12:21:44 <Pendulum> #startmeeting
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12:21:51 <Pendulum> sorry, it's early here :)
12:21:56 <danialbehzadi> smartboyhw: ! is for commanding the bots in irc
12:22:11 <smartboyhw> danialbehzadi, but # is for the meetinglogy bot to work:)
12:22:30 <Pendulum> Welcome to the Meeting of the 12:00 UTC Membership Board Meeting.
12:22:47 <smartboyhw> :)
12:22:53 <Pendulum> #voters micahg Destine Pendulum cyphermox
12:22:53 <meetingology> Current voters: Destine Pendulum cyphermox micahg
12:23:27 <Pendulum> When we get to your turn as applicant please give us a short introduction to yourself including links to your wiki and launchpage pages.
12:23:53 <smartboyhw> ok
12:23:53 <Pendulum> When voting only board members may vote.
12:24:05 <Pendulum> so now let's finally get started :)
12:24:21 <Pendulum> #topic smartboyhw's application for membership
12:24:27 <jrgifford> YAY smartboyhw!
12:24:30 <Pendulum> smartboyhw: please introduce yourself :)
12:24:30 <smartboyhw> Hello all.
12:24:37 <smartboyhw> I'm smartboyhw, Real name Howard Chan
12:24:43 <smartboyhw> I'm 14 from Hong Kong, China
12:24:50 <smartboyhw> Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/smartboyhw
12:24:59 <smartboyhw> Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw
12:25:07 <smartboyhw> I work at different fields for Ubuntu
12:25:22 <smartboyhw> namely QA and packaging
12:25:39 <smartboyhw> In Ubuntu Community QA Team I mostly do ISO testing (I am a lover for it)
12:26:09 <smartboyhw> I am also a Ubuntu Testcase Admin so I also do writing testcases (I did one for Ubuntu Studio, I am currently doing one for transmission)
12:26:18 <smartboyhw> I also help QA in Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio
12:26:34 <smartboyhw> I am the major QA person in Ubuntu Studio.... Also I help to write some testing docs
12:26:50 <smartboyhw> I also help some development projects
12:26:57 <smartboyhw> Ubuntu Accomplishments is one
12:27:07 <cyphermox> smartboyhw: what things have you packaged/ bugs have you worked on/ merges, etc.?
12:27:18 <smartboyhw> cyphermox, for the package list refer to my wiki:P
12:27:43 <smartboyhw> Namely (currently) calligra, rekonq, rt-tests and libktorrent
12:28:06 <smartboyhw> These are mostly Kubuntu packages since I am now an elite packager for Kubuntu
12:28:43 <smartboyhw> So that's it I think
12:28:53 <smartboyhw> Been contributing to Ubuntu for 8 months
12:29:10 <smartboyhw> ..
12:29:45 <zequence-s> Hi, I'm a Ubuntu Studio developer, and have found smartboyhw's contributions quite valuable, specifically in the QA area, where he's showing very good organizational skills
12:30:20 <Riddell> I fully recommend smartboyhw as an ubuntu member, he's been keen and enthusiastic to help kubuntu for the last few weeks and is now a kubuntu ninja
12:30:22 <smartboyhw> Thanks zequence-s ;D
12:30:26 <smartboyhw> Thanks Riddell too
12:31:29 <jrgifford> I'm a Ask Ubuntu community moderator, and while he didn't mention it, he is one of our active users.
12:31:54 <jrgifford> and I highly recommend him for ubuntu membership.
12:31:58 <smartboyhw> Thanks jrgifford :)
12:33:02 * apachelogger recommends elite kubuntu ninja
12:33:10 <smartboyhw> Thanks apachelogger
12:34:05 <smartboyhw> ..
12:35:32 <Tm_T> I recommend smartboyhw also, have seen him being rather active on Kubuntu side (:
12:35:46 <smartboyhw> Thanks Tm_T
12:35:53 <Pendulum> Okay, ready to vote
12:35:59 <smartboyhw> !
