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16:02:31 <slangasek> [TOPIC] Lightning round
16:02:33 <slangasek> $ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh ev bdmurray slangasek ogra cjwatson xnox stokachu)
16:02:36 <slangasek> bdmurray jodh ogra stgraber stokachu barry ev doko slangasek xnox cjwatson
16:03:36 <bdmurray> Blueprints:
16:03:55 <bdmurray> I was working on create and update a BucketSystems column family to keep track of unique systems in a bucket: TODO
16:04:04 <bdmurray> and
16:04:12 <bdmurray> Import developer to package and developer to team mappings and filter the default view on errors.ubuntu.com to problems the developer and their team are responsible for: TODO
16:04:24 <bdmurray> there is a now a user view at errors.ubuntu.com which is part of that
16:04:49 <bdmurray> I completed the following:
16:04:59 <bdmurray> move stable release notes from archiveadmin page and put it in another page and link to it from the archiveadmin page and the SRU page: DONE
16:05:06 <bdmurray> update SRU team documentation to mention that the security team should be pinged for any copies to the -security pocket: DONE
16:05:20 <bdmurray> document pinging the SRU team member of the day in #ubuntu-release to escalate SRUs: DONE
16:05:30 <bdmurray> other work:
16:05:41 <bdmurray> irc discussion with evan regarding errors user parameter
16:05:41 <bdmurray> setup of errors in an lxc environment linked to production cassandra
16:05:41 <bdmurray> debugged user view on errors.ubuntu.com
16:05:41 <bdmurray> setup rpdb2 on lxc versions of errors
16:05:41 <bdmurray> added rpdb2 information to w.u.c/ErrorTracker/Deployment
16:05:54 <bdmurray> sorted out issue with user parameter only working with one source package
16:05:56 <bdmurray> landed fix for bug 1103156 regarding user parameter
16:05:59 <ubottu> bug 1103156 in Errors "not possible to use user parameter on front page of errors" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1103156
16:05:59 <bdmurray> uploaded software-center to raring fixing bug 1095823
16:06:01 <ubottu> bug 1095823 in software-center (Ubuntu Quantal) "Incorrect path for oem descriptor" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1095823
16:06:02 <bdmurray> uploaded software-center fix for bug 1095823 to P and Q
16:06:04 <bdmurray> tested and uploaded fix for bug 1077113
16:06:06 <ubottu> bug 1077113 in apt-clone (Ubuntu) "do-release-upgrade crashes if any directories exist in /etc/apt/sources.list.d" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1077113
16:06:06 <bdmurray> testing fix for bug 1098235 regarding update-notifier and gksu
16:06:06 <bdmurray> merge proposal for apport adding a policykit policy to allow pkexec to use apport-gtk
16:06:08 <ubottu> bug 1098235 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "On screen Keybord non responsive for "Report problem" due to update-notifier using gksu" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1098235
16:06:09 <bdmurray> Q SRU verification of bug 1077253 regarding apport
16:06:11 <ubottu> bug 1077253 in apport (Ubuntu Quantal) "possible for ExecutableTimestamp to not be for the binary in ExecutablePath" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1077253
16:06:12 <bdmurray> updated w.u.c/StableReleaseUpdates per blueprints
16:06:18 <bdmurray> research into functionality provided by update-notifier
16:06:18 <bdmurray> documentation of update-notifier changes at w.u.c./UpdateNotifier
16:06:18 <bdmurray> reported usb-creator bug 1108327 regaring ubuntu folder
16:06:19 <ubottu> bug 1108327 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "ubuntu folder not created on a disk made by usb-creator" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1108327
16:06:26 <bdmurray> done
16:06:43 <jodh> * blueprints
16:06:43 <jodh> - foundations-r-upstart-roadmap: NOPROGRESS
16:06:43 <jodh> - foundations-r-arm-ubiquity: NOPROGRESS
16:06:43 <jodh> - foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements
16:06:46 <jodh> - merged lp:~stgraber/upstart/upstart-make-event-bridge-usable.
