellat> We'll need to update our guidelines to take that into account
20:07 <skellat> It's a truly minor thing though
20:07 <costales> yes skellat ;)
20:07 <pleia2> SergioMeneses: not really, always looking for more folks to be active but we do pretty well
20:07 <jose> any more questions?
20:07 <skellat> o/
20:08 <jose> go for it
20:08 <skellat> pleia2: What can we do as LoCo Council to serve Ubuntu California?  How can we enable you, equip you, or otherwise make life easier for you at this time?  How may we serve you best?
20:08 <pleia2> skellat: I think we're doing ok :) I know where to find you
20:09 <jose> should we move on to voting, then?
20:09 <skellat> I'm agreeable to that.
20:09 <costales> It's OK for me :)
20:09 <SergioMeneses> pleia2, we are starting with a new process of verification, do you have comments about it? something to share about your experience working on it?
20:10 <pleia2> SergioMeneses: it feels identical to reapproval ;)
20:10 <costales> hahaha
20:10 <skellat> With luck that will change over time.
20:10 <pleia2> having the loco team portal helps a ton though, I can just link to those past events instead of spending tons of time on a wiki page, which was alawys very tedios
20:11 <jose> it's great to know that some teams find the tools useful
20:11 <jose> anything else?
20:11 <skellat> pleia2: One of my goals is to stress during these check-ins is that we are here to serve the local communities and to find out what needs are unmet that we can help fill.  I'm not really worried about red tape but making sure everything is equipped for success.
20:12 <pleia2> I just got a package delivered, my saucy shirt has arrived in time for our release party on thursday! :D
20:12 <pleia2> skellat: much appreciated, thank you
20:12 <skellat> jose: I call for a vote
20:12 <jose> that motion is in order
20:12 <jose> #vote California LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:12 <meetingology> Please vote on: California LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:12 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
20:13 <skellat> +1
20:13 <meetingology> +1 received from skellat
20:13 <costales> +1 Keep your awesome work team!
20:13 <meetingology> +1 Keep your awesome work team! received from costales
20:13 <jose> +1 Keep up that activity level, awesome!
20:13 <meetingology> +1 Keep up that activity level, awesome! received from jose
20:14 <SergioMeneses> +1 great work
20:14 <meetingology> +1 great work received from SergioMeneses
20:14 <jose> #endvote
20:14 <meetingology> Voting ended on: California LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:14 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:14 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:14 <pleia2> thanks everyone!
20:14 <jedijf> congrats ca and pleia2
20:14 <jose> congratulations! :)
20:14 <SergioMeneses> congrats guys!
20:15 <jose> next up is...
20:15 <costales> Congrats!!! :D
20:15 <czajkowski> well done :)
20:15 <SergioMeneses> pleia2, you're right the process is pretty similar but is the best way to get information from our teams and get in touch :)
20:15 <jose> #topic Pennsylvania LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:15 <jedijf> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam/ReVerificationApplication2013
20:15 <jedijf> hello council
20:15 <costales> Hi jedijf !
20:15 <skellat> Good afternoon jedijf!
20:15 <jose> hey jedijf!
20:16 <costales> Good luck team! :)
20:16 <skellat> What end of the Commonwealth are you located in jedijf?
20:16 <jedijf> Philly side
20:16 <SergioMeneses> hi ubuntu pennsylvania!
20:16 <jedijf> southeastern - the only active area - pretty much, since inception
20:16 <skellat> Okay, I spent some time living in Indiana County working at IUP and attended Clarion University of PA
20:16 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, \o
20:17 <pleia2> I was at fosscon with the PA team this summer, they did an awesome job with installs and fixups for folks who came by :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/9478617047/in/set-72157635045154436
20:17 <jedijf> bhavani was there too!