12:36:13 <Pendulum> #vote smartboyhw's application for membership
12:36:13 <meetingology> Please vote on: smartboyhw's application for membership
12:36:13 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:36:46 <Pendulum> +1 good testimonials this time around :)
12:36:46 <meetingology> +1 good testimonials this time around :) received from Pendulum
12:36:48 <Destine> +1 Please keep up the good work! :)
12:36:48 <meetingology> +1 Please keep up the good work! :) received from Destine
12:36:54 <cyphermox> +1
12:36:54 <meetingology> +1 received from cyphermox
12:37:24 <micahg> +1 good work
12:37:24 <meetingology> +1 good work received from micahg
12:38:05 <codeadi> +1
12:38:27 <smartboyhw> codeadi, you can't vote, only the Ubuntu membership board can:P
12:38:38 <codeadi> okay
12:39:25 <Pendulum> #endvote
12:39:25 <meetingology> Voting ended on: smartboyhw's application for membership
12:39:25 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
12:39:25 <meetingology> Motion carried
12:39:31 <smartboyhw> YAY!
12:39:34 <Pendulum> smartboyhw: congrats and welcome!
12:39:46 <smartboyhw> Thanks!
12:40:05 <smartboyhw> Thanks to Riddell apachelogger jrgifford codeadi zequence-s Tm_T :)
12:40:11 <Destine> smartboyhw, congrats~!
12:40:21 <apachelogger> gz
12:40:54 <Pendulum> dosaboy: you're Edward Hope-Morley, correct?
12:41:01 <dosaboy> yes
12:41:11 <Pendulum> (just double checking since it isn't the IRC nick you put on the application page)
12:41:21 <Pendulum> okay, dosaboy, you're up
12:41:30 <Pendulum> #topic dosaboy for Ubuntu Membership
12:41:38 * dosaboy definitely does not have as impressive a resume as smartboyhw
12:41:42 <Pendulum> dosaboy: please introduce yourself
12:41:45 <dosaboy> ok so I am Ed Hope-Morley
12:41:46 <smartboyhw> dosaboy, no worries:)
12:41:47 <jpds> dosaboy++
12:41:51 <dosaboy> based in the UK
12:42:16 <dosaboy> I've been using ubuntu for many years and I have been working on the Openstack project for the last 2 1/2 years
12:42:23 <dosaboy> ubuntu-based
12:42:44 <dosaboy> I have recently joined a team that maintains ubunut packages for openstack
12:42:53 <dosaboy> and I am now contributing
12:43:27 <dosaboy> I will be working on LTS and upstream support
12:43:46 <ivoks> dosaboy's work till how has been mostly testing (QA) of openstack on ubuntu, but all the work he does eventually ends up in ubuntu, so ++ from me, if that counts for anything
12:44:00 <dosaboy> and that's kind of all I can say atm
12:44:08 <zul> ++ from me as well
12:44:17 <dosaboy> thanks ivoks, zul
12:44:30 <dosaboy> oh and my wiki page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdwardHope-Morley
12:49:05 <Pendulum> dosaboy: why are you interested in becoming a member?
12:50:48 <dosaboy> if the opportunity arises for decisions to be taken on Openstack strategy it would be nice to have a say and contribute if I can and as I understand it being a member of the project would help this.
12:51:33 <cjohnston> dosaboy: I believe openstack has their own memership of sorts
12:52:14 <cjohnston> dosaboy: http://www.openstack.org/foundation/ I think your referring to foundation membership
12:52:45 <dosaboy> agreed but openstack's ineterests may not always be alleiged with ubuntu
12:52:58 <dosaboy> whereas mine are :)
12:53:21 <Pendulum> dosaboy: how long have you been contributing to Ubuntu?
