22:00 <hggdh> #startmeeting 2200 UTC Ubuntu Membership Board
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22:00 <hggdh> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board for the 2200 UTC meeting for July 4th, 2013.
22:00 <IdleOne> o/
22:00 <PabloRubianes> hello all
22:00 <iulian> \o
22:00 <hggdh> We will attempt to get through all of the applicants that have added themselves to that list before today's meeting. If we are unable to make it through the entire list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off.
22:01 <hggdh> The format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).
22:01 <hggdh> Each applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page. After the introduction the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.
22:01 <hggdh> During this time it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are most likely reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.
22:01 <hggdh> When the board is ready to vote, they will publicly vote in the channel with either +1, 0, or -1 (for membership, abstain, and against membership, respectively). If the sum of those numbers is positive, then the applicant is now an official Ubuntu member! (feel free congratulate them!)
22:02 <hggdh> #voter micahg s-fox PabloRubianes IdleOne iulian hggdh
22:02 <hggdh> hum, where's the response?
22:03 <s-fox> i had my vote notification
22:03 <IdleOne> try #voters
22:03 <hggdh> nevermind. So, now, for the first candidate
22:03 <hggdh> #voters micahg s-fox PabloRubianes IdleOne iulian hggdh
22:03 <meetingology> Current voters: IdleOne PabloRubianes hggdh iulian micahg s-fox
22:03 <hggdh> yeah
22:04 <hggdh> Dolasilla: please present yorself
22:04 <Dolasilla> Hi all! :)
22:04 <iulian> Hi there.
22:04 <Dolasilla> This is Silvia, I am an Italian computer engineer currently living in France.
22:05 <Dolasilla> I have joined the Ubuntu community around 2007 through the UbuntuWomen group
22:05 <Dolasilla> with the goal to involve more people, particularly women, in the community
22:05 <Dolasilla> later I got in touch with the Italian loco team (around 2010)
22:06 <Dolasilla> where I am mainly active in the promotion group, writing on a weelky basis on the newsletter, contributing to presentations with talks
22:06 <Dolasilla> and some other activites
22:06 <IdleOne> Dolasilla: Please link to your wiki page
22:06 <Dolasilla> I also work on the italian ubuntu website, and give some contribution to translations
22:06 <Dolasilla> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SilviaBindelli
22:06 <Dolasilla> I am currently in the board uf Ubuntu Women
22:07 <Dolasilla> and, in Italy, I contributed to create the local chapter of the group
22:07 <IdleOne> Lots of impressive work :)
22:07 <iulian> Very nice.
22:07 <hggdh> yep. So...
22:07 <PabloRubianes> yes nice work!
22:07 <s-fox> i am impressed
22:07 <s-fox> :)
22:08 <Dolasilla> :) thanks
22:08 <PabloRubianes> let's vote
22:08 <PabloRubianes> :)
22:08 <s-fox> agreed
22:08 <hggdh> #vote for Dolasilla as an Ubuntu Member
22:08 <meetingology> Please vote on: for Dolasilla as an Ubuntu Member
22:08 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
22:08 <iulian> +1 Keep up the good work.
22:08 <meetingology> +1 Keep up the good work. received from iulian
22:08 <IdleOne> +1
22:08 <meetingology> +1 received from IdleOne
22:08 <s-fox> +1 nice work :D
22:08 <meetingology> +1 nice work :D received from s-fox
22:08 <PabloRubianes> +1
22:08 <meetingology> +1 received from PabloRubianes
22:08 <hggdh> +1 no question :-)
22:08 <meetingology> +1 no question :-) received from hggdh
22:08 <micahg> +1
22:08 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg
22:09 <IdleOne> #endvote
22:09 <hggdh> #endvote
22:09 <meetingology> Voting ended on: for Dolasilla as an Ubuntu Member
22:09 <meetingology> Votes for:6 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
22:09 <meetingology> Motion carried
22:09 <IdleOne> Congrats Dolasilla!!!
22:09 <PabloRubianes> congrats Dolasilla keep the work going!
22:09 <s-fox> congratulations
22:09 <hggdh> Dolasilla: welcome!
