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17:00 <smartboyhw> It's 1:00 AM here actually:P
17:00 <cub> o/ Ubuntu Studio as well
17:00 <pleia2> #chair dholbach Gwaihir czajkowski beuno
17:00 <meetingology> Current chairs: Gwaihir beuno czajkowski dholbach pleia2
17:01 <pleia2> Welcome to the Community Council Meeting :)
17:01 <zequence> thank you :)
17:01 <smartboyhw> \o/
17:01 <leoquant> thx
17:01 <pleia2> #agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
17:01 <pleia2> I think we'll dive right in with the Ubuntu Studio check-in since they all seem to be here :)
17:02 <pleia2> #topic Ubuntu Studio check-in
17:02 <smartboyhw> pleia2, #agenda doesn't exist in available commands, IIRC:P
17:02 <pleia2> so during these check-ins we pretty much just ask how things are going, see if you need any help with anything, share exciting stories :)
17:03 <pleia2> smartboyhw: it's human-readable
17:03 <pleia2> so anyone is welcome to jump in
17:03 <pleia2> how are things going? :)
17:04 <cub> I joined recently, so I think everything's great.
17:04 <zequence> Not bad. We're not a big team, but we have some exciting things in the works
17:05 <dholbach> what's planned for 13.10? :)
17:05 <smartboyhw> Multiple DE support
17:05 <zequence> The main thing I suppose is that we're experimenting with becoming DE agnostics
17:05 <dholbach> how is that going work?
17:06 <zequence> Well, as it seems, we could create a meta package that depends on another DE, then override a few things, like artwork (if felt important), and also anything else that would seem required from a technical perspective
17:06 <smartboyhw> dholbach, you mean the progress or the method?
17:07 <czajkowski> aloha
17:07 <dholbach> but you'd then still create ISOs for multiple DEs? or ... well ... flavours of Ubuntu Studio?
17:07 <czajkowski> sorry I'm a bit late, traffic/airport
17:07 <dholbach> welcome czajkowski
17:08 <zequence> So far, we're still sticking with having a default DE that we maintain ourselves, but there is a chance that we might not need to keep our own seed files for any DE (at least from what it seems to me currently)
17:08 <dholbach> ok
17:08 <zequence> and just use overrides
17:08 * pleia2 nods
17:09 <zequence> we've become much more active in social channels, our website and on the wikis
17:09 <zequence> so, that's a change for the better
17:09 <dholbach> do you get much feedback?
17:09 <zequence> we're planning to co youtube videos too
17:10 <zequence> dholbach: sure, all though, the amount of users we have is probably much less than for other, bigger flavors
17:10 <zequence> the forum is probably the most used (ubuntuforums.org)
17:10 <cub> Many questions are similar and about how to get going with audio or video
17:10 <cub> So updated documentation and video tutorials might improve a lot
17:11 <zequence> our main goal is really 14.04 as it seems right now. that will probably be a big makeover moment for us
17:11 <pleia2> cub: tha would be great
17:11 <pleia2> that
17:12 <dholbach> I remember there were some difficulties with the -rt kernel in the past - was that resolved somehow?
17:12 <smartboyhw> dholbach, we are going to remake it for 14.04 or later
17:13 <smartboyhw> Since zequence has got some kernel maintenance skills with linux-lowlatency
17:13 <zequence> dholbach: since it was possible to tweak -generic for low latency (since around 2.6.37 or so), linux-lowlatency was born. Included since Precise
17:13 <dholbach> perfect
17:13 <zequence> now maintained by me, and it is really just -generic, rebased, with a few config changes
17:14 <pleia2> great
17:14 <zequence> we had a lot of help from UKT on this
17:14 <zequence> and of course, Alessio Bogani, who created it initially
17:15 <zequence> it's integrated into the kernel SRU process now
17:15 <dholbach> awesome
17:16 <zequence> One thing that I've personally worked on for a while is making a map of flavor specific developer documentation. There's a lot of resources out there, but that is one thing I'd like to help improve
17:17 <zequence> there's a lot to know, and with small teams like ours, it's really great to have instant access to all of the information needed in order to maintain a flavotr
17:17 <dholbach> that might also something where newer contributors might be able to help out
17:17 <zequence> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/DeveloperDocumentation is a beginning of that
17:17 <pleia2> yeah, they can share their own pain points so you can figure out where docs need to be written/improved
17:17 <pleia2> nice
17:18 <zequence> I find that to be a very importan part in trying to get more people involved. It should be as easy as possible
17:18 * pleia2 nods
17:18 <zequence> And, that is of course another big goal for us
17:19 <cub> As quite new in the team I can attest that it's a bit hard to get a grip on everything, so that documentation will make a big improvement
17:20 <ttoine> hop
17:20 <zequence> ttoine: hi
17:20 <pleia2> sounds like you folks are working on lots of great things, thanks for joining us today :)
17:20 <zequence> thanks :)
17:20 <ttoine> yw
17:21 <pleia2> and our door is open always if you ever discover you need anything, just let us know
17:21 <pleia2> shall we move on to check-in with Xubuntu?
