17:12:53 <czajkowski> #startmeeting
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17:13:03 <czajkowski> we'll start and wait for the others to come, they're currrently on a call
17:13:14 <czajkowski> #topic Catch up with the Forums Council
17:13:24 <czajkowski> so who is here from the forums council
17:13:29 <elfy> o/
17:13:32 <coffeecat> o/ from FC
17:13:35 <cariboo907> o/
17:13:59 <s-fox> Hello
17:15:00 <czajkowski> hi folks thanks for coming
17:15:23 <czajkowski> It's just the same as before, catch up with us, and tell us how things are going
17:15:30 <czajkowski> anyone can jump in and update us
17:15:54 <elfy> well - we're right in the middle of finishing bits to do with the forum upgrade
17:16:12 <elfy> members are still applying via the forum
17:16:28 <itnet7> they there czajkowski sorry I'm running late
17:16:33 <cariboo907> we've also appoint a couple of new admins
17:16:57 <s-fox> And mods
17:17:01 <czajkowski> elfy: nice to see that ticket come to a close
17:17:03 <sabdfl> hi all, sorry to be late
17:17:20 <s-fox> hello
17:17:49 <elfy> czajkowski: yea - we'll be creating new one for plugins to replace old ones - but we're in direct contact with a couple from IS - they've been helpful
17:17:55 <coffeecat> We should also say that we had first-rate support from sysadmins before, during and after upgrade. Much appreciated.
17:18:01 <elfy> yep
17:18:39 <czajkowski> nods good stuff
17:19:13 <czajkowski> how has the recruitment to get people on board to help/moderate ?
17:20:01 <s-fox> As and when needed. No issue
17:20:57 <czajkowski> and in general? all going well in the forums?
17:21:44 <czajkowski> Is there anything the CC can help with ?
17:21:57 <elfy> Not that I'm aware of atm
17:22:12 <s-fox> Not that I am aware of. If something comes up we'll let you know
17:22:28 <czajkowski> beuno: pleia2 cprofitt sabdfl any comments?
17:22:50 <sabdfl> no, just glad for the upgrade :)
17:22:59 <coffeecat> so are we! :)
17:23:05 <czajkowski> am so glad that ticket is done \o/
17:23:19 <beuno> +1
17:23:46 <elfy> so that IS can have another one to drag the average ticket age down - we'll do the upgrade to vb5 ticket this week some time
17:24:19 <s-fox> Vb5 isn't that far away iirc
17:24:38 <s-fox> Hopefully it will be easier to do
17:24:39 <sabdfl> hey, if you make a juju charm of it, we'll get the upgrade on day zero ;)
17:24:39 <elfy> looks rather horrid though imo
17:25:42 <cariboo907> I guess we'll have to talk to Jorge about a juju charm :)
17:26:34 <czajkowski> sure well anyone have any other comments so we can move on
17:26:40 <elfy> not me
17:26:41 <czajkowski> it's nice when there is good news to report :)
17:27:33 <czajkowski> SergioMeneses: itnet7 ping ;)
17:27:40 <itnet7> Hey there!
17:27:46 <SergioMeneses> hi all!
17:28:15 <czajkowski> thanks folks for coming
17:28:22 <elfy> cya czajkowski
17:28:26 <itnet7> np
17:28:36 <s-fox> Goodbye
17:28:38 <SergioMeneses> no problem :)
17:29:05 <beuno> so!
17:29:08 <beuno> LoCo council!
17:29:19 <beuno> how are things?
17:29:44 <itnet7> Not bad, things are going pretty well
17:30:01 <SergioMeneses> all fine here :)
17:30:11 <sabdfl> that's good news, i heard the world was on fire :)
17:30:18 <itnet7> ;-) sabdfl
17:30:25 <sabdfl> how are the loco's liking the mobile push?
17:30:26 <SergioMeneses> sabdfl, :S
17:30:30 <sabdfl> or not?
17:30:52 <itnet7> sabdfl: From what I can gather, everyone is excited about the push (well most are)
17:31:38 <SergioMeneses> sabdfl, there are a lot of point of view as you can see in the planet but I think things go well
17:32:02 <sabdfl> ok
17:32:05 <beuno> SergioMeneses, any of that boiling up through the LoCo's?
17:32:11 <beuno> I haven't seen so at least in mine
17:32:12 <itnet7> We have heard that a few teams chose the Global Jam as an opportunity to demo on their tablets and there has been some buzz about wanting to join in and work on porting to their phones
17:33:07 <SergioMeneses> sure! itnet7 has right, we did a party mobile here in Colombia
17:34:11 <SergioMeneses> https://www.facebook.com/events/212012785606964/
17:34:38 <itnet7> beuno: there has only been a few cases of people venting grievences, but we haven't been contacted by any loco teams directly surrounding any ofit
17:35:51 <beuno> any general concerns?
