15:03:31 <slangasek> #startmeeting
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15:03:40 <jodh> o/
15:03:56 <slangasek> [TOPIC] lightning round$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh ev bdmurray slangasek ogra cjwatson xnox stokachu)
15:03:59 <slangasek> barry ogra jodh ev doko bdmurray cjwatson stgraber xnox stokachu slangasek
15:04:02 <slangasek> [TOPIC] lightning round
15:04:03 <slangasek> $ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh ev bdmurray slangasek ogra cjwatson xnox stokachu)
15:04:06 <slangasek> barry ogra jodh ev doko bdmurray cjwatson stgraber xnox stokachu slangasek
15:04:09 <slangasek> :-)
15:04:13 <slangasek> barry's not here - ogra?
15:04:23 <ogra_> done:
15:04:23 <ogra_> * discussions, discussions, discussions about phablet ...
15:04:23 <ogra_> * vUDS ...: foundations-1303-cdimage-android-builds
15:04:23 <ogra_> * helped the community guys to get WIFI running on samsung phones
15:04:23 <ogra_> * started looking into x86 android for qemu supporting images (sadly not a CM10.1 variant so it will need quite some changes)
15:04:24 <ogra_> * debugging a boot issue when ubuntu phablet was used on an nx7 a subsequent desktop install starts with a black screen
15:04:27 <ogra_> * tested nx7 image installation
15:04:29 <ogra_> * added manifest syncing to the cdimage phablet-sync script
15:04:31 <ogra_> * started work on getting an ubuntu-phablet seed into our branch (though that might be moot before 13.04 since many conflicting packages (NM, ofono ...) wont be ready i was told, so we cant build images)
15:04:34 <ogra_> todo:
15:04:36 <ogra_> * move nx7 desktop image to pxz ... the debian bug was fixed, we just need a merge of busybox now (xnox is on it)
15:04:39 <ogra_> * finish the ubuntu-phablet seed (only 65 packages on top of ubuntu-minimal)
15:04:41 <ogra_> * test ac100 lubuntu image for beta1 (and fix possible issues)
15:04:45 <ogra_> * go on working on x86 android base for phablet qemu images
15:04:47 <ogra_> * meeting on friday about how to handle raring images even with conflicting packages (see above)
15:04:49 <ogra_> ..
15:05:31 <xnox> ogra_: any news on dropping panda-desktop? or not yet final?
15:05:38 <ogra_> oh, right
15:05:41 <ogra_> we will drop it
15:05:53 <ogra_> i need to write a nice note to ubuntu-devel :)
15:05:54 <jodh> * blueprints:
15:05:54 <jodh> - foundations-q-upstart-stateful-re-exec:
15:05:54 <jodh> - Updated Upstart Cookbook for Upstart 1.7 and publicised.
15:05:54 <jodh> - Finished file bridge and raised MP on lp:upstart. Awaiting feedback:
15:05:54 <jodh> https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/upstart/file-bridge-MP/+merge/152767
15:05:54 <jodh> - Wrote apport hook for upstart - needs review and ideally a fix for
15:05:54 <jodh> bug 1154536 before it's added to the package.
15:05:55 <jodh> - foundations-r-upstart-roadmap: no progress.
15:05:55 <jodh> * misc:
15:05:56 <jodh> - on holiday yesterday.
15:05:56 <jodh> 𐎯
15:05:57 <ubottu> bug 1154536 in Apport "provide ability for apport to detect modified conffiles reliably when not running as root" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1154536
15:06:10 <cjwatson> ogra_: I read that as "get UEFI running on samsung phones" and was scared
15:06:16 <ogra_> lol
15:06:23 <ogra_> yeah, UEFI and grub :)
15:06:34 <ev> pass (still typing)
15:06:59 <xnox> #action xnox to merge busybox
15:06:59 * meetingology xnox to merge busybox
15:07:06 <ogra_> heh
15:07:18 <ogra_> stealing power from slangasek ?