17:21 <ttoine> so I guess I already missed everything ?
17:21 <smartboyhw> ttoine, yeah:PP
17:22 <ttoine> :-(
17:22 <pleia2> ttoine: if you have anything to say about the work studio is doing, please feel free :)
17:22 <zequence> ttoine has been working on a webshop for Ubuntu Studio
17:22 <ttoine> pleia2, I work for Studio since its beginning
17:23 <ttoine> and I enjoy the fact that it is more more ready to use out of the box
17:23 <pleia2> webshop?
17:24 <zequence> ttoine: I suppose you would be the best to answer any questions on that :)
17:24 <ttoine> pleia2, yes
17:24 <ttoine> I have the licence from Canonical
17:24 <pleia2> not questioning that, just curious as to what it is/will offer :)
17:25 <ttoine> And a agreement with them and Spreadshirt. At the moment, the artwork is created, and I just need to find a bit of time to push the products online
17:25 <pleia2> oh, studio-branded products?
17:25 <ttoine> to be very original, we will start with a mug and 3 different colors of t-shirt
17:26 <ttoine> then, we will see if spreadshirt does the job well
17:26 <pleia2> cool
17:26 <ttoine> yes !
17:26 <dholbach> awesome
17:27 <smartboyhw> This is rather a surprise project I think, but ttoine has been working on it extensively
17:27 <ttoine> it will be available this summer. I actually am moving from one city to another (new job) and I don't have Internet at home
17:28 <pleia2> great (and congrats on new job)
17:28 <zequence> we recently got a new art lead, goes by the nick madeinkobaia, and this really boosts our ability to show a prettier face towards the public
17:29 <pleia2> cool
17:29 <czajkowski> wel done :)
17:29 <czajkowski> *well
17:29 <ttoine> pleia2, you are welcome. I am proud to work now for an open source editor
17:30 <ttoine> madeinkobaia is really a talented artist
17:31 <pleia2> those are good people to have around
17:32 <ttoine> yes. Open Source needs to be beautiful. most of all, when it is about art production
17:32 <pleia2> :)
17:32 <smartboyhw> zequence's headhunting has been rather successful I think
17:32 <smartboyhw> Many people expressed interest in joining
17:32 <ttoine> As one of the cofounder of Ubuntu Studio, years ago, I am glad to see the work done by the current team !!
17:33 <ttoine> we eventually are creating a community. this is quite new
17:33 <smartboyhw> Yeah ttoine zequence what happened to our history page? :P
17:34 <ttoine> on the website ? or on Wikipedia ?
17:34 <pleia2> alright, I think we can wrap this portion up and get to the Xubuntu folks
17:34 <pleia2> thanks everyone :)
17:34 <dholbach> thanks a lot Ubuntu Studio people! :)
17:34 <zequence> yep, thanks all
17:34 <cub> :)
17:34 <smartboyhw> :)
17:34 <pleia2> #topic Xubuntu check-in
17:34 <ttoine> thank you all
17:34 <pleia2> ok, who all is here from Xubuntu?
17:35 <elfy> o/
17:35 <skellat> o/
17:35 <pleia2> o/
17:35 <czajkowski> hey there folks thanks for coming.
17:35 <micahg> o/
17:35 <czajkowski> how are things this cycle for Xubuntu going ?
17:35 <elfy> I'll go first - suffering a bit
17:36 <elfy> we've made remarkable inroads into manual testcases, the autopilot testing is not so good - but we're not completely sure yet if it will help us
17:36 <micahg> it should when someone has time to dig into it :)
17:37 <czajkowski> in what way is autopilot not so good and is there some way the QA team can help you ?
17:37 <elfy> we'd probably prefer to be able to get more testing done - but that's about calling for help for it when we need
17:37 <czajkowski> nods
17:37 <pleia2> czajkowski: mostly people-power
17:37 <czajkowski> a lot of projects feel that way about testing :)
17:37 <czajkowski> pleia2: ack
17:37 <elfy> czajkowski: we're not completely sure at present - but autopilot works well with ubuntu/unity - not so well with other apps
17:38 <elfy> but - hopefully we can make use of ubiquity autopilot tests
17:38 <czajkowski> elfy: is this something the team has raised and tried to work with balloons and the QA team with ?
17:38 <czajkowski> to see how it can work or where to help?
