18:16:50 <CrestedNewt> #startmeeting Ubuntu-TV Community Meeting
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18:17:27 <CrestedNewt> Evening all, we were waiting for the Ubuntu Phone software so not much has been happening.
18:17:43 <CrestedNewt> from my end anyway
18:17:54 <mhall119> mine either
18:18:57 <CrestedNewt> Well what I have from the last meeting is the following
18:19:04 <CrestedNewt> Action points
18:19:24 <CrestedNewt> 1. bobweaver working on porting dconf-qt to qt5
18:19:37 <mhall119> I believe I saw that he's made some progress on that
18:19:59 <CrestedNewt> 2. bobweaver working on porting libbamf and launcher to qt5
18:20:01 <mhall119> unfortunately he's not here to give an official update on it
18:20:12 <CrestedNewt> 3. Make an ISO
18:21:28 <CrestedNewt> 4. tgm4883 look at SVO (? can't read my own writing) for front end and find some more 'cool stuff'
18:22:14 <CrestedNewt> 5. crestednewt to make a video of other PVR system for the group - not done
18:22:37 <CrestedNewt> 6. crestednewt to talk to ARM - done but waiting a call back
18:22:44 <CrestedNewt> end of list
18:23:14 <mhall119> so for #2, there may be some stuff in the Touch release that bobweaver can use
18:23:28 <mhall119> though it doesn't appear to be doing much atm, so maybe he'll have more to give that to take
18:24:02 <CrestedNewt> mhall119 - I know that he did something and his whole setup crashed. let me grab the post
18:24:43 <CrestedNewt> Dang Compiz and unity-greeter just killed my house. Droped a big old bomb. I better not upgrade on other machines. Now to reconfigure all my TV's OUCH !!!!!
18:25:03 <CrestedNewt> This programming stuff I have no idea's about though
18:26:54 <mhall119> now that the touch code is out, he's going to have more to play with
18:27:05 <mhall119> probably means he'll go back and re-do some stuff
18:27:29 <CrestedNewt> Well I know that he is getting really fed up re-doing stuff
18:27:43 <mhall119> yeah, but he's been waiting to see this code for a while now
18:27:58 <CrestedNewt> well hopefully that will put a smile back on his face :D
18:28:04 <mhall119> I guess we'll get an update from him next week on what it means for TV's development
18:28:31 <mhall119> I'll take an action item for this week to try and get an update on technology direction from Canonical
18:29:03 <CrestedNewt> #action mhall119 - try and get an update on technology direction from Canonical
18:29:03 * meetingology mhall119 - try and get an update on technology direction from Canonical
18:29:17 <mhall119> so that we can tell him for sure whether Compiz+Nux or QML+(something) should be used for TV
18:29:50 <CrestedNewt> That would be fantastic! I really feel for him as he is doing a huge amount of work
18:30:00 <mhall119> as for the ISO, I don't know anything on that front
18:30:27 <mhall119> nor anything about "SVO"
18:30:29 <CrestedNewt> well if it is all change again, we can't even look at an ISO until there is something which is stable
18:30:53 <mhall119> agreed
18:31:00 <mhall119> what were you talking to ARM about?
18:31:55 <CrestedNewt> bobweaver wants to get a board to test TV on. I was looking for a manufacturer of ARM TV suitable boards in upstate NY to hopefully get him a 'test bed'
18:32:19 <mhall119> ah, ok
18:32:20 <CrestedNewt> either on loan or as a min spec board from this manufacturer
18:33:51 <CrestedNewt> so that when there is a working product, we could use that as the minimum spec for people to use for deployment - hope that makes sense
18:34:09 <mhall119> yeah, makes sense
18:34:40 <CrestedNewt> I'm trying to use my commercial skills to add value to the project
18:35:44 <CrestedNewt> Well, unless you have something else to add, should we wrap this up
18:36:01 <CrestedNewt> oh - is tgm4883 coming back?
18:36:52 <mhall119> what do you mean?
18:36:54 <CrestedNewt> yep tgm4883 has said that he is joining now
18:36:58 <mhall119> ah, cool
18:38:55 <CrestedNewt> btw, bobweaver has posted a question....
18:38:57 <CrestedNewt> http://askubuntu.com/questions/259583/where-to-find-ubuntu-application-and-libhud1-dev
18:40:22 <mhall119> CrestedNewt: I'll hunt down answers for that
18:40:38 <CrestedNewt> mhall119 - thanks :D
18:41:24 <CrestedNewt> well it looks like tgm4883 isn't coming in :(
18:41:54 <CrestedNewt> not much else to do then other than to wrap this up and meet up again next week
18:42:55 <CrestedNewt> #endmeeting