16:06:49 <jodh> - wrote lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/add-session-file.
16:06:52 <jodh> - wrote lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/remove-basic-user-sessions.
16:06:55 <jodh> - further investigations into session shutdown.
16:06:59 <jodh> - finished lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/initctl-list-sessions.
16:07:02 <jodh> - finished tests + doc for lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/setenv+getenv.
16:07:05 <jodh> - good progress on lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/event-prefixes.
16:07:08 <jodh> - branch updates based on review feedback.
16:07:12 <jodh> œ
16:07:15 <jodh> 
16:07:29 <ogra_> done:
16:07:29 <ogra_> * ambient light support script added to nexus7
16:07:30 <ogra_> * set up cpufreq configuration for the interactive governor used on the nexus7
16:07:30 <ogra_> * hunting IS to get the livefs builder working again
16:07:30 <ogra_> * lots and lots of testing of fixes from others for the nexus7
16:07:30 <ogra_> * enable usbnet alongside with teh serial gadget driver on teh nexus7 so serial over USB as well as direct TCP/IP via teh usb cable work now
16:07:33 <ogra_> * tested the new BT implementation on the nexus7
16:07:37 <ogra_> * dropped all hardcoded screen rotation bits from nexus7
16:07:39 <ogra_> * fix up a lot of teh gsettings overrides on nexus7
16:07:41 <ogra_> * roughly looked into GPS on the nexus7
16:07:43 <ogra_> todo:
16:07:45 <ogra_> * port nx7 images to xz compression (blocked on missing livefs builder)
16:07:47 <ogra_> * discuss livefs builder situation with infinity (carried over from last week, blocked on builder)
16:07:49 <ogra_> * fix plymouth vs console-setup racing somehow (likely needs cjwatson advice) to allow initrd-less booting
16:07:52 <ogra_> * port update-notifier to pkexec to fix onboard vs gksu issues
16:07:54 <ogra_> * add lux script for making the ambient light sensor work on the nexus7
16:07:56 <ogra_> * holding a UDW talk about the ubuntu image build infrastructure tomorrow and will likely bother cjwatson or infinity with a review of notes for the talk
16:08:29 <slangasek> ogra_: I saw the RT has been updated; is the livefs builder working again today?
16:08:38 <ogra_> yep
16:08:42 <slangasek> ok, good
16:08:55 <stgraber> ogra_: are you done?
16:08:56 <ogra_> they got it working yesterday biut nobody noticed the stale lockfile
16:09:05 <ogra_> infinity then saved us :)
16:09:07 <ogra_> done
16:09:15 <stgraber> Feature work:
16:09:16 <stgraber> - Upstart (BLUEPRINT: foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements)
16:09:16 <stgraber> - Session socket branch was merged
16:09:16 <stgraber> - Event bridge fixes branch was merged
16:09:16 <stgraber> - Planning the next steps (jobs, packaging, landing).
16:09:18 <stgraber> - Container (BLUEPRINT: servercloud-r-lxc)
16:09:20 <stgraber> - MIR: Updated libseccomp to run the test suite and asked for final ack from the MIR team.
16:09:22 <bdmurray> ogra_: I'm almost done with the porting of update-notifier to pkexec
16:09:23 <stgraber> - MIR: Poked the MIR team about lxc.
16:09:26 <stgraber> - Code reviews.
16:09:28 <stgraber> - Planning 0.9~alpha3.
16:09:31 <stgraber> - Discussed plan for container/security/lxc micro-conference at LPC2013
16:09:34 <stgraber> - Fixed auto-upgrade-testing to work properly with LXC, now giving the same results as KVM but 2-3 times faster.
