17:04 <pleia2> #startmeeting Community Council
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17:04 <pleia2> #chair dholbach Gwaihir
17:04 <meetingology> Current chairs: Gwaihir dholbach pleia2
17:04 <dholbach> hey
17:04 <pleia2> so the plan today is to meet with translators and forums folks
17:04 <pleia2> is there anyone from the forums here?
17:05 <coffeecat> o/
17:05 <pleia2> hey coffeecat :)
17:05 <pleia2> #topic Forums check-in
17:05 <coffeecat> hi pleia2 :)
17:05 <pleia2> I know there are some RT tickets that are being worked on, any other updates/concerns/celebrations you wish to share?
17:06 <coffeecat> Not really. We didn't have much time to liaise amongst ourselves, but there's nothing hot that I'm aware of.
17:06 <pleia2> well, that's good to hear :)
17:06 <coffeecat> Except - we added four new moderators after some of the experineced ones stepped down. Always a pleasure to see new blood.
17:07 * pleia2 nods
17:09 <pleia2> alright, well as always feel free to give us a nudge if you need anything :)
17:09 <coffeecat> will do. THanks! :)
17:09 <pleia2> thank you for coming today!
17:09 <coffeecat> :)
17:09 <pleia2> #topic Translators check-in
17:09 <pleia2> anyone here from the translations team?
17:09 <pleia2> (Gwaihir is, but he said he was wrapping up some things)
17:10 <beuno> o/
17:11 <pleia2> just gave dpm a nudge too
17:12 <dholbach> hola dpm
17:12 <dpm> hey dholbach
17:14 <pleia2> dpm: so, any updates/concerns/celebrations to share with the CC re: translations?
17:14 <pleia2> (hoping Gwaihir will join us too)
17:15 <pleia2> I just realized we only emailed the translations core team, probably should have asked the translations mailing list itself
17:16 <dpm> pleia2, I've not been able to spend much time in translations since last meeting, most of my time is on app development. I've been working with the translations community to get the Ubuntu Touch apps and Unity 8 translated, and the response and results have been awesome as ever, but we're still more or less in the same situation as last time regarding global coordination
17:16 <czajkowski> aloha
17:16 <dpm> so things as getting language packs out or opening Saucy translations have been suffering from that
17:17 <dpm> Pierre Slamich has been organizing meetings with other translators, which is pretty awesome, but I've not been able to attend any of them so far, so I cannot report on those
17:17 <czajkowski> dpm: is there a way we can help here?
17:17 <pleia2> I did see http://www.piware.de/2013/06/ubuntu-saucy-translations-are-now-open/ last week
17:18 <dpm> pleia2, yeah, I saw that as well, but we've not done any promotion or been much involved from the translations side as we used to
17:19 <pleia2> yeah, actually I realize now that that message never actually got to the translations mailing list
17:19 <dholbach> I can only vaguely remember the biggest blockers which were mentioned in the last meeting - can anyone remind me?
17:19 <pleia2> I've been working some with Pierre Slamich to get stats back in UWN, so that's nice
17:19 <dpm> nice!
17:19 <pleia2> dholbach: coordination in general, making sure milestones were announced, translations opened
17:19 <Gwaihir> dpm, regarding lang pack, do not remember if you already did it, but can you summarize the steps needed in an email?
17:21 <dpm> Gwaihir, I definitely can, I'll get it to you tomorrow. Actually, I'll send it to the list. It's already documented in detail here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/langpack-o-matic/main/view/head:/doc/operator-guide.txt , but it could do with a higher level overview
17:22 <czajkowski> dpm: are there things the commnity can't do that we need someone in canonical to do, or for the most part ok on their own to run once shown how ?
17:22 <Gwaihir> dpm, thanks, that would much need, I would really like to push myself the langpack back
17:22 <Gwaihir> s/need/help
17:22 <dpm> czajkowski, I think the main thing that we need now is to get more activity and new (or current) contributors helping in terms of coordinating regular activities, doing regular announcements, set new goals, etc
17:23 <czajkowski> nods
17:23 <czajkowski> ok
17:23 <czajkowski> so more publicising
17:23 <dpm> czajkowski, 99% can be done by the community, the only thing I can think of that requires special Canonical permissions is to build language packs on the Canonical servers
17:24 <czajkowski> dpm: would it be possible to have a point of contact there so we know who to poke
17:24 <dpm> for other things that might need elevated permissions e.g. in LP, we've got the ubuntu-translations-coordinators team, which is community-based
17:24 <czajkowski> or for tha one person to annouce when it's done ?
17:25 <dpm> czajkowski, point of contact where?
17:26 <dpm> if it's for the Canonical servers access for langpacks, it's pitti, but he's moved to other tasks for a while now
17:26 <dpm> hey leoquant :)
17:27 <dholbach> did the translations coordination team ask for some more help with the organisation at some stage?
