12:03:21 <jared> #startmeeting 1200 UTC Ubuntu Membership Board
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12:03:43 <jared> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board for the 1200 UTC meeting for March 20, 2013. The wiki page for the Review Board is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards
12:04:00 <jared> We will attempt to get through all of the applicants that have added themselves to that list before today's meeting. If we are unable to make it through the entire list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off.
12:04:01 <jared> The format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).
12:04:01 <jared> Each applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page. After the introduction the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.
12:04:02 <jared> During this time it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are most likely reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.
12:04:06 <jared> When the board is ready to vote, they will publicly vote in the channel with either +1, 0, or -1 (for membership, abstain, and against membership, respectively). If the sum of those numbers is positive, then the applicant is now an official Ubuntu member! (feel free congratulate them!)
12:04:19 <amachu> jared: Hi
12:04:35 <tvoss> jared, hi
12:04:36 <jared> amachu: gday :)
12:04:52 <airurando> hi jared
12:05:11 <jared> #voters cjohnston Destine Pendulum jared
12:05:11 <meetingology> Current voters: Destine Pendulum cjohnston jared
12:05:54 <jared> Ok, so looking at the page airurando is the first applicant off the ranks. While we read over your application page and wiki if you can please give us a brief introduction to yourself airurando that would be great.
12:06:15 <airurando> Hi Everyone
12:06:18 <jared> #subtopic airurando
12:06:31 <airurando> My name is Mike O'Donohue and I am a very active member and administrator of the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo
12:07:02 <airurando> my wiki page is located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mikeodonohue
12:07:12 <airurando> I am a passionate advocate for ubuntu here in Ireland
12:07:21 <airurando> I am heavily involved in the organisation of, and participation in, the majority of Ubuntu Events held here in Ireland
12:07:29 <airurando> Over the past 9 months I have lead the effort to reboot the Irish LoCo in an effort to rekindle greater activity within the team
12:07:38 <airurando> My daughter is way more famous than me in Ubuntu circles.  Orla was the community pick winner of the inaugural Ubuntu Women Project World Play Day Competition in 2010
12:07:47 <airurando> I'm a microbiologist by trade
12:08:01 <jared> #link http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie/
12:08:01 <airurando> That's me in a nutshell.  I'm happy to take any questions you may have
12:08:08 <czajkowski> \o/
12:08:12 <jared> For those people unsure how to get to the LoCo page to see involvement
12:08:19 * czajkowski is here to cheer for airurando
12:08:24 <ebel> me too
12:08:30 * tdr112 me too
12:08:42 <zmoylan> and me
12:08:52 <jared> Quite the cheer squad :)
12:08:57 <czajkowski> \o/
12:09:09 <airurando> thanks czajkowski, ebel, tdr112 and zmoylan
12:09:44 <jared> airurando: well done reinvigorating a Loco, I know from experience that can be a challenging role
12:09:54 <czajkowski> I'd just like to echo folks, airurando has been a great asset to the Ubuntu-IE community, always ready to lend a hand
12:10:05 <ebel> aye, very passionate and hard working
12:10:11 <airurando> thanks jared
12:10:31 <zmoylan> you can always depend on airurando to turn up at every meeting or event
12:10:48 <ebel> yeah, and he has often got much further to travel
12:12:10 <ebel> he really makes an effort
12:12:28 <jared> #vote airurando to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:12:28 <meetingology> Please vote on: airurando to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:12:28 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:12:42 <amachu> airurando: good job. but then why took so long for applying?
12:12:49 <cjohnston> +1
12:12:49 <meetingology> +1 received from cjohnston
12:12:55 <Destine> +1 excellent on LoCo
12:12:55 <meetingology> +1 excellent on LoCo received from Destine
12:13:17 <airurando> amachu: not being technical I was hesitant
12:13:17 <jared> +1 good work with the Loco, I hope you are able to continue the energy levels into the future
12:13:17 <meetingology> +1 good work with the Loco, I hope you are able to continue the energy levels into the future received from jared
12:13:29 <jared> #voters cjohnston Destine Pendulum jared hggdh
12:13:29 <meetingology> Current voters: Destine Pendulum cjohnston hggdh jared
12:13:51 <Pendulum> +1 great work!
12:13:51 <meetingology> +1 great work! received from Pendulum
12:13:57 <jared> airurando: the hesitancy is common, but community support is just as valuable as technical support.
12:13:58 <amachu> airurando: fine. may be at ubuntu-devel, it should have been the case
12:14:57 <amachu> +1 great job and continuos.
12:16:42 <hggdh> +1
12:16:42 <meetingology> +1 received from hggdh
12:16:48 <jared> #endvote
12:16:48 <meetingology> Voting ended on: airurando to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:16:48 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
12:16:48 <meetingology> Motion carried
12:16:58 <czajkowski> yay
12:17:00 <czajkowski> well done amachu
12:17:02 <czajkowski> airurando:
12:17:10 <airurando> Wow...thank you cjonston, Destine, jared, Pendulum, amachu and hggdh
12:17:16 <jared> Congratulations airurando :) Well done and I look forward to hear how well you're doing into the future
12:17:17 <tvoss> airurando, congratulations :)
12:17:17 <airurando> this is amazing
12:17:27 <airurando> thank you all so much
12:17:33 <airurando> honoured
12:17:37 * czajkowski looks forward to getting airurando blog on planet :)
12:17:41 <tdr112> great news
12:17:46 <tdr112> well done airurando
12:17:47 <Destine> airurando, congrats!