15:07:27 <xnox> #action ogra_ to email u-d about panda desktop EOL
15:07:27 * meetingology ogra_ to email u-d about panda desktop EOL
15:07:41 <ogra_> ++
15:07:43 <xnox> ogra_: AlanBell taught me tricks on #ubuntu-irc ;-)
15:09:04 <slangasek> ogra_: ubuntu-phablet seed> even if the image builds don't move to nusakan before 13.04, I think it's important to get any phablet builds that *are* being done to use the shared view of the package list... jenkins should be pulling from the seed + livecd-rootfs config, not using its own definition
15:09:32 <ogra_> slangasek, thats why it is on my TODO for next week :)
15:09:33 <bdmurray> oh, is it my turn since ev passed and doko is not here?
15:09:52 <slangasek> ogra_: ok :)
15:10:19 <ogra_> will also help users that want to run live-build at home
15:10:34 <ogra_> (linke the one who just asks in #ubuntu-touch)
15:10:49 <slangasek> bdmurray: yes
15:10:55 <bdmurray> patch-pilot
15:10:55 <bdmurray> virtual UDS
15:10:55 <bdmurray> uds lightning talk on new errors features
15:10:55 <bdmurray> code reviews for evan
15:10:55 <bdmurray> tested user parameter on errors.ubuntu.com
15:10:58 <bdmurray> speed and logic improvements to the most common problems table in resources.py for teams
15:11:08 <bdmurray> modified most_common_problems.js to be better when switching from packages to users and back
15:11:11 <bdmurray> updated most_common_problem.js to update UI based on url parameters (package, user and period)
15:11:14 <bdmurray> wrote a pycassa query to discover regressions using bucket systems
15:11:17 <bdmurray> wrote a pycassa query regarding package crash rate
15:11:19 <bdmurray> worked on and merge proposal for errors API feature for rate of crashes
15:11:22 <bdmurray> modifications to rate of crashes branch based of ev's feedback
15:11:23 <bdmurray> submitted rt 59711 regarding updating error-tracker-dependencies
15:11:23 <bdmurray> reporting, research into and fixing of bug 1148015
15:11:23 <bdmurray> reporting, and research into bug 1148116
15:11:25 <bdmurray> updated error-tracker-dependencies for python-lazr.restfulclient related to the move of launchpad.py
15:11:26 <ubottu> bug 1148015 in Daisy "launchpad.py says a PPA package is a source package but tells you it has no binaries" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1148015
15:11:28 <ubottu> bug 1148116 in apport (Ubuntu) "not all packages from PPAs have '[origin: ' in Package section" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1148116
15:11:28 <bdmurray> research into bug 1056061 regarding FirstSeen being wrong
15:11:29 <ubottu> bug 1056061 in Errors ""First seen" version is wrong in release-specific table" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1056061
15:11:31 <bdmurray> worked with webops regarding the import user packages cronjob
15:11:33 <bdmurray> research into gap in release:src_pkg counter
15:11:36 <bdmurray> debugged an issue with first seen and last seen being null in the most-common-problems table
15:11:39 <bdmurray> submitted merge proposal for less than 5 bucketids branch of errors
15:11:41 <bdmurray> reported errors bug 1154275 regarding empty failed buckets
15:11:43 <ubottu> bug 1154275 in Errors "bucket page for failed retraces empty" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1154275
15:11:44 <bdmurray> reported bug 1154356 regarding release package counter ttl
15:11:45 <ubottu> bug 1154356 in Daisy "release package counter's ttl does not work" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1154356
15:11:46 <bdmurray> investigation into quantity of bugs being tagged regression-update
15:11:49 <bdmurray> looked for packages to be removed from -proposed that are removal candidates
15:11:52 <bdmurray> research into session installer bug 1056545
15:11:53 <ubottu> bug 1056545 in sessioninstaller (Ubuntu) "session-installer crashed with AlreadyCalledDeferred in callback()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1056545
15:11:54 <bdmurray> testing of bug 967229
15:11:56 <ubottu> bug 967229 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Text mode shown briefly with various "cryptic" texts when logging out or shutting down" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/967229
15:11:57 <bdmurray> consolekit upload for bug 1130923
15:11:59 <ubottu> bug 1130923 in consolekit (Ubuntu Quantal) "consolekit: ck-get-x11-display-device segmentation fault" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1130923
15:11:59 <bdmurray> blogged about using launchpad users at errors.ubuntu.com
15:12:10 <ev> wooooooooooo! Thanks for all the awesome investigative work this past week
15:12:26 <bdmurray> ✔ done
15:12:41 <cjwatson> Release process discussions.