12:53:36 <zul> cjohnston: ubuntu memebership and openstack foundation are two different things
12:54:03 <dosaboy> I only starting contributing to ubuntu last month, as I have only just joined the team
12:54:37 <cjohnston> zul: if the opportunity arises for decisions to be taken on Openstack strategy it would be nice to have a say and contribute if I can and as I understand it being a member of the project would help this." -- It seems to me that dosaboy believes that Ubuntu Membership would help him with something
12:55:01 <ivoks> openstack strategy within ubuntu
12:55:15 <cjohnston> Ubuntu Membership still has nothing to do with that.
12:55:19 <micahg> dosaboy: have you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership ?
12:55:53 <dosaboy> um, yes
12:56:13 <cjohnston> Ubuntu Membership is awarded (or given) in recognition of sustained contributions to Ubuntu. I have never been asked as an Ubuntu Member to vote on something related to Openstack.
12:56:43 <ivoks> his contribution in ubuntu is in realm of openstack... he's a server engineer
12:56:50 <micahg> dosaboy: so, you feel that you've already significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community?
12:56:54 <cjohnston> ivoks: I understnad that.
12:57:00 <ivoks> for istance, an SRU he filled few days ago
12:57:20 <cjohnston> ivoks: I understand that as well.i
12:57:21 <Pendulum> Generally we see "sustained" as 6 months or more of contributions
12:57:50 <dosaboy> micahg: I openly admit I do/have not got the contribution history but I am ffor that forthwith. If you would prefer that I retrun once I have said contribution history that is fine by me.
12:58:04 <micahg> ivoks: SRU is development work which this board only treats as tangential to the application, if packaging work is the primary source of contribution, then an application to the DMB is more appropriate
12:59:12 <Pendulum> dosaboy: Ubuntu membership is based on having already contributed and showing that it's been sustained over time. You do not need it to contribute to any facet of the project. Please come back when you've spent more time contributing. :)
12:59:26 <dosaboy> I was under the impression that maintaining and testing packages for ubuntu would qualify me for membership :)
12:59:33 <dosaboy> ok sure
12:59:57 <cjohnston> dosaboy: it would. After it has 1) been sustained, and 2) for that you should probably apply to the DMB
13:00:06 <dosaboy> ack
13:00:25 <micahg> well, if it's mainly QA, I'd say here, if it's mainly packaging, the DMB
13:00:35 <cjohnston> what micahg said
13:01:07 <dosaboy> well it is definitely more QA than packaging
13:01:50 <dosaboy> e.g. testing upstream patches and backporting
13:02:12 <Pendulum> just so we can fit the last person in
13:02:23 <Pendulum> danialbehzadi: are you here?
13:02:36 <danialbehzadi> Pendulum: yes
13:02:53 <Pendulum> #topic danialbehzadi for Ubuntu membership
13:02:59 <Pendulum> danialbehzadi: please introduce yourself :)
13:03:03 <danialbehzadi> Hi
13:03:09 <danialbehzadi> I am Danial Behzadi, 23 from Iran
13:03:15 <danialbehzadi> A computer software engineer and a member of Ubuntu-ir loco team, forum oderator, and web team
13:03:21 <danialbehzadi> My launchpad link: https://launchpad.net/~dani.behzi
13:03:28 <danialbehzadi> My Wiki link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/danialbehzadi
13:03:35 <danialbehzadi> My first experience in GNU/Linux was in 2003 by a debian-based distro name "Linspire"
13:03:44 <danialbehzadi> But my complete migration to free software was in 2007 by Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy
13:03:57 <danialbehzadi> Trough these year I am a member of Ubuntu-ir community and Free Software Users Group of Iran and we tried so hard to make people of all kinds, familiar with software freedoom consept.
13:04:07 <danialbehzadi> So we made a lot of meetings, celebrations, seminars, free educational classes, and even TV-shows to reach that goal.
13:04:20 <danialbehzadi> Then I thought about the reasons which reduces GNU/Linux grow speed in my country, and I belive the language problem is the prime reson.