20:17 <jedijf> he was smitten with pastry
20:18 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, I saw it
20:18 * SergioMeneses wants to go
20:18 <jedijf> come to 2014 - we're working on a venue right now
20:19 <skellat> jedijf: How is activity doing beyond the southeastern portion of the state?  Any signs of life or prospects to build upon?
20:19 <skellat> I may be in Ohio but I'm only a short drive away from Erie if you want somebody to visit and speak perhaps
20:19 <jedijf> skellat: not really, but as i was doing the reverification, i decided that over the next 2 years that roadtrips to LUGs to promote will be needed
20:20 <skellat> That sounds good
20:20 <jedijf> skellat: erie lug, last i heard is inactive
20:20 <skellat> That sounds not so good
20:20 <jose> so, I'm checking the LoCo Portal right now, and there aren't many events in there, why aren't you using it?
20:20 <jedijf> jose: noted - also noted when mentioned to CA
20:21 <jedijf> will add to administriva list
20:21 <skellat> If it doesn't do what you need, what do you need it to do for you?
20:21 <jose> or what do you use instead?
20:21 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, you seem to be a good team but I dont see referents of the events to the locoteam portal http://loco.ubuntu.com/
20:21 <jedijf> skellat: not that; merely an oversight
20:21 <jedijf> SergioMeneses: that will be resolved moving forward
20:22 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, sure! it is not a big deal, an advice
20:22 <jedijf> the beauty and bain of multiple communication channels
20:22 <skellat> Okay, wearing my hat as leader for Ubuntu Ohio I have already filed a few wishlist bugs against LoCo Portal myself as I don't like the way it does a few things
20:22 <jedijf> after i use it, maybe i will do the same!
20:22 <skellat> I encourage it
20:23 <jose> it's a pretty useful tool which devs are keen in improving
20:23 <jedijf> i did use the Ohio script though (member one)
20:23 <costales> jedijf: Which type of events is working better in your team? Ubuntu Hours, Jams, Installfests...?
20:23 <costales> :)
20:23 <jose> or maybe you do better at talks, roundtables, that stuff?
20:23 <SergioMeneses> before vote, I want to know if you have any problem in your team or doubts, maybe we can help you
20:23 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, ↑↑↑
20:23 <jedijf> costales: fosscon is now our big event - given that we've been around so long, in the philly area, we are definitely a brand
20:24 <costales> jedijf: Great :)
20:24 <costales> jedijf: Is a lot of work, right?
20:24 <jedijf> our work with NTR, a computer repurposer, and the local hackerspaces, and the community in general - that's are biggest promotion
20:25 <costales> I'm sure :D
20:25 <jedijf> costales: like pleia2 said - more bodies would be awesome
20:25 <jose> jedijf: have you recently had any problems or inquiries on the team in which we can give a hand with?
20:25 <skellat> jedijf: How may we serve your community so that you may achieve greater success?
20:26 <jedijf> one thing, as i mentioned at the bottom of app is if you could pass on any information that you feel we need to get to the community
20:26 <skellat> I talked to Jono Bacon about that a little at Ohio Linux Fest
20:26 <jedijf> i can tell by our forums count there are many lurkers - hopefully they come out - but even if not, giving the info is vital
20:27 <jose> it's something we're clearly working on, but we need to coordinate it a bit to get it done in a good way :)
20:27 <jedijf> they will come when the time suits them - just want to keep them engaged until then
20:27 <skellat> Information gets tricky as we have to balance the business interests of Canonical and the wishes of the community
20:27 <skellat> That is a matter on our agenda to discuss and take up with Mr. Bacon, though
20:28 <jose> one last thing I wanted to mention
20:28 <jedijf> this next 2 years my goal is to start Ubu hours and reach out to distant LUGs to create activity in other areas of the state
20:28 <jedijf> jose: i'm sorry, go ahead
20:28 <jose> as we've already said on the mailing list and to you, it would be good if we could get the name of the LP team changed to ~ubuntu-us-pa for it to follow the naming standards :)
20:29 <jedijf> jose: on it!
