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17:00 <jsalisbury> ##
17:00 <jsalisbury> ## This is the Ubuntu Kernel Team weekly status meeting.
17:00 <jsalisbury> ##
17:00 <jsalisbury> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting
17:00 <jsalisbury> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/saucy
17:00 <jsalisbury> # Meeting Etiquette
17:00 <jsalisbury> #
17:00 <jsalisbury> # NOTE: '..' indicates that you are finished with your input.
17:00 <jsalisbury> #       'o/' indicates you have something to add (please wait until you are recognized)
17:00 <jsalisbury> Roll Call for Ubuntu Kernel Weekly Status Meeting
17:00 <ppisati> o/
17:00 <cking> o/
17:00 <henrix> o/
17:00 <apw> o/
17:00 <bjf> o/
17:01 <ogasawara> o/
17:01 <rtg> o/
17:01 <sconklin> o/
17:01 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] ARM Status (ppisati)
17:01 <ppisati> Q/master: lp1176977 ("XFS instability on armhf under load") - cherry picked two
17:01 <ppisati> more patches that address the free space fragmentation: the resulting kernel
17:01 <ppisati> passes all tests so far, i'm waiting for user feedback and one last batch of
17:01 <ppisati> tests.
17:01 <ppisati> */highbank: lp1182637("cpu_offlining fails to run on ARM") - all the highbanks kernel that
17:01 <ppisati> we released so far are affected by this - basically, you can offline a cpu but
17:01 <ppisati> when you try to put it back, reinsetion fails and the only way to get the cpu back
17:01 <ppisati> is to reboot. Debugged till the point the cpu is plugged back, but it never really
17:01 <ppisati> starts and pick up the idle thread - i'll probably need to do a comparison
17:01 <ppisati> between the boot environment (when the cpu are added to the system via the same
17:01 <ppisati> mechanism) and this scenario.
17:01 <ppisati> ..
17:02 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs (jsalisbury)
17:02 <jsalisbury> Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:
17:02 <jsalisbury> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/kt-meeting.txt
17:02 <jsalisbury> ..
17:02 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Milestone Targeted Work Items (ogasawara)
17:02 <ogasawara> [LINK] https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-distro-team/+upcomingwork
17:02 <ogasawara> [LINK] http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/canonical-kernel-distro-team.html
17:02 <ogasawara> I'm still working on cleaning up our team's set of work items and
17:02 <ogasawara> getting monthly goals properly refelcted in the blueprints.
17:02 <ogasawara> ..
17:03 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Status: Saucy Development Kernel (ogasawara)
17:03 <ogasawara> Our Saucy unstable branch has been rebased to the latest v3.10-rc3
17:03 <ogasawara> upstream kernel.  Saucy master-next is currently at v3.9.3.  I
17:03 <ogasawara> anticipate we'll cut over to v3.10 around the -rc4 time frame.
17:03 <ogasawara> On the phablet side, we now have Ubuntu kernels in the archive for the
17:03 <ogasawara> Nexus 4, 7, 10, and Galaxy Nexus devices.  We also anticipate an
17:03 <ogasawara> AppArmor pull request next week from the security team to get the latest
17:03 <ogasawara> AppArmor patches into these kernels.
17:03 <ogasawara> Important upcoming dates:
17:03 <ogasawara> Thurs June 20 - Alpha 1 (opt in)
17:03 <ogasawara> ..
17:03 * rtg is going to upload v3.9.4 saucy today
17:03 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Status: CVE's (sconklin)
17:04 <sconklin> == 2013-05-28 (7 days) ==
17:04 <sconklin> Currently we have 63 CVEs on our radar, with 0 CVEs added and 0 CVEs retired in the last week.
17:04 <sconklin> See the CVE matrix for the current list:
17:04 <sconklin> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/cve/pkg/ALL-linux.html
17:04 <sconklin> Overall the backlog has decreased slightly this week:
17:04 <sconklin> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/status/cve-metrics.txt
17:04 <sconklin> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/cve/pkg/CVE-linux.txt
17:04 <sconklin> ..
17:04 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates - Raring/Quantal/Precise/Lucid/Hardy (bjf/henrix/sconklin)
17:04 <sconklin> Status for the main kernels, until today (May. 28):
17:04 <sconklin> *   Lucid - In Prep;
17:04 <sconklin> * Precise - In Prep;
17:04 <sconklin> * Quantal - In Prep;
17:04 <sconklin> * Raring  - In Prep;
17:04 <sconklin> Current opened tracking bugs details:
17:04 <sconklin> * http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/kernel-sru-workflow.html
17:04 <sconklin> For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:
17:04 <sconklin> * http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/sru-report.html
17:05 <sconklin> Future stable cadence cycles:
17:05 <sconklin> * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseInterlock
17:05 <sconklin> ..
17:05 <jsalisbury> [TOPIC] Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized (o/)
17:06 <jsalisbury> Thanks everyone
17:06 <jsalisbury> #endmeeting