16:09:36 * ogra_ hugs bdmurray
16:09:37 <stgraber> - Networking (BLUEPRINT: foundations-r-networking)
16:09:39 <stgraber> - Some apparmor fixes for the upcoming infiniband support
16:09:42 <stgraber> Other work:
16:09:45 <stgraber> - Installer
16:09:47 <stgraber> - SRUed fix for casper bug 984276
16:09:49 <ubottu> bug 984276 in casper (Ubuntu Precise) "installing casper on a non live system causes update-initramfs to fail" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/984276
16:09:50 <stgraber> - Networking
16:09:52 <stgraber> - Updated ofono in raring to latest upstream.
16:09:55 <stgraber> - Tested ofono with all the modems I had around.
16:09:57 <stgraber> - Started implementing a new ofono backed for NetworkManager. Now capable of listing the modems and properties, not quite connecting yet though.
16:10:00 <stgraber> TODO:
16:10:03 <stgraber> - Try to finish any LXC feature work for this cycle (1 item left).
16:10:05 <stgraber> - Prepare some upstart user session debs with all our patches and the initial Xsession scripts and upstart jobs.
16:10:08 <stgraber> (DONE)
16:12:54 <slangasek> stokachu: around?  anything you want to report?
16:12:59 <stokachu> oh sorry
16:13:10 <stokachu> bug: 1103541, being reviewed
16:13:10 <stokachu> bug: 1103644, has a new MP for review
16:13:10 <stokachu> bug: 1023069, further investigation still seems to  point to a corrupt repo, will have further confirmation this week
16:13:12 <ubottu> bug 1103541 in aptitude (Ubuntu) "Please merge aptitude from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1103541
16:13:13 <stokachu> bug: 1077095, finished verification for Quantal
16:13:14 <ubottu> bug 1103644 in python-tz (Ubuntu) "Please merge python-tz 2012c-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1103644
16:13:15 <stokachu> done
16:13:16 <ubottu> bug 1023069 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Packages was corrupt" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1023069
16:13:17 <ubottu> bug 1077095 in appmenu-gtk (Ubuntu Quantal) "Please blacklist "IBM Notes"" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1077095
16:13:30 <barry> stokachu: i'll take another look at that mp later today
16:13:45 <stokachu> barry: cool thanks man, hopefully got it sorted out for you
16:14:00 <barry> you definitely picked a fun one :)
16:14:14 <stokachu> hah and here i was hoping it was a low hanging fruit
16:15:38 <slangasek> barry: your turn
16:15:46 <barry> bug 1094823; bug 1103192; bug 1102875; bug 1110470
16:15:51 <ubottu> bug 1094823 in libnet-ssh2-perl (Ubuntu) "Merge libnet-ssh2-perl 0.46-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1094823
16:15:52 <ubottu> bug 1103192 in oneconf (Ubuntu) "oneconf-query crashed with AttributeError in /usr/bin/oneconf-query: 'GNUTranslations' object has no attribute 'ugettext'" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1103192
16:15:54 <ubottu> bug 1102875 in oneconf (Ubuntu) "DEP8 test failed with output on stderr" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1102875
16:15:55 <ubottu> bug 1110470 in software-center (Ubuntu) "--measure-startup-time fails with missing import" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1110470
16:16:09 <barry> reviewed/sponsored lp:~dobey/ubuntu/raring/twisted/fix-pygtkcompat
16:16:14 <barry> reviewed/sponsored lp:~mitya57/ubuntu/raring/python3-defaults/resync
16:16:25 <barry> experimented a bit with pybuild
16:16:29 <barry> blueprint workitem for community-r-packaging-guide
16:16:41 <barry> cx_Freeze 4.3.1 into raring
16:16:44 <barry> blueprint workitem: investigating freezing of s-c for startup time improvement
16:16:48 <barry> dmb meeting
16:16:52 <barry> patch piloting (see previous report)
16:16:56 <barry> foundations-r-python-oauth3: upstream released 0.3.5, now packaged in raring, which should unblock the 4 inprogress bugs.