15:12:41 <cjwatson> Fixed the notorious LP override-copying bug 1152149.
15:12:41 <cjwatson> Fixed the cause of LP bug 1152669.  Some DB cleanup still needed.
15:12:41 <cjwatson> Set up image building for new UbuntuKylin and Ubuntu GNOME flavours.
15:12:41 <cjwatson> Cleaned up problems caused by LibreOffice help conflicts, with Bjoern.
15:12:43 <cjwatson> Fixed a lurking bug in grub2's kernel hook that broke Edubuntu image builds.
15:12:45 <ubottu> bug 1152149 in Launchpad itself "Combining async copying and deletion loses overrides" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1152149
15:12:46 <cjwatson> Expanded grub2's ACPI halt handling to cope with current seabios.
15:12:47 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1152669 in Launchpad itself "Soyuz allows me to delete packages from a RELEASE pocket of a CURRENT series" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1152669
15:12:49 <cjwatson> Currently working on bug 869825 (trying to figure out how to fix it without breaking translations), and probably diving into +1 maintenance shortly thereafter.
15:12:51 <ubottu> bug 869825 in console-setup (Ubuntu Raring) "French (Switzerland) is no longer a layout choice in the installer" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/869825
15:12:52 <cjwatson> ..
15:13:11 <cjwatson> Incidentally I need brain bleach to cope with having spent a day with the ACPI spec.
15:13:26 <ogra_> beer might help
15:13:30 <ogra_> lots ...
15:13:53 <slangasek> bdmurray: what was the outcome of your investigation into the regression-update bugs?  Will there be a wording change in the dialog that's been prompting users about whether the bug showed up after an update?
15:13:54 <xnox> cjwatson: intersting about ACPI halt, would that also fix not being able to reboot VirtualBox after installation finishes?!
15:14:27 <cjwatson> xnox: No
15:14:38 <cjwatson> Unrelated I'm afraid
15:14:47 <xnox> ack.
15:14:52 <stgraber> Feature work:
15:14:52 <stgraber> - Upstart (BLUEPRINT: foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements)
15:14:52 <stgraber> - Fixed upstart user session re-exec.
15:14:52 <stgraber> - Some more rework of Xsession/user jobs in the PPA.
15:14:52 <stgraber> - Pushed upstart 1.7 to the archive.
15:14:54 <stgraber> - Pushed user jobs to dbus, gnome-session and gnome-settings-daemon.
15:14:57 <stgraber> - Container (BLUEPRINT: servercloud-r-lxc)
15:14:58 <slangasek> hmm why is update-manager crashing and burning here all of a sudden
15:14:59 <stgraber> - Usual code review.
15:15:00 <bdmurray> slangasek: that was removed from xdiagnose which was the bulk of them,  I've subscribed to the tag now (-linux) and it is relatively quiet.
15:15:02 <stgraber> - Plumbers planning.
15:15:04 <stgraber> - Backport to precise.
15:15:07 <stgraber> - Call on moving phablet to LXC.
15:15:09 <stgraber> - Various fixed to the UTAH tests.
15:15:12 <stgraber> - Implemented nesting support in lxc-ls
15:15:14 <stgraber> - Preparing 0.9~rc1 (pull request due later today)
15:15:19 <slangasek> bdmurray: ok, great
15:15:23 <stgraber> - Networking (BLUEPRINT: foundations-r-networking)
15:15:23 <stgraber> - isc-dhcp quantal SRU
15:15:23 <stgraber> - Looking into MAAS/isc-dhcp bug.