20:29 <jedijf> no printed material
20:29 <costales> jedijf: Great news! :D I think it'd be very helpful
20:29 <jedijf> so we're good
20:29 <SergioMeneses> jose, agree
20:29 <jedijf> yeah, it's even hard to find myself on the list :)
20:30 <jose> and if you could change the team's email to the mailing list address that'd be good too
20:30 <jose> just so people can have contact info handy
20:30 <jedijf> piece of cake
20:30 <jose> thanks for the cooperation
20:30 <costales> yes jedijf, thanks :)
20:31 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, \o/
20:31 <jose> so, everyone's ready for a vote?
20:31 <skellat> I call for a vote
20:31 <SergioMeneses> skellat, agree
20:31 <costales> I'm ready
20:31 <jose> #vote Pennsylvania LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:31 <meetingology> Please vote on: Pennsylvania LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:31 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
20:31 <skellat> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from skellat
20:31 <jose> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from jose
20:31 <costales> +1 Keep your amazing work team! :D
20:31 <meetingology> +1 Keep your amazing work team! :D received from costales
20:31 <SergioMeneses> +1 good work and good advices
20:31 <meetingology> +1 good work and good advices received from SergioMeneses
20:32 <jose> #endvote
20:32 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Pennsylvania LoCo Team Re-Verification
20:32 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:32 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:32 <jedijf> thank you council!
20:32 <jose> congratulations!
20:32 <costales> Congrats team!!!
20:32 <costales> Well done!
20:32 <IdleOne> yay jedijf and PA!
20:32 <jthan> IdleOne: come back to PA
20:32 <IdleOne> jthan: not gonna happen but I am there in spirit
20:32 <pleia2> congrats PA :)
20:32 <SergioMeneses> congrats jedijf
20:32 <jedijf> IdleOne: long time bud - thanks
20:33 <jthan> IdleOne: <3
20:33 <jose> keep up the good work, we're sure you'll get more people involved with advocacy :)
20:33 <waltman> Has anyone mentioned yet how awesome the PA ubuntu team is?
20:33 <jose> #topic General Announcements
20:33 <SergioMeneses> jedijf, pleia2 remember if you have a feedback for us, please let us know :)
20:33 <costales> waltman: +1 :)
20:33 <SergioMeneses> waltman, :)
20:35 <jose> first of all, we wanted to mention that we're here to help every team
20:35 <jose> if any of you needs any help, advice, or even have feedback for us just let us know
20:36 <jose> we're keen to improve ourselves, as well as our relationship with the teams
20:36 <jose> then, we also wanted you to know that we have just opened a Twitter account, where we will be posting updates
20:36 <jose> #LINK https://twitter.com/LoCoCouncil
20:37 <jose> anything else to discuss, costales, SergioMeneses, skellat?
20:37 <pleia2> fwiw, I'd love to see a blog post about teams that were (re)verified from the council, even if it's as simple as "congrats, here are links to their approval apps"
20:37 <pleia2> err, verification :)
20:38 <jose> noted, will definitely do that in a while!
20:38 <pleia2> I know there are teams doing great work, but I often don't know about it unless I read the logs, which I don't do
20:38 <jose> (after I poke IS :P )
20:38 <SergioMeneses> jose, I'm ok
20:38 <skellat> jose: I have nothing further to dispose of at this meeting.
20:38 <SergioMeneses> pleia2, we are working on it :D
20:38 <costales> pleia2: +1! ;) We were talking about that :D
20:38 <pleia2> great :)
20:38 <jose> then, that's all for now, folks!
20:39 <jedijf> pleia2: thinking uwn?
20:39 <costales> Thanks jose. Great chat management!
20:39 <jose> :)
20:39 <pleia2> jedijf: you know me
20:39 <jedijf> :)
20:39 <jose> thanks everyone for coming, and congratulations to us-ca and us-pa!
20:39 <jose> #endmeeting