14:31:46 <bdrung> #startmeeting
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14:32:31 <bdrung> #action Laney to do the paperwork for the kernel PPU team delegation
14:32:31 * meetingology Laney to do the paperwork for the kernel PPU team delegation
14:32:50 <bdrung> #meetingtopic Developer Membership Board
14:33:28 <micahg_mobile> Didn't we do that already?
14:34:23 <bdrung> #topic Ubuntu Contributing Developer Applications: Christopher Arges
14:34:35 <arges> o/
14:34:37 <bdrung> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/christopherarges
14:34:53 <bdrung> micahg_mobile: just in case something's left.
14:35:13 <bdrung> arges: hi. can you introduce yourself?
14:35:32 <arges> ok
14:35:51 <tumbleweed> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/christopherarges/CoreDevApplication
14:35:57 <tumbleweed> ^ that's more useful
14:36:13 <arges> yea that's pretty much what I was going to type
14:36:23 <barry> arges: the link to your lp page on your application 404s.  what's your lp id?
14:36:36 <arges> so as an FYI, I started with a core-dev application, but have changed it to a UCD application
14:36:45 <arges> barry: launchpad.net/~arges
14:36:59 * Laney finds signed advocacies amusing
14:37:01 <barry> arges: thanks.  when you get a chance, please update your wiki page
14:37:30 <Laney> arges: will we see you back applying for core-dev sometime soon?
14:37:31 <arges> barry: ack
14:37:32 <tumbleweed> Laney: esp because they only validate if you copy from teh source
14:37:39 <arges> Laney: yes,
14:38:16 <Laney> how are you finding the +1-maint stuff?
14:38:34 <arges> Laney: great. I've done +1 twice, and the second time it felt a lot more natural
14:39:02 <Laney> great
14:39:08 <arges> Learning quite a bit about debian packaging and the process. I think I finally felt confortable towards the end of my last plus one where I would create a debdiff and feel extermely confident this was upload material
14:40:09 * Laney has no more to ask ;-)
14:40:42 <Laney> I was surprised when I saw you change your application - hope to see you come back soon
14:40:59 <tumbleweed> on that topic, any idea when you'll be back for core-dev?
14:41:07 <arges> Don't worry I will. : ) I'll get a few more uploads under my belt before then.
14:41:59 <tumbleweed> I see you've been regularly sponsored by a few other people whose arms you can twist for endosrements
14:42:32 <arges> tumbleweed: yup. I spoke with infinity about this, and he recommended I wait on the core-dev app which is primarily why I changed it
14:43:02 <arges> But I also only emailed 3 people, and should bug more people for my next app
14:43:09 <tumbleweed> yeah
14:43:12 <tumbleweed> no more questions from me
14:43:24 <stgraber> I'm ready to vote
14:43:56 <bdrung> arges: do you forward your fixes to upstream/Debian?
14:44:03 <arges> bdrung: absolutely
14:44:09 <arges> submittodebian is my friend
14:44:14 <tumbleweed> heh
14:44:35 * Laney coughs
14:44:39 <Laney> at least it's got one friend
14:44:45 <bdrung> :)
14:44:49 <arges> heh
14:45:26 <bdrung> let's vote or does anyone have a remaining question?
14:46:00 <Laney> no, lets go
14:46:06 <bdrung> #vote Should Chris J Arges become Ubuntu Contributing Developer?
14:46:06 <meetingology> Please vote on: Should Chris J Arges become Ubuntu Contributing Developer?
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14:46:09 <Laney> +1
14:46:09 <meetingology> +1 received from Laney
14:46:12 <barry> +1
14:46:12 <meetingology> +1 received from barry
14:46:26 <bdrung> +1
14:46:26 <meetingology> +1 received from bdrung
14:46:27 <micahg_mobile> +1
14:46:27 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg_mobile
14:46:28 <stgraber> +1
14:46:28 <meetingology> +1 received from stgraber
14:47:39 <tumbleweed> +1
14:47:39 <meetingology> +1 received from tumbleweed
14:47:47 <bdrung> #endvote
14:47:47 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Should Chris J Arges become Ubuntu Contributing Developer?
14:47:47 <meetingology> Votes for:6 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
14:47:47 <meetingology> Motion carried
14:47:54 <arges> thanks everybody
14:48:04 * bdrung did it correctly this time. :)
14:48:16 <bdrung> arges: congrats.
14:48:16 <Laney> arges: well done
14:48:47 <stgraber> arges: congrats and see you soon for coredev!
14:48:48 <tumbleweed> arges: congrats indeed, and looking forward to your core-dev app
14:49:00 <barry> arges: congrats, and i echo tumbleweed's anticipation
14:49:03 <arges> yup. will do!
14:49:21 <bdrung> arges: i would like to see you to apply for core-dev soon with testimonials from non kernel devs too.
14:49:37 <arges> bdrung: yup. Agreed.
14:49:47 <bdrung> #topic MOTU Applications: Allison Randal
14:49:55 <bdrung> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AllisonRandal/MOTU
14:50:28 <stgraber> wendar: ping
14:50:42 <bdrung> wendar: hi, please introduce yourself.
14:50:59 * Laney loves http://www.fvwm.org/screenshots/desktops/
14:55:11 <Laney> ho hum
14:56:41 <stgraber> I pinged her in private 25min ago without a reply, so looks like she's not around :(
14:57:22 <bdrung> wake up, wendar
14:57:50 <Laney> 2 minutes left :P
14:57:53 <bdrung> The DMB has you.
14:58:54 <bdrung> okay. let's defer her application to the next meeting on 2013-02-25.
14:59:04 <stgraber> sounds good
14:59:23 <stgraber> it'll also be later in the day so should work better for her (IIRC she's on PST)
14:59:29 <bdrung> should we discuss the decoupling of the PPU from Ubuntu membership or end this meeting on time?
14:59:40 <stgraber> I'd prefer we end the meeting
14:59:47 <Laney> yeah
14:59:54 <Laney> plus micah is gone and heh loves this topic
14:59:59 <stgraber> ;)
15:00:00 <Laney> he
15:00:06 <bdrung> okay. thanks for coming. now i can use this command correctly:
15:00:10 <bdrung> #endmeeting