16:17:01 <barry> foundations-r-python-version: no further progress
16:17:05 <barry> foundations-r-python33: DONE
16:17:08 <barry> done
16:17:17 <barry> (hmm, that first bug doesn't seem right)
16:17:33 <ev> - My branch to group error reports that should not disturb the user with the
16:17:33 <ev> next one that should is ready for review:
16:17:33 <ev> https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/apport/grouped_reports/+merge/144591
16:17:33 <ev> - Helping jjo get the error tracker infrastructure deployed to stagingstack \o/
16:17:38 <barry> it was a s-c bug
16:17:44 <ev> - Chat with James Troup on whether it makes sense to rework the retracers to
16:17:44 <ev> use EBS rather than ephemeral storage. EBS on OpenStack was *much* faster in
16:17:44 <ev> his tests, but he felt that using it now would be premature optimisation. We
16:17:44 <ev> can always scale out more retracers.
16:17:55 <ev> - Took an action to bolt gnuoy's script to clear the caches on 80% disk usage
16:17:55 <ev> to the prodstack infrastructure.
16:17:55 <ev> We also agreed that we can run the secondary single-node Cassandra cluster on
16:17:55 <ev> prodstack. This if you don't recall will be used for backup (both failover
16:17:55 <ev> and saving state) and non-write Hadoop jobs.
16:18:04 <ev> - Dug deeper into d3.js over the weekend, refactoring a lot of the code I wrote
16:18:04 <ev> to create the average errors per calendar day graph. I'm trying to fix the
16:18:04 <ev> milestone and date overlap problem while making the full graph easier to
16:18:04 <ev> read.
16:18:04 <ev> - Sprinting.
16:18:04 <ev> - Trying to bring whoopsie's memory usage down to a more acceptable level. I
16:18:05 <ev> replaced the Dbus-based NetworkManager calls with libnm calls, this getting
16:18:14 <ev> rid of a hard to track memory leak in our usage of GVariant. GVariant has
16:18:14 <ev> proven really difficult to get right since we started writing whoopsie.
16:18:14 <ev> - Plugged a few memory leaks discovered with valgrind.
16:18:21 <ev> - Built out tests to run whoopsie for 15 seconds under valgrind, then run the
16:18:21 <ev> entire test suite under valgrind. This means we run the suite twice, but I
16:18:21 <ev> think that's a reasonable compromise for being able to run tests using the
16:18:21 <ev> normal GLib memory allocator.
16:18:30 <ev> - Somehow memory usage has increased quite dramatically with all these
16:18:30 <ev> changes, so I'm bisecting.
16:18:30 <ev> - Started to look into reducing the number of wakeups in whoopsie. The big
16:18:30 <ev> cause of this at the moment is GNetworkMonitor, which we use to track
16:18:34 <doko> slangasek just notes he doesn't have any irc connection at the moment
16:18:37 <ev> changes to the network state:
16:18:37 <ev> http://developer.gnome.org/gio/2.32/GNetworkMonitor.html#GNetworkMonitor-network-changed
16:18:37 <ev> Blueprints have mostly remained unchanged this week with the sprint. I've taken
16:18:43 <ev> on one additional workitem so far to reduce whoopsie's memory usage. Let me
16:18:43 <ev> know if there's anything else I personally should be looking at. I'm keen on
16:18:43 <ev> seeing how performant apport is on the Nexus 7 just as soon as I can figure out
16:18:43 <ev> this VPN nonsense.
16:18:46 <ev> (done!)
16:18:58 <doko> done! or !done?