17:39 <elfy> and I talk to balloons quite frequently so it's not about talking - more about making it work for us - IF we decide it's actually of any use to us
17:39 <pleia2> yeah, all the QA teams work pretty closely together
17:39 <Unit193> I'm here for Xubuntu, sorry for being late.  (Coffee...)
17:39 <elfy> so - really there's not much that you can help us with at present :)
17:39 <pleia2> I think the main issue is that it's tedious work to get autopilot tests written (they must be very specific) so we need folks who have time to dig into it (as micahg said) and spend the time
17:40 <elfy> pleia2: not so much that it's tedious - more that it doesn't like our apps much :)
17:40 <czajkowski> nods and sometimes people do not have the time
17:40 <elfy> absolutely
17:40 <micahg> elfy: not liking apps might be a fixable issue
17:40 <czajkowski> pleia2: you're saying one thing and elfy says theother, is it a mixture of the two ?
17:40 <czajkowski> micahg: ahh ok
17:41 <pleia2> what micahg said
17:41 <elfy> +1
17:41 <elfy> but - I'm also not at all sure it's going to help us - which is another issue altogether
17:41 <pleia2> elfy put out a call for help with both manual and auto tests today, so hopefully that will drum up some interest :) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2013-July/009051.html
17:41 <czajkowski> ah ok  just so we;re all on the same page
17:42 <czajkowski> dholbach: beuno any comments?
17:43 <czajkowski> pleia2: in general any other issues or concerns or thoughts you would like to air?
17:43 <pleia2> project-wde we're still pretty lean on developers, but we're chugging away
17:43 <elfy> I think project wide we are still pretty lean full stop ;)
17:44 <dholbach> are you in touch with your users? (like what the Ubuntu Studio guys mentioned earlier, social media, etc.)
17:44 <pleia2> yeah, twitter, g+ and facebook
17:44 <skellat> Social media presences are pretty active
17:44 <Unit193> And of course the users and devel mailing lists.
17:44 <pleia2> lots of feedback from them, and we x-post all our calls for help so that's brought in some casual contributions
17:44 <czajkowski> pleia2: what do you mean x-post ?
17:45 <pleia2> czajkowski: cross-post
17:45 <skellat> s/x-post/crosspost/
17:45 <czajkowski> pleia2: ah yes, sorry. :)
17:45 <dholbach> what kind of casual contributions were those?
17:45 <pleia2> just recently heard from a community deploying xubuntu in their organization, so will have an interview with them up on the site soon
17:46 <pleia2> bug reports, drive by testing
17:46 <dholbach> nice
17:46 <dholbach> did some of them stick around?
17:46 <pleia2> not really so far, but our social media is just a few months old, so we'll see :)
17:46 <dholbach> awesome
17:47 <pleia2> we also leveraged existing social media outlets - the facebook and g+ things already existed when we made them "official"
17:47 <elfy> some people do dholbach - that elfy guy did and look what he ended up holding
17:47 <pleia2> linkedin too
17:47 <dholbach> :-)
17:47 <dholbach> where do you feel you'd need help the most?
17:47 <Unit193> pleia2: Whereever we picked up lderan.
17:47 <pleia2> oh, we've gotten new contributors in general, just not sure about how many from social media (elfy has been around ubuntu forever!)
17:48 <skellat> pleia2: I wandered in from the shadows more fully around vUDS-1303
17:49 <elfy> pleia2: thanks - now I feel really old :p
17:49 <pleia2> probably development help, there are always more things we want to get done in a cycle
17:49 <pleia2> elfy: <3
17:50 <pleia2> really happy that we got a bunch of clean-up work done for 13.04, ended up being a really solid release but not particularly innovative :)
17:50 <dholbach> I'm sure your users appreciate "really solid" :)
17:50 <pleia2> indeed!
17:50 <skellat> With luck we'll get apt-offline seeded this cycle too
17:51 <pleia2> hoping for 4.12 as well, but we're dependent upon upstream and not sure it will land in time
17:51 <pleia2> xfce ^^
17:51 <dholbach> I'm all set in terms of questions :)
17:51 <pleia2> we're meeting with jono next week to discuss Mir
17:51 <dholbach> ah yes, he mentioned it in passing
17:51 <dholbach> beuno, Gwaihir, czajkowski? more questions?
17:54 <pleia2> thanks xubuntu folks :)
17:54 <dholbach> thanks a lot!
17:54 <elfy> cheers
17:55 <skellat> cheers
17:55 * dholbach hugs you all!
17:55 <pleia2> #topic Any other business
17:55 <pleia2> anyone have anything else? :)
17:55 <dholbach> no, I'm all set
17:57 <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone
17:57 <pleia2> #endmeeting