12:17:50 <airurando> thanks tvoss and good luck
12:17:53 <hggdh> airurando: thank you
12:17:54 <tvoss> airurando, thank you :)
12:18:15 <zmoylan> congrats airurando
12:18:33 * airurando is delighted
12:18:40 <airurando> thanks zmoylan
12:19:01 <airurando> thanks tdr112
12:19:11 <ebel> Congrats airurando
12:19:20 <airurando> thanks ebel
12:20:38 <jared> #subtopic tvoss
12:20:54 <tvoss> Hi all
12:21:04 <jared> Now we move on to the second application, if you can please give us a brief intro tvoss while we read over the application
12:21:14 <tvoss> jared, sure :)
12:21:19 <tvoss> again: Hi all
12:21:50 <tvoss> My name is Thomas Voß and I have been using Ubuntu since the 4.10 days
12:21:51 <jared> #voters cjohnston Destine Pendulum jared hggdh amachu
12:21:51 <meetingology> Current voters: Destine Pendulum amachu cjohnston hggdh jared
12:22:29 <tvoss> however, before joining Canonical around 11.10, I mostly used Ubuntu and advertised it to friends, family and co-workers.
12:23:22 <tvoss> When joining Canonical, I spent my first few weeks on ramping up the QA efforts around Ubuntu in preparation for 12.04. I then focused on teaching Chromium pixel perfect scrolling
12:24:20 <tvoss> before starting to work on the Ubuntu Touch project. There, I designed and implemented the platform abstraction layer that allows us to selectively reuse certain Android drivers and services.
12:24:51 <jared> tvoss: Just out of curiosity, how long have you been involved in the Touch project?
12:25:03 * k1l cheers up for tvoss \o/
12:25:13 <tvoss> jared, in the Ubuntu Touch project (as in mobile)? From the very beginning
12:25:24 * ogra_ joins k1l and pulls out his pompoms
12:25:41 <jared> tvoss: cool, just never sure as projects that new it's hard to judge looking at launchpad team membership join dates.
12:25:46 <hggdh> hi ogra_ :-)
12:25:56 <cjohnston> What's Mir?
12:25:58 <ogra_> (to cold here for a miniskirt, so bear with me :) )
12:26:10 <tvoss> cjohnston, Mir is a next-generation display server
12:26:24 <ogra_> cjohnston, the systemd of display servers ;)
12:26:40 <tvoss> right now, I'm working as a technical architect at Canonical, focussing on unity and mir, working towards a cross-formfactor future
12:26:47 <tvoss> k1l, ogra_ thanks :)
12:27:04 <tvoss> and that's pretty much me
12:27:33 <hggdh> tvoss: please give us a bit, discussing it
12:27:46 <jared> tvoss: I like the inclusiveness of your goals.
12:27:58 <tvoss> hggdh, sure :)
12:28:02 <tvoss> jared, thank you
12:29:06 <jared> #vote tvoss to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:29:06 <meetingology> Please vote on: tvoss to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:29:06 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:29:23 <cjohnston> +1 to the moon!
12:29:23 <meetingology> +1 to the moon! received from cjohnston
12:29:24 <Pendulum> +1
12:29:24 <meetingology> +1 received from Pendulum
12:29:28 <Destine> +1
12:29:28 <meetingology> +1 received from Destine
12:29:29 <hggdh> +1 even with ogra cheering ;-)
12:29:29 <meetingology> +1 even with ogra cheering ;-) received from hggdh
12:29:36 <ogra_> hahaha
12:29:39 <cjohnston> poor ogra_
12:29:41 <hggdh> :-)
12:29:43 <tvoss> cjohnston, thank you :)
12:29:53 <jared> +1 awesome work and glad to see such impressive goals.
12:29:53 <meetingology> +1 awesome work and glad to see such impressive goals. received from jared
12:29:54 <cjohnston> no respect ogra_, no respect..
12:29:58 * tvoss hugs ogra_ for cheering
12:30:05 * ogra_ hugs tvoss
12:30:27 * hggdh hugs ogra_, and wonder when paths will again cross
12:30:30 <amachu> +1 and wish mir comes out really good
12:30:30 <meetingology> +1 and wish mir comes out really good received from amachu
12:30:49 <jared> #endvote
12:30:49 <meetingology> Voting ended on: tvoss to obtain Ubuntu Membership
12:30:49 <meetingology> Votes for:6 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
12:30:49 <meetingology> Motion carried
12:30:58 <ogra_> hggdh, next physical UDS ... i'm sure there will be one again ... one day
12:31:07 <jared> Congratulations tvoss, I look forward to hearing all about Mir in the coming months.
12:31:08 <airurando> congrats tvoss
12:31:08 <hggdh> tvoss: welcome!
12:31:15 <tvoss> thank you all :) to those cheering and to those voting :)
12:31:20 <tvoss> jared, thank you
12:31:21 <ogra_> hggdh, after tvoss made us all famous :)
12:31:26 <hggdh> LOL
12:31:27 <jared> tvoss: well prepared application to, makes life very easy for us.
12:31:30 <k1l> congrats tvoss and airurando
12:31:34 <tvoss> ogra_, no pressure :)
12:31:37 <Pendulum> tvoss: congrats :)
12:31:37 <Destine> +1 on the physical uds!
12:31:48 <tvoss> jared, thank you, dholbach helped a lot :)
12:31:54 <tvoss> airurando, thank you :)
12:32:10 * tvoss feels honoured, too
12:32:23 <airurando> great line tvoss:  thank you all :) to those cheering and to those voting :)  (i reiterate it)
12:32:31 <dholbach> congratulations tvoss!
12:33:01 * tvoss hugs dholbach ... thank you
12:33:08 * dholbach hugs you all back :)
12:33:46 <jared> Nice to see such a variety in applicants tonight, goes to show there are many ways of contributing.
12:33:58 <jared> #endmeeting