15:15:24 <stgraber> - General follow-up triage of networking bugs.
15:15:27 <stgraber> - Got feedback from IS wrt IPv6. archive.u.c and security.u.c are now dual-stack.
15:15:30 <stgraber> - Got new SIM cards to test dual-stack 3G (multiple PDP contexts)
15:15:32 <stgraber> New work:
15:15:35 <stgraber> - Plenty of vUDS sessions.
15:15:37 <stgraber> - Work on plan for device updates. Spent most of yesterday in calls, have a pretty good plan now that needs to be written down.
15:15:40 <stgraber> - Get NM integrated with ofono. The work has been split in more WI and I'm now rebasing my work on current NM and sending it to Mathieu for further work.
15:15:43 <stgraber> Other work:
15:15:46 <stgraber> - Installer: bug 944614
15:15:48 <ubottu> bug 944614 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "ubiquity crashed with AttributeError in keyboard_variant_timeout(): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'apply_keyboard'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/944614
15:15:48 <stgraber> - Some queuebot fixes.
15:15:51 <stgraber> - Tested grub2 UEFI PXE.
15:15:53 <stgraber> - Found and help debugging a libssl/libgnutls regression
15:15:56 <stgraber> - Release
15:15:58 <stgraber> - UDS/release cadence discussions
15:15:59 <cjwatson> stgraber: grub2 UEFI PXE> and?
15:16:01 <stgraber> - Preparing beta1 for participating flavours
15:16:03 <stgraber> - Helped setup UbuntuKylin and Ubuntu GNOME
15:16:06 <stgraber> TODO:
15:16:08 <stgraber> - LXC 0.9~rc1 release
15:16:11 <stgraber> - Some isc-dhcp bugs
15:16:13 <stgraber> - ifupdown SRU
15:16:16 <stgraber> - Continue planning the mobile update process
15:16:18 <stgraber> - Rebase NM-ofono patch and send to cyphermox
15:16:21 <stgraber> (DONE)
15:16:40 <stgraber> cjwatson: that was for the time I tried before you had a look. So it was starting fine but failing to retrieve anything over tftp.
15:16:46 <cjwatson> OK
15:17:02 <cjwatson> Huh, everyone else seems to be reporting two weeks of work; oh well
15:17:30 <xnox> * uds - todo mobile updates & packaging follow ups.
15:17:31 <xnox> * before and a bit after a quick guile 1.6->1.8 transition done,
15:17:31 <xnox> please remove guile1.6 bug #1154491
15:17:31 <xnox> * u1 ubiquity plugin is complete, pending one.ubuntu.com deployment,
15:17:31 <xnox> final testing, FFe approval, and merge/upload. bug #1153731
15:17:32 <xnox> lp:~xnox/ubiquity/main-u1
15:17:32 <stgraber> right, I had a stack of notes for the pre-UDS week that I bundled in there
15:17:33 <ubottu> bug 1154491 in guile-pg (Ubuntu) "Please remove guile-1.6 from the archive" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1154491
15:17:34 <xnox> * uploaded ubiquity FF release with fix ups afterwards
15:17:35 <ubottu> bug 1153731 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "[FFe] Ubuntu One sing in or up or skip plugin" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1153731
15:17:36 <xnox> * patch pilot / mostly mutliarchifying
15:17:38 <xnox> * Prepated and uploaded openssl SRUs for bug #1083498 bug #1066032 bug
15:17:40 <xnox> #1018522 (pending infinity / doko to review that it does not explode
15:17:41 <xnox> the world).