22:09 <Dolasilla> thanks!!! :)
22:09 <Gwaihir> congrats Dolasilla! \o/
22:09 <Deindre> congrats Dolasilla!!!
22:09 <Dolasilla> thank you all :)
22:09 <kokoye2007> congratulations Dolasilla
22:09 <s-fox> thank you for your efforts
22:09 <neo31> congratulations Dolasilla
22:09 <yeminn> Congratulations Dolasilla
22:10 <Dolasilla> thanks :)
22:10 <hggdh> salih-emin: please introduce yourself, and link your wiki and launchpad pages
22:10 <saimawnkham> Congratulations Dolasilla
22:10 <salih-emin> Hi !
22:10 <thohi> Great Ubuntu woman
22:10 <salih-emin> My name is Salih, I live and work as an IT Consultant in Greece
22:10 <salih-emin> here is my wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SalihEmin
22:11 <salih-emin> I have been in the Linux world since 2002
22:11 <salih-emin> and with Ubuntu since 2007
22:12 <salih-emin> My daily work with members of Ubuntu Greece is giving advices
22:12 <salih-emin> and support for any kind of problem
22:13 <salih-emin> but most of my job is advocating the use of Ubuntu for evrey day jobs
22:14 <salih-emin> I love helping new users to get involved with Ubuntu and the community
22:14 <hggdh> salih-emin: please wait a bit, we are discussing it in the background
22:15 <salih-emin> ok !
22:15 <salih-emin> :)
22:19 <hggdh> #voters chilicui1
22:19 <meetingology> Current voters: IdleOne PabloRubianes chilicui1 hggdh iulian micahg s-fox
22:19 <chilicui1> salih-emin, it seems like optimus kernel has been left a little behind, do you plans to trying to push your changes to the ubuntu kernel?
22:20 <salih-emin> yes that is true, I am working on providing it through PPA rather than
22:20 <salih-emin> downloadable deb packages
22:20 <hggdh> #vote on salih-emin for Ubuntu membership
22:20 <meetingology> Please vote on: on salih-emin for Ubuntu membership
22:20 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
22:20 <hggdh> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from hggdh
22:20 <iulian> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from iulian
22:20 <PabloRubianes> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from PabloRubianes
22:20 <eliasps> +1
22:20 <s-fox> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from s-fox
22:20 <IdleOne> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from IdleOne
22:20 <chilicui1> +1, incredible work, you radiate energy, it will be our pleasure to have you with us
22:20 <meetingology> +1, incredible work, you radiate energy, it will be our pleasure to have you with us received from chilicui1
22:20 <micahg> +1
22:20 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg
22:20 <hggdh> #endvote
22:20 <meetingology> Voting ended on: on salih-emin for Ubuntu membership
22:20 <meetingology> Votes for:7 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
22:20 <meetingology> Motion carried
22:20 <IdleOne> Congrats salih-emin and welcome.
22:20 <hggdh> salih-emin: welcome!
22:21 <salih-emin> thank you all !!!!
22:21 <tr3quart1sta> congrats!!!
22:21 <chilicui1> welcome aboard salih-emin =)
22:21 <kokoye2007> welcome 2 ubuntu-member salih-emin
22:21 <PabloRubianes> congrats salih-emin
22:21 <Ethan-Kurt> congrats ubuntu-member salih-emin
22:21 <salih-emin> thank you all, proud to be member !
22:22 <htutmyat> Congrats salih-emin :)
22:22 <NikTh> Congratulations salih-emin . Welcome aboard. :-)
22:22 <neo31> conratulations salih-emin
22:22 <salih-emin> thank you all !
22:22 <Ck> Cheer salih-emin
22:22 <saimawnkham> congrats salih :)
22:23 <Ck> =1
22:23 <Ck> +1
22:23 <Ck> hello next ?
22:24 <IdleOne> patience :)
22:24 <thohi> :)
22:24 <kokoye2007> we are sleepless local 4:30 AM  IdleOne  :P
22:25 <IdleOne> For all the people who applied from Myanmar. We are happy that such a large number of you want to become Ubuntu members. We do have some concerns though...
