17:01 <czajkowski> #startmeeting
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17:02 <czajkowski> Aloha and welcome to this months Community Council meeting where we meet with the LoCo Council
17:02 <coolbhavi> hello CC :)
17:02 <czajkowski> so who is here from the LC ?
17:02 * coolbhavi lifts his hands up!
17:02 <cprofitt> hello coolbhavi
17:02 <PabloRubianes> Here czajkowski
17:03 <cprofitt> hello PabloRubianes
17:03 <coolbhavi> hello cprofitt
17:03 <PabloRubianes> hi cprofitt
17:04 <SergioMeneses> hi CC!
17:04 * SergioMeneses hugs cprofitt
17:04 * cprofitt hugs SergioMeneses
17:04 <YokoZar> Hi folks :)
17:04 <SergioMeneses> YokoZar, \o
17:04 <PabloRubianes> hi YokoZar
17:04 <czajkowski> thanks for attending folks
17:05 <coolbhavi> hey YokoZar
17:05 <SergioMeneses> always is good to meet with friends!
17:05 <beuno> czajkowski, o/
17:05 <coolbhavi> :)
17:05 <PabloRubianes> hey beuno!
17:05 <beuno> heya PabloRubianes!
17:06 <czajkowski> so how are things in the LC ?
17:08 <czajkowski> beuno: cprofitt YokoZar any questions?
17:08 <coolbhavi> czajkowski, going fine, we have been brainstorming and bringing in process changes
17:09 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, we published the new health check process http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2013/08/25/new-local-communities-healthcheck/
17:09 <coolbhavi> apart from our routine such as loco teams verification on per cycle basis and helping the loco teams in case of any issues
17:09 <SergioMeneses> and we are updating all teams right now http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2013/09/05/updating-shippit-to-the-new-term/
17:10 <beuno> anything stressing you guys out?
17:10 <cprofitt> have you received much interest in the upcoming openings for the LC?
17:11 <coolbhavi> nothing stressful as of now beuno
17:11 <SergioMeneses> cprofitt, yes! this time we have a lot of proposals
17:11 <coolbhavi> cprofitt, yes we have received 4 applications as of now
17:11 <YokoZar> Pardon my ignorance, but do we offer localized versions of stuff in the goodies for loco councils, eg translated CD slip covers?
17:12 <SergioMeneses> we shall send you an email with all information about the aspirants
17:12 <YokoZar> (for the pressed CDs)
17:12 <PabloRubianes> YokoZar: no, there no localized materials
17:12 <PabloRubianes> in fact some Locos had say that we should improve the multilingual resources
17:13 <PabloRubianes> as there is only official resources in English
17:14 <cprofitt> I know that Jono spoke about 'special funding' for LoCo projects / activites I wonder if producing localized resources would be one of the things that might fit in that box... funds provided to a loco team so they can have that done...
17:14 <SergioMeneses> by the way, we have received a lot of commentaries about the new process, I dont know if you saw it
17:15 <cprofitt> SergioMeneses: I have not seen them; what was the overall response?
17:16 <czajkowski> cprofitt: it's been welcomed
17:16 <czajkowski> many people are very happy about removing the term approved so it's more welcoming to people
17:16 <PabloRubianes> cprofitt: the resources I am talking are not just material, but for example ASKubuntu
17:16 <czajkowski> and others who weren't approved before or lost the status want to go again to be verified
17:16 <czajkowski> which is nice to see
17:16 <SergioMeneses> cprofitt, the process is good because we need a tool for getting information about our local-communities, and the process is the best way to get it
17:17 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, agree
17:17 * cprofitt nods to PabloRubianes about askubuntu type resources
17:17 <cprofitt> czajkowski: that is good that the process is well received
17:17 <SergioMeneses> and we are thinking to start a new process to contact and work with all teams, even no-verified
17:17 <czajkowski> from my point of view, I feel it's been harder to connect with the community at times due to different goals people have. I've found the vUDS mid week to hinder participation in the community
17:18 <PabloRubianes> I am +1 with czajkowski
17:18 <czajkowski> even the loco council themselves couldn't take part due to a) short notice of vUDs and b) the fact it was mid week meant people cannot take time off work to attend
17:18 <czajkowski> which also means we cannot connect wiht the commmunity
17:18 <PabloRubianes> at least it should be one day at a weekend day
17:18 <cprofitt> czajkowski: I agree on the vUDS
17:18 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski,  totally agree, vuds schedule is not good for my real work
17:18 <czajkowski> and the community cannot engage with Ubuntu, the developers and get involved.
