16:03 <zul> #startmeeting
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16:03 <zul> hi
16:03 <zul> so lets do this
16:03 <zul> #meetingtopic Review ACTION points from previous meeting
16:03 <zul> arosales: around?
16:04 <zul> if not move on to smoser
16:04 <zul> smoser: around?
16:04 <zul> #meetingtopic moser to reach out to juju-core and discuss what integration with ubuntu image meta data can be done for Raring.
16:04 <zul> smoser?
16:04 <zul> awesome:
16:05 <zul> #meetingtopic Saucy Development
16:05 <zul> Daviey do you want to take this part?
16:05 <smoser> smoser here....
16:05 <zul> ah smoser you are late
16:05 * smoser can run meeting.
16:06 <smoser> is that what the question was ?
16:06 <zul> nope that action that was carried forward from the last meeting
16:06 <zul> smoser: did you reach out to juju-core and discuss the integration
16:06 <smoser> that was supposed to be marked done.
16:07 <zul> ah ok ill updat it then
16:07 <zul> smoser: can you run the Saucy development section as well?
16:07 <smoser> um... sure.
16:07 <smoser> saucy development..
16:07 <smoser> we had asked that blueprints be put in working order by last friday.
16:08 <zul> smoser: and i take that was done right?
16:08 <smoser> so if you haven't got yours into a sane state, and set them to 'Review', please do that.
16:08 <smoser> "like now"
16:08 <smoser> (/me and many others are still delenquent)
16:09 <Daviey> smoser: fancy sending a reminder to ubuntu-server ML?
16:09 <smoser> Daviey, i can do that.
16:09 <Daviey> smoser, jamespage and myself starting reviewing on Thursday.. and they were still kinda rough at that point
16:09 <smoser> thats the biggest thing for saucy development
16:09 <Daviey> We are doing another pass tomorrow
16:09 <smoser> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~davewalker/+specs?role=approver
16:10 <smoser> if you have blueprints you're planning on working on in 13.10, they should be on that list, and start woith 'servercloud-s'
16:10 <smoser> and if you have work that you are expecting to do in Ubuntu that is *not* on that list, then ideally you'd get it covered.
16:10 <smoser> i think that is all.
16:11 <zul> ok cool
16:11 <zul> #meetingtopic Ubuntu Server Team Events
16:11 <zul> any upcoming events?
16:11 <zul> ODS is a long way off
16:11 <Daviey> None that i know of.
16:11 <zul> is our social coordinator here? jcastro?
16:11 <Daviey> I think we have almost a month of no travel?
16:12 <yolanda> only a month?
16:12 <zul> enough time to pack
16:12 <zul> moving on?
16:13 <zul> #meetingtopic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (plars)
16:13 <zul> hi plars
16:13 <plars> Hi
16:13 <zul> anything to bring up?
16:13 <plars> Main thing for today is that server images from yesterday work, but not today's
16:13 <plars> it's under investigation
16:13 <plars> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1185053 is the bug
16:13 <Daviey> plars: hmm, any detail?
16:13 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1185053 in systemd (Ubuntu Saucy) "Saucy server images do not boot for 20130528" [Critical,Triaged]
16:13 <Daviey> ah
16:14 <plars> if pitti is correct, the fix might already exist for it
16:14 <plars> fingers crossed
16:14 <zul> since when do we have systemd?
16:15 <utlemming> fwiw, the cloud images for today do boot
16:15 <Daviey> since it rudely swallowed up udev.
16:15 <plars> it's not in the manifest though, is that just the source package?
16:15 <zul> ah
16:15 * zul shakes his fist
16:15 <zul> anything for plars/
16:16 <smb> Think the boot issue might be solved soon
16:16 <Daviey> plars: thanks for the headsup
16:16 <plars> yup
16:16 <zul> ok next
16:17 <zul> #meetingtopic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)
16:17 <zul> hi smb
16:17 <smb> Heya
16:17 <Daviey> How is our lovely kernel?
16:17 <zul> any updates?
16:17 <smb> Don't have much (beside fun with saucy too) not kernel , though
16:17 <Daviey> smb: How is our xen looking?
16:18 <smb> We might get some stable updates if I ever convince relevant aa's
16:18 <zul> oooOOOO
16:18 <zul> anything else?
16:19 <smb> Errr hmmm...
16:19 <smb> cannot remember. :)
16:19 <zul> good enough for me
16:19 <zul> #meetingtopic Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (rbasak)
16:19 <zul> rbasak around?
16:20 <zul> i guess he aint here
16:20 <Daviey> smb: SRU bug?
16:21 <smb> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen/+bug/1180396
16:21 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1180396 in xen (Ubuntu) "Xen stable update to 4.1.5" [Low,In progress]
16:21 <smb> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen/+bug/1180397
16:21 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1180397 in xen (Ubuntu) "Xen stable update to 4.2.2" [Low,In progress]
16:22 <Daviey> smb: a decent upstream changelog would really help
16:22 <smb> Daviey, In the debdiffs
16:23 <smb> It is a bit ... err ... long
16:23 <Daviey> smb: this might need TechBoard involvement
16:24 <zul> #action smb to go to tech board for xen sru
16:24 * meetingology smb to go to tech board for xen sru
16:24 <zul> #meetingtopic open discussion
16:24 <zul> anything else to bring up/
16:25 <smb> Daviey, action for you to explain me how to get there :)
16:26 <Daviey> smb: ack
16:26 <zul> if no one has anything else same time next week
16:26 <TheLordOfTime> zul:  pulled in from last meeting, we had a brief discussion about nginx and inclusion in main and as an option on the images.  i FORGOT last week to email the ubuntu-server ML about it, and am doing that now.  Just a brief point I wanted to mention, so the people who are here and would like to comment on the discussion are aware I'm sending out the email.
16:26 <Daviey> thanks zul
16:27 <Daviey> TheLordOfTime: Looking forward to that thread
16:27 <zul> TheLordOfTime : ack
16:27 <zul> #endmeeting