12:13:09 <cyphermox> #startmeeting 1200 UTC Ubuntu Membership Board
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12:13:25 <cyphermox> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board for the 1200 UTC meeting for May 15, 2013. The wiki page for the Review Board is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards
12:13:35 <cyphermox> We will attempt to get through all of the applicants that have added themselves to that list before today's meeting. If we are unable to make it through the entire list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off.
12:14:01 <cyphermox> The format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).
12:14:12 <cyphermox> Each applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page. After the introduction the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.
12:14:12 <cyphermox> During this time it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are most likely reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.
12:14:12 <cyphermox> When the board is ready to vote, they will publicly vote in the channel with either +1, 0, or -1 (for membership, abstain, and against membership, respectively). If the sum of those numbers is positive, then the applicant is now an official Ubuntu member! (feel free congratulate them!)
12:14:46 <cyphermox> #voters cyphermox Pendulum jared freeflying
12:14:46 <meetingology> Current voters: Pendulum cyphermox freeflying jared
12:14:59 <cyphermox> Now, with any further ado, lets get started with the first applicant...
12:15:07 <cyphermox> #subtopic gipsypyaesone
12:15:29 <gipsypyaesone> Yeah, I am here
12:15:46 <gipsypyaesone> should i introduce first?
12:16:11 <cyphermox> please :)
12:16:52 <gipsypyaesone> I am using ubuntu since 2009. Our leader Ko Ko Ye introduced me about Ubuntu. I am core member of the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. I am now localization Ubuntu into Myanmar(Burmese) Language. Most of UI are now with Burmese Language. As localization is my only way, I can help Ubuntu as localizer. In future,I will try to improve Ubuntu in Burmese Language.
12:17:00 <gipsypyaesone> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/pyaesone
12:17:13 <gipsypyaesone> and http://launchpad.net/~gipsyhnh
12:18:14 <jared> gipsypyaesone: thanks for that and glad you could make a meeting.
12:18:42 <gipsypyaesone> yes,
12:18:46 <jared> gipsypyaesone: so approximately how much of your contributions is the translations? Do you run many loco events?
12:19:24 <gipsypyaesone> yes, i give presentation about translations in ubuntu events in myanmar.
12:20:01 <gipsypyaesone> you can check via translation karma.
12:22:17 <jared> gipsypyaesone: thanks, we're just reading the application details.
12:22:19 <cyphermox> gipsypyaesone: do you have friends here in this meeting for support?
12:22:38 <cyphermox> Guest91660 was mentioning you were beside them before
12:25:52 <Guest91660> yeah, i am gipsypyaesone friend
12:26:13 <Guest91660> he drop again i think....
12:27:27 <gipsypyaesone> sorry, line drop
12:27:38 <gipsypyaesone> yeah, he is only one now, others are busying for ubuntu class
12:31:04 <cyphermox> alright
12:31:47 <gipsypyaesone> ok
12:32:38 <cyphermox> #vote gipsypyaesone to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:32:38 <meetingology> Please vote on: gipsypyaesone to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:32:38 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:32:54 <cyphermox> +1 excellent translation work
12:32:54 <meetingology> +1 excellent translation work received from cyphermox
12:33:06 <jared> +1 good to see some consistent efforts with translation and supporting the LoCo. Glad you could finally make a meeting and I look forward to seeing your efforts into the future.
12:33:06 <meetingology> +1 good to see some consistent efforts with translation and supporting the LoCo. Glad you could finally make a meeting and I look forward to seeing your efforts into the future. received from jared
12:33:10 <Guest91660> +1
12:33:30 <jared> Guest91660: sorry, only board members can register a vote, but thanks for coming along to support :)
12:33:56 <Pendulum> +1
12:33:56 <meetingology> +1 received from Pendulum
12:34:56 <freeflyi1g> +1 too
12:35:03 <cyphermox> oops
12:35:11 <cyphermox> #voters cyphermox Pendulum jared freeflyi1g
12:35:11 <meetingology> Current voters: Pendulum cyphermox freeflyi1g freeflying jared
12:35:13 <freeflyi1g> +1 too
12:35:13 <meetingology> +1 too received from freeflyi1g
12:35:33 <cyphermox> #endvote
12:35:33 <meetingology> Voting ended on: gipsypyaesone to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:35:33 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
12:35:33 <meetingology> Motion carried
12:35:44 <freeflyi1g> sorry
12:35:47 <cyphermox> Congrats gipsypyaesone
12:36:00 <cyphermox> freeflyi1g: np, I hadn't taken into account your alts
12:36:13 <jared> gipsypyaesone: well done and congratulations
12:36:28 <Pendulum> gipsypyaesone: congrats and welcome!
12:36:34 <cyphermox> gipsypyaesone: please don't forget to add your blog to planet.ubuntu.com :)
12:36:48 <gipsypyaesone> Thanks you very much, I am so exciting to be ubuntu members...... I will continue localization...
12:37:00 <gipsypyaesone> Ok, I will add sure. Thanks You all
12:37:50 <jared> So I can't see Pietro around currently, if you're here please make it known.
12:38:02 <cyphermox> jared: you type fast ;)
12:38:18 <jared> cyphermox: heh, not bad for someone still actually eating dinner ;)
12:38:22 <cyphermox> hehe
12:38:26 <jared> I blame years of IRC
12:38:31 <gipsypyaesone> Ok, bye bye  I am going home. Thanks
12:38:39 <cyphermox> thanks gipsypyaesone
12:38:40 <cyphermox> #endmeeting