17:59 <s-fox> #startmeeting
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17:59 <s-fox> #voters sefsef coffeecat cariboo907 elfy
17:59 <meetingology> Current voters: cariboo907 coffeecat elfy sefsef
18:00 <s-fox> oh and #voters s-fox
18:00 <s-fox> #voters s-fox
18:00 <meetingology> Current voters: cariboo907 coffeecat elfy s-fox sefsef
18:00 <s-fox> first item on the agenda is the new COC
18:00 <s-fox> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2146904
18:01 <s-fox> Basically we're looking to split it up into manageable sections. We have a draft, but it really needs all of the admins to have a proper look at it
18:01 <s-fox> here is the discussion in the admin thread - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2153266&p=12692534&viewfull=1
18:02 <s-fox> so, it isn't something to vote on but i'd like us all to have looked at it properly and make it live on july 1st
18:02 <s-fox> any comments?
18:02 <sefsef> I agree. Would like to have a look at it before voting on it
18:02 <elfy> only that, that suits me
18:03 <s-fox> coffeecat and cariboo907  ?
18:03 <coffeecat> I think we're almost there. Just a few details to check imo
18:03 <elfy> agreed - but I want all of us to have done so
18:04 <s-fox> so would you agree it isn't unreasonable to have it checked out and live by july 1st?
18:04 <cariboo907> I agree with coffeecat
18:04 <cariboo907> +1 to that
18:04 <s-fox> okay, good :)
18:04 <coffeecat> +1 to check it out and go live by 1st July.
18:05 <s-fox> #agreed Have ALL admins look at the new COC and make it live by July 1st
18:05 <s-fox> hmm, lol
18:05 <s-fox> anyway, next item is the UWN stuff for pleia2
18:05 <s-fox> She wants us to contribute to it with forums related information.
18:06 <s-fox> We've talked about it, but cannot do it until Canonical actively start looking at the vBulletin API.
18:06 <elfy> not want so much as made the offer
18:06 <s-fox> She volunteered us?
18:06 <s-fox> hmm
18:06 <sefsef> so this is more for the future?
18:06 <s-fox> Anyway, we can't do anything until canonical look at the api.  sort of out of our hands.
18:06 <elfy> no - s-fox - she asked if we wanted to
18:07 <cariboo907> that's my impression
18:07 <s-fox> Okay :)
18:08 <s-fox> So after some discussion we're going to shelve it for the time being and pick it up in future
18:08 <elfy> yep
18:08 <sefsef> +1
18:08 <cariboo907> yep2
18:08 <coffeecat> agreed
18:08 <s-fox> Well that is all the items.  anything else anyone wants to bring up while we are here?
18:08 <s-fox> or can i beat my own record of shortest meeting ever? :)
18:09 <sefsef> new record has been set
18:09 <elfy> just the tasks
18:09 <cariboo907> what about division  of tasks?
18:09 <s-fox> oh yes,  are we happy to keep them as they are, or do we want to mix it up again?
18:09 <s-fox> what do you guys want to do?
18:09 <sefsef> keep them for now...maybe change every year or six months.
18:10 <coffeecat> I'm happy with keeping mine for now.
18:10 <elfy> sefsef: really? no thanks
18:10 <s-fox> sefsef:  forgive me, but have you done one the reports yet?
18:10 <sefsef> yes with elfy
18:10 <elfy> someone else can get the mails
18:10 <sefsef> a bit of a pain to do
18:10 <elfy> please
18:10 <s-fox> i can do the emails elfy
18:10 <elfy> ok
18:10 <s-fox> who wants to do the report, coffeecat or cariboo907  maybe?
18:11 <s-fox> or i can help you guys if you're not sure
18:11 <cariboo907> I'll do the report
18:11 <s-fox> cool. thanks cariboo907
18:11 <s-fox> do you need any help?
18:11 <cariboo907> I've done it several times before, but thanks
18:12 <s-fox> okay, thats good to know.  if you do need help then holler ;)
18:12 <elfy> I think we need to look at how we do it at some point - lot of silly steps
18:12 <cariboo907> I will :)
18:12 <s-fox> right, i think that is the tasks done so going to end the meeting unless anyone objects
18:13 <elfy> fine with me
18:13 <cariboo907> +1 to end the meeting
18:13 <sefsef> +1
18:13 <coffeecat> +1
18:13 <s-fox> oh yeah, minor announcement - We've got new mods. Watch out ;) haha
18:13 <sefsef> haha
18:13 <s-fox> #endmeeting