17:00 <pleia2> #startmeeting
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17:00 <pleia2> Hi everyone :) welcome to the Community Council meeting
17:01 <pleia2> #chairs czajkowski YokoZar beuno
17:01 <pleia2> #chair czajkowski YokoZar beuno
17:01 <meetingology> Current chairs: YokoZar beuno czajkowski pleia2
17:01 <czajkowski> aloha \o/
17:01 <YokoZar> Greetings
17:01 <pleia2> (now not to get my meeting channels mixed up)
17:01 * cprofitt waives hello
17:01 <pleia2> our plan today is to meet with some representatives of the Lubuntu project and the Edubuntu council
17:02 <pleia2> #chair cprofitt
17:02 <meetingology> Current chairs: YokoZar beuno cprofitt czajkowski pleia2
17:02 <pleia2> do we have anyone from either team here with us to get started?
17:02 * phillw waves :)
17:02 <YokoZar> Hello phillw
17:02 <cprofitt> hello phillw
17:02 <phillw> pleia2: I'm the lubuntu person :)
17:02 <pleia2> phillw: great, we'll start with you then!
17:02 <pleia2> #topic Lubuntu check-in
17:03 <pleia2> this is a pretty casual check-in, how the team is doing, any challenges, any ways we can help
17:03 <phillw> hi, I'm the Team Lead foe lubuntu quality / testing team.
17:03 <czajkowski> phillw: hey there
17:03 <czajkowski> thanks for coming
17:03 <YokoZar> How big is the Lubuntu team would you say, very roughly
17:03 <phillw> So far, things are going well, we're just deciding on which of the alphas to test (possibly drop a2)
17:04 * pleia2 nods
17:05 <phillw> we have approx 10 active testers and 4 devs, 6 people for docs / wiki, a comms team and a small artwork team
17:05 <pleia2> that's great
17:05 <czajkowski> phillw: impressively orgnised
17:06 <phillw> that's down to the various Team Leads, they do outstanding work
17:06 <czajkowski> phillw: has it been easy to get volunteers to lead your teams?
17:06 <phillw> I'm not familiar with the translators as they tend to work directly on lxde things and with ubuntu-translators.
17:07 <phillw> oh, and an irc-ops team!
17:07 <phillw> it was not too easy at 1st, it was sort of who squealed the least when approached :P
17:07 <pleia2> hehe
17:07 <cprofitt> phillw: is there any area that you think the CC could help youre team?
17:09 <phillw> Nothing springs to mind, the guys & gals are pretty good at sorting out things. We're a mix of democratic and technocratic, as I think all teams are.
17:09 <czajkowski> phillw: have ye had any issues to deal with ?
17:10 <pleia2> that's always good to hear :)
17:10 <YokoZar> Are we doing the "distribution as a whole" thing right in general, or are there systematic things we do that sort of break things for Lubuntu that you have to fix?
17:10 <phillw> not really, people on the teams understand eachother and don't mind explaining things to other teams
17:10 <czajkowski> phillw: that is great to hear
17:12 <phillw> YokoZar: there was the un annnounced (to us) change in the release that drives the artwork and icons a couple of releases ago. But, as the teams have their leaders who keep in touch with those relevant parts we have not had any 'surprises' last two cycles :)
17:13 <pleia2> sounds like you guys are doing great the, thanks for joining us phillw :)
17:13 <pleia2> s/the/then
17:13 <cprofitt> thanks phillw
17:13 <phillw> 13.10 is actually our stable beta for our 1st LTS, it should be released as full release, but we reserve the right to call it stable beta.
17:13 <phillw> you're very welcome!
17:14 <czajkowski> phillw: thank you for the updates today
17:14 <pleia2> I think we meet at a bad timezone for the edubuntu folks, and they've been pretty focused on LTS lately as far as I can tell, we can follow up at another meeting or over email
17:14 <czajkowski> phillw: if you ever need to contact the CC please feel free to do so
17:14 <phillw> thanks
17:15 <pleia2> #topic AOB
17:15 <pleia2> anyone else have anything to bring up?
