19:16 <Laney> #startmeeting DMB
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19:16 <Laney> #topic Ubuntu Core Developer Applications
19:17 <Laney> (no actions or anything, straight into it)
19:17 <Laney> #subtopic Chris J Arges
19:17 <Laney> hello arges!
19:17 <arges> o/
19:17 <Laney> care to give us a quick introduction for the history books?
19:17 <arges> Sure
19:18 <arges> So I'm been an Ubuntu user since 06. And for the last two years I've been fixing Ubuntu bugs as a full-time job working in canonical technical services.
19:19 <arges> I mainly work on kernel bugs, but I also fix userspace packages as well.
19:19 <Laney> thanks
19:19 <arges> I'm always trying to make sure our stable releases continue to be awesome, and I also run teh latest devel release to fix bugs as I hit them as well.
19:19 <Laney> http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu-sponsorships.cgi?render=html&sponsor=*&sponsor_search=name&sponsoree=Chris+J+Arges&sponsoree_search=name
19:19 <arges> .
19:20 <Laney> Looks like a pretty good list
19:20 <Laney> you should have gotten infinity to advocate you :P
19:20 <arges> Laney: i did e-mail him.
19:20 <arges> but I'm guessing its crunch time so he may have been busy
19:22 <Laney> fair enough
19:26 <Laney> so
19:27 <Laney> did you find the plus one team provided you with good experience for this application?
19:27 <arges> Laney: absoultely.
19:28 <arges> It was fun fixing FTBFS,whilst learning proper packaging, and all the variables needed to fix a wide range of packages
19:28 <Laney> great, I'm glad it's serving that part of its purpose well
19:29 <Laney> if accepted, is there any particular area you will concentrate on?
19:29 <Laney> maybe outside of your work if that answer will be uninteresting ;-)
19:30 <arges> I'll continue to fix a wide range of bugs for stable releases, but my fxies will most likely be in the server/cloud
19:30 <arges> I also will fix things as I use them, so I record audio on Ubuntu and like to make sure usbaudio / jack /ardour work well
19:31 * Laney nods
19:31 <Laney> stgraber has a q
19:31 <stgraber> arges: hi, so how familiar are you with the Ubuntu release process? For example, can you describe what state the Ubuntu archive currently is in, how long it'll be in that state and what's expected from uploaders at this time?
19:32 <arges> stgraber: sure. we are after the kernel freeze and final beta freeze. The final freeze is on oct 10th and the release is the 17th
19:33 <arges> at this point only release-critical bugs / security-critical bugs will be fixed
19:33 <arges> If there is an exceptional case, it can be considered, but we obviously want to make sure we don't introduce any last minute regressions / etc
19:34 <stgraber> is there a known exception to that rule you know of? (not really expecting you too, just wondering how much side noise you've heard ;))
19:35 <arges> You mean specifically and recently?
19:35 <stgraber> yep, new for this cycle
19:36 <arges> stgraber: was there something with the ubuntu touch project that changed recently?
19:37 <stgraber> yep, touch packages that are only seeded on the touch images and nowhere else have a pretty broad freeze exception and so are still getting feature updates this late in the cycle
19:37 <stgraber> do you know how to easily check if a package is seeded and so will affect an official Ubuntu image?
19:38 <arges> stgraber: i believe there is a project that does this
19:38 <arges> seeded-in-ubuntu
19:39 <stgraber> are you subscribed to ubuntu-devel-announce? (we seem to have forgotten to ask that one lately...)
19:39 <arges> stgraber: no i am not, but will subscribe now
19:39 <stgraber> thanks :)
19:39 <stgraber> that's all I've got, next!
19:39 <arges> thanks
19:39 <Laney> micahg-work: go
19:40 <micahg-work> arges, have you ever done a library transition in the archive?
19:40 <arges> micahg-work: i've done some fixes for multi-arch python, but nothing too major
19:41 <micahg-work> arges, I'm referring to a SONAME bump or something similar
19:42 <arges> micahg-work: no i haven't had the chance to fix something like that. but its something I can learn and handle with help from mentors
19:44 <micahg-work> arges, do you have a general idea of how something like that would work
19:45 <arges> micahg-work: sure.
19:46 <arges> so first ensure the library builds properly with the bump, so we'll get something like /usr/lib/libblah.so.X.Y
19:47 <arges> then we need to make sure any packages that depend on that library build properly and can pick up that new library
19:47 <arges> if the packages that depend on the library have any version requirements we may need to modify them to use the newer library
19:48 <arges> so then you'd go through all the rdepends library packages and ensure they build correctly and also pass tests/QA/etc
19:50 <arges> there could be some gotcahs because function names could have changed as well
19:50 <arges> ..
