22:03:41 <IdleOne> #startmeeting
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22:03:49 <IdleOne> Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board meeting for Feb 7, 2013. The wiki page for the Review Boards are available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards
22:04:02 <IdleOne> We will attempt to get through all of the applicants that have added themselves to that list before today's meeting. If we are unable to make it through the entire list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off.
22:04:02 <IdleOne> The format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).
22:04:07 <jderose> m4n1sh: no, here to cheer on newlife :)
22:04:13 <IdleOne> Each applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page. After the introduction the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.
22:04:13 <IdleOne> During this time it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are most likely reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.
22:04:21 <newlife> thx jderose :)
22:04:26 <IdleOne> When the board is ready to vote, they will publicly vote in the channel with either +1, 0, or -1 (for membership, abstain, and against membership, respectively). If the sum of those numbers is positive, then the applicant is now an official Ubuntu member! (feel free congratulate them!)
22:04:26 <IdleOne> Now, with any further ado, lets get started with the first applicant...
22:05:08 <IdleOne> #Membership application for newlife
22:05:18 <IdleOne> newlife: Please introduce yourself
22:05:26 <newlife> hello
22:05:36 <IdleOne> #voters IdleOne hggdh PabloRubianes s-fox
22:05:36 <meetingology> Current voters: IdleOne PabloRubianes hggdh s-fox
22:05:46 <newlife> I'm Marco, 41 years old, from Italy, the first time I tried Ubuntu was in 2007, even though I had tried other linux distributions only out of curiosity.
22:06:14 <newlife> My primary job is not just inherent computer but since I was a guy and I had the PC  I use it daily and my curiosity about it has allowed me to explore a huge world that is ...
22:06:15 <newlife> the freedom to decide, act and use software that can be modified, for improvement and implemented by all and sundry.
22:06:42 <newlife> Continuously I participate in the work of the Italian community of Ubuntu and I'm part of the Newsletter Team, Marketing Team, Test Team and I'm the coordinator of the Full Circle Magazine Italy Team.
22:07:17 <newlife> From january also in thenew Social Media Team.
22:07:17 <newlife> I have some small experience in programming with C + + but I'm trying to learn python.
22:07:17 <newlife> Yes, true, you could say ... you would to study? You think you can program?
22:07:17 <newlife> I have a modest opinion.
22:07:18 <newlife> Never think you can not do better.
22:07:18 <newlife> Life is a series of tests and challenges, never say never and do not say 'I can not! "
22:07:22 <newlife> I've never facing new challenges with the idea 'not be able to overcome it!'
22:07:23 <newlife> Instead, I always took the challenges head on trying to find the best and right for me to overcome them.
22:07:25 <newlife> This is my way of being that I try to reflect on the people who are close to me.
22:07:54 <IdleOne> Very impressive testimonials :)
22:08:13 <s-fox> +1 IdleOne
22:08:21 <newlife> I think: "A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel Threatened That Able and others are good, based from a proper self-assurance That comes from knowing he or she That Belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed
22:08:23 * s-fox is still reading all of them
22:08:27 <PabloRubianes> +1 IdleOne
22:08:36 <newlife> I totally recognize myself in these words.
22:08:37 <newlife> In my wiki page Italian as my motto can be read:
22:08:37 <newlife> "The Good, only the Good, to the Good!"
22:08:45 <newlife> that's all!
22:09:10 <IdleOne> #voters IdleOne hggdh PabloRubianes s-fox iulian
22:09:10 <meetingology> Current voters: IdleOne PabloRubianes hggdh iulian s-fox
22:09:42 <IdleOne> Give us a minute to look/talk about this privately, if anyone is here to cheer on newlife NOW is the time folks :)
22:10:03 <newlife> :)
22:10:23 <PabloRubianes> newlife, have any italian loco friends here?
22:10:29 <IdleOne> jderose: Did you want to add anything?
22:10:30 <newlife> sure
22:10:34 <PabloRubianes> or anyone who wants to talk?