17:15 <cprofitt> I was wondering if anyone had thried Discourse yet?
17:16 <cprofitt> tried rather?
17:16 <czajkowski> I need some free time to try new things :)
17:16 <pleia2> yep (and it runs on hpcloud!)
17:16 <pleia2> but I don't really do those web things
17:16 <czajkowski> I just wonder is another place to put information out there going to dilute the information further
17:17 <cprofitt> czajkowski: that I think is a concern.
17:17 <pleia2> I think it's going to be a tough sell to get developers who are comfortable on mailing lists to use it
17:17 <czajkowski> pleia2: +1
17:17 <cprofitt> I was thinking we may want to discuss that in an open public session; as part of a larger Ubuntu Community communications
17:17 <YokoZar> I don't like discourse
17:17 <czajkowski> me personally nothing will ever replace mailing lists and irc. but who knows.
17:17 <YokoZar> I don't think it properly replaces forums
17:18 <YokoZar> cause of all the gamificationy nonsense
17:18 <YokoZar> at least in terms of forming personal relationships
17:18 <cprofitt> Having G+, Facebook, Forums, Discourse, Ask Ubuntu, Mailing Lists and IRC is an overload of options
17:19 <czajkowski> and having to spend more time on other places following the information to make sure it's correct is just another place to watch
17:19 <pleia2> forums have almost 2 million members (with over 13k online now), I think ever moving that will be impossible
17:19 <cprofitt> I am sure I forgot identi.ca, Twitter and others too
17:19 <YokoZar> I don't mean to be a curmudgeon or whatever but I actually use "social" web forums and just about everything the discourse folk wanted to do was deliberately not done for important reasons on that medium.
17:19 <cprofitt> +1 czajkowski
17:19 <pleia2> it's by far our biggest support outlet, and seems to be effective for those who use it :)
17:19 <YokoZar> Although I'll note that we do some of the "don't do this" stuff on the Ubuntu forums, like enable postcounts
17:20 <czajkowski> pleia2: indeed
17:20 <cprofitt> pleia2: I agree it works very well for a large group of people
17:20 <czajkowski> and many people do and will continute to use forums. But equally many will use IRC or Ask Ubuntu over another option
17:20 <cprofitt> while I am open to trying new things, I think we need to define the problem
17:20 <czajkowski> but not sure introducingt another "offical" avenue is a good thing imo
17:20 <cprofitt> right now it seems like a solution seeking a problem to solve
17:20 <YokoZar> perhaps "monitoring all sources" is not a job meant for us to do ;)
17:21 <czajkowski> cprofitt: or just cause some new tool is out there we should jump on it and try it
17:21 <cprofitt> YokoZar: I agree.
17:21 <czajkowski> YokoZar: I agree but it does fall down to someone to look after and follow up on items
17:21 <pleia2> I think it's healthy for people to "just do it" as jcastro has, so I don't mind that it exists
17:21 <czajkowski> YokoZar: do we need another council to look after another tool :)
17:22 <cprofitt> I do worry about the increasing difficulty of communication between elements of our community though
17:22 <czajkowski> Such as ?
17:22 <cprofitt> +1 pleia2
17:22 <pleia2> at least it's open source thsi time :)
17:22 <cprofitt> czajkowski: the difficulty I am speaking of is the large number of potential places information is placed...
17:23 <czajkowski> cprofitt: ah yes I agree there.
17:23 <cprofitt> though Ubuntu News helps to collect that in a nice package
17:25 <YokoZar> Personally I think people will discuss Ubuntu wherever they want, and the more we're discussed in places people want to talk the more people will step up there
17:25 <cprofitt> I would like to invite some community feedback on the issue of communication via different mediums... to find out if others in the community feel it is an issue that we should look at or not.
17:26 <cprofitt> I tend to agree with that YokoZar
17:26 <pleia2> sounds good
17:26 <pleia2> anyone else have anything before we wrap-up?
17:26 <czajkowski> nope thanks pleia2
17:27 <cprofitt> yes, thanks pleia2
17:27 <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone :)
17:27 <pleia2> #endmeeting