16:19:19 <slangasek> unless I've fallen off the network suddenly :)
16:19:19 <slangasek> why yes, I sure have
16:19:27 <xnox> slangasek: you are back? =)
16:19:41 <doko> - backported python3 cross build patches to 2.7, and the packaging. 2.7 is now able to cross-build
16:19:42 <doko> - updated the python3.3 packaging to cross build
16:19:42 <doko> - get cross build fixes upstream into 3.3 and trunk
16:19:42 <doko> - cross-build python*-stdlib-extensions
16:19:42 <doko> - cross-build zope.interface (as a proof of concept that cross-building simple packages using distutils/
16:19:43 <doko> setuptools does work. See http://wiki.debian.org/Python/MultiArch for the details
16:19:45 <doko> - TODO: fix dh_python* to rename to host names, not build names
16:19:49 <doko> (done)
16:21:34 <cjwatson> cross-build zope.interface> oh, *well done*
16:22:43 <barry> doko: i may want to cross build cxfreeze, so i'll come to you if i have questions ;)
16:24:59 <ev> doko: haha, just noticed that :)
16:26:24 <cjwatson> slangasek: still back?
16:26:32 <cjwatson> xnox: maybe you should go ahead
16:26:34 <slangasek> ev: +1 on reducing whoopsie's memory usage & wakeups :)
16:26:36 <cjwatson> aha
16:26:46 <xnox> ..
16:26:49 <xnox> Blueprints:
16:26:49 <xnox> foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate: Got reply from jamie, currently
16:26:49 <xnox> it's not been worked on on the desktop side, hence will probably be postponed.
16:26:49 <xnox> foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support:
16:26:49 <xnox> complete from usb-creator side, uploaded with nexus7 support into
16:26:50 <xnox> raring. Not sure if we will change the way we publish images.
16:26:52 <xnox> * porting usb-creator to udisks2 api to drop udisks1 from the CD
16:26:54 <xnox> (udisks2 api is significantly different)
16:26:56 <xnox> * Fixed bug #656009
16:26:57 <ubottu> bug 656009 in usbmuxd (Ubuntu Quantal) "/usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-afc-volume-monitor kills polar bears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/656009
16:27:00 <xnox> * Looking into other powertop wakeups
16:27:02 <xnox> * Giving a quick demo "Fixing packages to cross-build" for Developer week tomorrow
16:27:04 <xnox> * Going to FOSDEM on friday.
16:27:06 <xnox> * Reviewed ubiquity branches from ~kylix, got legal ok to merge them.
16:27:07 <ev> slangasek: excellent, I was worried about how wanted that would be
16:27:08 <xnox> * fix a crash in software-center bug #1105021 while trying to verify
16:27:09 <ubottu> bug 1095117 in Ubuntu Software Center "duplicate for #1105021 update-software-center-channels crashed with NameError in trigger_axi_update_and_wait(): global name 'GLib' is not defined" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1095117
16:27:10 <xnox> app-install-data-partner quantal sru
16:27:12 <xnox> ..
16:27:52 <cjwatson> No blueprint progress to speak of this week, mainly due to sprinting.  Still awaiting review on LP change for foundations-r-phased-updates (I've just poked the maintenance squad about it).
16:27:54 <xnox> (and that still didn't get uploaded into the archive... maybe I should upload it as well.)
16:27:56 <cjwatson> Merged about half of our remaining grub2 delta back to Debian, and working on ideas for merging some of the rest, as the size of our delta has been a pain; not uploaded yet.
16:28:01 <cjwatson> 12.04.2 prep: uploaded base-files, sent status mail, promotions to -updates including the X.org enablement stack, continuing reviews
16:28:03 <cjwatson> Nexus 7 sprint:
16:28:06 <cjwatson> - Fixed valgrind to not strip vgpreload* on ARM so you don't need valgrind-dbg, and applied patch to implement VCVT.F64.[SU]32 instructions.
16:28:09 <cjwatson> - Fixed memory leaks in upower.
16:28:12 <cjwatson> - Tracked down some of update-notifier's memory use (and probably others) to incorrect timestamps created by installer bug; filed bug report which has been fixed.