15:17:43 <ubottu> bug 1083498 in openssl (Ubuntu Quantal) "please enable arm assembler code in openssl" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1083498
15:17:43 <xnox> * Merged up some patches for lvm2 thin_provision support
15:17:44 <ubottu> bug 1066032 in openssl (Ubuntu Quantal) "Deadlock when reading a public key" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1066032
15:17:46 <xnox> * My shiny new Gigabyte motherboard needs a older family cpu to upgrade
15:17:48 <xnox> bios to support the cpu I bought *sigh* =(
15:17:50 <xnox> * Requested overlayfs support for nexus7, and ppisati implemented
15:17:51 <xnox> that. Tested his hand compiled kernel, works great. Should be
15:17:54 <xnox> landing in the archive soonish.
15:18:15 <xnox> ..
15:18:21 <stokachu> Jury duty Mon/Tuesday, catching up on emails and bugs
15:18:23 <stokachu> Currently working bug 1121874, bug 859600 (getting sru's in shape).
15:18:24 <stokachu> xnox, bug 778627 - just so im clear on this status with an updated sru template are we still considering fixing this for precise?
15:18:26 <stokachu> (done)
15:18:31 <ubottu> bug 1121874 in mysql-5.5 (Ubuntu) "MySQL launch fails silently if < 4MB of disk space is available" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1121874
15:18:33 <ubottu> bug 859600 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu Precise) "Please convert gnome-keyring to multiarch" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/859600
15:18:34 <ubottu> bug 778627 in bash (Ubuntu Precise) "In natty, bash completion now quotes shell variable references rather than expanding them" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/778627
15:19:30 <slangasek> xnox: RMA the motherboard and make them send you one with a current firmware? :)
15:20:04 <slangasek> * vUDS - great discussions, everyone!
15:20:04 <slangasek> * post-UDS blueprint rastling
15:20:05 <slangasek> * discussions with pitti about systemd uplift for logind support; this is going ahead, libudev has an ABI transition now in -proposed
15:20:07 <slangasek> * patch pilot day Monday
15:20:10 <slangasek> * libnih,upstart reviews for the file bridge
15:20:12 <slangasek> * fighting a swap death issue with the raring kernel (bug #1152736)
15:20:14 <ubottu> bug 1152736 in linux (Ubuntu) "system swapping itself to death in raring for no good reason" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1152736
15:20:15 <slangasek> (done)
15:20:17 <slangasek> ev:
15:20:19 <cjwatson> overlayfs> oh, great, I asked for that a couple of months ago too
15:20:24 <ev> - Working with jjo to get daisy writing a percentage of the core files to
15:20:25 <ev> Swift, with the rest still on NFS. Lots of code review and iteration, but
15:20:25 <ev> we've finally deployed \o/. We're running 1% on Swift for now, but we're
15:20:25 <ev> about to jump up to 10%. After this we'll get started on putting some
15:20:25 <ev> retracers on prodstack, talking to Swift and the Rabbit queue.
15:20:25 <ev> - Working on code to properly remove items from the retracer queue. Long story
15:20:30 <ev> short (iknowright?), we've got a lot of "problems" that we've never retraced
15:20:31 <ev> because we deleted their core files and message off the Rabbit queue, but
15:20:31 <ev> they're still sitting in a Cassandra column family.
15:20:31 <ev> - Code review for Brian as part of his phased updates work.
15:20:31 <ev> - Fixed all our cron jobs (importing bug data, creating the unique systems over
15:20:34 <cjwatson> (bug 1076317)
15:20:36 <ubottu> bug 1076317 in ubuntu-nexus7 "please add aufs/overlayfs/unionfs support to android based kernels" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1076317
15:20:39 <ev> 90 days running counts, etc) when they broke with the path reorg. Re-ran the
15:20:39 <ev> import scripts manually over the missing days.
15:20:40 <ev> - Set up Google Anayltics for errors.u.c.
15:20:40 <ev> - Fixed our SSO integration so that users not in an approved group get knocked
15:20:40 <ev> back to the front page with a helpful error message, rather than just looping
15:20:46 <ev> on the SSO login page.
