20:07:53 <pitti> #startmeeting
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20:08:05 <pitti> #topic action review
20:08:28 * pitti looks for "See previous meeting "
20:08:50 <pitti> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoard/TeamReports/April doesn't exist
20:09:09 <pitti> nor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoard/TeamReports/13/April
20:09:24 <pitti> assuming "no actions"; stgraber, soren, do you remember any?
20:09:50 <soren> I don't even remember whether I was there :-/
20:10:02 <pitti> #topic SRU request for custom unity-greeter indicators
20:10:10 <pitti> (mopping up mailing list now)
20:10:34 <pitti> I already replied on the ML; soren, stgraber, do you have any objections/points to discuss ther?
20:10:36 <pitti> e
20:10:51 <soren> No, I've got half a reply written up already anyway.
20:11:04 <stgraber> pitti: last meeting was 10min long, no action and no agenda
20:11:30 <stgraber> pitti: I'm fine with discussing on the mailing-list
20:11:55 <pitti> formally, one ack is enough anyway, but more opinions can't hurt
20:12:06 <pitti> #topic openssl as a system library
20:12:45 <pitti> TBH, I read the mail and half of Colin's reply, but I must say this legal mock attacking is slightly beyond me :/
20:13:47 <pitti> I find the Debian stanza way too extreme; I consider this incompatibility a bug, it has obviously not been designed to exclude free software from using each other; but I have no legally sound counterarguments
20:15:03 <soren> Fedora considers it a system library, right?
20:15:20 <pitti> yes
20:15:23 <soren> Or did I misunderstand that somehow?
20:15:23 <soren> Ok.
20:16:07 <pitti> this is exactly the kind of legal loophole which indicates to me that this whole conflict is just an unintended side effect (aka bug) of the two licenses
20:16:19 <soren> I've been inclined to agree, but ISTR Colin having sound arguments against it.
20:16:34 <pitti> I'm curious whether there has been any actual uproar from OpenSSL's upstreams about linking with GPL programs
20:16:35 <stgraber> pitti: oh actually my statement that the past meeting was 10min long and without action/agenda was wrong, that was the one before last. Last meeting was during the Canonical sprint and did happen, though it looks like Colin didn't get to post the minutes.
20:17:02 <soren> Well, the conflict between the licenses it pretty clear.
20:17:26 <pitti> I wouldn't like to come to a conclusion about this without cjwatson, so I propose to move that to the next meeting and/or email
20:17:42 <soren> GPL clearly says that you can't put forth further restrictions, while the OpenSSL license says that you must include some notice about it being used.
20:18:10 <stgraber> so based on what I saw on the mailing-lists and discussed in person with cjwatson last week, it sounds like squid may be a case where it's fine to allow linking with SSL on the basis that upstream is fine with this but can't reach all copyright holders to add the exception
20:18:28 <pitti> soren: yes, but the GPL itself enforces the mentioning of the license/copyright of the program, so in practice it's the very same "restriction"
20:18:41 <stgraber> for the other one (mongo I believe), IIRC upstream clearly stated in the bug report that they're not willing to change the license and that someone should contact their legal or sales department
20:18:58 <stgraber> which makes it sound like this is a case where we really shouldn't let it link against SSL
20:19:02 <pitti> so forcing distributors to mention the GPL and copyright while denying it to software using different FOSS licenses doesn't make sense
20:19:51 <pitti> stgraber: yes, I know; as I said, I have no firm legal arguments against that, but it still feels just plain stupid and against the spirit of the licenses
20:20:05 <pitti> cf. bug in the licenses
20:20:08 <soren> pitti: IIRC, GPL doesn't force you to do that. It says "should", doesn't it?
20:20:56 <soren> pitti: It doesn't even do that.
20:21:18 <pitti> it is a must clause for interactive programs at least
20:21:24 <soren> pitti: It says that that's how you apply the license to your program. It's not a requirement of the license itself.
20:23:21 <soren> They're instructions for licensors.
20:23:22 <stgraber> anyway, I agree with pitti that we definitely want to have cjwatson present before we make a decision on this, so should probably defer to the next meeting (unless we can come to an agreement on the mailing-list)
20:23:22 <pitti> well, how is "applying a license to a program" any different than "the license itself"
20:23:25 <soren> Not requirements of the licensee.
20:24:01 <pitti> ok, so let's carry this to the next meeting then, I'll put it on the agenda
20:24:09 <soren> Very well.
20:24:26 <pitti> #topic SRU approved without waiting in unapproved
20:24:30 <pitti> that was Riddell's request
20:24:36 <pitti> I responded by email already
20:25:00 <soren> Yo did?
20:25:00 <pitti> in short, I'd consider it an invalid workaround for long SRU waiting queues, and replacing one problem with a much worse one
20:25:13 <soren> I didn't see a response from you. Not that I recall at least.
20:25:20 <soren> Nope.
20:25:21 <soren> Nothing.
20:25:21 <pitti> oh?
20:25:39 <pitti> Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 13:25:48 +0200
20:25:41 <pitti> From: Martin Pitt <martin.pitt@ubuntu.com>
20:25:42 <stgraber> I see it
20:25:48 <soren> orly?
20:25:51 <soren> Weird.
20:26:00 <pitti> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2013-May/001615.html
20:26:25 <soren> Never received that. How odd.