22:25 <htutmyat> :)
22:25 <PabloRubianes> kokoye2007, I told the Myanmar this time was not so good for you
22:26 <Ethan-Kurt> We all really are contributor and we hope to be a Ubuntu-Member
22:26 <lugyimin> :)
22:26 <IdleOne> The main concern we have is that all of your wiki pages appear to be very similar in terms of contributions. We like to see a more personal listing of what each member has done on his/her own.
22:26 <iulian> We don't offer membership to a group, but rather to individuals. It looks like all your wiki pages are the same,  more or less. The testimonials have been given between you guys, except for one person who's already a member (Pyae Sone). Having said that, I would like you to put some effort in writing your own wiki page with detailed explanation of what your contributions are.
22:27 <iulian> We are sure that you guys are doing good work out there but your wiki pages are way too similar. So we cannot really judge who's doing what.
22:27 <IdleOne> So, what the Membership Board has decided to do is to postpone the voting to our email list and give you all an extra 7 days before we start voting.
22:28 <iulian> Or you guys can even extend that 7 days to whatever you think is best for you.
22:28 <Ethan-Kurt> We can also write down in here.
22:28 <Ck> becuse of we contributing with group in Myanmar . We go together all around the state .
22:28 <kokoye2007> all are Ubuntu-MM Core Memer
22:28 <IdleOne> We hope you all understand that we want to make sure we have all the information possible so that we can make the best decision for the Ubuntu community.
22:28 <kokoye2007> _member
22:29 <Ethan-Kurt> In our country, it's 05:00am and we didn't sleep just for a while
22:29 <Ck> that's why our team leader make a templates.
22:29 <Ck> What we all are...
22:29 <Ethan-Kurt> sure! our template are the same because we contributed together
22:29 <kokoye2007> when we go event and make event
22:29 <Ethan-Kurt> that's why we have the same template
22:29 <kokoye2007> together whenever
22:30 <Ethan-Kurt> you can see our activities at  http://www.flickr.com/groups/ubuntu-mm
22:30 <iulian> Ethan-Kurt: Then please document that in your wiki pages. Like we said above we don't grant membership to an entire group.
22:30 <PabloRubianes> I understand that but this is an individual process
22:30 <kokoye2007> all about is my mistake
22:30 <htutmyat> Why not the chance like the 2 above ?
22:31 <Ethan-Kurt> Our individual project is shown on "About me"
22:31 <saimawnkham> its ok.
22:31 <saimawnkham> i quit
22:31 <htutmyat> you can dicusss with each ,that are not real or not ,right ?
22:31 <kokoye2007> who is ubuntu-mm core member - approval in template :(
22:31 <kokoye2007> upset
22:31 <iulian> Ethan-Kurt: No, that section is just "About me". It's not saying anything about your contributions to Ubuntu.
22:32 <kokoye2007> who seen wiki, who see activity
22:32 <Ethan-Kurt> Dear iulian, it's okay you decided like this.
22:32 <chilicui1> let's make this clear, we're not rejecting your applications, we just want to make sure we're not approving in batch, so we're giving you 7 more days to polish your wiki pages, then we'll vote for your approval
22:32 <Ethan-Kurt> I can still contribute even I am not the member of Ubuntu
22:32 <IdleOne> Please try to understand that we are not trying to punish anybody. What we want is to give each one of you the best possible chance at approval.
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> I've just seen the contributing power
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> no wiki
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> whatever, you are the boardmember.
22:33 <IdleOne> We are not rejecting any of you at this time
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> you can decided what you want to
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> thanks
22:33 <IdleOne> I want that to be clear
22:33 <yeminn> I see, chilicui1 :)
22:33 <Ethan-Kurt> upset :(
22:33 <IdleOne> kokoye2007: you are the loco contact correct?
22:34 <kokoye2007> yes IdleOne
22:34 <kokoye2007> i am ubuntu-mm leader and ubuntu-member
22:34 <IdleOne> ok Please hold for a moment
22:34 <Ck> We are grouply contributing Ubuntu in our country . and than Yangon city Development Committe (YCDC) already change Ubuntu Os because of  our team.our group .