19:51 <micahg-work> arges, thanks, that was nicely detailed (and the initial rebuild test is always a good thing to do)
19:51 <micahg-work> rdepend rebuild I meant
19:52 <arges> micahg-work: thanks
19:52 <Laney> do you know of any process improvement that was made recently which makes ongoing transitions safer for users of the development release?
19:53 <arges> Laney: i think there is a few
19:53 <arges> - autopkgtests and running them when a new package is uploaded
19:54 <arges> - improved qa, more continuous testing
19:55 <arges> Hmm i was going something else
19:55 <Laney> Let me interrupt, because we're running short on time - sorry
19:55 <arges> Sure
19:55 <Laney> I was mainly thinking of proposed-migration (britney)
19:55 <arges> Ojk
19:55 <arges> Ok
19:55 <Laney> it makes sure that packages don't move to the main release until transitions are done
19:55 <Laney> (simplified description)
19:56 <Laney> tumbleweed: you had something?
19:56 <tumbleweed> yeah
19:56 <tumbleweed> arges: I don't see any sync  in the sponsorship miner, or your LP page
19:56 <tumbleweed> *syncs
19:56 <tumbleweed> have you worked much with Debian?
19:56 <arges> tumbleweed: I have done a debian sync... let me find that example
19:57 <arges> tumbleweed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iptables/1.4.18-1ubuntu1
19:57 <arges> I think there may be two, but this is the first one i could finmd
19:57 <tumbleweed> ubuntu1 doesn't soound like a sync
19:57 * tumbleweed looks
19:57 <tumbleweed> ah, it's a merge
19:57 <arges> Oh you said sync
19:57 <arges> sorry
19:58 <arges> No I haven't done a debian sync, just debian merges
19:58 <tumbleweed> I suppose many of the packages you've touched have Ubuntu deltas
19:58 <tumbleweed> right, so you know to look for merges on packages you touched last
19:58 <arges> Yup! the merge o matic page
19:58 <tumbleweed> there's also a handy grep-merges tool
19:58 <arges> ah nice!
19:59 <arges> I also regarding debian, I do try and submit my fixes to debian using 'submittodebian' when applicable to ensure we reduce our delta with debian
19:59 <tumbleweed> ok
19:59 <tumbleweed> so you've dealt with the Debian BTS
19:59 <arges> Yes
20:00 <tumbleweed> I think that answers everything I have there
20:00 <tumbleweed> thanks
20:00 <arges> thanks
20:00 <Laney> cheers
20:00 <Laney> stgraber: micahg-work: got anything final?
20:00 <Laney> or vote?
20:00 <stgraber> I'm ready to vote
20:00 <micahg-work> I think that covered everything
20:00 <Laney> #vote Should Chris J Arges join ubuntu-core-dev?
20:00 <meetingology> Please vote on: Should Chris J Arges join ubuntu-core-dev?
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20:00 <Laney> +1
20:00 <meetingology> +1 received from Laney
20:00 <stgraber> +1
20:00 <meetingology> +1 received from stgraber
20:00 <tumbleweed> +1
20:00 <meetingology> +1 received from tumbleweed
20:01 <micahg-work> +1 good work thusfar, good understanding of process, don't be afraid to ask questions later :)
20:01 <meetingology> +1 good work thusfar, good understanding of process, don't be afraid to ask questions later :) received from micahg-work
20:01 <Laney> #endvote
20:01 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Should Chris J Arges join ubuntu-core-dev?
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20:01 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:01 <Laney> thanks, and welcome!
20:01 <arges> thanks everybody!
20:01 <stgraber> arges: congrats!
20:01 <Laney> added ;-)
20:02 <Laney> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/New might have some tips
20:02 <Laney> but may also be a bit stale (don't be afraid to update it if you learn things)
20:02 <tumbleweed> great
20:02 <arges> Laney: will do. thanks
20:02 <Laney> I'm guessing Daniel Pocock isn't here?
20:02 <tumbleweed> he goes by pocock on IRC, doesn't he?
20:02 <stgraber> doesn't appear to be on IRC, no
20:02 <Laney> no idea
20:03 * micahg-work wonders if -v for dpkg-buildpackage is on that list
20:03 * tumbleweed sees him on OFTC
20:03 <Laney> I'll ping over email
20:03 <Laney> we could maybe handle it there
20:03 <Laney> as it seems to have been around for a while
20:03 <Laney> #topic AOB
20:03 <Laney> #subtopic Should we change UTC meeting time when the DST-ending madness begins?
20:03 <Laney> who put that there?
20:04 <micahg-work> well, we were discussing informally after the last "meeting"
20:05 <micahg-work> we can table for the next meeting I guess
20:05 <Laney> Just about still before DST changes
20:06 <Laney> ok, let us carry it
20:06 <Laney> thanks chaps
20:06 <Laney> #endmeeting