20:00:38 <AlanBell> #startmeeting IRC Council
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20:00:45 <Pici> aloha
20:00:53 <AlanBell> hi Pici
20:01:32 <AlanBell> I think the others will join at some point
20:01:45 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda
20:02:29 <AlanBell> but lets carry on and tick off some bits
20:02:37 <AlanBell> #topic Review last meetings action items
20:02:55 <Pici> I'm not sure I remember when our last meeting was...
20:03:01 <AlanBell> last meeting was some time ago, end of November
20:03:09 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/IRCC/20121125
20:03:19 <AlanBell> christmas happened
20:03:28 <Pici> oh hey, I was there.
20:03:35 <AlanBell> and this is a slightly drifted january meeting
20:03:46 <Pici> Its still January here.
20:03:51 <AlanBell> it is :)
20:04:05 <AlanBell> so we sorted out the issue that was in the tracker
20:04:08 <Pici> so... lets see, what did we do last time
20:04:11 <AlanBell> we pruned the akick lists
20:04:48 <AlanBell> m4v membership was postponed, but we can sort that out in a bit when topyli and tm_t have sorted their stuff out
20:05:07 <Pici> hmm hmm
20:05:08 <AlanBell> and me to sort out list of operator applicants for next meeting. . .
20:05:14 <Pici> Do we have mor?
20:05:15 <Pici> e
20:05:16 <AlanBell> why was I going to do that I wonder
20:05:36 <Pici> It wasn't my turn to read your thoughts, sorry.
20:06:07 <AlanBell> I think we did all that
20:06:33 <Pici> I think we might have a pending item in the tracker...
20:06:47 <AlanBell> yes, just seen that
20:07:32 <AlanBell> ok, that last action item was sorted out, it was the last round of operators where we rejected all bar k1l
20:07:53 <AlanBell> there are no applicants in the queues right now
20:08:04 <Pici> Good, good.
20:08:08 <Pici> Er, I think.
20:08:14 <Pici> I mean, its good that nothing is pending.
20:09:21 <AlanBell> good that we did all the actions on the last minutes :)
20:09:44 <AlanBell> #topic Open items in the IRCC tracker
20:09:47 <AlanBell> there is one
20:10:09 <Pici> I didn't think it had a pending ban associated with it, just a kick?
20:10:14 <Pici> or am I misremembering?
20:11:27 <Pici> Yeah, thats what it looks like.
20:13:48 <AlanBell> yes, just a kick
20:14:25 <AlanBell> ok, well we can reply and close that ticket easily enough then
20:14:41 <Pici> Yeppers
20:14:49 <AlanBell> #topic Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council
20:14:59 <AlanBell> not got any \o/
20:15:03 <Pici> woo
20:15:25 <AlanBell> lets do AOB next
20:15:30 <AlanBell> #topic Any Other Business
20:15:43 <AlanBell> does anyone have any thoughts or issues they want to raise?
20:15:49 <Pici> Is anyone else here?
20:15:57 <Unit193> Nope.
20:16:35 * Pici rolls around like a tumbleweed.
20:16:43 * tumbleweed waves to Pici
20:16:54 <Pici> oops
20:16:59 <tumbleweed> :)
20:18:14 <AlanBell> :)
20:18:54 * tumbleweed has that effect on the channels I hang out in
20:21:11 <Pici> sooo
20:21:37 <Myrtti> yes.
20:21:39 <Unit193> Bummer, I had hoped someone would get membership. :/
20:22:14 * AlanBell wonders if m4v is around
20:27:03 <Pici> AlanBell: do we even have quorum if he did show up?
20:27:21 <AlanBell> if topyli and tm_t turn up
20:27:59 <AlanBell> they said they would be later rather than earlier
20:29:25 <Pici> okay.
20:29:40 <Pici> I'm fine with just hanging out until then
20:29:48 <Unit193> AlanBell: Anything new in the IRC bugs?  Bots bugs?
20:30:41 <AlanBell> none assigned to the council as such
22:03:01 <AlanBell> #endmeeting