22:34 <kokoye2007> IdleOne: it's my idea and my mistake
22:35 <Ethan-Kurt> Currently, I am the Ubuntu instructor and technical supporter of  Yangon City Development Committee (Government Sector) and University of Computer Studies in Thaton.
22:35 <kokoye2007> but they are real activity Ubuntu Contributor
22:35 <kokoye2007> ok skip it. ;P
22:35 <Ck> that'swhy we always says I am what I am because of who we all are.
22:35 <IdleOne> kokoye2007: you did not make any mistakes. Everybody please calm down
22:35 <Ethan-Kurt> Most of my times have been passed by contributing Ubuntu
22:35 <PabloRubianes> please could you hold the chat a little
22:35 <Ck> and than We can't sleep for hole night .
22:37 <iulian> Please don't get us wrong here. We are just trying to point you guys in the right direction so that next time when you come to the meeting we won't have to talk about this matters again. We have acknowledged the fact that you guys are doing excellent job with your group.
22:37 <Ethan-Kurt> Okay.
22:37 <Ethan-Kurt> I'm done with all of you
22:37 <iulian> It's just that we cannot really judge who is doing what. Maybe someone is doing much more than the other and we wouldn't want to grant membership to someone who's not doing anything or the like.
22:38 <Ethan-Kurt> I will share this meeting log
22:38 <Ethan-Kurt> in Google+ and
22:38 <Ethan-Kurt> let decided the ppl
22:38 <Ethan-Kurt> I am done with you
22:38 <iulian> Hmm.
22:38 <kokoye2007> launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mm-council is our admin team
22:39 <kokoye2007> hey neo31
22:39 <kokoye2007> time for you :)
22:39 <IdleOne> kokoye2007: please join #ubuntu-rmb
22:39 <Ck> pass me .
22:39 <yeminn> dun be serious Ethan
22:39 <Ck> next ok
22:39 <iulian> kokoye2007: Could you please talk to Ethan and tell him to calm down?
22:39 <hggdh> all: we are NOT refusing your application.
22:39 <neo31> :)
22:39 <kokoye2007> i think time is too short
22:40 <IdleOne> hggdh: Please end the meeting until we can speak with kokoye2007
22:40 <kokoye2007> sorry neo31,
22:40 <thohi> yes, we understand . only different point of view
22:40 <neo31> :(
22:40 <neo31> is it my turn or is the meeting aborted kokoye2007 ?
22:40 <Ck> I'd love to sharing and contribute Ubuntu in Local community . And most of my life deeply invest in Ubuntu Development and try to exam LPI in next year and would like to proudly become Ubuntu Member.
22:41 <Ck> who next ?
22:41 <Ck> go ahead
22:41 <neo31> ok
22:41 <hggdh> neo31: it seems we will have to hold on you
22:42 <IdleOne> wait!
22:42 <neo31> Should I post my sentences hggdh ?
22:42 <hggdh> neo31: yes, please go ahead
22:42 <neo31> Thank you hggdh, hello dear members.
22:42 <neo31> I am Ahmed Sghaier, a Tunisian software engineer and a network security and services IT specialist. My first experience with Linux was in 2002 and switched to it as my main OS in 2005.
22:42 <neo31> Later in 2008 I have joined Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo team and became an active member in 2009.
22:42 <neo31> I have been approved as a Freedom Fighter (approved active members) in the team in 2010 and joined the management commitee of the team in 2011.
22:42 <chilicui1> hi neo31 welcome
22:43 <neo31> In 2012 I was assisting our LoCo contact when possible, and I have been approved as the official LoCo contact in 2013 election. I am also now the secretary general of CLibre, a FLOSS NGO supporting Tunisian communities.
22:43 <neo31> I have contributed to 25 IRL events during last years (local, national and international events as a speaker, workshop trainer, coordinator, organizer or assistant). I have contributed also on IRC, ML, forums and many of our sub teams (media, events, relations, documentation and reporting)
22:43 <neo31> hi chilicui1 :)
22:43 <neo31> this is my wiki page for review : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AhmedSghaier
22:44 <chilicui1> neo31, do you photos or links to the conferences you've participated?
22:44 <alaya> hi, I'm the former loco contact of Ubuntu-tn and a Ubuntu Member. I'm here to support Neo31
22:45 <neo31> yes chilicui1 there are many links on events page
22:45 <iulian> alaya: Great.