15:20:46 <ev> - Finally got libcassandra-dpkgversiontype-java deployed to the production
15:20:46 <ev> Cassandra cluster. Started reworking the code to rebuild the BucketVersions
15:20:46 <ev> CF (mapping of problems to the Ubuntu releases and versions they occur in,
15:20:51 <ev> with counters for the latter), only to have a brainwave that we've been using
15:20:51 <ev> counters all wrong. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and instead of
15:20:51 <ev> pretending like over/undercounting isn't a problem, we'll write wide rows as
15:20:51 <ev> well, using these to repair the counts in cron jobs overnight. Started
15:20:58 <ev> writing some code to do exactly this:
15:20:58 <ev> http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608424/
15:20:58 <ev> - Investigated why we weren't getting whitelisted in SSO, and fixed. This had
15:20:58 <ev> to do with the way we were handing off from Apache frontends to HAProxy to
15:20:58 <ev> Apache WSGI runners. You'll now no longer get prompted with a page where you
15:21:02 <xnox> stokachu: it's marked incomplete by me. If someone steps up to write an extended / complete SRU template, with procedures how to enable direxpand, i'll be happy to sponsor that SRU. Otherwise it will just fall off the radar.
15:21:03 <ev> can select what Launchpad user data (your teams, email address, etc) to
15:21:04 <ev> Errors - we'll get it automatically and there's nothing you can do about it
15:21:04 <ev> (bwahaha).
15:21:10 <ev> - Fixed some bugs in lp:daisy and lp:errors found via
15:21:10 <ev> http://errors.ubuntu.com/oops-local.
15:21:10 <ev> - Meeting with Amrit, Matthew, and Luca to discuss the navigation structure for
15:21:14 <ev> errors.ubuntu.com and other Ubuntu project sites.
15:21:14 <ev> - Came up with a plan for fixing the average errors per calendar day graph,
15:21:14 <ev> adjusting for population growth:
15:21:14 <ev> http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608021/
15:21:16 <ev> (done!)
15:21:43 <stokachu> xnox: cool ill follow up with a more proper sru and procedure
15:21:46 <ev> slangasek: where do we stand on that NDA?
15:22:32 <ev> ps anyone else completely locked out of lcy02?
15:22:47 <ev> I get 403 forbidden if I try to do anything with it
15:23:22 <xnox> cjwatson: yeap, that's the bug for nexus7. Pull request is up already, so should land soon =)
15:24:08 <cjwatson> 'juju status' seems to work for me on lcy02
15:24:14 <cjwatson> if that helps ...
15:25:07 <ev> cjwatson: weird. I'll call support and whinge.
15:25:10 <xnox> slangasek: instead of doing RMA, I ordered a 25 GBP cpu (1.6GHz single core, non-threaded, celeron) and will use it to upgrade my motherboard and then return this baby cpu back where it's comming from =))))
15:25:13 <slangasek> ev: no progress on the NDA question; I need to circle around on that, sorry
15:25:20 <slangasek> xnox: heh, ok
15:25:27 <ev> slangasek: no worries, just keep me posted :)
15:25:31 <slangasek> [TOPIC] Blueprints
15:26:17 <slangasek> so there are relatively few blueprints coming out of vUDS that are in need of drafting, since we have quite a bit of carry-over work that we're still going on with
15:26:32 <slangasek> but for any new blueprints that did come out of vUDS, please make sure you get your drafting done by EOB tomorrow
15:27:18 <slangasek> also, we have a new set of milestones in launchpad, to be able to track work on a per-month basis for UE's internal management purposes
15:27:45 <slangasek> please use these for targeting of all phone-related work items / blueprints
15:28:08 <slangasek> (so for stuff that's happening in march, use ubuntu-13.04-month-5, not ubuntu-13.04-beta-2)
15:28:46 <slangasek> also, for your previously-blueprinted workitems from Copenhagen, please review and check if the monthly milestone would be a more appropriate target for that work
15:29:09 <slangasek> this will help with internal planning, to be able to see "work being done in March" in one place (ish)
15:29:12 <slangasek> any questions?