22:10:38 <newlife> hallino1:
22:10:51 <newlife> warp10:
22:10:53 <jderose> newlife is the sort of positive dream-big sort of person that is exactly what ubuntu (always) needs more of
22:10:53 <newlife> :)
22:10:56 <hallino1> So.. newlife it's a really good and special guy.. I know him when we was at Ubuntu-it meeting and no other words to say.. He do the best :)
22:11:13 <warp10> PabloRubianes: I want, and I am pleased to support Marco's application. He definitely deserves this memebership, both for his commitment and enthusiasm
22:11:16 <newlife> mapreri:
22:11:29 <newlife> hattory:
22:11:34 <IdleOne> Thank you. Ok I think we are ready to vote
22:11:35 <warp10> (PabloRubianes and I am part of that LocoTeam, BTW)
22:11:35 <PabloRubianes> thanks warp10
22:11:38 <IdleOne> #vote For membership approval of newlife
22:11:38 <meetingology> Please vote on: For membership approval of newlife
22:11:38 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
22:11:42 <IdleOne> +1
22:11:42 <meetingology> +1 received from IdleOne
22:11:43 <iulian> +1
22:11:43 <meetingology> +1 received from iulian
22:11:54 <PabloRubianes> +1 keep the good work
22:11:54 <meetingology> +1 keep the good work received from PabloRubianes
22:11:58 <s-fox> +1
22:11:58 <meetingology> +1 received from s-fox
22:12:05 <s-fox> i am very impressed :D
22:12:09 <hggdh> +1 bienvenuto :-)
22:12:09 <meetingology> +1 bienvenuto :-) received from hggdh
22:12:12 <IdleOne> So am I
22:12:17 <IdleOne> #endvote
22:12:17 <meetingology> Voting ended on: For membership approval of newlife
22:12:17 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
22:12:17 <meetingology> Motion carried
22:12:20 <iulian> newlife: Well done and keep up the good work. Welcome aboard.
22:12:22 <s-fox> congrats!!!1
22:12:22 <warp10> newlife: bella socio! ;)
22:12:25 <IdleOne> Congrats newlife and welcome :)
22:12:25 <PabloRubianes> congrats newlife
22:12:28 <newlife> Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
22:12:32 <newlife> :D
22:12:33 <newlife> thx all
22:12:34 <PabloRubianes> :D
22:12:34 <hallino1> Bella amico newlife :D
22:12:35 <hggdh> :-)
22:12:37 <mapreri> newlife: congrats!
22:12:42 <IdleOne> ok moving on to m4n1sh ..
22:12:46 <jderose> newlife: hooray, well deserved! :D
22:12:52 <iulian> Indeed.
22:12:53 <IdleOne> m4n1sh: Please introduce yourself
22:12:54 <m4n1sh> Hello everyone.
22:13:01 <m4n1sh> I am Manish, 26 living in US
22:13:09 <newlife> I want to thak warp10, jderose, hallino1, mapreri, hattory, and all of them next to me!
22:13:10 <newlife> :D
22:13:12 <m4n1sh> I have been an Ubuntu Member before and I am reapplying
22:13:19 <m4n1sh> after 2 years
22:13:35 <m4n1sh> I work at Arizona State University's SuperComputing Center
22:13:46 <IdleOne> m4n1sh: Did your membership lapse?
22:13:51 <m4n1sh> IdleOne: yes
22:14:01 <m4n1sh> I have been using Ubuntu since 2006 and I had founded a Linux Users Group during my Undergrads
22:14:03 <s-fox> we can renew it without need for re-application
22:14:10 <m4n1sh> oh cool :)
22:14:23 <m4n1sh> as far as I know, Membership is for current work
22:14:32 <m4n1sh> so I thought I have to reapply
22:14:35 <IdleOne> I applaud your commitment to reapply though :)
22:14:40 <m4n1sh> :)
22:14:44 <PabloRubianes> +1 IdleOne
22:14:44 <s-fox> +1 IdleOne
22:14:47 <IdleOne> once a member always a member
22:14:51 <m4n1sh> :)
22:14:56 <s-fox> very simple
22:15:12 <m4n1sh> oh thanks.
22:15:14 * s-fox thinks we can wrap this meeting up in record time (14 minutes for 2 candidates!)
22:15:15 <IdleOne> ok, so we are going to take care of your status in the back channel. Welcome back :)
22:15:26 <s-fox> Welcome back m4n1sh !
22:15:26 <PabloRubianes> s-fox, yes!!
22:15:26 <m4n1sh> Thanks a lot
22:15:37 <m4n1sh> Thanks s-fox
22:15:55 <jderose> i didn't know m4n1sh was up for renewal today, but i've had the pleasure of interacting with him a lot the past 2 years... he's always professional and positive, and has helped me many a time on technical issues :D
22:16:29 <IdleOne> jderose: it is nice to see that he is still doing good work, thank you for your support :)
22:16:43 <hggdh> m4n1sh: you really do not need to really -- and your membership expired end of 2012 -- :-)
22:16:51 <m4n1sh> hggdh: yes
22:16:53 <hggdh> s/to really/to reapply/
22:17:08 <IdleOne> Alright, that was quick and simple. Thank you all for coming and congrats to old and new members again.
22:17:24 <IdleOne> #endmetting
22:17:36 <IdleOne> #endmeeting