22:45 <neo31> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Events
22:45 <chilicui1> neo31: thanks
22:45 <neo31> some other links could be found also on our team report page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/TeamReports
22:46 <neo31> I have uploaded some photos today to https://plus.google.com/photos/109786888015890437987/albums/5896864064045728145?authkey=CKrv-ITLl4a2Ow
22:46 <neo31> unfortunately on of our main photos source got down lately and I am recollecting some other photos
22:47 <neo31> but alaya can confirm my contributions to the events you want
22:47 <chilicui1> I've seen you're interested in becoming a MOTU, however your lp account don't reflect activity in that area, are you having issues there?
22:48 <neo31> we have been working on packaging workshops during UGJ
22:49 <neo31> now that we have enough knowledge about packaging and how it works I became interested in joining the MOTU team
22:49 <alaya> I confirm the participation of neo. there is a little problem in the servers of the free community here in tunisia (I have conctacted the admin)
22:49 <neo31> I will be seeking a MOTU sponsor before next UGJ and organize some IRC classrooms for the team
22:50 <chilicui1> got it neo31, just wondering
22:50 <neo31> Then I will start contributing real packages to next releases before I apply to join the MOTU team
22:50 <neo31> :) good chilicui1
22:50 <iulian> neo31: #ubuntu-motu is always there to help you. ;-)
22:50 <micahg> sounds good, MOTU can always use more help :)
22:50 <neo31> sure iulian
22:51 <hggdh> OK
22:51 <iulian> neo31: Thanks for the information.
22:51 <hggdh> #vote on neo31 for Ubuntu Membership
22:51 <meetingology> Please vote on: on neo31 for Ubuntu Membership
22:51 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
22:51 <PabloRubianes> +1
22:51 <meetingology> +1 received from PabloRubianes
22:51 <iulian> +1 Great work.
22:51 <meetingology> +1 Great work. received from iulian
22:51 <IdleOne> +1
22:51 <meetingology> +1 received from IdleOne
22:51 <s-fox> +1
22:51 <meetingology> +1 received from s-fox
22:51 <hggdh> +1 thank you for your work
22:51 <meetingology> +1 thank you for your work received from hggdh
22:51 <chilicui1> +1, I'm sure you will get MOTU and will keep up your nice contributions to the Ubuntu-TN team, thanks for inspire us
22:51 <meetingology> +1, I'm sure you will get MOTU and will keep up your nice contributions to the Ubuntu-TN team, thanks for inspire us received from chilicui1
22:52 <micahg> +1
22:52 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg
22:52 <hggdh> #endvote
22:52 <meetingology> Voting ended on: on neo31 for Ubuntu Membership
22:52 <meetingology> Votes for:7 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
22:52 <meetingology> Motion carried
22:52 <IdleOne> Congrats neo31 and welcome!
22:52 <hggdh> neo31: welcome!
22:52 <yeminn> Congratulations neo31!
22:52 <yeminn> :)
22:52 <neo31> Thank you very much :)
22:52 <alaya> mabrouk (congrates)  neo  :)
22:52 <chilicui1> welcome aboard neo31
22:52 <Ck> congratulations Neo
22:52 <thohi> neo31 cheer :)
22:53 <iulian> Congratulations, neo31 and keep up the good work. I hope I will see you soon in #ubuntu-motu.
22:53 <neo31> cheers, I will do my best to improve my contributions
22:53 <hggdh> OK. Now I believe all the pending candidates are the ones involved in the current confusion. We are discussing with kokoye2007 in the backstage.
22:53 <neo31> thank you iulian
22:53 <hggdh> I will hold the meeting open for a while
22:54 <PabloRubianes> congrats neo31
22:54 <lunapersa> Congratulations  neo31
22:54 <neo31> thank you PabloRubianes alaya lunapersa :)
22:54 <salih-emin> neo31 congrats !
22:55 <neo31> thank you salih-emin
22:55 <hggdh> given the time -- 2255 UST, I will close this meeting. The conversation with kokoye2007 will keep on
22:55 <hggdh> #endmeeting