13:04:30 <danialbehzadi> So, I joined to the translation and localization groups of Ubuntu (in launchpad) and Gnome (in gnome.org) and started to make free software localize for Iran.
13:04:39 <danialbehzadi> You can See the results in https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+lang/fa and http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/fa/gnome-3-6/ui/
13:04:49 <danialbehzadi> and compare them to previous two years, before I manage to translate them.
13:04:57 <danialbehzadi> And I am also the forum moderator of Ubuntu-ir as mentioned before (http://forum.ubuntu.ir/index.php?action=profile;u=3026).
13:05:03 <danialbehzadi> We manage the community in Iran and comparing to other local teams in various locations, I think that is one the most active local team of Ubuntu.
13:08:34 <Pendulum> danialbehzadi: is there anyone around who could cheer for you? We like to see support by way of testimonials and/or cheering during the meeting.
13:09:28 <danialbehzadi> I'm not sure, maybe dholbach? We met twice in Isfahan, Iran and Berlin, Germany.
13:10:03 <smartboyhw> danialbehzadi, that's interesting
13:10:19 <dholbach> yes, I met danialbehzadi and could see in Esfahan how much he is involved in the LoCo there
13:10:53 <dholbach> it was during Software Freedom Day where we met and thanks to him (and others) I also could give a talk there :)
13:11:01 <micahg> danialbehzadi: are there any Persian translation admins that can vouch for the quality of your translations?
13:12:03 <danialbehzadi> I am myself a Persian transltion admin in launchpad (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-fa)
13:12:22 <micahg> danialbehzadi: you're a member, not an admin
13:12:26 <danialbehzadi> But there is no translator present here now
13:12:27 <micahg> AFAICT
13:13:19 <danialbehzadi> Ok. I thought this is for tranlator members (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-fa-contributors)
13:13:51 <micahg> ah, is that the hierarchy of translations teams
13:14:25 <danialbehzadi> yes
13:15:17 <dholbach> https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/155490_1714044137190_4364071_n.jpg was the best picture I could find - Danial is right in front of me :)
13:15:18 <micahg> danialbehzadi: sorry, translations is one area that I'm not so familiar with
13:18:40 <dholbach> since we met in Esfahan we got a bit out of touch, but I could see on Facebook and and Google+ that he still was very much involved in Ubuntu Iran - and that's been constantly in the last two years
13:18:50 <dholbach> I hope that helps... I need to go outside now, sorry
13:25:36 <Pendulum> Okay, time for us to vote
13:25:45 <Pendulum> #vote danialbehzadi for Ubuntu Membership
13:25:45 <meetingology> Please vote on: danialbehzadi for Ubuntu Membership
13:25:45 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
13:26:30 <Pendulum> +1
13:26:30 <meetingology> +1 received from Pendulum
13:27:39 <micahg> +1 based on dholbach + awesome translation work
13:27:39 <meetingology> +1 based on dholbach + awesome translation work received from micahg
13:27:47 <Destine> +1
13:27:47 <meetingology> +1 received from Destine
13:28:51 <cyphermox> +1
13:28:51 <meetingology> +1 received from cyphermox
13:29:03 <Pendulum> #endvote
13:29:03 <meetingology> Voting ended on: danialbehzadi for Ubuntu Membership
13:29:03 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
13:29:03 <meetingology> Motion carried
13:29:08 <smartboyhw> Congrats danialbehzadi
13:29:09 <Pendulum> danialbehzadi: congrats and welcome!
13:29:25 <danialbehzadi> smartboyhw: Pendulum: thanks
13:29:35 <Destine> danialbehzadi, congrats!
13:30:03 <danialbehzadi> Destine: thanks
13:30:07 <ivoks> danialbehzadi, smartboyhw congrats
13:30:16 <danialbehzadi> ivoks: thank you
13:30:35 <smartboyhw> Thanks ivoks
13:31:02 <Pendulum> Thanks everyone for being patient with us!
13:31:07 <Pendulum> #endmeeting