17:19 <YokoZar> Would longer notice time help there, or moving it to a weekend?
17:19 <PabloRubianes> SergioMeneses: for anyone's work
17:19 <cprofitt> it was one thing to take time off and travel to go to a UDS in person, but it has been difficult to attend the vUDS... in general I attend the sessions I am most interested in
17:19 <coolbhavi> YokoZar, would certainly help
17:19 <cprofitt> and miss sessions that I am unsure of... at real UDS I would attend other sessions or use it to connect to others in the community
17:19 <PabloRubianes> YokoZar: I know that maybe a weekend is a time where you want to be with family, but is once every 3 months
17:20 <coolbhavi> moving over a weekend means some of us can be free
17:20 <PabloRubianes> on you regular job you cant connect to google hangout
17:20 <czajkowski> YokoZar: yes more notice
17:21 <czajkowski> and possibly a friday/saturday combination of a vUDs
17:21 <SergioMeneses> cprofitt, but it was easier get days off in the work if you attent uds in person
17:21 <SergioMeneses> imho
17:21 <cprofitt> SergioMeneses: yep
17:21 <SergioMeneses> but vuds might be on weekends
17:21 <SergioMeneses> it could be a solution -practical-
17:21 <coolbhavi> +1 SergioMeneses
17:22 <czajkowski> that's a schdeuling thing, but I think the feedback from a community point is that mid week is not at all helful if you're not directly involved in development
17:22 <cprofitt> Do you feel that the loss of the in-person UDS has reduced the ability of people to understand the differences that regions face? I know I got a lot out of being able to really sit down and talk to people from Europe, India, etc... and listen to the issues they face in growing their local communities
17:22 <czajkowski> so some sort of meeting in the middle is needed split between mid week and a weekend
17:22 <czajkowski> cprofitt: I think honestly a 3 month cycle is very hard for a community when you don't have deliverables to produce
17:23 <czajkowski> it's only 3 meetings
17:23 <czajkowski> if you break it down to basics
17:23 <cprofitt> +1 czajkowski
17:23 <SergioMeneses> agree
17:23 <PabloRubianes> cprofitt: also every loco has it needs sometimes global solutions are worst
17:23 <coolbhavi> cprofitt, I do feel so because infrastructure isnt so great here it just puts me out of contention wrt vUDS
17:23 <PabloRubianes> that's why we are doing case by case solutions
17:23 <czajkowski> so while I love the fact we have a fast pace developement cycle, I think it hinders at times our community to be involved when it comes to locoteams is my short summary :)
17:24 <cprofitt> so it appears that we can agree that we have an opportunity to improve the vUDS in regards to community (non-developer) engagement
17:24 <coolbhavi> +1
17:24 <PabloRubianes> +1
17:24 <czajkowski> cprofitt: +1
17:25 <SergioMeneses> cprofitt, +1
17:25 * SergioMeneses is still working
17:25 <cprofitt> I think that is critical... speaking honestly the community is what convinced me to go with Ubuntu when I was in my distro hopping phase
17:25 <czajkowski> I think the LC does a great job in understanding the community, it may be a slower than people want for changes to occur but it does listen to the ffeedback
17:25 <cprofitt> SergioMeneses I am at work right now too
17:25 * coolbhavi is half slept here
17:25 <cprofitt> +1 czajkowski I think the loco does an excellent job as well
17:26 <SergioMeneses> czajkowski, maybe we need to be more public with our things
17:26 <czajkowski> SergioMeneses: indeed
17:26 <PabloRubianes> we do much on backstage
17:26 <SergioMeneses> I hate when people said we dont work
17:26 <czajkowski> it kinda feels at times people do not respect that or understand that and that leads to being frustrated tbh
17:26 <SergioMeneses> sure
17:26 * cprofitt nods
17:26 <SergioMeneses> we are more than +1/-1
17:27 <coolbhavi> yes we do a lot of other stuff too
17:27 <cprofitt> I agree that I do not think people understand everything that goes on... there are a great many things that take tact, patience and a measure of privacy when it comes to loco teams
17:28 <czajkowski> beuno: YokoZar cprofitt any other comments?
17:29 <beuno> none from me, I'm happy you guys continue to rock
17:29 <cprofitt> no, I am good.
17:29 <coolbhavi> cprofitt, and quantifying stuff for the number of teams we cater to isnt easy
17:29 <cprofitt> I truly appreciate the work that everyone has done on the loco teams.
17:30 <SergioMeneses> cprofitt, it's our duty
17:30 <czajkowski> #endmeeting