17:36:12 <itnet7> There are a few things we have been discussing with the Local Community teams, We have been discussing alternate references of the difference of the two Local Community Teams, changing the reference of being approved
17:36:23 <beuno> right
17:36:26 <itnet7> to something more inclusive
17:36:54 <beuno> are you happy with the way that discussion is going?
17:38:07 <itnet7> beuno: I think there has been some added discussion that seems to slow the progress. They are valid concerns, for example someone has requested us to stop referring to "LoCos" as well
17:38:15 <sabdfl> ?
17:38:20 <itnet7> due the the Spanis Translation
17:38:22 <sabdfl> ah
17:38:24 <SergioMeneses> sure
17:38:25 <itnet7> *Spanish
17:38:51 <SergioMeneses> loco in Spanish means "crazy"
17:38:59 <itnet7> but I think we're making progress with it
17:39:20 <beuno> I always found it amusing more than anything else
17:39:27 <itnet7> ditto ;-)
17:39:42 <SergioMeneses> and we are working about a new word for approve teams, here is our post http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2013/02/06/coming-up-with-another-term-for-approved-loco-teams-discussion/
17:40:19 <itnet7> The other thing we have been looking into is breaking down of teams in a sensible way when they are large geographically
17:40:35 <itnet7> India for example
17:41:27 * beuno dreads all the wiki page renaming if the name is changed
17:41:28 <SergioMeneses> or Brazil (big countries)
17:42:15 <itnet7> beuno: agreed
17:42:29 <SergioMeneses> beuno, you're right
17:43:07 <itnet7> We are taking time to ensure that we don't try and make something harder for everyone
17:43:09 <beuno> can't we just have an FAQ somewhere referring to the fact that it's known it has a certain meaning in spanish, that it's not intentional, etc
17:43:58 <sabdfl> i always took it to mean 'crazy about ubuntu'. let's not over-stress about that one :)
17:44:05 <itnet7> Right!
17:44:31 <sabdfl> main thing is this - loco's should provide both a happy place for people with ubuntu in common to meet up and hang out
17:44:34 <beuno> glad these are the things being dealt with, though!
17:44:39 <SergioMeneses> beuno, I think so... and the teams can use the term: Local Community instead LoCo ( for Spanish teams )
17:45:01 <sabdfl> and also a local resource for folks who are interested in ubuntu but not yet fully engaged
17:45:08 <sabdfl> especially if we start showing up on phones and tablets
17:45:29 <itnet7> We can try and communicate that better, 'crazy about ubuntu' might really help ;-)
17:45:45 <SergioMeneses> Im totally agree
17:45:58 <itnet7> The other things we have been dealing with more or less center around team leadership concerns
17:46:16 <itnet7> We still have a bunch of people that contact us in wanting to get involved
17:46:49 <beuno> itnet7, us == the LoCo council?
17:47:04 <itnet7> beuno: yes
17:47:07 <SergioMeneses> yes
17:47:24 <itnet7> For the most part, everytime they e-mail us individually, we reply copying the LC
17:47:29 <itnet7> and everyone gets involved
17:48:01 <itnet7> That has really improved the communication for the LC
17:48:37 <itnet7> and things tend to get resolved/address faster
17:49:10 <beuno> itnet7, these are people contacting you to raise problems in LoCo teams?
17:49:13 <itnet7> Oh, beuno, I mean involved with their teams, and in the community
17:49:30 <beuno> or people trying to get involved locally?
17:49:32 <beuno> right
17:49:57 <SergioMeneses> beuno, locally and involve with global events like UGJ
17:50:54 <beuno> cool
17:51:01 <beuno> anything the CC can help with?
17:51:07 <itnet7> beuno: one of the most recent request, was that a team wasn't appearing in the LoCo Team Portal. In order for a team to appear there, they need to be a member of one of the LoCo Community Teams. He tried to contact the team owner, and received no response
17:51:13 <itnet7> he formed his own team
17:51:20 <itnet7> We helped him straighten everything out
17:51:44 * beuno nods
17:51:47 <itnet7> He was able to list his Global Jam Event, a week ahead of the jam
17:51:59 <beuno> that's great
17:52:06 <itnet7> beuno: I can't really thinki of anything atm
17:52:22 <beuno> that's a good thing!  :)
17:52:23 <SergioMeneses> beuno, not now
17:52:48 <itnet7> Is there anything you have for us?
17:53:09 <beuno> not from me
17:53:12 <beuno> anyone else from the CC?
17:53:27 <SergioMeneses> imho this cycle is easier than the last one :) we have more experience
17:55:01 <czajkowski> beuno: nope al good thanks
17:55:11 <beuno> I think that's a warp then
17:55:21 <SergioMeneses> jeje
17:55:30 <itnet7> Awesome, Thanks !!
17:55:33 <beuno> warp, sheesh
17:55:36 <beuno> wrap!
17:55:40 <beuno> thank you everyone
17:55:52 <beuno> #endmeeting
17:55:53 <SergioMeneses> beuno, thanks for all! anf the CC
17:55:57 <beuno> czajkowski, ^
17:56:06 <czajkowski> #endmeeting