16:00:02 <ogra> #startmeeting nexus7 status
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16:00:14 <ogra> so who is here ?
16:00:25 <ogra> (sorry, i didnt manage to send an announcement  today)
16:00:29 * xnox is here in spirit.
16:00:42 <ogra> spirit is good :)
16:01:09 <ogra> so ... seems the distro sprint for n7 work this week was quite a success
16:01:15 <ogra> thanks to seb128 :)
16:01:41 <ogra> i personally see the ram usage on an idle desktop being cut in half on my install (using htop)
16:02:04 <seb128> thanks to everyone rather, good team work ;-)
16:02:06 <ogra> battery status was fixed (thanks gema) and the device doesnt randomly shut down anymore
16:02:19 <seb128> rotation and bluetooth working!
16:02:27 <ogra> yeah
16:02:45 <ogra> and it seems that TheMuso has an idea how to get sound working without suspend cycle
16:03:17 <ogra> i personally palyed a bit with gps ... i can gpsd to connect and init the device but sadly thats it
16:03:27 <ogra> (suspecting we need some firmware here)
16:03:41 <ogra> oh, and i worked massively on the interactive cpufreq scheduler
16:03:55 <ogra> the load used to be above 1 all time ... this was fixed this week
16:04:21 <ogra> our worst bug wasnt fixed yet though
16:04:25 <ogra> bug 1068994
16:04:28 <ubottu> bug 1068994 in ubuntu-nexus7 "button1 gets stuck after a while" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1068994
16:04:59 <ogra> ignoring that obstacle i think we made some leap jump this week in nexus7 support :)
16:05:08 <ogra> and work seems to be going on :)
16:05:32 * ogra has not much to add, anyone else ?
16:05:52 <seb128> yeah, let's keep going this way now that we are started ;-)
16:06:02 <ogra> ++
16:06:21 <ogra> feels like everyone in the distro team actually actively uses the nexus now
16:06:30 <seb128> we had quite some valgrind/leak fix actions from some people this week (thanks cjwatson especially ;-)
16:06:40 <seb128> still quite some of those to do if anyone feels like working on that
16:06:54 <seb128> if you do and need some guidance feel free to ask on #ubuntu-devel or to ping me directly
16:07:08 <cjwatson> ogra: cut in *half*?  wow, that's considerably better than I expected
16:07:12 <ogra> davmor2 gave a nice hint to statgrab too
16:07:35 <seb128> I'm a bit surprised by the half as well
16:07:43 <cjwatson> I thought we'd managed maybe 10%
16:07:47 <ogra> cjwatson, overall the desktop used to take above 600M for me when idling, i'm at 357M now
16:07:49 <seb128> we didn't did really big improvement
16:08:17 <seb128> out of lightdm which cut 25M by not putting the whole process in locked memory
16:08:18 <cjwatson> hm, yes, 400 or so for me
16:08:24 <ogra> (currently with xchat and ff with 6 busy tabs open htop shows 570)
16:08:37 <cjwatson> (that said I have swap)
16:08:46 <ogra> filled ?
16:08:54 <cjwatson> 130M used
16:08:54 <ogra> i have 17M in use
16:09:01 <ogra> intresting
16:09:32 <ogra> oh, big thanks to Laney for uploading maliit
16:09:42 * ogra cant wait to see it coming out of NEW
16:09:45 <seb128> that as well indeed
16:09:56 <seb128> you can get in laney's ppa if you want to try
16:10:05 <ogra> there is hope it doesnt eat the 30M that onboard takes
16:10:07 <seb128> I will try to NEW review it today or monday if I fail getting to it today
16:10:29 <cjwatson> Do you think we've hit the second memory target on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/raring-targets ?
16:10:58 <ogra> why is instant on striked out there ?
16:11:07 <ogra> resume is pretty instant here
16:11:20 <cjwatson> it links to an open bug
16:11:26 <cjwatson> which is actually more about slow suspend
16:11:32 <ogra> yeah
16:11:52 <ogra> well, i havent run a desktop with FF and TB running yet
16:12:02 <ogra> not sure if that runs well within 1G
16:12:19 <ogra> without TB i'm 100% positive we have hit that target
16:12:47 <ogra> the desktop seems to have a spike hwen starting though
16:13:04 <ogra> i dont see the 3-400M right after start, it spikes above that
16:13:28 <ogra> there is probably still work to do
16:13:45 <ogra> else i would have said we even have the 3rd marker
16:14:04 <seb128> there are still quite some processes that run and could be not running
16:14:16 <seb128> we will get another set of improvement when upstart for session lands
16:14:30 <ogra> we're pretty close to the 3rd marker for battery life too i think
16:14:56 <ogra> seb128, yeah, to me it looks more like there are processes started that then shut down after a while
16:15:29 <seb128> ogra, that's orthogonal, but yeah we have a bit of run and exit on idle
16:15:35 <seb128> e.g oneconf does that
16:16:45 <ogra> right, but that keeps us bunmping above the 512M
16:16:54 <ogra> even though it goes down again
16:17:02 <cjwatson> ogra: Have we hit the first two battery markers?
16:17:44 <ogra> we're at least close since the interactive governor behaves
16:18:17 <ogra> i think there is still room for improvement (afaik android uses a userspace process to dynamically adjust the governor settings, i'll look into that)
16:19:07 <ogra> X definitely keeps us above 1% though
16:20:24 <ogra> (i hev never tested the standby battery life, i use my device to often for testing 150h)
16:21:31 <ogra> oh, i forgot to mention, we have a default usbnet connection on the USB wire now ... additionally to the serial console
16:22:04 <ogra> that was actually a change requested, tested and submitted from the community :)
16:22:42 <ogra> heh
16:22:57 * ogra hasnt noticed "Play a youtube video of a cat" in the third marker before
16:23:39 <ogra> anything else from anyone ?
16:24:53 <seb128> not really
16:24:55 <ogra> hmm, seems we'Re done then
16:25:07 <seb128> I will try to send a summary email from things that got done this week to ubuntu-devel@
16:25:16 <ogra> great !
16:25:19 <seb128> just to share the good news
16:25:19 * ogra hugs seb128
16:25:24 * seb128 hugs ogra back
16:25:36 <ogra> so lets close this then and enjoy the weekend :)
16:25:36 <seb128> I will also try to set up a proper agenda for the meeting next week
16:25:41 <ogra> going once ...
16:25:41 <seb128> works for me
16:25:44 <seb128> thanks ogra!
16:25:46 <ogra> going twice
16:25:47 <seb128> thanks everyone
16:25:51 <ogra> done ...
16:25:54 <ogra> #ednmeeting
16:25:58 <ogra> #endmeeting