17:00 <pleia2> #startmeeting
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17:00 <pleia2> #chair dholbach
17:00 <meetingology> Current chairs: dholbach pleia2
17:01 <dholbach> welcome everybody :)
17:01 <dholbach> thanks coolbhavi for turning up
17:01 <pleia2> welcome to the Community Council meeting!
17:01 <coolbhavi> hello dholbach and the CC :)
17:01 <dholbach> pleia2, it escaped me, who apart from the Dev Advisory Team are we meeting up with today?
17:01 <pleia2> IRC Council
17:01 <dholbach> great
17:01 <pleia2> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
17:01 <dholbach> anyone from the IRCC here?
17:02 <dholbach> maybe we start off with the DAT - it must be late in India already
17:02 <coolbhavi> :) 10 30 PM here
17:02 <pleia2> #topic Catch up with the Developer Advisory Team
17:03 <dholbach> coolbhavi, how have things been going since the last time we met? (and I guess I'll put on my DAT hat in a bit too :-))
17:04 <Pici> dholbach: re: ircc, myself and Tm_T should be here.
17:04 <coolbhavi> dholbach, the major work was dat v2
17:04 <dholbach> Pici, great
17:04 <Tm_T> I'm somewhat around anyway (:
17:04 <dholbach> (dat v2 means the Dev Advisory Team overview page we use to track who we're in touch with, who progressed how far on their journey as a developer, etc.)
17:05 <coolbhavi> and we have a cool instance up here  http://ec2-50-19-67-12.compute-1.amazonaws.com
17:05 <pleia2> that's really cool
17:05 <dholbach> up until we mostly used Trello cards for that and a list of uploads per developer, which got slightly out of hand after a couple of cycles
17:05 <pleia2> no doubt :)
17:05 <coolbhavi> trello overflow :)
17:05 <dholbach> Andrew Starr-Bocchicchio did a PHENOMENAL job on this
17:06 <coolbhavi> dholbach, +1
17:06 <dholbach> one stumbling block we're currently having is the deployment
17:06 <dholbach> I said I was happy to host this on holba.ch
17:06 <dholbach> but just ran out of time looking into it
17:06 <dholbach> sorry about that
17:06 <pleia2> I assume it's on some random person's ec2 account?
17:06 <AlanBell> hi Pici and all
17:07 <dholbach> pleia2, yes, but it might get a bit too expensive over time
17:07 <pleia2> no doubt
17:07 <dholbach> it crunches quite a bit of LP data, etc
17:07 <pleia2> jcastro is using hpcloud for discourse, I wonder if you could get a similar deal
17:07 <dholbach> I'll have a chat with him later on
17:07 <pleia2> great
17:07 <coolbhavi> dholbach, if anyone needs hosting space m ready to give as I bought a new physical server
17:07 <dholbach> I'm no expert when it comes to these things
17:08 <pleia2> dholbach: he might make you juju deploy it
17:08 <pleia2> :)
17:08 <dholbach> yeah
17:08 <dholbach> and "normally deploying" it is not my forté either ;-)
17:08 <dholbach> that's probably why we got stuck where we are right now
17:08 * pleia2 nods
17:08 <dholbach> in between a transition where I'm blocking things :)
17:08 <dholbach> that's also why activity went down quite a bit
17:08 <dholbach> so we have to figure this out soon
17:08 <dholbach> I'll talk to jcastro tomorrow
17:09 <dholbach> promise! :)
17:09 <pleia2> thanks dholbach!
17:09 <dholbach> coolbhavi, we could probably also do with some restaffing
17:09 <dholbach> huats stepped down
17:09 <pleia2> coolbhavi: also, looking forward to seeing you at fosscon next week :)
17:09 <dholbach> and some other members got busy with other projects as well
17:09 <coolbhavi> dholbach, sorry here too as m sucked into HPUX and HP labs
17:09 <coolbhavi> pleia2, same here :)
17:10 <dholbach> coolbhavi, I could imagine that as soon as we set up the new tool, start using it and fixing a few bugs, we might as well train a few new contributors in the team
17:10 <coolbhavi> dholbach, yes +1
17:10 <dholbach> and being on the DAT is wonderfully social task
17:10 <dholbach> so we might just want to pick and ask the right people :)
17:10 <dholbach> coolbhavi, that's something the two of us could probably look into together?
17:11 <coolbhavi> dholbach, yes can send out a email reg restaffing and a dat overview
17:11 <dholbach> that'd be fantastic
17:11 <pleia2> \o/
17:11 <dholbach> shall we have a chat tomorrow after I talked to jcastro?
17:11 <coolbhavi> yes
17:11 <dholbach> awesome
17:12 <dholbach> I think apart from that there's not much to report - just that we should get on the tasks mentioned above quite urgently :)
17:12 <dholbach> pleia2, any more questions? :-D
17:12 <pleia2> nope, thanks coolbhavi and dholbach!
17:12 * dholbach hugs coolbhavi
17:12 <dholbach> thanks a bunch!
17:12 * coolbhavi hugs dholbach back
17:12 <pleia2> #topic Catch up with the IRC Council
17:13 <coolbhavi> thanks CC
17:13 <coolbhavi> :)
17:13 <Pici> Hi
17:13 <pleia2> welcome Tm_T, Pici and AlanBell!
17:13 <pleia2> we haven't heard much from the IRCC lately, hopefully this means all is well :)
17:13 <AlanBell> hi
17:14 <pleia2> any concerns, challenges, success stories you'd care to share?