15:30:05 <slangasek> [TOPIC] Bugs/errors/defects
15:30:33 <slangasek> bdmurray: so aside from teamviewer8 being insane and breaking the fabric of space-time... what should we be paying attention to?
15:31:03 <bdmurray> I ran across bug 1143359 and while it is assigned to the hwe team wondered if we had any insight for them
15:31:04 <ubottu> bug 1143359 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Dell Latittude 6340u - Systems will not boot in uEFI mode" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1143359
15:32:10 <slangasek> bdmurray: I've seen other bug reports that booting under uefi boot to black; let me look those up
15:32:43 <slangasek> bug #1129524
15:32:45 <ubottu> bug 1129524 in linux (Ubuntu) "Precise & Quantal won't boot in UEFI" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1129524
15:32:55 <slangasek> but, 1143359 doesn't give a very clear description of what "Doesn't boot" means
15:33:29 <slangasek> oh; "both systems were installed via PXE using legacy PXE boot mode."
15:33:47 <slangasek> so why would that be expected to give you a useful UEFI-enabled result?
15:33:49 <slangasek> cjwatson: ^^?
15:35:05 <cjwatson> Er, yes, I missed that
15:35:07 <cjwatson> It wouldn't
15:35:39 <cjwatson> I've left a comment
15:35:46 <cjwatson> Does sound like tester error
15:36:02 <slangasek> cjwatson: ta
15:36:14 <bdmurray> thanks, okay then we have bug 120689 regarding update-manager partial upgrades.
15:36:16 <ubottu> bug 120689 in update-manager (Ubuntu) ""Not all updates can be installed" dialog has unclear buttons & unselectable text" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120689
15:37:20 <bdmurray> It seems that at least there should be a cancel option but I seem to recall large discussions about partial upgrade being terrible
15:37:26 <bdmurray> or a bad idea
15:37:35 <cjwatson> Well, it is, it's just terrible in both directions
15:37:48 <cjwatson> As I think I said in that bug
15:38:32 <slangasek> I thought there was a "cancel" option, which takes you into something that doesn't look much like cancelling
15:39:11 <slangasek> but, I think the more serious issue is that "partial upgrade" doesn't make any sense, and the explanatory text explains nothing about what your choices are
15:39:13 <cjwatson> I definitely agree the path should be towards getting rid of the partial-upgrade case, but I'd like to have some experience with how things do with my recent update-manager changes first
15:39:37 <slangasek> well, my experience is that I've gotten the dialog again this week as a result of two separate packages
15:39:42 <slangasek> (libreoffice, foomatic-db)
15:40:40 <slangasek> bdmurray: so, I think it would be worth us taking a pass at wordsmithing the dialog
15:41:46 <xnox> cjwatson: ubuntu-distro-info --help
15:41:50 <slangasek> bdmurray: interested in tackling this yourself?  if not I can take a look
15:42:32 <bdmurray> slangasek: I'm still pretty busy with errors and phased updates work
15:43:22 <slangasek> ok - please assign it to me
15:43:34 <bdmurray> then there is bug 1130284
15:43:36 <ubottu> bug 1130284 in icu (Ubuntu) "Libreoffice crash when typing some Malayalam text using ibus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1130284
15:43:37 <slangasek> (would assign it myself, but my browser is currently putting my processor in a headlock)
15:44:04 <xnox> #action disable -proposed in the upgrader, and for existing pre-release users who have it enabled.
15:44:04 * meetingology disable -proposed in the upgrader, and for existing pre-release users who have it enabled.
15:44:27 <cjwatson> icu> that's just a backport, right?