16:28:14 <cjwatson> - Mailed ubuntu-devel about some strategies and tools for attacking memory leaks.
16:28:17 <cjwatson> - Further work on update-notifier, trying to find more memory inefficiencies since I think its use is unreasonable.  I'm going to need to tidy up some more before I can see the real problems.
16:28:22 <cjwatson> ..
16:29:12 * ogra_ notices that sadly updating the icon cache still levaes me with 620M for an idling desktop
16:29:22 <ogra_> (according to htop)
16:29:49 <slangasek> * nexus7 sprinting: reviewing upstart branches so that we can enable user sessions
16:29:52 <slangasek> * systemd packaging
16:29:54 <slangasek> * SRU processing for 12.04.2
16:29:57 <slangasek> * BP status:
16:29:59 <slangasek> * foundations-r-secure-boot: in progress
16:30:02 <slangasek> * foundations-r-session-management: systemd packaging in progress
16:30:04 <slangasek> * foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation: stalled; will look at this next month
16:30:07 <slangasek> * foundations-r-opt-installation: no progress to report; will start on this next month
16:30:10 <slangasek> (done)
16:30:13 <slangasek> any questions?
16:30:37 <ev> cjwatson: hmm, I wonder if we should have something approaching a common valgrind suppressions file for these glib/gtk based applications
16:31:34 <kyleN> dholbach, Hi. How can I attend/discover achiang's UDW session g+ hangout in 30 minutes?
16:31:34 <cjwatson> heh, achiang asked that too
16:31:50 <cjwatson> I think most of those are not really suppressable - the bulk are reference cycles and such
16:32:11 <cjwatson> but I guess you mean singletons
16:32:13 <ev> cjwatson: yeah, did you get anywhere with refdbg, by the way? It looks fairly dead upstream.
16:32:31 <ev> yeah, there are a few things here and there
16:32:44 <dholbach> kyleN, http://ubuntuonair.com
16:32:51 <cjwatson> I actually think it'd be better to finish pushing gtk up the hill such that you can actually free those properly on exit - there've been a few upstream bugs about it over the years and general consensus that we should
16:33:11 <ev> excellent. I'm all for that
16:33:23 <cjwatson> ev: refdbg> next on the list - it does at least still build (you need libglib2.0-0-refdbg)
16:33:47 <ev> it's a shame that there's no such thing for the gvariant case, but oh well
16:33:57 <cjwatson> no which thing?
16:34:03 <ev> refdbg
16:34:12 <cjwatson> ah, didn't realise it didn't handle gvariants
16:34:26 <ev> I don't *think* it does, but don't quote me
16:35:13 <cjwatson> Maybe it's not enough of a GTye
16:35:16 <cjwatson> *GType
16:35:42 <slangasek> [TOPIC] Bugs
16:35:58 <slangasek> bdmurray: not sure if there's anything this week since we're all mobiling?
16:36:06 <ev> I thought it was more that gvariant lives off in its own excessively-optimised little world and that http://developer.gnome.org/gobject/stable/tools-refdb.html wouldn't work
16:36:14 <slangasek> (not to be confused with moblining)
16:36:25 <ev> but I haven't dug deep enough - I just ended up throwing in a convincing enough struct to check the refcounts manually
16:36:29 <bdmurray> slangasek: I have not seen anything other than the carry over bug 1093819 from last week.  What is the next step there?
16:36:30 <ogra_> something like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7 ?
16:36:31 <ubottu> bug 1093819 in Wubi "Wubi installed 12.10 amd64 without configuring i386" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1093819
16:36:31 <ogra_> :)
16:38:45 <slangasek> bdmurray: next step is to look at the build system for the wubi image and figure out if something is removing the file
16:40:53 <slangasek> bdmurray: as I noted in the bug log, dpkg's postinst should work unconditionally on initial install
16:41:17 <slangasek> bdmurray: can you carry that investigation forward, since you've been looking at it so far?