17:28 <Gwaihir> dpm, can't we interact with Canonical sysadmin in case for that? is it just a script to be run or it needs something else?
17:28 <dholbach> to me it seems like they should be able to help people who could help out new coordinators well
17:29 <dpm> Gwaihir, it requires not only ssh access to the server, but also knowledge in building the language packs. I think we rather need to find someone else in another team that can take over from pitti than IS. To find someone else has been on my list for a while, but tbh I've had no time to look into it :/
17:29 <leoquant> hi dpm
17:30 <dpm> dholbach, more people in the coordinators team would definitely help. We already got Pierre in there.
17:31 <dpm> recently
17:32 <dholbach> that might be a first good step then
17:34 <pleia2> doesn't sound like a whole lot we can do right now, but we should keep this on our radar
17:35 <dholbach> I don't have any more suggestions or questions right now.
17:35 <pleia2> same
17:35 <pleia2> thanks dpm and Gwaihir :)
17:35 <dpm> thanks pleia2, czajkowski, dholbach, Gwaihir :)
17:36 <pleia2> #topic Any Other Business
17:36 <pleia2> so, this! http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/06/20/ubuntu-donations-and-community-funding/
17:36 <Gwaihir> thanks dpm!
17:38 <pleia2> and also had this announced last week http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/06/14/certificates-for-ubuntu-members/
17:39 <czajkowski> busy with annoucements all of a sudden
17:39 <czajkowski> which is great
17:39 <pleia2> yeah, nice to see all of this stuff coming together finally :)
17:43 <ScottK> \o
17:45 <pleia2> unless anyone else has anything to add, I think we can wrap this up
17:45 <pleia2> (ScottK anything from you?)
17:45 <ScottK> I wanted to ask about the announcement today about donations.
17:46 <czajkowski> pleia2: aye tis great :)
17:46 <pleia2> sure
17:46 <czajkowski> ScottK: sure fire ahead
17:46 <ScottK> It wasn't clear from the announcement if there's going to be community oversight or not.
17:46 <ScottK> It seems like one applies to Canonical and either get approved or denied.
17:47 <pleia2> so the plan is for Canonical to be the main guardians of it and to reach out to applicable community teams for feedback, then at the end of the cycle the report will show where the money went and we'll discuss it then for the next cycle
17:48 <ScottK> Right, but with no idea how much was donated for Kubuntu, how do I have any idea what's reasonable to request?
17:48 <czajkowski> ScottK: so you want to know what's in the kitty first
17:48 <ScottK> Even if it's not made public, I think the appropriate flavor governance bodies should know.
17:49 <ScottK> Personally, I think it should be public, but that's a finer point.
17:49 <pleia2> ScottK: you might want to talk to jono directly since they didn't want to make it fully public, he may be willing to give you some details privately
17:49 <jono> ScottK, hi
17:49 <jono> so we don't plan on making the budgets available until the final report
17:49 <ScottK> Also, if someone is asking for money out of the Kubuntu pot, I think the KC should decide if it's reasonable.
17:49 <jono> there is no % assigned to Kubuntu
17:49 <dholbach> ScottK, I think it will be mostly about "is this use of money going to have a good impact?"
17:49 <czajkowski> ScottK: I supose it can't be given it donations to flavours so maybe it's just on a per basis
17:50 <jono> there is a budget for all flavors
17:50 <jono> requests will come on a first come first served basis
17:50 <jono> but we will try to pre-empt other needs such as conference sponsorship
17:50 <ScottK> Then when someone says they want their donation to go to, say, Lubuntu, does that affect how the money gets spent?
17:50 <jono> ScottK, there is no way of someone saying where specifically they want their donation to go
17:51 <jono> other than the broad bucket of "flavors"
17:51 <jono> and our goal is to ensure that that money is fairly distributed across the flavors based on their needs
17:51 <czajkowski> ScottK: if you lok at the donations page it says donate to flavours but you cannot say which one specfically so it's a flavours pot
17:51 <ScottK> I see.
17:51 <jono> there is no X% for Kubuntu, X% Lubuntu etc
17:51 <czajkowski> *look
17:51 <jono> ScottK, my recommendation is simply put in funding requests where you feel the money could be useful utilized
17:52 <dholbach> http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/questions?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts for example
17:52 <ScottK> So is there still an option to have a link to "If you want to donate to $FLAVOR specifically, go here:"?
17:52 <jono> ScottK, and while there is still budget, if that is a reasonable request within the guidelines it should be approved
17:52 <jono> ScottK, no
17:52 <jono> ScottK, just the donations sliders as discussed
17:55 <dholbach> any other questions?
17:55 <pleia2> thanks jono
17:55 <jono> thanks
17:56 <pleia2> ok, thanks for coming everyone :)
17:56 <ScottK> Personally, I think that donations page is a problem.
17:56 <pleia2> #endmeeting