17:14 <AlanBell> yeah, we have been a bit quiet
17:14 <sabdfl> o/ sorry to be late
17:14 <dholbach> hey sabdfl!
17:14 <AlanBell> I think things are generally OK, we have been missing a few meetings though
17:15 <Pici> We approved a new Ubuntu Member recently (m4v) though :)
17:15 <Pici> Long overdue
17:15 <IdleOne> YAY!
17:15 <dholbach> What's been keeping you busy since we last met? :)
17:15 <AlanBell> we are on top of most general issues like assigning cloaks, and yes, we approved M4V for membership, there are no outstanding applications
17:15 <pleia2> another "oh, they weren't already a member?" :)
17:15 <Pici> Pretty much.
17:16 <pleia2> I do notice that next cycle we will have some restaffing to do
17:16 * AlanBell checks on launchpad
17:16 <Pici> There hasn't been many disputes that have needed the IRCC itself to intervene, which is nice.
17:16 <dholbach> great
17:16 <pleia2> that's great
17:16 <AlanBell> end of December we expire
17:16 <AlanBell> there was a bit of a dispute in the norway loco channel, but we worked with the loco leader to resolve that
17:16 <dholbach> did you have any plans or tasks from one of the last UDSes?
17:18 <Tm_T> I think one of the ongoing tasks is we should have a session or two on every cycle about IRC
17:19 <dholbach> did you get feedback in those sessions? like anything that needs changing? or are you at a stage where you take care of normal business and everything's fine? :)
17:19 <Tm_T> making us visible, so to speak
17:19 <Tm_T> dholbach: more like I think we should make them more often
17:20 <dholbach> ah, gotcha
17:20 <Tm_T> one form of communication that is
17:20 <AlanBell> we were doing new operators every UDS, in line with the dev cycle, then the UDS cycle changed a bit wiht the online UDS
17:21 <AlanBell> so, when do we start the restaffing process given that we expire at the end of the year?
17:21 <dholbach> right, that makes sense
17:21 <dholbach> like 2-3 weeks before the expiry?
17:21 <dholbach> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Restaffing should have more info
17:22 <AlanBell> ah OK, so plenty of time still :)
17:22 <dholbach> is there any help the IRCC needs or feedback or anything else?
17:23 <Pici> The only thing I can think of is with the recent Edge announcement, we didn't have anywhere to route people initially.
17:24 <AlanBell> don't think so, and I should note that I am pretty happy about the increased communications around the Ubuntu Edge thing compared to other surprises
17:24 <AlanBell> Pici: yeah we did :)
17:24 <pleia2> that's good to hear
17:24 <dholbach> :-)
17:25 <dholbach> great
17:25 <Pici> AlanBell: well, we did, but I don't think we were all in the loop from the get go.  Anyway, it was much better than prior releases
17:25 <Tm_T> improvement, definitely
17:26 <Tm_T> also I liked much of the contact relating the forums incident
17:26 <dholbach> Tm_T, you mean the analysis? or the communications during the incident?
17:27 <Tm_T> communication that it happened and that it might affect irc channels by increasing traffic
17:27 <dholbach> right
17:27 <AlanBell> are the forums back to normal now? I haven't been tracking that one closely
17:27 <Pici> AlanBell: I believe so.
17:27 <Tm_T> AlanBell: up and running
17:28 <Tm_T> just that login is changed, I have two accounts now
17:28 <dholbach> yes, you log in through SSO and through some magic you can reconcile accounts
17:28 <AlanBell> ok
17:28 <Pici> We had a spike in traffic, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected.
17:28 <dholbach> I didn't check for too long how that exactly works, I must admit
17:29 <Tm_T> anyway, improvements on communication, I like
17:29 <dholbach> I'm done with questions for the IRCC - I'm very happy with the work you're doing.
17:29 <IdleOne> Would be nice to get some communication about how to reconcile the forums accounts (sorry for speaking out of turn)
17:29 <pleia2> the forums council has been handling that
17:30 <dholbach> maybe you can ping elfy about this
17:30 <AlanBell> IdleOne: it is available if you try to log on to the forums looks OK to me
17:30 <IdleOne> AlanBell: my account had a 2 added to it
17:30 <pleia2> yeah, elfy helped me out
17:30 <AlanBell> idletwo
17:30 <dholbach> :)
17:30 <Pici> pleia2: but... you normally have a 2 ;)
17:30 <AlanBell> or idlethree perhaps :)
17:31 <IdleOne> anyway, not a big deal and I'll ping elfy. thank you :)
17:31 <dholbach> perfect :)
17:31 <IdleOne> AlanBe11
17:31 <dholbach> !!
17:31 <dholbach> pleia2, sabdfl: any more questions for the IRCC from you?
17:31 <pleia2> I'm all set
17:34 <pleia2> thanks Pici, AlanBell and Tm_T (and IdleOne!)
17:34 <dholbach> not sure if we lost sabdfl
17:34 <IdleOne> :)
17:34 <Pici> You know where to find us if you need anything :)
17:34 <AlanBell> thanks o/
17:34 <dholbach> that's right :)
17:34 <Tm_T> thanks
17:34 <dholbach> thanks a bunch!
17:34 <pleia2> #topic Any other business
17:34 <pleia2> does anyone have anything else?
17:34 <dholbach> I'm all set
17:37 <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone
17:37 <pleia2> meeting up with the Doc team next meeting
17:38 <pleia2> #endmeeting