16:41:54 <bdmurray> slangasek: looking at the build system?
16:42:02 <slangasek> bdmurray: yes
16:42:07 <bdmurray> slangasek: sure
16:42:12 <slangasek> cheers
16:42:27 <slangasek> bdmurray:
16:42:30 <slangasek> oops, sorry
16:42:53 <slangasek> [TOPIC] Mobile sprint
16:43:07 <slangasek> anybody want to say anything wrt the sprint that hasn't already been said?
16:43:20 <slangasek> it sounds like things are going well
16:43:52 <slangasek> we should have the desktop running in 640k of memory on the n7 by the end of the week, right? :)
16:44:36 * barry is having a flashback to 1981
16:44:54 <cjwatson> It's certainly making me go through some truly elderly code
16:45:56 <xnox> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/raring-targets well are we at the second marker yet? with desktop + firefox + thunderbird under 1GB of RAM or not ?
16:46:22 <cjwatson> Mm, it'd be nice to have those table cells coloured with assessments
16:46:25 <slangasek> hmm, not sure
16:46:39 <ogra_> ugh, thunderbird
16:46:47 <cjwatson> I feel that I have very little idea of how much overall progress we're considered to have made
16:46:52 <cjwatson> And how much remains
16:46:56 <xnox> ogra_: it's not entirely clear if it's thunderbird or email webapp
16:47:03 <slangasek> the web browser can take up 1GB on its own, so
16:47:09 <ogra_> i hope its not thunderbird
16:47:24 <ev> relax guys, I'm sure it's mutt
16:47:32 <xnox> =)))))))
16:47:37 <ogra_> with QML overlay ?
16:47:39 <xnox> emacs what else does one need =)
16:47:48 <slangasek> [TOPIC] AOB
16:47:49 <slangasek> ;P
16:48:01 <ogra_> heh
16:48:01 <ev> I'm 29.
16:48:13 <barry> xnox: emacs under 1gb?  not mine! :)
16:48:18 <ev> ONE GOOD YEAR LEFT! :-P
16:48:35 <ogra_> yeah, its over after that, let me tell you
16:48:39 <ev> :D
16:48:51 <jodh> ev: you'd better buy more tyres!
16:48:51 <slangasek> ev: congrats :)
16:48:52 <ogra_> its starts with your hair ... then your teeth ... and then the rest falls off
16:48:57 <ev> cheers
16:49:00 <xnox> ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ (¯''•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•''¯) ░B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪
16:49:04 <ev> g'aw
16:49:13 <ogra_> but you grow a lot new stuff right above the hips though
16:49:21 <slangasek> xnox: is that the royalty-free version? :)
16:49:27 <ev> hahaha, this has suddenly taken a turn for the graphic
16:49:29 <cjwatson> happy birthday :)
16:49:38 <ev> thanks!
16:49:39 <slangasek> yes, I have several teeth right above my hips now
16:49:47 <xnox> slangasek: it's irc equiv. of singing the song =)
16:49:47 <ogra_> happy b-day yeah :)
16:49:48 <slangasek> they don't tell you that in the brochure
16:49:48 <ev> might want to get that looked at
16:49:48 <stgraber> happy birthday ev!
16:49:53 <ev> thanks!
16:49:55 <ogra_> LOL
16:49:55 <cjwatson> Nexus 7 competitive analysis: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/29/3929110/surface-pro-disk-space-windows-8
16:49:59 <cjwatson> ;-)
16:50:06 <ev> hah!
16:51:10 <slangasek> wow
16:51:17 <ogra_> hey but at least it can run for 4h on battery !
16:51:31 <barry> i'm sure they won't possibly get sued over that
16:51:33 <xnox> /o\
16:52:17 <xnox> well I remember shaving off 7GB by stripping architectures off fat-binaries and languages translations from mac os x install...
16:53:11 <slangasek> #endmeeting