20:26:39 <stgraber> I agree that we have one problem which is the time it takes for something to hit -proposed but the way to fix that is with more people looking at the queue not by bypassing it
20:26:44 <pitti> anyway, if anything I think this should be discussed with the SRU team instead of circumventing peer review
20:27:50 <pitti> yeah, the turnaround should not exceed half or perhaps one week
20:28:39 <pitti> I'll mail the SRU team and discuss with them, with TB in CC:
20:28:59 <stgraber> sounds good
20:29:16 <pitti> #action pitti to start ubuntu-sru delay discussion by email
20:29:16 * meetingology pitti to start ubuntu-sru delay discussion by email
20:29:30 <pitti> #topic brain storm review
20:29:33 <pitti> it's May again
20:30:01 <pitti> but I think the last round already showed that there is very little interest from developers in this
20:31:27 <pitti> we just got some five responses, and none of them resulted in anything actionable AFAIR
20:31:36 * pitti tries to check wiki, but it currently times out
20:32:48 <pitti> does someone volunteer to do another round? or should we just bin this, as it has by and large been replaced with design driven development anyway these days?
20:33:23 <stgraber> I think it's time to bin this
20:33:35 <soren> If we do stop doing it, we should probably close brainstorm as well.
20:34:06 <soren> Otherwise, it's just going to be where ideas go to die.
20:34:15 <soren> Even moreso than it was before.
20:34:20 <pitti> comparing the absolute numbers of voters from my december 2012 review to the ones I saw a year or two before that also showed radical decline of users
20:34:22 <stgraber> I'd be pretty happy with that considering nobody maintains it anyway and bug reports are piling up (it's on a very old Drupal version, full of bugs and requires quite a lot of work to be ported to something supported)
20:34:55 <pitti> ack
20:36:01 <pitti> ok, so we agree on that: stop brainstorm reviews and brainstorm itself
20:36:12 <stgraber> yep
20:36:13 <soren> Can we even make that decision?
20:36:19 <soren> (the latter, I mean)
20:36:26 <pitti> well, we can at least propose it
20:36:34 <pitti> not sure who "owns" that
20:36:38 * soren neither
20:36:41 <pitti> that = brainstorm.u.c.
20:36:48 <soren> probably the CC.
20:36:53 <stgraber> well, I'm probably as close to an owner as can be for brainstorm (having started the project and being the only one still vaguely around)
20:36:55 <pitti> yeah, good point; I'll mail them
20:37:09 <soren> Nope.
20:37:15 <soren> Ubuntu QA set it up, apparently.
20:37:18 <soren> http://netsplit.com/2008/02/28/ubuntu-brainstorm-announced/
20:37:44 <stgraber> soren: correct, brainstorm was initially part of the same service as the QA tracker
20:37:54 <pitti> ah, Ubuntu community QA -- ok, I'll forward the proposal to balloons then
20:38:06 <pitti> balloons: if you are online, do you have a gut feeling about the fate of brainstorm.u.c.?
20:38:29 * balloons floats in
20:38:35 <stgraber> anyway, AFAIK I'm the only admin left for brainstorm and the only few times I logged in recently was to purge some data after IS assigned me some tickets
20:39:06 <jcastro> I can take the item to close it/sunset it
20:39:13 <jcastro> it was assigned to me a while back
20:39:31 <jcastro> and everyone who set it up that I used to work with is gone
20:40:30 <pitti> jcastro: it seems both developers and most users have lost their interest in it (not that surprising given how the design process of Ubuntu changed over the years)
20:40:36 <jcastro> yeah
20:40:41 <jcastro> it's always been an odd site
20:40:43 <balloons> pitti, jcastro and stgraber are correct.. It's a nest of unmaintainedness
20:40:54 * balloons notes that's not a word
20:40:57 <jcastro> so how do I go about doing this, propose on -devel and go from there?
20:41:02 <stgraber> jcastro: right, I just had a quick look at when the other admin logged in and they clearly don't seem very active ;) nand logged in 28 weeks ago so I'm apparently the most active admin with 3 logins this year ;)
20:41:07 <pitti> jcastro, balloons: ok, seems we all agree then; can we hand stgraber or you the task to shut it down?
20:41:17 <jcastro> yeah
20:41:28 <jcastro> I'll take the task, stgraber has more important things to do. :)
20:41:33 <pitti> heh
20:41:36 <pitti> thank you
20:41:40 <balloons> we'll need to mention the proper avenues to push ideas.. aka, join in UDS, mailing lists, etc
20:41:42 * soren hugs jcastro
20:41:44 <pitti> #topic Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed
20:41:49 <pitti> did I miss anything?
20:41:49 <jcastro> balloons: yeah I'll handle all of that.
20:41:55 <stgraber> jcastro: thanks! let me know if you need any detail on how to actually kill that thing (if we need to extract/archive any data from it)
20:42:16 <jcastro> stgraber: I'd like to see if we can do a readonly dump of it or something, I'll ask IS
20:43:14 <pitti> #topic community bugs
20:43:16 <pitti> zarro
20:43:21 <pitti> #topic chair for next meeting
20:43:28 <pitti> carrying over cjwatson?
20:43:40 <pitti> #topic AOB
20:43:45 <stgraber> no, he chaired the last meeting
20:43:49 <stgraber> (during the sprint)
20:43:49 <pitti> oh, ok; kees then
20:44:45 <pitti> un
20:44:53 <pitti> deux
20:45:05 <pitti> trois
20:45:17 <pitti> le fin
20:45:22 <pitti> #endmeeting