15:44:32 <cjwatson> or cherry-pick I suppose
15:44:35 <slangasek> xnox: I hope you don't expect me to send out meeting minutes with these actions for you ;)
15:45:00 <xnox> slangasek: meetinology will give me a url at the end of the meeting ;-)
15:45:13 <cjwatson> Oh, and a trivial one at that
15:45:15 <cjwatson> I'll take the icu bug
15:46:41 <bdmurray> thanks, then bug 1056545 which is similar to or the same as bug 848605 which was "fixed" some time ago
15:46:44 <ubottu> bug 1056545 in sessioninstaller (Ubuntu) "session-installer crashed with AlreadyCalledDeferred in callback()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1056545
15:46:45 <ubottu> bug 848605 in sessioninstaller (Ubuntu Precise) "session-installer crashed with AlreadyCalledDeferred in callback()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/848605
15:47:50 <bdmurray> errors is showing it still occurring with the fixed versions of the package
15:54:42 <bdmurray> anybody?
15:56:10 <cjwatson> Might be best to try to get hold of Sebastian Heinlein for that one?
15:56:42 <cjwatson> Oh, or maybe Julian Andres Klode, I think I misremembered the maintainer
15:56:45 <bdmurray> okay, I'll try that and try creating a test case for it since the previous bug didn't have a great one
15:57:12 <bdmurray> bug 1152222 seems to be a regression in pycurl
15:57:14 <ubottu> bug 1152222 in pycurl (Ubuntu) "pycurl fails with TypeError: string argument expected, got 'bytes' " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1152222
15:57:30 * stgraber has to run to another meeting (in 2min)
15:57:35 <slangasek> whee, GPU hang.
15:57:35 * xnox can look into pycurl.
15:57:49 <ogra_> slangasek, Mir will fix that :P
15:57:58 <bdmurray> xnox: thanks
15:58:13 <bdmurray> then with bug 1152254 the webcam step is just going away right?
15:58:14 <ubottu> bug 1152254 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Webcam is not capturing the image during raring desktop installations" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1152254
15:58:16 <slangasek> ogra_: I disbelieve :)
15:58:20 <ogra_> heh
15:58:22 <xnox> ogra_: the one that crashed, the one that needs  approval, or the not yet finished one?
15:58:38 <ogra_> the GPU hangs of this world
15:58:42 <xnox> bdmurray: me and Laney fixed regression in gstreamer. Webcam should be working again.
15:58:59 * xnox will ask for that user retest, once I retest with my webcam (which also was affected)
15:59:02 <bdmurray> xnox: ah okay
16:00:25 <bdmurray> that's about it from me
16:00:51 <slangasek> bdmurray: thanks
16:00:56 <slangasek> [TOPIC] AOB
16:01:06 <slangasek> I do have one other minitopic
16:01:17 <slangasek> (if I can find the blueprint amid the mess of my desktop on the floor)
16:01:55 <slangasek> there's a blueprint out of vUDS on the client track covering getting Ubuntu Touch merged into the archive
16:02:11 <cjwatson> For that icu bug, does anyone know how to get Ctrl-Shift-u to work for Unicode input?  Doesn't seem to for me
16:02:14 <slangasek> I volunteered us to help, and seb128 has assigned a set of work items to me - I need volunteers for them :)
16:03:02 <slangasek> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-delivering-touch-apps-to-raring
16:03:42 <slangasek> does someone want to take the lead on these packages: platform-api, qtubuntu, qtubuntu-sensors?
16:03:55 <xnox> slangasek: do you know what those actually mean?
16:04:26 <slangasek> xnox: those are the names of packages from the Ubuntu Touch preview
16:04:38 <slangasek> xnox: for more details, talk to didrocks :)
16:04:51 <xnox> oh, ok.
16:05:01 <xnox> I can take one, qtubuntu-sensors sounds fun.
16:05:11 <slangasek> thanks
16:05:17 <slangasek> anyone else?
16:05:52 <slangasek> it's not urgent anyway, so we can continue picking them off later
16:06:06 <slangasek> and I think that's it unless anyone else has something
16:06:10 <xnox> it's an oportunity to learn integration with jenkins and daily auto landing black magic =)
16:06:36 <slangasek> yep :)
16:06:45 <slangasek> #endmeeting